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Judging Angela Harshly, Part Zwei.

"I did not like this all."

"And she dresses like a total asshat."

[Screencaps: Project RunGay]

Holy fuck, I just pooped myself from laughing so hard. OMG We need to be friends. Now.

We'll be friends with you as soon as you change your pants, anonymous.

LOL That is SO funny...

She annoys the hell out of me. This picture is hysterical. Nina HATES her LOLOL

So damn funny! You guys!!!!

Wouldn't it be great if Nina really said things like "asshat?"

asshat is a very fun word. :)

Well, Tim's started saying "Bitch slap" - think we could sneak asshat into his vocabulary? ('Cause, come on, Tim Gunn saying "asshat" would reduce me to a pile of quivering goo...)

By the by, this is a HILARIOUS site - you guy totally rock my proverbial socks!

We'd love it if Tim switched out his "I'm concerned..." bit in the workroom with "This garment looks like ass."

How awesome would THAT be?

The lead sole biker boots are keeping her from floating off into the Manhattan skyline. (Sad, isn't it?)

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