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Congratulations Kelli!


Wasn't that a

fun episode? Good morning, starshine. Can I get you some coffee? Polish your nipple jewelry? Dress you?

It really was an almost perfect season opener. We don't mind at all that they returned to an old challenge, the cast has us VERY intrigued, and the judging was spot on last night. It was just FUN. Last season was kind of the opposite of fun.

"Hello everyone! Since you haven't been on the cover of any magazines please stand 15 to 20 feet away from us at all times!"

And how lovely to see the Original Princess in all her glory. Austin, you look fabulous. It's like Quentin Crisp reincarnated himself and said "THIS time, I'm not gonna get hung up on any masculinity issues!!"

The producers made you get rid of the beaded clutch, didn't they?

And Sir Tim! Who KICKED ASS in that workroom last night. Seriously, there was blood on the Parson's floor by the time he got done with those bitches. We like seeing Drill Sergeant Gunn!

It's always a shock the first episode when they can barely fit all the designers on the runway.

Anyway, Congratulations Kelli! You talk REAL LOUD.


Let's judge your portfolio, shall we?

Not really our taste, being in the rocker chick mode and all. Still, there's some nice work there. She doesn't seem to make the same dress over and over. We question some of her fabric choices.

As for the winning entry...

Model: Germaine

...the bottom half of it was GORGEOUS.

The top half, UNGORGEOUS.

Seriously, that is one unbalanced look. The judges rightfully raved over that skirt, but they all went collectively blind with the top.

Not that we question the win. She would have been our choice as well. She did an incredible job on that skirt. The colors and the pattern of the swirls of dye were so beautifully done that she managed to make vacuum cleaner bags look like high end fabric. Clearly, she has a well developed graphic sense and that can be a huge asset in the competition.

Also, the hook and eye from a spiral notebook? Crazy. And the very definition of innovation. She didn't just do a good job in the design, she did the best job in taking the materials and finding ways to use them.

But she must have blown her creative wad on that skirt, because that top looks like another designer made it. Even if she had somehow managed to make the coffee filters work, it still would have left us yawning a bit because come on, coffee filters for the bust? Too obvious. And that weird studded thing in the middle - we don't know WHAT that is. It's a shame, if she had made a top better suited to go with that skirt, she would have made a killer look. It's a testament to how beautiful the bottom half is that it obliterated the somewhat assy top half.

As always, WAY more to come, kittens!

More pics:

[Photo: Bravo/Barbara Nitke - Screencaps: Project RunGay]
[Additional Pictures: Courtesy of]

LOVE your first comment, Boys. Good morning, starshine!

I completely agree, especially with the spiral notebook hooks. Even though the top half is hideous (above the pushpins of course) she did make the coffee filters more interesting by burning them instead of leaving them boring coffee filters. She obviously really thought about this challenge.

Awesome! I say bring it on Season 5...but is that really water that bare-chest boy is drinking first thing in the morn? Label blurred out...what? no product placement?What a great episode...

This season has promise in spite of the fact that so many of them grabbed tablecloths. Way to go, Tim, for calling them on it. Tough Love Tim -- great stuff! Also very glad Mr. Bad Hair went home. I didn't want to look at that for one more episode!

Please PLEASE please please comment on how awful it was that everyone had an aneurism and used tableclothes.

I loved the hook and eye closures too. And I thought hers was clearly the best of the bunch. But it was a bad bunch. I mean - c'mon - for fabric substitutes they used... tablecloths? Lame lame lame! I was with Sir Gunn. What a bunch of slackers.

I hate when Heidi has to project because she simply ends up sounding yappy. So unbecoming!

The winning look? The skirt was gorgeous and the detail of the hook and eye won me over. The coffee filters sort of fell flat, but at least she worked them to be a little more interesting than they had been. Perhaps if she'd burned AND stained them? Oh well, we'll never know.

I liked the yellow table cloth, too, though. Toss up time!

The Body Boy looked to have been STILL drinking (vodka, no less). We'll have to see how that one plays out as the season wears on.

Can't wait to hear the dish on the rest of the ep.

Ah, looks like 'Starshine' is about to become the meat in a Tlo sandwich. Bon apetite!

