Chloe & Emmett: You wuz ROBBED!

Monday, March 19, 2007 by

This should have been the winner, poodles. No doubt about it.

It was chic and stylish, perfectly executed, and the window looked fantastic.

That skirt is hot.

You know, normally we'd hate a big floppy bow on a blouse like this. Always makes us think of Lily Tomlin in "Nine to Five." But this works, probably because the exposed skin makes it sexier.

MAJOR kudos to Grace for whipping that thing off and reversing it on the runway without missing a beat. Now that's a model.

We're not super-crazy about the fabric on the jacket, veering as it does dangerously close to tacky. Then again, these are the official Banana Republic fabrics for that season, so we can't really blame them for working with what they were given.

Which brings us to our judging bullshittery of the week. Emmett's not very good at keeping his thoughts off his face, is he?

"I loved this outfit."

*pleased as punch*

"The only thing I look at...I think it looks very Bergdorf and not very Banana Republic."

*thinking 'You WISH your stuff looked good enough for Bergdorf's, you tacky queen'*

Seriously, what kind of criticism is that? This is right up BR's alley. Simple, classically inspired, well-tailored - AND done in BR's own fabrics. Sometimes those bitches just make up shit to criticize.

God almighty, how the hell tall IS Grace? Because Emmett's like seven-and-a-half-feet tall.


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Sewhat? said...

Totally agree with you. The only thing I can think is that the judges want to keep BR in "it's place". Wouldn't want them to actually have something stylish and wearable at too attainable a price point now, would we?

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you. I was so confused by this episode. Both my mother and I, who NEVER agree on fashion, liked this outfit.

Also, damn Grace! I always thought she looked a bit taller than she was because she stood next to Chloe all the time...but I stand corrected! I adore her Amazonian stature, and out of all the PR models she's still my favorite.

Gorgeous Things said...

Absolutely! They were robbed. Do you think this look will come parading down the MK runway next season?

jinxy said...

I agree this should have won. I also agree that not winning because your garment was TOO GOOD is total BS, but it happened with Jay's Chrysler Dress...

Stupid Banana Republic challenges...

Jessi said...

Honestly, I'm not a fan of the jacket at all,since it looks completely floppy and unfitted.

Take away the jacket, and it's beautiful and wearable.

Anonymous said...

You know, I really never saw what was so great about this outfit (except for the skirt). The top is frumpy and the lining fabric does not scream "night on the town" to me. And do you really want to wear the jacket you just had on all day at work, INSIDE OUT? Um, not to be too graphic, but sometimes that's just not gonna be an option, olfactory-wise. Even if you don't pit it out, the jacket fabric cannot be too comfortable on the inside.

I agree it would work better than Danny/Andrae's for someone old enough to hold an office job, but still didn't think it was all that.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and the jacket is cropped too short. You shouldn't see the blouse bunching up above the skirt in back.

Unknown said...

I think the "soft" evening-ish blouse doesn't work well with the "hard" workplace-ish skirt; the Diana/Marla design has the same contrast, but it works better. But looking at the three designs that are up so far, the Chloe/Emmet and Diana/Marla designs are somewhat sophisticated, whereas the Daniel/Andrae looks perky (at least in the pictures; I actually saw it hanging on a rack in a BR store, where it didn't look so perky). I guess the judges preferred perky. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

"You know, normally we'd hate a big floppy bow on a blouse like this. Always makes us think of Lily Tomlin in "Nine to Five." But this works, probably because the exposed skin makes it sexier."

I completely see your point...but Grace's collar bones are so horribly, horribly protruding that the accompanying picture then negates the point. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Well for those who are upset that Chloe& Emmett did not win this, this was not the decision of the judges. Remember it was the BR patrons who voted for the winning design/window. Also who's to say how close of a win it actually was.

regardless of what you think of the finished product, they were the only team to maintain the jacket for the transition to evening wear which they should be given due credit for.


Roxy said...

I really hate that blouse, more than I disliked Daniel and Andrae's jacket, so I gotta agree with the BR representatives.

Would any of YOU wear that hideous silver bow, flourish, gigantic fleurchon, whatever you want to call it? Especially ALL DAY at the office? I wouldn't.

eric3000 said...

I also didn't understand the judges' comments about this looking too expensive to sell at Banana. I don't think it looks so expensive that it couldn't be affordably produced and I think it looks like something Banana customers would buy.

I agree with Macasism that I don't like how the back of the blouse sticks out under the jacket. But it's just really difficult for the designers to deal with normal sized dress forms and 8-foot models. They do their best.

GothamTomato said...

Not only was the outfit the best of the lot, but so was the window.

The other windows lookeed pretty crappy in person, but with the quick sketches, this one was good. (And those of us there voting were told to vote based on both the window and the outfit - the whole package).

--Gotham Tomato

Anonymous said...

I hated the shiny metallic print jacket. It's seriously ugly any way you slice it.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen recent Banana Republic print ads?

Eek!!! Ick!!!

-- desertwind

PS - they wuz robbed.

PPS - I love Grace.

Anonymous said...

