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Metro talked to Megan from her home in Singapore about her time on the show.

"Calgary-born Megan Fischer was the dark horse of Project Runway Canada’s debut season from the first episode, but survived despite the outright hostility of her fellow designers for most of the season until she was sent home last night at the end of an evening gown competition.

What was the mistake that sent you home?
I think I just did something that was too simple. Everybody did these really constructed evening gowns, and then I did a column dress, and they thought it looked too simple next to these really constructed gowns, and that was probably the mistake. But if I had to do it all over again I would have done the exact same thing.

What didn’t you get to show the judges and the audience?
I don’t know, actually. I think toward the end, I started to get more toward what I actually do with my collection, as opposed to stuff that’s less like what I’d actually do with my clothes. The last gown was actually more true to me, so I think I didn’t get a chance do show more of what I do that’s in my style.

What will you always remember from your experience on PRC?
Too many things. It’s burned into my brain. I think I’ll remember not to cry on national television. Repeatedly.

Who do you want to win?
I would love for Stephen to win because he’s great, and I love his aesthetic. And I think he’s handled himself very well throughout the whole thing. And now that Marie-Genevieve’s back, maybe she’ll have a chance. I would think either Biddell or Lucian are going to win because they’re the?judges’ favourites."


You can watch Parts 2-6 here.

And kittens, remember when we said that a certain Project Runway alum would be playing the "Tim Gunn" role for at least one episode of the Canadian version of the show? Well, here's your chance to find out.

[Photo: John Van Der Schilden/Slice - Video: MsRoyalT/YouTube]


Anonymous said...

It was a great episode. It's nice to see designers designing for real women. I really like PR Canada.

Gorgeous Things said...

Wow - I would have picked the other designer to leave. And Biddell? What a jerk!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying PR Canada a lot more than PR4

Crow Winters said...

Megan looks really, really awful in that top.

Anonymous said...

I liked Megan's aesthetic, and was kind of on her side because all the other designers ganged up on her.

And I too would have sent the other designer packing. What she had her plus-size model wear was truly atrocious. Stephen's silhouettes were the most flattering to both models, but MG's were also fun.

Unknown said...

Uncle Nick! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Project Runway Canada seems to have better talents than past Projuect Runways.

The worst being Project Catwalk. (YUCK!)

And thank goodness Megan left. She kinda reminds me of Wendy Pepper looks-wise

Anonymous said...

What a great challenge! It managed to combine three PR challenges in one: swimwear, "real woman" design, and the different eras one ('though now that I think about it, I wonder if I am confused and that last one was a Project Catwalk challenge, hmmmm...).

I am also glad they used plus-sized MODELS instead of random family members. It's much less humiliating for a model to deal with people's attitudes about her size since she's getting paid than it is for, say, a designer's mom.

MG could have covered her model's ass a bit better; Lucian's wasn't as bad as they made it seem, although I thought it was funny how they gave him this fashion moment and he got all literal about real Gypsys in Rumania!


Anonymous said...

Who else BUT Nick could it have been??? He's perfect for the teacher/mentor role since that's what he really is! :-)

Lilithcat said...

I'm really enjoying PR Canada. They've had some really creative challenges (the umbrella challenge was a hoot!).

I couldn't believe how much they packed into this episode! Alexis, this did include the different eras, and it was quite interesting to see how the designers, when they chose their model, had to decide between the model they preferred or the era.

I do have to say, though, that I get annoyed when normal size women are referred to as "plus size". Sure, when compared to anorexic models, but some of those "plus size" models couldn't have been more than an 8 or 10!

Anonymous said...

They had different eras on Shear Genius as well - loved that episode!
Now that I'm immersed in 2 PRs I keep getting the designers all mixed up.

Anonymous said...

I love PRC and agree that so far it's better than PR4 American Style.

Best challenge ever? Perhaps.

I was really offended when MG was making fun of the plus size bra. I'm a DD myself, so stfu!

Brian gives way too much coaching, I'm thinking. He actually tells Kendra which fabric to use! Bring on Uncle Nick!

Anonymous said...

I love the show, the challenges, but i still think Iman is a major bitch.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Uncle Nick telling them to "make it work"!
OMG How cute is that?

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I am less confused. I was thinking they combined three PR challenges, but really it was 2 + one from Shear Genius. Phew!

Yeah, the bra thing was really rude and tacky. It's a little disturbing how widespread the assumption that no breasts=good, big breasts=bad in the fashion world.


Anonymous said...

I'm really excited about Uncle Nick on PRC.

He's my favorite PR contestant of all four seasons. Love him.

PR Canada rocks and I agree it's better than PR4, mostly because I like the designs better.

Hopefully S4 contestants step it up a notch (tho I did see some innovation in the menswear challenge this week so hopefully people are stepping up their game after the first two challenges).

Suzanne said...

So let me get this straight. If she had to do it again she would make the same simple column dress and get sent home again?
Bidell is sooooo Santino. Its so painfully obvious how threatened he and Lucian are around each other. Their screaming insecurities are getting on my nerves.
I totally disagreed with this weeks elimination. Despite that no bandeau should have boning in the center, Carmen should NOT have gone home, Shernett should. HER plus size suit made the model look SUPER sized. Both Carlie AND Carmen should be there instead of Steven and Shernett.
I am most definitely AS excited about PR Canada as I have been for any of the other PR seasons.

