Miss USA - Fabulous Tara!

Sunday, July 23, 2006 by

It sucks that she has to wear that getup any time
she wants people to recognize her.
Beauty queens are sort of like Wonder Woman that way.

But seriously, isn't she gorgeous?

[Screencaps: Project RunGay]


bigblue said...

Tara Conner (cool name), was so hot looking, at least at the judgeing. I couldn't really tell she was that short. She just looked so-so at the Ms. Universe pageant. Can't tell if that's her natural hair color or not. Brown eyes and light hair, me-no-like.

Anonymous said...

Ironic that you posted a pic of Wonder Woman:


Kinda beats Tara's star spangled jockey costume but I guess she is from Kentucky:


Anonymous said...

Tara is soooooo sexy! :) If she were a lesbo, I'd do her til her crown fell off.

ThePRGayBoys said...

But you'd let her keep the sash on; right? 'Cuz that's HOT.

Jackie said...

She looks just like Anna Nicole Smith in her Guess modeling days. Not like... Anna Nicole Smith drunk with a mouthful of valium days.

Anonymous said...

Didn't she kiss another girl? I remember some kind of scandal involving cocaine and girl-on-girl action. So anonymouns 2:41, you're not so far off.