Ripping the Collections: Daniel, Part One

Monday, May 14, 2007 by

Oh, how we have backed and forthed on this collection, darlings. Depending on our mood, the lighting, or the alignment of the planets, our opinion keeps changing on this one. On the one hand, it's a pretty good summation of Daniel's aesthetic and he clearly loves to do sportswear; on the other hand, it suffered from being just a little too catalogue-basic, not to mention the finishing issues and one or two (or more) choices that lead us to believe that Daniel needed a couple years' experience under his belt (both professionally and personally) to hammer out some of the problems.

As for models and styling, we have to laugh. The girls all looked great, but with their slightly ethnic, slightly aristocratic look coupled with the sexily tousled hair, he basically had 13 female versions of himself walking down that runway. Admit it, Daniel. You tried the clothes on a couple times, didn't you?

Let's start the show.

It's a "wow" piece, for sure. The fabric is beautiful on the jacket and we love the uber-structured feel of it. From the waist up, she looks impeccable.

That skirt seems like an odd choice to us. Both the color and the weight of the fabric feel wrong paired with that heavy jacket.

This is simple and a little too Talbot's-y, but it is a beautiful look. The proportions are perfect, the styling is just right and she looks great.

Could've done without the little epaulet-y things on her shoulders, though. The line is so clean that it didn't really need that visual bump. And speaking of bumps, what's going on with her lady bumps there? Skinny girls with teacup boobs shouldn't be bustin' out like that.

Okay, there's nothing to say here. This is stunning.

Sure, it's classic and some might even say it's boring, but the collar, the cuffs and the buttons really add something to it.


And the crowd goes "Hunh?"

Daniel darling, Classic American Sportswear may be your thing, but if we may make a suggestion: don't send a model down a Bryant Park runway in something that looks like it came from Wal-Mart. The colors are too washed out and the top makes her look heavy, which she almost definitely is not. We get that he was going for the "fresh and pretty" thing, but she looks like the prettiest teacher in her elementary school and honey, you should shoot for a little higher than that.

Okay, that little badge thing hanging off her chest? We're with the Duchess on this one. We just want to rip it off. It's distracting - and not in a good way.

The fit in the bust is off and we don't like the proportions of it. The straps are set too far apart, which makes her look a lot wider and bustier than she actually is. We like the skirt though.


We like this one, but we don't think the boots were the right choice.

The top is still a little plain, but pairing it with that skirt was smart. That pale green looks much better against a pattern than against a white. Not supercrazy about the collar and the finishing on the sleeves doesn't look so hot either.

God we're bitches.

And speaking of being bitches, holy cow, we HATE this look. There's one other look in his collection that we hate more, but we'll get to it later. This just does not work for us in any way.

Compliments first: the pants are fine. In fact, they're great. Love the cut, love the fabric.

It's the TOP. Like a St. Pauli Girl on a ski vacation. The colors are drab and do nothing to the pants; the finishing looks terrible, the fabrics are too shiny, and it's just all puffy and pleated to an alarming extent. Like he got a new sewing machine and wanted to run it through its paces or something.

Part two tomorrow, bitches!

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Kait said...

I was just amazed at that last look. It was like he tried to de-hoochify the look he made for Chloe. But it still looks shitty. I didn't know why he tried something almost exactly the same when all the judges hated it so much.

I do covet that white coat though.

Anonymous said...


awesome. it is now my goal to work that word into conversation on a regular basis

Gorgeous Things said...

I didn't like that look at all either. It was like, "Hi I'm Jazmyn the model and these are my breasts. How do you like me so far?"

PS, I don't know if her name is Jazmyn.

Anonymous said...

When I saw that ivory coat I crowned my winner, but none of the collections were very good, imho. I think Danny was kidding himself that slapping on a few patches and epaulettes gave it a "military" theme. Oh well, at least he has youth as an excuse.

eric3000 said...

The fit problems on some of his pieces bothered me much more than Santino's because Santino's dresses were supposed to be more loose and flowy, while Daniel's were meant to be very tailored. So I was surprised that the judges only seemed to complain about Santino's fit problems.

The white coat was very pretty. In fact, I thought several pieces were very pretty. Just not very interesting.

I actually liked those ice blue tops. They looked like they were made out of cashmere and I think they looked better from the back. I liked them because they were simple yet unusual shapes. They went with his 13th look.

And military and Japanese sleekness? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get the military or the Japanese vibe from anything he sent down the runway, except for the patches on the 2 dresses, which really were more distracting than military. At first glance, I liked the collection, but the more I saw it, the less I liked it. I agree with macasism that none of the collections were very good, overall. Each one did have a couple of things I loved, though.