Even Iman, who in the beginning I thought was a total bitch, is growing on me. I am still waiting for the Bustle clothing guy to bitch slap her though.

Suzanne said...

And I agree with Anonymous 3:02, Nick would be the PR designer I would most want to hang with, though I bet Jay would be hilarious. Chris March is definitely closing in rapidly on both of them though.

Anonymous said...

Oh, great. It's bad enough the youtube comments sections are filled with how "offended" people were with Lucien's gypsy comment, now I have to read about people whining about the bra thing. Quit being so sensitive. MG was probably just jealous the woman was so ample. Who hasn't played around with their mom's bra as a kid? They're in a high stress environment and were just having a laugh. It's not like she held up the woman's panties and made tent jokes.

Anonymous said...

LOVED this challenge! Now *this* is how to do a challenge that involves plus-sized models.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight, it depends on what portion of the body you're denigrating as to whether it's offensive? You can't use panties to dis fat people, but if you use their bras, it's ok?

That's messed up.

Anonymous said...

Ok macasism I didn't think of it like that, but most people love big boobs and having a big bra does not mean someone is fat. MG also never said anything about fat when holding up the bra. I think she was just in awe of the cup size.

Anonymous said...

I see your point now, however she didn't seem to be in awe or expressing envy. Perhaps it was the putting it on her head part.

I loved the way her model worked that shit! She definitely helped MG win that challenge. I wonder what the model thought when she saw the episode.

Unknown said...

As someone with big ol' plus sized boobs, I'd not be offended if someone put my bra on her head. If she'd been crass or mean, sure, but it was just silly. Good lord. If you fold a training bra on laundry day a big cup must be hilarious. Lord knows MG has been more offensive than that.

I was gobsmacked that Kendra went home. I really thought Shernett was going. So apparently, they even edit better on PRC, b/c I usually know who's going home on the US version by the first commercial break.

I really liked the added element to the model selection. It gave them something else to consider, made it a bit harder.

Anonymous said...

I thought that little miss Calla Lilly should have gone.

How friggin lame was that dress. It looked tacky with all those sparkles and that collar looked so fussy and limp.

And what was that model doing on the runway! Her putting the flower down dramatically????? Was her mother buried on the step of PR Canada.

While the dress that lost was also ugly and pretty somber for a challenge about hope, at least it wasn't a joke.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, with immunity Biddell turned on a DIME, didn't he?

Good on MG. Her suits were too cute. I hope she goes all the way, but since she was already aufed once, I think it's Lucian's to lose.

Anonymous said...

Read the comments and have to disagree with some about MG and the bra. Girl is so tiny and one cup basically filled HER entire chest. She'd be lucky to be a 32AA. Putting it on her head? Well, tacky, but again, she so damn small I guess she couldn't resist the temptation to try. As someone else said, in that kind of high stress environment, sill shit like that is bound to happen.

She wasn't making fun of her model's size, or her chest more than amazed by it. Could you see those DD's, even 32DD (her model was probably 38 or so) on MG? Yikes! I know that's what I was thinking. Heck, I'm a 36B and would be awed by that bra size and probably hold the bra up to me just to see how it looked.

Enywho, harmless and not meant to offend anyone. I bet her model laughed when she saw it on TV. Hell, MG's the type who probably TOLD the model about it. Nothing shy about that girl.

Mina said...

WHY IS SHERNETT STILL IN THIS COMPETITION?!?!?!? she has been bottom 2 so many times. her bathing suit made her second model look dumpy and ugly. at least kendra thought about hers. shernett's looked nothing like the period was trying to evoke. she doesn't even bring good drama, like santino. SO WHAT'S SHE STILL DOING HERE?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I agree, shernett should have been eliminated. I was pretty surprised when Kendra got aufed.

Unknown said...

Biddell needs, to quote Miss J Alexander, a high fashion ass whuppin'.

Anonymous said...

I am sad Kendra went home, but I am glad Shernett stayed as in my opinion she has the more distinctive personality as a designer. I don't think she should have been in the bottom two so often, with the exception of the Day/Night challenge. I thought that had she simply made her model walk during the Hope challenge and not referenced the flower, her gown would have been much stronger. The jacket, had she had more time to construct it, would have been voluminous and dramatic.

Anonymous said...

I gotta be sayin' - I actually liked Megan's dress. It was a really interesting silhouette, totally unlike the other (tight) designs, much more forgiving of a woman's potential body flaws and another hour or two away from "fantastic!" if it had the touch of a great seamstress.

Then again, what rich woman of a certain age *ever* wants to admit that, no, she'd look absolutely rediculous in Biddell's dress so I could see why some of the richies would shy away from it simply because of that.

The smokey-grey color was great - but, yeah, I didn't see any 'hope' in that dress and the collar looked like it needed more 'oomph' than the fabric she had possessed. But it had potential, I tell ya!