And I agree about Kelli's dress. The top half was a little French Maid on Acid, but that skirt was gorgeous, and she is mighty crafty with those materials.

When they announced that challenge and said they were giving everyone $75, I thought uh-oh. $75 does not go very far at a NYC supermarket. But it looked like everyone managed to buy quite a lot of stuff to work with (except for the bag lady).


Yeah! I wasn't sure I would like this season, but so far, so good! Agree with everyone else so far on Kelli's design - beautiful skirt that kicked ass and a bodice that was just ass, but still deserved to win.

I agree - the top looked like implants gone bad....very bad.

The studded thing was made of thumbtacks. Can you say...OUCH!

Good morning darlings!

I totally agree with pretty much everything you said. That skirt? Awesome. Those coffee filters? Assy. The spiral notebook closures? Brilliant.

I'm optimistic about the rest of the season now; I wasn't sure...

PR and Shear Genius in a row every Wednesday? Bravo heaven! :D

"Good morning, starshine. Can I get you some coffee? Polish your nipple jewelry? Dress you?"

LOVE LOVE LOVE the first post, kittens! You bitches rule!!!!!

I LOVE the bottom, the top looks like burned pita.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

I don't know TLo, I didn't quite see the episode as much fun as you did, but then again I plain ran out of vodka and forgot to pick up more....

First of all, if I'm a designer and Tim is waking me up at 4 a.m.:
1) I should be one of the best bad 3 a.m. decisions he's ever made. and/or
2) There better be effin quiche and mimosas waiting! Just saying.

I understand why the winning design got it, but I still liked the little blue cup dress better.

And note to designers: if Tim is already giving you the "you guys suck, step it up" speech on the FIRST challenge, you better stop with the 'tude and get your shit together.

Seeing this retread of a challenge just made me yearn even more for the days of the design trifecta of Austin, Jay and Kara Saun....

I'm underwhelmed. Except for Austin. Bitch always looks good!


Totally agree about the winning outfit. The skirt was ab fab, but the rest not so much. Especially the coffee filters on the breasts!

Wanted to like Blayne because we have the same last name, but girlicious kinda scares me.

Loved Daniel's innovation with the cups. That took a lot of work. You go! Couldn't have been very comfortable for the model, but it looked awesome. Not the first time I've loved a Daniel -- I was a big Vosovic fan in Season 2.

I have to admit, I was not terribly excited about watching last night's premiere, BUT, I am a believer!! Lots of "diversity" which is great, but maybe a little too much "grunge" for my taste, but so much more interesting personalities than last season, some to love, some to detest, some just meh. Kelli's dress kind of reminded me of Jeffrey's magazine dress from the "recycling" challenge. Loved that one (though always detested Jeffrey), and loved this one. Wonderful touches, wonderful art work, bad coffee filters.

Very original, very creative, I'd wear that in a second. I think she deserved to win.

Yes, the coffee filter top was atrocious, but when are we gonna get to the hideous trainwreck Blayne???

Loved the first episode, loved the inaugural PRG commentary. All is right with the world now.

Wish you wouldn't list the winner in the title & spoil it for those of us who can't watch immediately. It shows up right in the RSS feed so it's very hard to avoid it.

edina monsoon

Loved Kelli's winning entry, but I think Korto's dress should have won. It was gorgeous,
innovative and altogether much more stunning on her model as she came down the runway. It was a statement piece and had a hip, cosmopolitan, chic earth mother vibe. (and so what if she wore her lunch around her neck!) Loved it.

Kelli's piece was pretty amazing and crafty, BUT it was totally ruined by those poorly executed coffee filter Viking breast plates. Loved the marbelized, post-painterly, abstract work on the skirt, but like you guys said, I could not make sense of the studs (metallic painted coffee beans?) on the bodice.

Fun captions and re-cap, TLo! This season's gonna be good.

- edina -

As great as the plastic cup dress was (and it WAS!) Kelli really deserved this win for taking her materials above and beyond. Unfortunately the "beyond" for the coffe filters was "beyond ugly," but I'll never look at a vaccuum bag the same again. Incredible work.