Anonymous said...

The fabric on the first jacket looks like a jacquard more than a print. Am I right? Anyway the jacket is okay. The fit is good, but unoriginal as hell. The skirt is it stretch satin? looks too tight.
I thought the 2nd look was supposed to have that gaposous between the buttons at the empire seam. But in your photo it looks like a mistake (because it's not doing it in the top pic). That's bad.
The white wool coat is lovely, but it looks like a Givenchey or Ungaro from the 60's.
Over blouse with white pants ZZZZZ..
The black cocktail dress with bubble hem is too tight and I agree with you on the thermal patch and neckline.
The overblouse with jacquard skirt. The skirt is too basic and the over blouse is too similar to the one with the pants.
I agree that the tan vest is the same one he showed on Chloe. Do you think that might have been his show stopper at his student show at FIT? The crotch on the pants looks too low.
With the exception of the coat, they all look like filler pieces to me. If I had the chance to show 12 looks at OFW I think I would try a little harder to keep the judges of awake.

Anonymous said...

Loved the jacket on the first look, looovvved the white coat- it was beautiful.

That last look? Way too much boobage showing there....

Anonymous said...

Does it mean I'm a no-taste Talbots shopper if I like most of this stuff? I'm glad we have you, Gay Boys, to be our bitchy critics... hope that by the second half of the collection, I'll have picked it up myself!

Anonymous said...

My problem with the whole stupid Japanese/Military crap was that it didn't inspire his collectoin so much as...well it's like he made the collection and then tried to japanese/military -ify it.

The only time in the collection it worked was probably in the most beautiful piece. The wonderful white coat with the millitary-esque button positions and the japanese sleekness.

Overall though, I think I'm much harsher than you. I honestly think 50% of your readers could design a more immaginative collection even if they couldn't execute it.

I didn't like Cloe's collection, but I'm fairly certain I hated Daniel's.

Erica Bunker said...

This collection is not very impressive. The only thing other than your fantastic commentary that made me slow my scroll was the ivory coat. I'm making a mental note of that for myself this winter.

Anonymous said...

Love the white coat. Everything else, not so much. They mostly waver between ugly and boring for me, with a couple of "this could have worked if..."s in there. The whole collection just wasn't good enough, especially for something that was going to be televised.

But then, no one's collection was particularly impressive this time around. I was totally missing S1's color and creativity.


Thombeau said...

I think you are right about the experience issue.

It's a solid collection, but not my cuppa.

Anonymous said...

you nailed it with the talbot's comment. For me that was the whole collection - even the white coat

Miranda said...

Hmmmm. Can I agree with both sides on the coat? It's *gorgeous*, I would wear it in a New York fricking minute, *and* it looks like something you could easily find in any store or catalog. Still, if it came in red (that white would be filthy within five seconds if I bought it; I have bad luck with whites), I'd buy it.

Jenn said...

Like almost everyone else, I love that white coat, liked the bottom half of that black dress too.

Everything else is just too damned tame and half-assed for fashion week! If not for the white coat, he might be tied with Wendy Pepper for "Most Boring Collection In PR History."

Anonymous said...

I like the first look and the white coat.

Anonymous said...

That "badge thing" drove me insane. It's hideous! I don't know what he was thinking. Some of the looks weren't bad, just way too simple and not very innovative.

Colin said...

Even though I hated what he did for Chloe, I actually quite liked that last look. Maybe it was just because I thought the model was so cute, but I felt like it really worked.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the first outfit is a "wow" piece, for sure. I would love to have that jacket.

Anonymous said...

I'm all about natural looking hair but did Daniel really have to make the models' hair look like they just got back from the gym?! The models are lovely but the styling reminds me of college girls in their morning classes.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother had the same white coat as shown in that collection! Except hers was red and made of wool.

Anonymous said...

I loved the white coat. I thought it would have looked way hotter with the boots that were so out of place in one of the other looks.

If I would ever buy a white coat (okay, and if I ever lost like a million pounds) this would be the coat I'd buy.


Anonymous said...

"We get that he was going for the "fresh and pretty" thing, but she looks like the prettiest teacher in her elementary school and honey, you should shoot for a little higher than that."

As a former teacher, let me say that is HILARIOUS. We are not known for our style (any relation to the small paychecks??)Reminds me of my favorite headline from The Onion-- "Teacher of the Year Awards Declared a Fashion Disaster."

Anonymous said...

the models are all beautiful....just the person. lol.

the last one is Eliza!

she works it but the outfit is sh*t

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Reminds me of my favorite headline from The Onion-- "Teacher of the Year Awards Declared a Fashion Disaster." "