Kevin: Always a bridesmaid.

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God, we love it when designers can't keep their inner rage off their faces.

Sure, it sucked for Kevin when Christian won, but we clapped our widdle gay hands in glee at the sight of his pissed-off face. Come on. We live for that stuff. At this point, it's only a matter of time before he snaps and beats Christian with a dress form. We're hoping, anyway.

All kidding aside, it really did suck for him a little bit, because this?

Was pretty great. Oh, we have some criticisms (shocking, we know), but he did a damn good job and we'd have had no problem if he won it instead of Christian.

Unlike a lot of the other designers, he was totally game for the challenge and that energy and enthusiasm was reflected in the work.

And if you were to base the judging solely on "making the client happy" then he won this one, hands down. She clearly LOVED it.

We only liked it.

Here's the thing, taken on its own, it's a great look.

But - and oh Lord, are we about to step in it - designing it for a woman above a certain age, not to mention a certain cup size, doesn't quite work for us.

Sure, she loved it and that was a joy to see, but frankly it would have looked fantastic on a size 2 25-year-old and we suspect that's who Kevin was really designing for.

Skipping the tights discussion, because really, how many times can we say we hate them? That top flares out at exactly the wrong spot and in exactly the wrong proportions for her. It's making her hips and butt look a lot bigger than they are.

Plus, it's highlighting a little tummy bulge and there ain't a woman in the world who wants that. Still, the detail work is lovely. A little puckery in the seams, but we can forgive.

And we can't help thinking that were she to wear this out in the world, she'd get carpal tunnel from having to hike it up every 30 seconds. Good for her for being proud of her new body, but we doubt she's looking to have her girls constantly threaten to flop out.

Despite our bitching, it's a stylish, almost perfectly finished look. It's just that it's not that flattering to her.

Barbara Nitke/ - Screencaps: Project RunGay]

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bitchesdye said...

What planet is this? Because I think she looks hot! What tummy bulge? Jesus, does everyone have to be a size 2 to be considered attractive?

When I first saw the epi I thought Kevin should win. After reading Tim's blog I can see how Princess gave a better everyday outfit.

She looks hot, boys! Get a grip. (and a mirror)

Alex! said...

After this dress, and the shorts last week, Kevin is showing off some skills. He had a slow start, but he's picked up the pace and I think he may end up being a contend-uh, as they say on the waterfront.

It's fun, but still has some sophisticated touches, and he used that original material with hardly a complaint.

(I seem to recall him bitching a little about the "canary yellow", but damned if he didn't make it work.)

The tights were an easy got-to, but he knew it, the judges knew it, we all knew it... but by gosh it all worked and that woman was lovin' it.

I felt bad for him when Christian was announced as the winner... this is the closest he's gotten, and you know, after her catwalk, he really thought he had a shot. The disappointment on his face was heart-breaking. Or maybe he had a toothache. It could go either way.

I think we'll see some great stuff from him in the coming weeks, and I think he's in the game for reals, yo.

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

I thought she looked nice, not perfect but nice. It did kind of border on a "Housewives of Orange (Koolaid) County" look but with a little more class.

Anonymous said...

Indeed - my reaction. Tummy bulge? I thought it worked fine and the length I believe worked well for her as well as the fullness. Certainly not an "everyday" uniform tpe of outfit, but remember this was filmed in the summer (I think I', right on this) so their minds were turned to summer - except for Christian who lives in the foggy dark of Sherlock Holmes' London.

Anonymous said...

Well, she probably wants to look like a size 2 25 year old,after all, she did lose some weight. (anybody remember how much? I think 30 lbs?) Altho I agree with you, hiking it up constantly would get annoying to me, but she probably enjoys all the attention she gets now and wants to show off.Good use of the fabric, it doesn`t even look like the coat it used to be, I think Kevin got robbed.


Anonymous said...

"bitchesdye said...

She looks hot, boys! Get a grip. (and a mirror)"

Strap yourselves in, T Lo. This is going to be one in a long line of overreacting commenters calling you fat.

Unknown said...

I agree. I love love love the dress, on someone else. On her, it just hits too low on her chest for me. I love the design, just not the fit.

And what the hell... it's Friday and we still don't have a 3am blog?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with TLo-- as someone who always imagines herself in the outfits, I was thinking that I would need to keep hoisting in that top. And it does emphasize her hips, but I think partly that's the fault of the leggings (which should be banished for eternity, imho).

But, she does still look cute in it!

Anonymous said...

I really liked Kevin's enthusiasm for this challenge. He seemed totally into it.

I think that his design was the only real contender for winner besides Christian's. If it had won, it would have been OK with me.
Having said that, I think our little totebag gay princess's total look was the better of the two.

Kevin beating Christian with a dress form? What an image! Now visualize that with Kevin screaming "I'm straight, dammit! Straight!" as he flails wildly at our dear puffysleeved wunderkind!

Beth said...

Even though I only semi-liked this one, it was still the 2nd best thing that walked down the runway. That says a lot for the designs this week.

Anonymous said...

Not that flattering to her? You guys really do hate women, don't you. At least women that aren't tiny and flatchested with no curves. Give me a break. She looks fantastic and sexy and confident. It fits her just fine. This is the worst post ever on this site.

Anonymous said...

I think she made it work because she was so in love with it and felt it showed off the hard work she did. Kevin took a blanket of a blazer (which she probably used to hide her former body), and made it into something sexy and I think she really reacted to that. I think the look was entirely age and body appropriate for her. That girl was beaming and thus Kevin satisfied both dictates of the challenge.

Anonymous said...

"Blogger bitchesdye said...

What planet is this? Because I think she looks hot! What tummy bulge? Jesus, does everyone have to be a size 2 to be considered attractive?"