It was a lovely dress for the wrong challenge.

Kendra's looked like it should only be worn by Barbie-wannabes or trophy-wife hopefuls.

Biddell's looked like it came out of the wardrobe department of 'Deadwood'. It was well-constructed but it left me kind of 'm'eh'.

Steven's was lovely. Lucian's was lovely.

Shernett should have gone home. Again.

And, actually, I would love to get my hands on the top that Megan's wearing. A big-boobied woman would look good in it (perhaps with one or two adjustments).

Anonymous said...

UNCLE NICK! So happy to see him again.

Ah, Lucian, you disappoint me. Most Romanians hate us, but I didn't need that rubbed in my face. Annoying, but not that important, although he got so hung up on it that he sabotaged his own designs.

Kendra going is pretty important, though. At least one of her bathing suits was highly appropriate and not bad looking (albeit with slightly odd boning choices). I don't really like or dislike anything about her, but I don't think she should have gone.

Anonymous said...

Singapore?! Singapore?! I thought she lived in Shanghai? Lol dang I would totally have liked her better if I knew I had a chance of seeing her about in Singapore.

Mary Lynn said...

Have to agree with lots of other posters here...Shernett should've been the one to go home.

And, although I agree that PRC is better than the US PR4 so far, I think PR4 still needs a bit more time to grow on us. I think there's the potential for some very good "characters" in that show, too. Even with PRC it took time for some of the people to grow on me. Early on you would've heard me complain that I couldn't believe they were keeping Steven around. Now he's one of my favourite people on the show (though I don't think he's necessarily one of the best designers).

Still, as a Canuck, I'm pleased--and a bit relieved, too--that our PRC holds its own against the US and UK versions.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the reasons PRC is so good is the lack of "group challenges." There have only been 2 so far - and one of those was for groups of 2 (hardly a group at all).
US version take notice!

Anonymous said...

Ok, did anyone else fall in love with mentor Brian in this episode? I mean, he has been growing on me throughout the season- but I really loved him championing the plus sized women. When he took Biddell to task about learning to love this size because this was who buys your clothes, and then scolding one of the other designers for calling them 'boobs' instead of 'breasts'- I just wanted to reach out and hug him! He is always very appropriate, but I really felt his respect for his clients. I would have loved to see his plus sized designs- it sounds like they really take a lot of things into consideration!

Anonymous said...

Brian looks like a downlow hockey dad from the 'burbs. The kinda guy giving/taking hand and blow jobs from the other dads in their minivans in the darkest area of the rink's parking lot while their kiddies are inside skating and falling around.

But I love the guy! And his little scenes with Kendra were fun to watch. They really seemed to get along well.

Anonymous said...

I think Megan will be A-OK. She's only 25 but already has:

1 degree in Business from McGill University,

1 degree in Fashion Merchandising from Parsons

3 years experience in the fashion industry in NYC

2 years experience being in a global marketplace (Shanghai) where she'll never have to actually sew her own stuff.

She's got design talent and the fabo business background to get things done. And, while $100 000-worth of whatever (I'm never sure if the winner gets $100,000 outright or with thick, short strings attached like PR1 & 2), would be great, I really don't think her design career hinges on that. This is not a make-it-or-break-it moment for her.

Unlike, say Kendra and Shernett - who will always remain small-shop designers who will peter out without this last grasp for cash.

Stephen? His style is classic and sophisticated. He can cater to the wealthier, more sophisticated customer - which explains why his company's line is in Holt Renfrew (Canada's equivalent of a Nordstroms except probably a bit more exclusive).

Biddell? He would waste the $100,000. He's just not mature enough or has the foresight to use the money wisely. I really think he should go to school, have to do things, whether he wants to or not, and get some critical feedback by his peers and teachers.

From what I gather, he's only 23 and lived in small cities and a ski resort for three years. With only teen-age girls, ski bunnies and women in their early 20s who are probably in school and not restricted at all in their daily wear, I don't think he has enough of a critical framework to hang his creations on.

And I still get the Avril Lavigne vibe from the guy.

Anonymous said...

I hate Biddell. He needs to go!!!

Crow Winters said...

I love Biddel. He needs to stay. Forever.

Anonymous said...

Where does this come on? On Bravo? I have never seen this show at all.

Kerry said...

When Kendra was talking about how she picked the Marie Antoinette model, but she wanted to make the design modern because you don't see anyone in this day and age walking around in an Edwardian bathing suit I nearly fell off my computer chair in laughter! Does she really not know the difference between France in 1765 and England in 1910???

Shernett should have gone for that hideousness that she *squeezed* her normal sized model into. No bigger woman wants to show off every roll she has! That was awful!

Anonymous said...

"Where does this come on? On Bravo? I have never seen this show at all."
I've been watching them on YouTube. Just type in Project Runway Canada. I wish I still lived in Buffalo so that I could catch Canadian stations.

Anna said...

I'm with Mazeway. As a DD myself, I wasn't offended in the least. MG was being silly, but honestly, the suit was flattering and the model liked it. Plus she was one of the only designers who sent her plus size girl down the runway without covering her up.