Hey, you forgot to mention the part where Tim killed a guy down on the sidewalk with that cork.

Hopefully it hit someone who was standing there complaining about spoilers, so it won't have been a total loss.


Tim was EXCELLENT in this episode. And I squealed when I saw Austin. And I agree with everything you said. I was excited when I saw the pattern she was working on, but then when it walked down the runway, the coffee filters totally threw me off.

I can't wait for you guys to do the axe-murderer outfit. :D

I actually like the studded belt, but the coffee filters are definitely in the realm of "this looked better in my head than it does in practice."

...the bottom half of it was GORGEOUS.
The top half, UNGORGEOUS.

I totally agree. Almost makes me want to go find my vacuum

TLo! Ditto to all of the praise for you. Loved the lounge. Loved your opening commentary. And I can't wait to read your dish on all of the challenge dresses/costumes! With so many designers, there were some entires I can't even remember... they were on and off so fast, never to be seen again ("The 52 names I did not call are safe; you may leave the runway")

TLo, a favor to ask:
You have been so great about rating Heidi's clothes of late: could you also include her in your show review? We were trying desperately to see her shoes (which looked cute for the flash that we saw them), and crave your screen-prints and critique on "Frau Seal"!

I loved the winning dress, of course the skirt was gorgeous and definitely innovative, with a Jackson Pollock vibe to it. the hooks detailing was genius... and yes, the coffee filter top could have been better, but at least she had a vision lacking in many of the other designers....
anyway, I like her design right away, but when I just saw her portfolio here I was disappointed because I didn't like any of her clothes, but let's see what she is able to do in the future...
Tim was awesome!!! but what's up with Heidi and the super mini mini skirts??? come on!
I loved to see Austin and his comments were very insightful....
last comment: PR and SG in the same night??? come on, it's overload! I need to put my daughter to sleep at 9! now she has to go to bed earlier on wednesdays!!! :-)

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

"The producers made you get rid of the beaded clutch, didn't they?"

hahahahaha. Aw, I missed your snark, boys!!!!

Kelli's dress was gorgeous!!!

Yeah I figured you guys would pick up on the bottle of (what looked like) vodka keith was chugging at 4 in the morning. Issues, much?
I really like Kelli already. The skirt was fantastic. I was left dumbfounded at the boob circles....
Also, Daniel's cup dress was awesome. I figured it would be a close win..

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

By the way, thank you so much for the closeup shots. I always like to see all the details I missed on TV.

I was underwhelmed. Season opener seemed like a PR parody almost, especially with every other caption on the runway reading "tablecloth." Still, Kelli deserved the win. I like beefy boy but I'd really like to root around in Ed Grimley's sewing kit.

Austin was a real highlight for me. The O.P. - Original Princess - was in lovely form. As was Tim; his concern over the heavy use of fabric was delightful to watch.

Blayne has already worn through my last nerve.

I liked the ep. And I was more excited in the beginning from all the anticipation. But I wasn't over the top crazy in love like I usually am.

BUT - I still had fun watching it which is more than I can say for the last season's first few eps.

Although, I have to say, I am rapidly getting sick of Blayne and his -licious this and -licious that.

I loved Kelli's dress but agree the coffee filters were weird. I thought the Blue Cups dress was fabu as well.

If I have to see Heidi one more TIME in THAT dress with THOSE hoof shoes, I will have a stroke.

Highlight for me was when Tim RIPPED into them for using tablecloths! And for good reason!!

I love it when Tim gets stern!!! =)

I think the cup-boy should have won. That was more WoW for me because I've never been able to pull off making a dress out of blue plastic cups.

I don't understand all the hatred for the loser. Given what I saw, I'd go with him over the stitched trash bag lady. His showed a more interesting point of view than usual rocker chic black mess.

I so loved when most designers wet themselves upon hearing Sir Tim comment on the table clothes. It was perfect. Without being obviously mean, Tim just shatters about 2/3 of the competitors. Now that's talent.
I also was confused why there were no comments on the top for Kelli's outfit. It sucked compared to the general awesome of the rest and I just couldn't see why it didn't warrant any comment.