Evidently, it's the planet of people who can't handle different opinions.

Anonymous said...

"bitchesdye said...

What planet is this?

This is the planet where people have the right to their own opinion, and they bring gifts.

Jesus, does everyone have to be a size 2 to be considered attractive?

No, and I reread the post and they do not make that statement.

She looks hot, boys! Get a grip. (and a mirror)

They did not call her fat, you did.

It amazes me how people bring their own issues into the discussion and how they take everything so personally.

I thought it was a beautiful outfit, Kevin's best, I'd say. However, I do agree that it made her hips and butt look bigger than they actually are (again, not calling the woman fat).

Lighten up, folks, it's just fashion.

SUS said...

I thought it was a flattering outfit---and appropriate for someone older than 25 and bigger than a size 2! The length of the shirt kept the strapless top out of the hoochie class. And I detect a pooch bulge under it. I thought it was a great outfit!

I did think that the "everyday wear" part of the challenge was BS. How in the world could Steven's outfit ever be anything more everyday than going-out clothing (with a wedding dress as a base)? C'mon!

This season's challenges are annoying!

GothamTomato said...

"But - and oh Lord, are we about to step in it - designing it for a woman above a certain age, not to mention a certain cup size, doesn't quite work for us."

Please DO keep stepping. As a woman of a certain age & cup size, I was thinking the same thing.

If you are past the age where your breasts stand at attention, you need the right supportwear for this type of garment to work, and she did not have it.

And the tights, oy. Hate them!

Am I crazy, or did it seem like a bunch of the designers had badly cropped bottoms? A woman with weight issues wants to look longer & leaner, not stumpy. If Kevin had paired that top (which was great on its own) up with a nice LONG flared pant, that skimmed and fit in the right places (or even a skirt, with black hose), the look would have been so much better.

The right supportwear & pant or skirt might have allowed that outfit to be acceptable for her age.


SUS said...


Meant to say: And I DID NOT detect a pooch bulge under it. I thought it was a great outfit!

Unknown said...

i think it looks flattering to her. although i would have like to see it with a black pencil skirt instead of tights.

Anonymous said...

Agree, agree, agree. If Kevin had added straps and hiked the top up 2inches (and everything else with it), then I wouldn't have to wince everytime I look at the boobie area. I sure hope that top was lined, because that looks like a real scratchy situation to me.

Having said that, everything else is right. The woman is certainly adorable (she looks great!) and the top looks like it is beautifully constructed.

bitchesdye said...

Disagreement=can't handle? Whatevs.

Sorry I called you fat, boys. Let me put it another way.

I personally find her hot. I like curves on women. I would do her.

How's that?

d-kat said...

Hey, and did she walk better than the regular models because she loved her outfit or what? Seriously, any fit issues aside, I liked how confident it made her and how much it showed - and as we keep hearing, isn't that what fashion is supposed to do for you? Oh, who cares about the size 2, 25 year old thing - if it makes you happy and feel good, just go for it! Although I was also wondering how long that top would stay up. . . How did she get down that runway without tugging it up?

Cat said...

I liked it. I liked Christian's better, but Kevin's was clean and pretty and completely different from the source materials. Had he been able to show this over a pair of black cigarette trousers, it would have looked fabulous, but the leggings (as they do) amplified every normal curve on her body.

And, FWIW, I'm a big girl who doesn't wear empire waisted things because they create the illusion of tummy bulge if one is less than concave.

GothamTomato said...

I would bet money that the troll is now playing with the 'bitchesdye' name.


Anonymous said...

Oy vey. I think this look is HIDEOUS. Awful color for a blonde. And a strapless "every day" look? WTF? Who wears strapless anything unless they are ten years old and wearing a tube top to the beach?

No. No. No.


Anonymous said...

I liked that look too, but agree that it wasn't as flattering on her as it could have been. I was glad to hear someone else express that sentiment.

Anonymous said...

"bitchesdye said...

Disagreement=can't handle? Whatevs."

No, calling someone fat because you disagree with them = can't handle.

Anonymous said...

I liked that she liked the outfit but I agree the outfit could have been updated more with a skirt. I thought the tights, and not the top aged her. There is no way this is an everyday outfit so I give Christian the win. However, I thought Kevin's attitude was great and he really accomplished something almost perfect. It reminded me of some of yesterday comments, don't under estimate the power of a really good outfit on a woman. It was refreshing to see her so happy. I almost (stress almost) felt like this episode is the first one that could compete with other seasons episodes. Have the changed the editors this year?

Kanani said...

I think she looked terrific. And yes, had it gone with a pencil skirt it would've been better.

Now whether or not I'd want to see her in this everyday is another issue.

Unfortunately there are a lot of women who do just this --I think Tim calls it women not dressing their age, take Housewives of OC, which are a collection of hair, fat, gold chains, swilling drinks with their sons and wondering why their kids have booze issues and highlights of what Tim would call "vulgar."

But for this runway show, she looked smashing. She lost a ton of weight, surely she deserves to show it a bit.

Anonymous said...

I really wish Kevin won. He really transformed the garment into something completely different that I think looked pretty damn good on her. To his credit, he was enthusiastic about the challenge and demonstrated real creativity.

As for the "everydayness" of the garment, I think it was fine - people go out to dinner, lunch, parties, bars, etc all the time and in the right season, this would be very wearable.

Anonymous said...

This is the reason why I hate challenges with regular size women or with mothers and siblings. People get so defensive about it. It's still a challenge, it's still a competition. This whole she feels good, she lost so much weight so let's not talk about how hideous it looks on her or how it makes her butt look bigger is BS! If you were among your friends trying on some new clothes you would talk about these very same issues: "No, this makes my butt look big." or "No, my boobs are falling out of this thing."