Did Emmett or Chloe do the illustrations in the window? They are beautiful.

TLo said...

SewingSiren said...

Did Emmett or Chloe do the illustrations in the window? They are beautiful.

Hi SewingSiren,

Emmett did them. Fabulous, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Trinity: Chloe, Emmett and the always-stunning Grace.

Other than the jacket being too cropped (it would have worked with a tighter blouse underneath, IMO), I thought it was a wonderfully conceived outfit. Nothing Chloe or I could wear...we'd be overwhelmed by the bow...but a fresh idea for a taller woman who could work it.

Anonymous said...


I can't believe the judge's bullshit. Chloe and Emmett had the best most stylish design and the most adorable whimsical window display.

I can't fathom how they were denied this win. Emmett's illustrations were precious. Seriously, Emmett and Robert Best, both of them are really talented with drawing. It was amazing how Emmett just drew that on the spot. Brilliant!

Chloe and Emmett's outfit looked amazing. Very polised and expensive-looking, but with a lovely interesting twist.

I want that outfit.

DolceLorenzo said...

YES, they were ROBBED! This was the best outfit, the window was fabulous, everything was gorgeous, including Grace's famous moment when she turns the jacket she's wearing inside out.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Chloe and Emmett wuz robbed with this one. I loved Emmett's window design and was completely blown away watching him do the drawings.

I think that the jacket should have been a little longer, but those bolero-style jackets were getting raves for all of Season 2 for some reason.

This is the challenge where I felt the judges started slobbering on anything Daniel V. did even if it wasn't the greatest thing out there.

The Scarlett said...


Loved Emmett's illustration. And when Grace turned that jacket inside out was the moment that I really noticed her fabulousity. Loved the screen caps of Emmett. And the only thing better than a screen cap of Chloe next to Grace is a screen cap of Chloe standing between Grace and Santino.

Sugar said...

ok i didnt toadily love this either. personally, danny and andy's won in my book

plus, i love grace in all her amazon-i-osity, but do you SEE her collarbones?

my lord girl, eat a carrot!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous. Isn't the whole point of B Republic to give you a chic look on a non-Berdorf budget? The Duchess was smoking crack this episode

PS love Grace

Anonymous said...

Yup, yup, so true. I thought that outfit was miles ahead of Daniel and Andrae's yawnfest of a dress-and-jacket (although I agree with macasism's criticism that the jacket was a bit too short.)

The window rocked too.

Chloe! We are about the same height, I'd guess, so I can only imagine how she felt standing next to Grace & Emmett. Gulliver among the Brobdingnagians.

And this might be my time to state for the record that I loved Chloe. Just putting that out there.

Anonymous said...

Is Grace the love child of Laura Bennett and Emmett, God is she tall, elegant and beautiful and fetching in her BR outfit.
You PR Gay boys crack me up with the captions under the photos, It would have made great TV if Emmett actually addressed the judges with your thoughts.
He might have lasted longer with more salty responses to the judges, but he was buttoned up.
Can you imagine if he ever let loose on the judges?

Anonymous said...

My god, do they let her on planes with those collarbones? Aren't they considered sharp instruments? Will someone please feed that child?

Anonymous said...

Grace is beautiful and FIERCE, pointy collarbones and all. The photos on her website are AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Not a BR dress, but certainly the most beautiful design. They should have won, but that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Emmett and Chloe are still friends. They're both so talented and professional. When you think about Season 2, they are the most successful designers out of the group.

Anonymous said...

. Isn't the whole point of B Republic to give you a chic look on a non-Bergdorf budget?

Exactly. Chloe and Emmett used the BR material and produced an outfit that was chic, stylish and looked expensive. I thought that was the point. And their presentation was stellar. That window display was glorious! Everyone else's looked like crap compared to Emmett's darling illustrations. No contest.

Anonymous said...

this one is beautiful!

not to mention Grace's amazing performance as she turns the jacket inside out. she is surely my favorite PR model. she did it so flawless.

also i love emmett's painting and his big smile. lol. lovely.

chloe just know how to have a presentation. yet it's like bergdorf, it's a huge advantage!

this one isn't that complicated for BR, BR is not all about plain. this should just be the winner.

seeing chloe standing there is interesting, even from the far scene shot, you can still tell the short-tall-tall three people. lol.

though the fabric is a little bit shiny, but that's BR fabric, well.
love the top and the dress better than Andrea/Daniel Team.

Suzanne said...

How hot is Emmett???????

Anonymous said...

I adore Project Rungay and Project Runway, but I gotta admit... Grace and many of the other models are appearing too anorexic to be attractive to me OR the clothing. I also loved Chloe and Emmett's ensemble, but the last photo portrays a sick puppy with boney shoulders and emaciated arms. Are we only designing for scarecrows? What would this ensemble look like on a model with 15 more #s on her frame?

Jenn said...

Look up elegance, refinement, kindness, and class in the dictionary and you see a picture of Emmett in my opinion.
It's nice to see a good guy achieve success....wonder where Mr. Santino's at now? :)

Anonymous said...

Grace and Emmett are actually standing on the Dutchess.

SketchyBear said...

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