Kelli really did some wonderfully clever and creative things, which surprised me, as I didn't care for her pre-PR designs (which you've showed here); good to see she can go outside of her usual esthetic. On the other hand, I thought Jerry looked like a sure thing. In fact, when they showed people's portfolios, I thought Jerry, Daniel, and Leanne looked the most interesting. Only Daniel came through last night, but let's give 'em all a chance to settle in.


Kelli's design was innovative, and the skirt was really well-executed.
I just wished that she had not used the coffee filters for the bodice-they looked like pasties on steroids.

Is it too early to be completely irked by Blayne and "girlicious?"
that design was pure ass!

Oh yes, Keith is a bit of a hunk, even though he isn't playing for my team!

There were some wonderful garments last night--along with amazing Kelli, Dan, and Korto, there were Joe's pasta skirt lined with tomato can labels and Wesley's fly swatter dress. You boys are right--this season already has a better feel than last season.

And by the way, I've been watching PR since Season 1, Episode 1, but it was only yesterday that a friend sent me a link to this site. You guys are AMAZING, and I am spending 'way too much time here! Keep up the good work!

I was so happy to see OP back and to know he's doing so well. I love him! Kelli's was great but ot my favorite. I think Wesley or Korto should've won.

I'm surprised that there's nothing about how Stella should have gone home! Am I the only person who thinks the wrong person went home this week?

I think the only reason she's still here is because they didn't want an exact replay of season 1 - garbage bag dress goes home. The recycled challenge isn't so bad, but a recycled auf'ing might have been too redundant for the producers.

Also, am I the only who thinks that Kelli broke the rules with her visible muslin? Maybe it's an unspoken rule, but in the past, the designers who used muslin as a base for their unconventional materials (e.g. Flower Power challenge) made sure the muslin was completely covered so that it didn't look like a muslin dress with stuff stuck on it. I thought Kelli's dress had too much visible muslin in the studded cumberbund and the center back where the hooks and eyes were.

Those were amazing hooks and eyes, though!

thanks boys have having an early post! watched the show twice last night. agree with the winning design. but i have to say i LOVE stella!!!

I knew that I could count on you two fabulous homos to post a screencap of Shirtless God. Keith IS SO HOT!!!!! That chest is going to bother me the entire season.


Wait, what are we talking about?

In S2, Danviel V had muslin expose even though he wasn't suppose to and won. Kellie's wasn't perfect but it was the most innovative/creative in using non-traditional materials. And that was the point of the challenge.

As far as the Jerry/Stella thing. I think it's kind of 50/50 as far as how people feel who should ahve gone. Jerry put more effort but Stella's model did look better or better styled. STella was whining throughout but Jerry came off a little snobbish and arrogant. Stella seem overly defeatist and Jerry was overconfident but lost sight of the point of the challenge.


Vegan, I too thought Stella should have gone home. I've only sewn curtains, but even I could have done more with garbage bags. Jerry's was creepy, but he had two fully realized pieces, a coat and a dress. Stella barely had a garment at all.

Austin ~<3 You don't look any older.

I wish I was as pretty as you.

Oh, the dress? The bottom of it was very nice. The less said about the top, the better.

And crabby Tim? Yeah, I missed him and his involvement with the designers. It really feels better this season so far.

Vegan and Dubois -- In time-honored PRG tradition, we save up our thoughts on each designer and then wait (impatiently) until TLo post about them. Call it what you will -- delayed gratification, simple logistics, or a bitch -- but that's how we play the game. Best part is it stretches out the fun until the next episode!

Dahlings, wonderful first comment! Yes, I did think that looked like a vodka bottle bare-chest lad was chugging (perhaps they edited out any comments about his breath?). My personal favorite was the cup dress, but I wish that they had sent that annoying rocker woman home...she's already whining enough to make me want to bitch-slap her into next week. I managed to post one groggy comment on my blog last night, about Suede and Heidi's bumper outfit, but I do need to watch it again.

Keep up the good work, you fabulous queens!

The judges and I were in perfect agreement on this one. Kelli's was the most innovative use of material, the cup dress was good but still looked like cups, and Makoto deserved praise for using produce and remembering to REFRIGERATE IT OVERNIGHT!