Kerry said...

I don't see a tummy bulge either and think that all she needed was a really really really good strapless bra. One with a little rubber ribbing that sticks to the skin so that it doesn't fall down to hold her large babies up. Then it would have looked much more flattering on her!

Loved Kevin's attitude to this challenge! Excitement and glee at a good challenge! Finally!

Anonymous said...

It was cute to see Kevin so excited about a challenge. I think he did a great job. The leggings is a no-no.

Mom said...

I think it was an outfit that made a great first impression but then suffers on closer scrutiny. Although again, props to the model who SOLD this outfit with her exuberance. Can we have these women as models for the rest of the season, please?

Confession: strapless tops make me nervous, and I know that my fear of gravity is my own problem, but unless I can discern an underlying strength to the construction of a strapless garment, I get nervous. And Kevin's garment didn't communicate strong boob-supportage to me, so after loving the first impression, I spent the rest of the time looking at the outfit and waiting for her girls to come spilling out.

Oddly enough, the leggings didn't bother me.

Anonymous said...

"GothamTomato said...

I would bet money that the troll is now playing with the 'bitchesdye' name."

Nope. That was posted from her? his? blogger profile.

Seth said...

I don't like this look at all. It's very hookeresque to me. I don't think he should have been in the top 3. Rami should have been there.

Those tights were horrid and the top was not attractive. The only good thing about this outfit was the model and she wore it well and seemed proud of it.

DolceLorenzo said...

"BG said...

I really wish Kevin won. He really transformed the garment into something completely different that I think looked pretty damn good on her."

I think Kevin will go far. He's been doing great, not necessarily the best designs, but often top three.

TED said...

I thought she looked terrific in that outfit. The whole above-a-certain-age/cupsize thing seems a little arbitrary, like no white after Labor Day. She's going to turn heads in that outfit, and in a good way.

One of the things I liked best about this episode was how thrilled all the models seemed to be there and how much fun they were having on the runway. Even Steven's model with the funeral dress was beaming, and happy people are attractive people. In almost all the cases, I was looking more at the woman than at the clothes. That may be the exact wrong thing for models and for Project Runway, but Ricky's right: it's what fashion ought to do.

Unknown said...

As someone in a similar position as the client (recently lost a bunch of weight and wanting to show it off) but an appropriate age for that outfit, even I would go nuts with the idea of strapless "every day" material.

Lord. I actually do love the tights fad (because I'm so used to hating my thighs), but I'm trying to picture our hot-mama grocery shopping or watching a little league game in that and I'm not buying it.

Christian's outfit on the other hand, I'd even wear to work.

Bill said...

yay, mariana - I love what you said. Also in agreement with bia and agnes gooch (and I love that The Gooch comes here - now all we need are Nora and Ito).

I liked the way he transformed the original garment. Would have been a bigger fan if she had more support underneath. I was so frightened of boobage spilling out that I never even noticed the tights.

Unknown said...

I think she looks super cute.
I mean, I think Christian deserved the win because tailoring new jeans seems harder than making tights and Christian's was more of an everyday look than Kevin's.
But Kevin's model looks beautiful and I was a little disappointed for Kevin because he just had such a great attitude.

Alyssa said...

She looks fantastic. Kevin is growing on me immensely! Not only have I liked his last three outfits (plus the vest he made for the SJP challenge), but he is also funny.

Did anyone catch his "Steven's in trouble!" dead pan to the camera during his interview last night. Maybe it only strikes me as funny because of its direct-ness. With everyone trying to make snarky, passive aggressive, witty remarks, I find his straight-forward style pretty refreshing.

Anonymous said...

She needed a better foundation garment. Tube looks DO look better on women with a chest, as the gravity of a woman without curves tends to make tops like this fall all the way down to one's waist.

Take it from one who knows.

Okay outfit; liked the detailing and would have liked to see maybe a skirt instead of leggings, but the complaints are actuallly petty.

That said, loved the bitchface as well, and noticed it on the first airing and waited for it in subsequent airings.

Sister Christian won this round. KevinI'MNOTGAY will have his day.

Anonymous said...

My husband thought she looked super hot---sexy---age appropriate. She did not look like a 'hoochy mam'. Gay guys seem to have a 'thing' about any fat on women--they like them to be pretty boyish looking--hmmmm. Straight guys (for the most part) don't seem to have much of a problem with bulges, pooches and especially for D cup breasts.

Anonymous said...

I think this challenge was the most important from the styling angle. And the styling wasn't great. The women were supposed to have everyday looks. Attractive, grown-up looks. Kevin's client looks a bit Housewives of Orange County and Christian's model looks like she's playing it too young. Actually she and Christian look like they're playing Mommy and Me together. Disturbing. Imagine both client with different styling and both outfits look tons better, more appropriate.

TLo said...

"Anonymous said...
Gay guys seem to have a 'thing' about any fat on women--they like them to be pretty boyish looking--hmmmm."

Well, we can't speak for other "gay guys" but THESE two "gay guys" have more of a problem with poor reading comprehension.

The very last thing we want to do is argue with our commenters but in the interest of full disclosure, some of these comments are pissing us off. We have absolutely no problem with this woman's body. We have a problem with clothing that, in our opinion, didn't flatter her body. Anyone who took the time to actually read what we wrote, instead of going straight for the kneekerk defensive response, could see that.

Trying to turn this into some sort of commentary on all gay men is outrageously offensive to us.

Calling us fat didn't exactly make our day either.

Sewing Siren said...

