ELLE/Christian Siriano Contest Winner

Friday, July 11, 2008 by

Remember when we posted about the ELLE/Christian Siriano contest? Well, guess who won! One of our very own readers, and she is FABULOUS!


I just wanted to thank you guys for your fabulous blog and insider Project Runway information. I still haven't gotten over season 4 of PR and I rely on you to feed my cravings for news on the contestants. Last month when you posted the link to the Elle contest for a Christian Siriano dress, I knew I had to enter. I would kill for one of his dresses. Enter I did, and guess what--I won!

Thanks so much for the Christian updates--keep them coming!

Maria Bostrom"

"I was determined to create my own version of the belted organza dress, only on a meager budget and with my poor sewing skills," she said in her entry. "I collected, cut, layered, and sewed hundreds of Kroger bags to create my Siriano knockoff dress." Read more here.

More pictures:

Meet Maria Bostrom, winner of ELLE.com's "How Fierce Are You?" Contest
[Photos: Courtesy of Maria Bostrom]


Sewing Siren said...

Congratulations Maria! You look fabulous in your Christian Siriano original. I wonder if that dress is going to be part of his line for Bluefly.
The plastic bag dress is super creative and damn near as nice as the one he made for the finale.

Mariana (The Unoriginal) said...

Congrats, Maria. I hate you : )

So many posts today, boys, I'm loving it.

FashionFanatic said...

Congratulations, Maria! You look fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome! you're such a lucky betch. and a creative one with that grocery bag dress. fabulous!

David said...

You look amazing. The blue dress looks great on you. Congratulations!!!

TheNYCourier said...

Your knockoff is prettier than Christian's original!


Isabella said...

You look fantastic, Maria, and I love your shoes too. Congratulations, you won one of the first Christian Siriano dresses out there, lucky you.

Lilithcat said...

I like her version of that dress better than Christian's!

kjt said...

Lovely dress!!

marrtyy said...

Great job, Maria. You surely deserved to win the dress.

another laura said...

Aw, isn't she just adorable! Congratulations to Maria, and she's working the red carpet crossy-leg pose, too!

Hard work, determination, and a lot of grocery shopping.

Emma P. said...

And you're not a Project Runway contestant because... ?
Such talent!
For you I'd watch Lifetime!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Maria! You did a great job on your Christian knock-off and you look smashing in a Christian original!

mariab said...

Thanks for all the kind words!! I couldn't be happier with my original Christian Siriano dress!

Look for me on Project Runway...one of these days.

Siobhan said...

Maria, you're a lucky girl. All your hard work paid off. You look great in it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Maria! And the dress you made looks great!

ellie said...

You look gorgeous in your Siriano!
And can I just say what an incredible and innovative idea to use grocery bags. Beautiful job!

edina monsoon said...

Wow! And congratulations, Maria! You look fabulous and amazing in your damn-near-as-good-as-Christian's-original design. I don't know what your chosen profession is, but I hope it's in a creative field because you're one talented girl. Enjoy your new dress!

- edina -

Sewhat? said...

BRAVA Maria !!!