Stella had $75, which even in NYC should have gotten her a lot better than those cheap shit trash bags. Next time, go with Glad. And use white and black together. And drawstrings.

Jerry was an arrogant ass who used yet another tablecloth to make a kid's costume for an elementary school play. Bye bye.

And Blayne... Holy crap am I already fed up with Leatherface. (I can't wait for him to announce to the judges that he made a handbag out of his own skin.) It looked like something a homeless Martian cobbled together out of the dumpster behind a Wal-Mart.

The absolute highlight was the sneak peak of hte season when Tim tells Girliciaous that his creation resembles a Pterodactyl from gay Jurassic Park. Oh how I have missed you Tim!

Re: what's Keith chugging?

I thought it was a bottle of Absolut at first, but the wife thought it was Smartwater, and I'm inclined to agree with her. If there was 4 AM vodka, I'm sure they would have mentioned it in the show.

Re: Blayne ("-licious boy")

I already dislike him. Trying to be the next Christian with a catchphrase. And heavy fake tanning? Blech. See you in 30 years, leatherface. PS: your garment sucked

potty mouth princess

The good was quite innotive, but boy was the bad horrible. Loved Kelli's look and molding those keg cups into a cocktail dress was frickin' genius. It would have been even cooler if he could have found a way to weave in the red ones for some sort of pattern.

Jerry's mess, OTOH, was nothing if not Nurse Ratched and that goth gal's garbage bag mess could have been sewn by my cats. Blayne? A disgrace to gay Blaines (my queen of a brother included) everywhere. Go away. Now.

Tim? LOVED the commentary. Austin? Fabulous as usual.

I could have sworn I saw a nipple, or at least an areola, peeking out through the mophead top, but my friends all say I imagined it.

That skirt was more than gorgeous enough to make up for the filter-boobs.

I was disappointed that so many of those wimps chose table cloths. Boooooooooring. Fortunately, the cup dress, Kelli's skirt, and the lettuce and tomato trim made up for it. And I think the right person went home, although they can not get rid of Suede and "Girlicious" Blayne fast enough to suit me.

Ahhh, I missed this so much. It's like that first cigarette following sex after a long dry spell. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the bitchery is back.

And thank you for hating the coffee filter boob covers as well. I agree that she put thought into making them more interesting, but the fit was awful. Bizarre.

The skirt was...impressive, though.

Thanks again, boys!

I was worried about this crowd, but things should heat up. The top three earned their deserved accolades. Any of them could have won. In spite of the weirdo top, Kelli's design was the most innovative. The hook and eye closure and skirt rocked.

Can't wait to read about the bottom three.

Ugh, Keith is not cute! I don't get the love at all.

Can I say how much I love the one hour earlier timeframe? I hope it stays there even after Shear Genius ends, because it allows me to stay up to watch without pushing me past my bedtime! It saves my co-workers from supremely grumpy Thursdays!

It is tough when there are 16 designers because the runway show is so fast and there are always some designs that I would like to get a closer look at that are simply "safe" and dismissed to the green room.

I had a feeling that the Jerry dude was going to be eliminated when his intro talked about how much more talented he is over the other designers with his FORM line and all. . .

Oh and boys, I know you are super busy with the PR premiere and all but I hope you get to at least a small blog post about last night's Shear Genius today because I am CRUSHED, CRUSHED over the elimination!!!!

Love the skirt, the "belt" and the center back closure. I think the coffee filter boobs look tacked on. She should have at least fitted them with a dart and maybe some top stitching for a bullet bra kinda look.
I like her aesthetic,though death/rock-billy certainly isn't new. I do think she is very talented, and she manipulated her materials a lot more than the others, maybe she ran out of time on the bra part.
Pratt shoud have won, though.

She needed to fold the coffee filters in half and work up some kind of bustier--then the whole dress would have been a knockout. A LOUD knockout.

And WTF on the tablecloths? You guys were on PR, for crying out loud. In season FIVE. You've got to do better than tablecloths. Thank god Tim ripped them a collective new one. Second challenge should bring the heat!

I'm still trying to recover from my shock and disappointment over Tim's being unable to open a champagne bottle correctly. *sigh*

Tim is the funniest EVER! Gonna be a good season when Tim gets feisty.