I think the model did a super job. She loved the outfit and Kevin loved making it for her and it shows.
I personally do not llke strapless, but I think this one looks pretty good on the model. I didn't have the feeling that she was getting ready to pop out (but I know what you mean).
He did deserve being in the top three, but not the win.

Anonymous said...
Not that flattering to her? You guys really do hate women, don't you. At least women that aren't tiny and flatchested with no curves.

I cannot believe that anyone could draw that conclusion from this blog. What year is it?

Alicia said...

Sorry, I gotta go with those who say it's a cute and hip top ... on someone else. She's got FANTASTIC curves and this top just did so very little for them. Her bustline got minimized and her hips highlighted - my first thought was that she looked pear-ish. As a proudly curvy girl I'm the first to say that curves = good. However that does not mean that there aren't shapes for the curvy woman to avoid. Not all women can wear the same thing. Point in case - one of my favorite patterns looks fugly on the pattern cover because they've modeled it on your standard stick. It just looks dowdy. However every curvy women who'd made it up just rocks it. It's not just curvy women who have to do a good turn in the mirror and ask how something looks.

Back to this outfit, I'm glad that Christian won over Kevin because, cute and inventive as this outfit was and as much as the client liked it, it really showed an inability to design for anything but stick figures. And most of us aren't sticks nor wish to dress like ones. As mentioned before, there's silhouettes that look fantastic on curvy women but drab on your standard model. I really wish designers would remember that and design for that.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought Kevin should've won, but after reading all this and Tim's Take, I agree that he was a well-deserved bridesmaid (I guess I should say "usher").

(I think the final four will be Rami, Kevin, Christian, VictorYA -- then the producers will can a guy to ensure a woman in the top three, and Kevin will go then. We'll see.)

Kevin, good job this week; bravo.

(And TLo, if the pictures you post of yourselves here are any indication, your collective BMIs added together wouldn't = fat.)

Lilithcat said...

While Christian's was, indeed, better than Kevin's in terms of "everyday" wear, I do think Kevin did the best job of any of the designers in terms of transforming the original garment. To turn that big ol' blazer into this finely tailored and detailed top was awesome!

Unfortunately, the model lacked the proper foundation garment (where's Veronica Webb when you really need her?), and the leggings detracted from the over-all look, but I liked it a lot.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Even though,I am not a huge fan of Christian,I thought he clearly won this week. I however did love Kevin's work and his enthusiasm. I understand your criticism,but wow,did she ever feel great in it
...and I thought she looked great too.I actually really liked Elisa's this week PERHAPS it was wrong for the client,but besides Christians it was really the only fashion forward garment on the runway.
Kit did a nice job,considerering herraw materials.

Suzanne said...

You know I have to admit....though I wanted Kevin to win from the second he displayed his enthusiasm for the challenge, I didn't notice that her boobs ended up around her waistline when she put it on until I took a good look at your screen cap. After all that shit FLIES down the runway- and I never have time to go back and really take a good look.

That said, put some good sturdy cups inside that and pair it with a nice pair of black boot cut pants and I would buy it in a second...

GOD I wish ALL things Lohanesque would go away- tights being #2 after her mother.

texasinafrica said...

What tummy bulge? You girls are going a little overboard here. She looked fantastic and she clearly felt confident. Did anyone actually see her tugging the top up? It looked pretty well fitted to me. If a strapless talk is migrating south, you don't walk that confidently.

Stephanie said...

Is it just me, or is that notched opening at the bust extremely distracting? Anyone who's just an inch taller than her chest can look straight down into her bosoms.

While I do think it's age inappropriate, I can see where after losing a significant amount of weight she may be ready for a little age-inappropriate fun. As long as she wears it on a cruise rather than the grocery store, I'm okay with it.

Suzanne said...

"some of these comments are pissing us off."
Me too!
Who the fuck are these people??

All I know is that since Season 4 started there are some real assholes coming out of the woodwork.

Just delete their crap and eventually, hopefully, they'll disappear.

GothamTomato said...

"Anonymous said: Straight guys (for the most part) don't seem to have much of a problem with bulges, pooches and especially for D cup breasts."

What straight guys are those? The ones who spend the better part of their lives farting into the couch?


Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm freaking LOVING this insane bitch-fest today.

Commenters calling the hosts FAT.

Hosts dissing the Commenters.

This is the nuttiest blog out there.

TLO ... really, you shouldn't sweat it. Say what you want. THIS IS YOUR BLOG!!

If the commenters don't like it ... they can GO SOMEPLACE ELSE!!

There is NOTHING more annoying than commenters who strain mightily to be funnier or more provocative than the hosts (and there are MANY in here who do that). When they fail, they will turn. Desperate attention seeking will produce bad manners. It's annoying. It's also HILARIOUS.

Keep writing, guys. Things like this just bring the whack-a-doodles out of the woodwork. They aren't even worth your notice.

Pumpkin Man said...

She looks great and he did a fantastic job in turning an outdated frumpy blazer into a sexy top. I disagree with your bitchness, sorry. Was it perfect? No, but few thigs are.

Suzanne said...

By the way, those models all are Weight Watchers clients. I know the person who coordinated the whole thing. We have no idea why WW was never mentioned, but just thought people would like to know HOW they achieved their amazing goals!

Gorgeous Things said...

OMG, you two slay me! Clapping your widdle gay hands?

Hahahahahahaha! Snort!

Yeah, his design could have used some boning to support the girls, but his client looked awfully happy, and she walked the bejeezus out of it. I was grinning from ear to ear when she was on the catwalk.

Anonymous said...

You know I have noticed too that people on here have been extremely bitchy and too pc lately. You say one little comment, and they get all defensive. People need to lighten up. You just want to say, "it wasn't about you bitch!"

Alex! said...

