Malan Darling is opening a store!

Thursday, November 02, 2006 by

And we're invited!

Malan's new store is opening next week and of course your favorite little attention whores will be there to report all the details. Magic Eightball says "Future glamorous, buy shoes."


Anonymous said...

Does the fun ever end for you two??? It's getting tough to hear about all your adventures!

Have a great time. Smile pretty.

Anonymous said...

T & L - How many times a day do you pinch yourselves? The truth is, these fabtastic adventures come your way because:

a. You have put out some great Karma
b. You are bright, curious and engaging people
c. You have wicked, yet tempered, senses of humor

Isn't it amazing how your lives have changed in the past six months? Enjoy the ride, boys, and thanks for letting us be part of caravan!


Anonymous said...

magic 8 ball also says, "Look for red heads in fedoras." ;)

Lisette said...


katiecoo said...

"by invitation only"

How's that inner circle workin for us now??? (note the "us")

LUV Malan and wish him all the best! Can't wait for all the juicy tidbits..raow!

What are you wearing???

jinxy said...

Oh, you lucky whores!!!!

Well, I guess being jealous of you two isn't so bad since you are just so thrillingly humorous (and so ready to dish)

Take pics and remember every word uttered so we can all live through you fabulous two!!

Anonymous said...

Are you allowed to tell us where this store is?

Anonymous said...

The best part about you two is that you go to these functions and rub elbows with these fabulous people and appear to act totally cool while doing so...then run back blog about how you almost fainted. I LOVE that you still act the way everyone else would, completely starstruck, yet fabulous!

Take notes and LOTS of pictures!

TLo said...

jlp said...

Are you allowed to tell us where this store is?

Hi jlp,

We don't have all the details yet (address included). We'll keep you guys posted.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Now, lots of pictures and witty commentary, darlings.

DolceLorenzo said...

I bet all the all the designers from NY are going to be there.
Jealous? Me? Never!!! : - )


Anonymous said...

Awww, sweet Malan is seeing his dreams come true. And you are there to take pictures for us!

Inner circledom rocks.

Anonymous said...

My magic goggleight ball says
Just do it and be fabulously you.

Don't forget to surprise us in a nice ROFLMAO way.

I can take it. I still have numerous lives left.

Chgo_John said...

Goodness gracious! What's next? Giant balloons of you both in the Thanksgiving Day Parade? I can just see your legions of fans fighting over who gets to blow you ... UP .... legions of fans fighting over who gets to blow you up. My money's on BigAssBelle ... she sounds like a real scrapper! Then again, Gotham Tomato seems like a contender; not to mention ToddNY. Is there a trifecta window?

Anonymous said...

adding to chgo john's msg:

I imagine the handlers holding the balloon ropes will be the best dressed ones in NYC! None of those sagging clown get ups for you two! Guys and gals in shirtless tuxedos I would guess.

profp at 8:30am said everything better than I could!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I really like how Milan is capitalizing on his popularity from the show. He's done a LOT more than most of the other designers who did and did not make it to the end. GOOD FOR YOU MILAN!

Lydia said...

Ahhh..Malan...he's great! Have an amazing time and just know that the rest of us living in the unfabulous parts of the country are jealous.

Anonymous said...

Malan has been VIN-DI-FUCKING-CATED.

That is all. Carry on.

madelineanne said...

WHY?!?! WHY?!? WHY did I spend this week running around like a crazy person and NOT checking this site or Myspace?!?!
Oh wait, I wat stuck shilling crap at Phantom on Wednesday anyway. *pout*
So, had I knwn I just would have been grumpy because I was stucking wearing my Phantom hat, jacket and shirt selling stuff and knowing I wanted to be at the opening.
WHich reminds me, you two might find this funny, I was in Starbucks in full PHantom regalia and two very sweet queens asked if I was working at Phantom that night and I replied (with manically wide eyes) "No I'm just a REALLY BIG FAN" *blink* *blink* and then laughinly assured them that I was working and was aware that I looked like a dork. But they sweetly assured me that I was making it work. Yay!