That girlicious dress? Looked like a giant cooter.

I just want to say that I LOVED this episode, loved the contestants, and think I already love this season.


doodlesthegreat said:

And Blayne... Holy crap am I already fed up with Leatherface. (I can't wait for him to announce to the judges that he made a handbag out of his own skin.)

Now, we don't want to give the girlicious one any ideas, do we?

Go, Kelli! We love you!!

I thought the skirt was gorgeous, the top is a little art school project.

Awesome post, boys!
PR and TLo = best combo ever!
Kelli surprised me. When she started dying those bags I thought she was crazy, but she did an amazing job.
I can't wait to read your post on The Slasher.

So glad PR is back, but I think I missed this blog even more.

I thought Blayne's mess o'crap was far scarier than Jerry's and the wrong person went home. Maybe if Jerry would have left the gloves off, the piece would have been barely noticeable and he would have squeeked by.

No point on commenting on Kelli's dress now - everyone else has said it better than I could. Congrats to her!

AHHHHH -- good to have PR back! although i was disappointed in the way most of the designers took the easy/obvious road using tablecloths & shower curtains, some of the looks were innovative. i LOVED the cup dress - i probably actually liked it better than kelli's vacuum bag dress, although i agree with her win. she used several innovative materials -- the skirt was spectacular, and so creative with the way she dyed it. the coffee filter breastplates looked horrid, but she also got major points for using spiral notebook backs for hooks & eyes..... amazing!

looking forward to the rest of your commentary, boys. as usual, you are spot on!

I really though Kelli deserved to win, and hers was my favorite.

I felt like this bunch is a boring and not an innovative bunch of people. Nothing really that exciting and inspired walked down that runway.

I was disappointed with about 50% of the outfits.

I am so glad that PR is back!

I thought the bodice of Daniel's keg cup dress looked fantastic, but from the waist down it looked like a grade school project. It suffered the same problem as Alison's paper dress, it made his model look a mile wide.

Kelli's circle boobs weren't much better, but she showed so much innovation (Spiral notebooks into hook & eye closures? GENIUS.) that I could forgive the boobtastrophe. Plus I'm honor-bound to roof for a fellow Midwesterner.

I'm thinking Blayne looks like a grunged out Jiminy Cricket.

Did these people never watch Project Runway? OF COURSE nobody is going to be impressed with a bunch of tablecloths. That said, I did like the shape of the runner-up yellow dress with the produce neck piece, at least it wasn't just another flared party dress.
Miss Girlicious needs to go, but I fear they will keep him around a bit for entertainment.
Stella should have opened up the bags in the store, of course, to make sure they were the kind she wanted. Even then, there is so much she could have done -- strips to make an ace-bandage-like dress? weave them? -- anything other than what she did.

Okay, I'll give Kelli credit for innovation, and I do think she deserved the win the most. But am I the only one who thinks the bust portion of her dress looked a bit like a costume reject from The Little Mermaid? I'm guessing she ran short on vacuum bags or she would have done the entire dress in them.

Too bad the designers didn't have a larger budget and/or a requirement to use edibles as a part of their garment. I shudder to imagine what tan-in-a-can-man would have done with with that!

BTW, it seems generally okay to have some muslin showing based on past episodes: Straight Boy only covered about fifty percent of his skirt with fusilli.

re: tablecloths. To defend the designers, remember Keith in season 3 won for using a bedsheet when Michael didn't even make the top 3 with his coffee filter dress.

Tablecloth not much different than bedsheet. I was very disappointed in the judges that season for that decision.

Nonetheless, loved Tim's smackdown.


I liked everything about Brigitte Bardont's dress except the breast plates. A good strong second place for me.

And I'm still hungover from closing down the T Lounge. They serve some wicked strong drinks in that place.

I think I already like this season better than the last.
I totally agree with your comments on Kelli's dress.

I was a little disappointed they didn't show more of Straight Guy Joe's outfit, oven gloves and pasta labels, & I think noodles.
It was pretty cute and I thought rather clever.