Calling us fat didn't exactly make our day either.

I can totally vouch for your washboard abs, having personally snorted coke off of them.

Also, You guys can open beer bottles with your pecs!

Anonymous said...

I kept wanting to send her my Le Mystere strapless bra. I thought he did a nice job overall though, and it was clear that the client loved it and totally rocked it on the runway.

Anonymous said...

By the way ... Lighten up, it's just fashion!!

bitchesdye said...

Let me say for the record that, yes, it was the real me who wrote the offensive post. It was a kneejerk reaction that I posted before I drank any coffee. And I am really really sorry for calling the boys fat. Really. Please forgive me. Mea culpa. It was inappropriate.

I still don't see a tummy bulge, tho.

gacm said...

I think a huge problem with a challenge like this is defining "everyday." The only way it makes sense is to define "everyday" according to the lifestyle and needs of the client. The clients gave them some style likes and dislikes, but didn't give insight into what they need to dress for in their everyday life. Posters here have said over and over that a strapless top does not qualify for "everday" clothing. Damn straight it doesn't, if I am the client. But it may be absolutely appropriate for another client. Think of the winner's outfit -- cropped jeans, shirt, black jacket, high-heeled boots. Is that everyday-wear for Laura Bennett? No. Is that everyday-wear for me? No, for 180-degree opposite reasons ;) The entire challenge is built around a word that has no meaning until applied to a context, and the designers weren't really given that context.

Sewing Siren said...

The screen cap with her looking over her shoulder and Kevin check-ing out her ass, is cute.

GothamTomato said...

"Alex! said...I can totally vouch for your washboard abs, having personally snorted coke off of them."

Coke? They only offered me Tang (they said they were astronauts & I believed them.)


Anonymous said...


Red Seven said...

Had I been a judge, I would have given the win to Kevin, only because his design was a lot more creative. However, maybe the judges were aware somehow of how restrictive Christian's client was being, and took that into consideration.

I dunno. Kevin done good, and I could definitely see him in the final three.

Anonymous said...

"Alex! said...
I can totally vouch for your washboard abs, having personally snorted coke off of them.

Also, You guys can open beer bottles with your pecs!"

ROFLMAO. I love you!

Anonymous said...

jeez, commentators are getting bitchy this week...

Boys, I don't think anything that you said in this post or any others could be considered seriously rude or derogatory(sp?).

That being said, I do have to disagree with you. I think this was a completely age appropriate outfit - it made her look sexy not trashy. I love the flare at the butt and I don't see any tummy bulge whatsoever.

The only thing seriously wrong in this outfit was the fit in the boobs. If StraightBoy had just put a couple straps on there so she could wear a regular bra - because most strapless ones just don't cut it if you're larger than a C cup - the outfit would have been perfect.

I was dissapointed that he didn't win, although I will agree that Christian's look was pretty fierce.

Oh, and that "gay men don't understand bigger women" comment was completely untrue - I seem to remember the gayboys writing a whole post about how to find a prom dress for a plus sized girl.

Anonymous said...

Thank you boys. The way that the judges were fawning over it left me a little puzzled. It was a nice design, and I'm rooting for Kevin, but it just wasn't size appropriate.

Her girls are down to the elbow, which is a big no-no.

I'm only a wee smaller than her, and I sure as hell wouldn't go out in that.

Gotta give props to this year's designers though, they all handled their "everyday woman" challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Anonymous said...

i think this look made her look sooo trashy... she is absolutely not young enough to be wearing something like that with just leggings. If the top were longer then fine, i just thought it looked pretty vulgar for someone who is certainly not 20

Anonymous said...

I think Kevin did a great job re-using the jacket...he's one to watch.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, Weight Watcher's probably didn't pay Bravo. Thus no product placement for them.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a great look, and yes, I even thought it looked right with the leggings. I think a skirt you could walk in would have added too much volume, and though skinny jeans might have worked too, it was summer in the sweltering city.

I recognize what you say about the hips boys, but most women prefer an hourglass shape (which definitely involves volume at the hips) to being round. As most of them, apparently, were earlier in their lives. So though you may view it as unflattering, she's thinking: I have a waist and people are looking at my boobs! Yes! Yes! A thousand times dear God yes!

He was the most imaginative with the existing clothing fer shizzle. And you guys are still wonderful. Trolls are just a sign of your success.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:58 said:

"I think this was a completely age appropriate outfit"

-- I disagree. Leggings and strapless mini-dresses skew to a VERY young demo. That's a given.

"it made her look sexy not trashy."

-- I disagree. I think the look is trashy, not sexy. Too much skin, boobs flopping, butt hanging out ... and when have tights every been considered classy? But then .... to each his own, right?

"I love the flare at the butt"

-- I disagree. Most butts benefit from being diminished, not having our attention drawn to them.

"I don't see any tummy bulge whatsoever"

-- I disagree. I definitely see a bulge below the last button in several of the pictures. It's very clear. See the shadow? How are people saying they don't see this?

"The only thing seriously wrong in this outfit was the fit in the boobs."

-- I agree, if you remove the word "only".

Anonymous said...

One question I would have liked all of the designers to ask their models (and maybe some did but it ended up on the editing room floor) is: Before you lost the weight, was there an item or style of clothing that you thought "I'm going to wear that when I get to my goal."? I think that's something a lot of people who attempt weight loss think about as one of the big benes of their efforts. But I loved the challenge and seeing the models enjoying themselves as runway divas for a day was awesome!

Gretchen said...

Well, I thought she looked hotness. I really, really think that what you are "allowed" to wear depends on your body-- not your age. If you've got a hot body at 70 years old and want to parade around in a mini skirt and tank top, more power to you. This lady has great shoulders, all the better to show off with a top like that...though I would never wear it, since I never go strapless generally. They all seem to fall down, and I'd rather not spend the entire evening tugging at my top.

Whoever said that you need a proper bra for something like that if you're above a certain cup size was definitely right, however if you've got one and want to do it, go right ahead!

Christian had the easiest job in part, I think, because he had the thinnest model. But Kevin benefited as well from the sheer enthusiasm from both his client and himself. Good for her, good for him.

J Random Blogger said...

Yeah, I'm not really seeing any noticeable bulge there, just the fact that she's still carrying a bit of extra weight. If the fit were tighter there it'd be more emphasized but Kevin seems to have made it reasonably-fitted without being actually tight. If you gave her anything looser, it'd just make her look bigger, really. The longer cut of the shirt actually does help de-emphasize the tummy a bit IMO.

In fact, in general, though I myself stay far away from strapless as a rule, I would say the design really was suited for her curves. It could've been fitted a bit differently (and she probably did need a better bra for the outfit) and maybe it would've worked better, but I don't really have issues with the basic shape. I suppose he could've gotten some of the same look by using a square-neck cut and given her sleeves or straps, though.

Now, the flare in the back I'm less sure about. On the one hand, it does sort of add mass to, heh, the booty region (booty booty booty). On the other hand, it's also an interesting eyefool because you can say to yourself "Oh, that's just the cloth" rather than with something close-fitted where it'd be clear any size was the body. So... not sure what would've been better.

Anyhow, I would not have minded at all if this had won. I don't have a strong feeling it should've, but it would've been reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Interesting commentaries. FWIW, I've seen pics, and you guys aren't fat. :)

I've always thought clothes should flatter the wearer, but over on TWoP it was explained to me by the resident fashionistas that real fashion is about itself, not about the person wearing it. In that closed circuit way of thinking I'd say Kevin's top was inspired; he took a mammoth ordinary yellow blazer and did something quite innovative with it.

Rami's model also LOVED her outfit, and personally, I thought it made her look fabulous, more so than Kevin's model. Very flattering. But then again, maybe that's not the point.

I knew Christian would win when I saw that his model was the slenderest of the bunch.

J Random Blogger said...

Oh, and as an addendum I want to make a comment on the whole age and age-appropriate thing: people are living longer and staying healthy and active longer (or getting healthy and active later in life) than was even the case when I was a kid. My ability to estimate people's ages has really declined as this has happened; I've seen women I think are in their late 20s who turn out to be in their 40s, for instance. I think this whole "age appropriate" thing needs to be completely reassessed or thrown out. At this point, 35 is still young, in an era where a lot of people can expect to be healthy and active well past retirement age (which itself has gone up). So, um, yeah, I tend to disagree that you suddenly stop being able to wear tights and look right in them at 25, or whatever.

Now, if you wanna argue that someone still carrying extra weight would be better off in pants, then maybe we can talk, though honestly I thought the lady looked terrific in them.

Hutchlover said...

As a woman had who has curves & large breasts, I would definitely wear something like this.

I thought it was unique and fun, and Kevin's attitude was certainly better than Christian's.

However, either could've won. Christian had a huge disadvantage with his client; Kevin had more transformation with his garment.

Kevin's time will come. I expect him in the top 3 with Rami & Jillian.

Anonymous said...

J. Random, I disagree.

I honestly think "age-appropriate" figues into clothing.

I'm a guy, 42 years old. My 15 year-old nephew where's baggy skater pants hanging half-way down his ass, XXXL football jerseys, and a crooked baseball cap.

If I wore the same out, I assure you I would look laughable. Receeding hairline, graying at the temples, trying to look 15. It's sad.

My 14 year-old niece prefers babydolls and "candies", hair bows and bubblegum lipgloss. If my 68 year-old mother tried to wear the same outfit as her granddaughter, I think I'd respond "OK Baby Jane ... time to call the home."

It's simple. Their clothing for children, adolescents, young adults and mature adults. MANY people do not want to give in to their age by dressing appropriately.

The 60 year old Cougar next door, no matter how amazing her boob-job, face-lift and trummy tuck, looks just sad in a tubetop and peddle pushers.

Anonymous said...

Late chiming in, but I'm totally with you on the not-flattering to her hips bit. Seriously. A quick glance at the picture made me think she was rockin' some pretty generous, earth mother type hips. On closer inspection, no, she's not. She has hips, but they're not really the dominant feature I thought they were.

Still, this is one of those that I grudgingly have to admit I like. The model totally sold me on it.

Brooklyn Bomber said...

I agree that age and fit can make a difference, and while this outfit is a bit hootchie mama for my taste, it didn't go over the top into vulgarity, and seemed to fit her personality and style. The tights were the problem for me. . .if only he'd made a little pair of black slacks . . . but I don't remember what she was wearing before, and maybe there was nothing to make the slacks out of (?).

Anne said...

I can totally vouch for your washboard abs, having personally snorted coke off of them.

Alex, I have to say, that was a visual I could have done without.

TLo, if you'd like me to cut a bitch for you, just say the word.

It was really nice to see Kevin getting some positive feedback from the judges. I almost liked him a little bit when he was so proud of himself.

And I've been thinking about that top. Is there a way to tailor it so that it holds up the breasts by itself, maybe by fitting it tightly around the trunk? Or does that just make women look fat?

I thought the tights just sucked, but all tights suck. That had nothing to do with her body. Tights suck.


Thombeau said...


Anonymous said...

I thought Kevin did a nice job changing the look completely. She could have used some good foundation garments because that outfit also was a little unforgiving. As were Christian's jeans.