I agree with you, mrslilypond! Joe was dissed, for sure. Reminded me of last season, when Chris did a gorgeous eggplant-colored gown on the first challenge and was completely ignored--even by the cameras, which gave only a fleeting glimpse. Which makes me think that Joe will go far!

And I agree with all of you who are already SO OVER Blayne. Stupidlicious!

When Tim said, "I thought you bought marbled paper!", I knew she had it in the (vacuum cleaner) bag.

Do you know what's annoying? That scripted applause from the designers when they are informed that Atlas will be their new home. Hello? We just saw them all haul their bags into the apartment and settle in. And we're supposed to think it comes as a big surprise to them that they're going to be living there? Give me a break.

I loved, loved, loved Korto's dress (though I can understand why she didn't win, given that Daniel and Kelli made better use of non-fabric materials). Who would ever have thought that sliced cherry tomatoes could look like rubies?

anonymous 11:52 said, I'm still trying to recover from my shock and disappointment over Tim's being unable to open a champagne bottle correctly.

You know, I'll bet he can. But I'll bet the producers wanted the cork to pop, even though that's a sure sign you don't know what you're doing. Sad, really.

As American Psycho as that raincoat was, I still think Stella should have been dumped. And are the designers that unfamiliar with the concept of "grocery store." What was with all the overspilling handbaskets. Get a cart, fer Cri sakes.

Austin and Tim? Heaven. Fabulous. Love them both.

I agree on Kelli as the win too.
I have Keith in my ravelry pool so I hope he goes far.
The eye candy isn't too bad either--
but let's get him contacts or new glasses, shall we?

I saw areola too!!

Since the theme was innovation the judges were willing to overlook the bad part of Kelli's dress since she clearly had more innovation than any two other designer's put together. Although I really liked the plastic cup dress it was really only one innovative idea (executed well, but not spectacularly).

Also I really am seeing Blayne as the new Vincent! I kept expecting him to say "It got me off" or the equivalent phrase in whatever language he speaks. I don't figure him for a long time player because I imagine the Duchess is thinking "There's only room for one orange person on this show!"

"Blogger André said...


I so agree! : )


And if Michael Kors & Donatella Versace had a baby it would be Blayne.

Not sure who would be the mother and who would be the father but I don't worry myself with such details.


Totally disagree with the judging!

The mop woven top was very creative and beautiful besides. And she didn't even get acknowledged!

Kelli's top was so horrific that it overrode the beautiful skirt.


gothamtomato said:

And if Michael Kors & Donatella Versace had a baby it would be Blayne.

Not sure who would be the mother and who would be the father but I don't worry myself with such details.

OMG, ROTFLMAO! Gotham Tomato, I think I love you almost as much as I love Tlo!!

Totally agree with the winner, and I personally didn't mind the coffee filters...kinda reminds me of a top from PRS3 contestant Alison Kelly.

Quentin Crisp? Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Goodness! That remark alone deserves superstar status! And I do so agree. I’ve always thought Austin channeled an inner Quentin. High glam in all it’s glory! Crisp was still quite in public purview when I was in my teens and early twenties (the ever glorious 70's). From Oscar Wilde on down – style and grace will always be in fashion. So thanks for the reminisce, my dears!

Hi Project Rungay guys -- I read your site last year but never posted, so let me just say that I love it!
I wanted to know what you think about Bravo spilling the beans about all the challenges and guest judges over on their web site. I'm kinda disappointed because finding out what the wacky challenges are going to be is a fun part of watching the show live. Any thoughts, any one?

Okay boys, I need your help on this one. I'm reading a lot of comments about "girl next door" and "holla" and such, and how some of the designers are trying to be the one with the catchphrase a la PPS. When was this season filmed versus when PR S4 was being broadcast? Would this bunch have even been that aware of PPS Catchphrase Syndrome?

usmcsgtftl said, Would this bunch have even been that aware of PPS Catchphrase Syndrome?

Yes, indeed. They didn't start auditioning for this season until after last season's finale was shown.

Thank you, Mommyca, for mentioning Heidi's shirt. Let's face it, it was a shirt and not a dress. I wonder how many designers could tell you what color her underwear was.

Blayne seriously scares me for season 6 in LA.