I do have to say that the comments have taken on a different tone lately. I like it when people state what they think in a fun way and add any new info or perspective they have. Like good cocktail party chatter. And true wit is always appreciated. What seems to be different is that people are taking aim at individuals and individual comments more than before, then sparring back and forth for the win, like debate team or something.

Can we get the cocktail party back? Most of you people are funnier than the people I usually drink with.

Anonymous said...

Let's reel it all back...

Hey Jay was a lovely bridesmaid.

Anonymous said...

Let's reel it all back...

Hey Jay was a lovely bridesmaid.

Anonymous said...

I agree with agnes gooch. These models were ten times better than the professional twigs that we've seen this season. I wish we could keep them. ;-)

As for Kevin's garment, I think it's really one of those that is dependent upon the wearer. Some people just won't be comfortable in a strapless top and leggings no matter what size they are. So when you see someone like that in this outfit, people are more likely to notice fit issues or violations of the fashion rules.

However, some women, like this model, rock it because they have such confidence in themselves and love what they are wearing. So you might not notice any supposed age appropriate or fit issue upon first glance without some close scrutiny or a "would I wear this" filter.

This is one of those instances where the woman makes the clothes instead of the clothes making the woman. So you go, canary girl!!!

Kanani said...

rain brain,
The bar is open. It's Friday. My god, let's make drinks.

Anonymous said...

"Gay guys seem to have a 'thing' about any fat on women--they like them to be pretty boyish looking--hmmmm. "

What an ignorant, and blatantly homophobic, comment.

Anonymous said...

Slightly unrelated:
Am I the only one who thinks Kevin looks more like a hairy Jakob Dylan (from the Wallflowers) as opposed to Joey whatits from N'sync?

I mean, compare the 2!

no burlap said...

Anonymous 2:41 PM said...

I knew Christian would win when I saw that his model was the slenderest of the bunch.

Kind of like how Michael's model won in season 3 for what was probably the same reason?

It's too bad. I'll give them credit for trying to shake out of the "stick thin-size 0-this would only look good on a model" type of clothes that 99% of all the designers in the world seem to keep going for, but when it comes down to the crunch, they can't restrain themselves: they are too culturally conditioned to be able to see a chunkier women as more attractive than a slim one. How else to explain Michael's win over Uli's in the "Everyday Woman" challenge last year?

But I digress.

I concur with what so many here have said, that the top would have looked much better with the proper foundation. Personally, I wouldn't have gone with either strapped or strapless - I think that top would have looked great as a properly fitted, sleeveless deep V neck (but not deep enough to show actual cleavage - that tackiness is reserved for every single tv and movie star on every single awards show every single year.)

But tight? and / or leggings? No, no, a thousand times no. Not on anyone. Not at any age. Please no.

no burlap said...

I should have been more specific: when I said "they", I was of course referring to the judges and producers.

Anonymous said...

TLo, thanks so much for including screencaps of the original garments.

(I have to wait 'til it's on YouTube & Bravo site doesn't have many pix)

I think the look works beautifully on this girl. A better fit, good bra and cute pants or pencil skirt would rock it! I like the curves.

-- desertwind

Anonymous said...

"'Anonymous said: Straight guys (for the most part) don't seem to have much of a problem with bulges, pooches and especially for D cup breasts.'

What straight guys are those? The ones who spend the better part of their lives farting into the couch?"

That's an odd correlation to make.

It was surprising to see how much this outfit was talked up on the show last night, and sort of a relief to know that other people had the same criticisms. I admittedly don't know much about clothing, but the fitting of the top jumped out at me from the get-go. Emphasizing the hips gives more of an hourglass, sure, but the flare at that point does so disproportionately. It also shortens her legs, which isn't helped by how low the whole top sits on her body. The model is lovely, but the outfit just doesn't entirely work with her.

I don't mind a little tummy bulge, though -- and that, to me, is a little tummy bulge. But yeah, the model's confidence and happiness with the outfit was probably what pushed it into the top.

Mom said...

Thank you, Bill, the Gooch is happy to have a place to come to (and sorry about Nora and Ito not being here. Visa issues.)

And PRG veterans, let's just set a good example for these newbies. Don't respond in kind, and carry on with how we have always discoursed!

ChelseaNH said...

I think this is a textbook example of a model selling a look. On the runway, it was great. In stills, not so good. I also had the thought of giving it straps, but that doesn't fix the problem of the "skirt" widening her hips and truncating the leg line. While it wouldn't be as striking a transformation, I think this would have looked better as a vest -- sleeveless to show off her arms, but with enough coverage to allow a bra underneath. The length would be better, too, not hitting her at the widest point of the hips. Keep the black piping and button styling, because that's all cute. Then a nice black skirt (straight-leg pants would be good, but skirts are easier) and she's good to go.

Alex! said...

What straight guys are those? The ones who spend the better part of their lives farting into the couch?"

As a straight guy who spends the better part of his life farting into the couch, I take exception to that remark.

Gidget Bananas said...

I think stating that stating that a certain garment doesn't suit a certain wearer is a perfectly valid criticism. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with either the model or the garment, just that they're not suited for each other.

I wish Kevin had made the yellow top into a dress. I wasn't crazy about the way the garment cut across the widest part of the model's hips, and I think a full-length garment would have draped better. I also hate strapless dresses on anyone, so Kevin's outfit just didn't work for me.

But dang, his model really worked it, didn't she? She could give the regular models some lessons.

Mr. Rice said...

I can vouch for the beer bottles but not the coke . . .I wasn't cool enough.

Mr. Rice said...

And Alex, don't be hard on yourself. You fart in plenty of other places.

Anonymous said...

When I first saw it, I thought it was lovely. As she walked down the runway, I thought it made her look a bit chunky in the middle but still ok. I like the color and the black accents. Her boobs do look like they're headed for the border though...

I hate leggings. They should be banned in public.

The murderous look in Kevin's eyes when Christian won - priceless!

CQAussie said...

who's the troll?

Beth said...

Dearest T & Lo,

Now that you have opened THE can of worms that have been on my mind for the last 2 weeks, let me state that I have been a devout fan of this blog since its inception. I have pee-d in many a desk chair from laughing (To my coworkers: I am sorry), and I almost had to go to the hospital for choking on lunch while reading your witty commentary and those of your faithful following.

That said, all good things must come to an end. The two of you must face it: you have become uber-popular blog icons. Think of it as the once quaint and quite B&B that has been overrun by t-shirt wearing, black socks with sandals, cameral toting tourists since Martha announced that it was "a good thing".

Everyone who is anyone now reads YOUR blog and the world waits on the edge of their piss-soaked office chairs for your posts to hit. The freaks are now coming out of the woodwork and will continue to do so. Feeding the animals will only keep them coming back for more. Just keep doing your thing and ignore the animals. Those who witnessed your rise to super stardom know the meaning behind your sardonic wit and love you for it.



P.S. Can you please ask Alex! to marry me?

J Random Blogger said...

fashion manifesto, I think the examples you give are pretty extreme and therefore a little disengenuous, but perhaps I was unclear.

I'm talking about this weird artificial and overly precise divide between a 25-year-old and a 30-year-old. Not between a 14-year-old and a 30-year-old, because yes, those are clearly different stages of life, and yes, what looks cute on a teen looks dumb on a professional. But why is it suddenly not okay to wear tights at 26 if you've got the body for it? Why does being 35 give you different rules than being 25? Especially when a 35 or 40 year old today can easily be mistaken for said 25 year old if they're in good health and good shape. (And seriously, I've often had people think I'm a lot younger than I am and I am NOT in either good health or good shape, same for a lot of my friends of varying healths and fitness levels. Our perceptions of age vs look have really not caught up to how things have changed over time, I say it again and will keep saying it.)

So, hence why I think it needs to at least be reassessed, and for any working-age adult, possibly just ignored in favor of what should matter: how does it look on YOU?

Anne said...

I think this whole "age appropriate" thing needs to be completely reassessed or thrown out. At this point, 35 is still young, in an era where a lot of people can expect to be healthy and active well past retirement age (which itself has gone up). So, um, yeah, I tend to disagree that you suddenly stop being able to wear tights and look right in them at 25, or whatever.

I do agree with this, mostly. I just think that, first of all, tights are just inappropriate anything-except-the-gym-wear for women over 18, and I didn't think this outfit was age-inappropriate. I could be wrong but that women looked to be in her early-to-late thirties, and I'm a couple of years older (fine, I'm 40, there, I said it) and I'd totally wear that top. I might not wear it to work, but I'd wear it out to dinner or to the theatre. I would just pair it with either a long or a pencil-knee-length black skirt, depending on where I was going.

Add sleeves to it and I'd wear it to work in a heartbeat (just the top.) I thought it was beautiful.


Anne said...

Hey, and did she walk better than the regular models because she loved her outfit or what?

Yeah, I thought of that too when I was looking at the picture of Pocohontas again. One reason Camilla and Nazri always did so great was because they always got clothes that made them look incredibly fabulous, then they worked that shit until the clothes looked WAY more fabulous, then they looked even better in the clothes, and it was just a repeating cycle.

Loved it.

LOTS of stuff this year has just been *such* ass. I can see how, especially as an inexperienced model, it might get in your head that you look completely stupid.


GothamTomato said...

"hello, i'm patsy stone said: That said, all good things must come to an end. The two of you must face it: you have become uber-popular blog icons. Think of it as the once quaint and quite B&B that has been overrun by t-shirt wearing, black socks with sandals, cameral toting tourists since Martha announced that it was "a good thing"."

I second that emotion to EVERYTHING you said in your entire (very funny & right on) post, not just this part. But, this part made me stop in my tracks; did Martha actually pronounce this blog to be 'a good thing' somewhere? Now I understand where the humor-challenged Stepford Wives are suddenly coming from.

I have always believed Martha Stewart to be the anti-Christ, (though I do now have some sympathy for her since she was persecuted & tossed in the slammer by the republicans).

Still, I hope she doesn't do to you boys, what she did to Fire King. I'd never forgive her for that.


Anonymous said...

"hello, i'm patsy stone said...
Dearest T & Lo,

Now that you have opened THE can of worms that have been on my mind for the last 2 weeks, let me state that I have been a devout fan of this blog since its inception...."

Darling, amen to every word you said, you have captured my feelings exactly.

Anonymous said...

2" straps on either side would have done it. They are probably in the scrap pile somewhere. Given that it started out as a blazer-not bad at all.

His goal was to make his client look HOT, and I think that's why this was successful. A lot of others bitched about their "FAB-rix".

eric3000 said...

This was definitely a close second!

Unknown said...

I 2nd that.. this was the look that SHOULD HAVE WON!!

Jessica Lynn

Anonymous said...

Totally disagree with you on this call. The issues you describe could be easily solved with good-quality bustier. I think this lady made the outfit look really great.

Jenn said...

patsy stone and gotham tomato

preach it, sisters!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't crazy about this garment, and I'd have been seriously pissed it it had won against Princess's far more stylish presentation.

I'm kind of annoyed at Kevin. He seems to think a lot of himself. The fact that his client loved flauting her tits in a yellow fashion-backward sleveless long top makes no difference to me. You may have just lost a humongous amount of weight, that doesn't give you taste in clothes. IMO, that woman had none.