If she had overlapped those coffee filters just a bit more or tucked them into one-another it would have helped. The separation of the two is just making it way too Little Mermaid-y.

I thought Episode One was interesting and edited really well. I think they picked the right winner, and the right loser. And I'm intrigued by some of the designers. Given the short amount of time we got to know each of them, my favorites so far (based on personalities) are Terri and Jerrell.

I'm not dreading this season any more. I think it will be a hoot. LOVED the preview of Tim saying, "Holla at ya boy." Too sweet.

The best part of the episode was Austin and Tim air kissing and looking like they could just ravish each other right there on the street!

I hate the top but the bottom is gorgeous. The spiral notebook hooks was a genius idea.

Oh my. I just found this little snippet on Claire Zulkey's PR blog for the Los Angeles Times:

"Guest judge and former contestant Austin Scarlett seemed disappointed that he put on his best Oscar Wilde outfit for this."

Anyone else think Kelli looks like a young, fresh Leigh Taylor-Young? Or am I just having a brain spasm?

I wanted to take Kelli's skirt and pair it with the top made out of mopheads - that would make a cute outfit.


Kelli's not the love child of Vivienne Westwood -- she's just ripped her off, and badly at that. She clearly should have won, but let's hope there's more there...

TooTan Blayne will be installed as David Geffen's latest piece of float furniture in the pool on Fire Island before Labor Day -- and then will disappear forever...

Love the detail of the lotion bottle by the side of Keith's bed! And a pump top for faster action -- you go stud! But GIRL, new frames and NOW, please. Calling Lens Crafters for a product placement.

I actually though Cheroin's dress was kind of cool, if unoriginal. She'll be around for a while b/c she's the one who'll keep it real on the individual interviews...

And am expecting great things from Jerrrrrrrelllllll. Hope I'm not disappointed!

As a long-time practitioner of altered art, lurker at scrapbook stores, and reader of Somerset Studios and Cloth Paper Scissors and such magazines, I'm stunned that anyone finds Kelly's techniques "innovative".

Hell, you should see my translucent fabric made from paper towels, glue, water, dyes and found materials. Actually, I bet I can link to it: here...?

(If that doesn't work, I'll make my name link to it.)

There was nothing on this dress I haven't seen before, right down to the clasps, in altered art.

Ha, the linkie worked. (For some reason you can barely see the "window" cut into the fabric... it's actually a double layer of fabric with a window in the top layer; you can barely see the straight edges in the photo and the translucency doesn't show at all.)

Anyway, also wanted to say that Kelly is obviously the offspring of Sweet P and Beverly D'Angelo.

no one cares.

Rami could have done wonders with the cheapo garbage bags that Ms. Bag Lady was so flummoxed over...

Rami could have done wonders with the cheapo garbage bags that Ms. Bag Lady was so flummoxed over...

Rami could have done wonders with the cheapo garbage bags that Ms. Bag Lady was so flummoxed over...

I can't believe you didn't mention that WAY Overly tan boy, Kept saying "Girl-ish-ous" ... Who does he think he is Christian, FIERCE was epic, Girl-ish-ous needs to go home and better happen next week, and he can go wearing his jump rope diaper.

When they announced that challenge and said they were giving everyone $75, I thought uh-oh. $75 does not go very far at a NYC supermarket.
$75 should go very far for this challenge where they had only $15 for the Bitten challenge and look what they came up with for that! Loved Kelli's creativity! If someone could freaking twist paper towels(!) into a halter, coffee filters seem to at least cover the nips.

At least dear Austin is looking less like The Joker these days. Love the outfit; Quel elegant!


Wonderful job with this blog, thuroughly entertaining.
Perhaps its my cattiness talking, but were it me I would have mentioned how the coffee filter top completely obliterated any chance for that model to have a bust. Seriously it's like a dress from Pretty Woman if Julia Roberts just happened to be a homeless trannie on top of being a hooker. (okay now THAT was bitchy).
Keep on keeping on darlings.

When everyone had to go up on the roof, I wondered if the first challenge was to see who wanted to win enough to jump off the building.

The one who refused gets eliminated! Now that would be a test.

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