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The Homos look at Promos

So we're watching Shear Genius last night and one after another, the Bravo promos for Season 5 of PR come up. We'd seen them before but not all of them in one night. Take a look:




Notice anything? Or rather, the lack of anything? Not so much as a glimpse of this coming season's crop of designers. It's nothing but a series of greatest hits clips. What's up with that?

What with all the sturm und drang in the press regarding the show's move to Lifetime, maybe it makes sense for Bravo to take a look back at what they've wrought. Sort of a hale and farewell as the show moves out of the neighborhood.

On the other hand, there's something about the whole thing that leaves us a bit uneasy. Sure, the show's moving on, but for the moment it's still Bravo's baby and in the past, their methods of promoting upcoming seasons were wildly different. Just last season they mounted a runway show in Lincoln Center a couple weeks before the season started to promote the designers. At the very least, there are usually pages and pages of bios and videos on the Bravo site at this point. This year? Nothing.

So. Let's start with the baseless speculation, shall we?

Theory 1, The Freakshow: Obviously, this is not what Bravo wanted for the show. Since they had a very narrow window in which to get a season up and running before it moved on, we wonder about the level of contestant they managed to get. Are they such a batch of freaks that Bravo doesn't know how to promote them? Granted, that would certainly make our blogging a lot more fun (and easier - you have no idea how hard it was to wring jokes out of some of those wet blankets from S4).

Theory 2, Money, Money, Money: Look at it from Bravo's point of view. The Weinsteins really dicked them over. Why should they spend money promoting a brand that's fleeing to another network? It could well be that they're just finishing out their contract and not putting much effort into it. We can't blame them for that, but we really hope that's not the case.

Theory 3, A Brilliant Marketing Plan: Maybe with all the fevered attention the show's received in the press since the announcement of the Lifetime deal, they're taking a more mysterioso approach in order to keep the interest high. We kind of doubt this one because if that was the case, the promos would be more along the lines of "You won't believe what's coming" instead of "Hey, look how cool we once were."

Theory 4, We're Talking Out Our Asses: For all we know, we'll be receiving a flood of promotional materials any day now and everything we've said up until now will be revealed as bullshit. It's possible. Still, they never promoted previous seasons like this.



I noticed the same thing, but allowed myself to get distracted by the different Heidi's.

She seems to be dressing better, as well as talking, "this is also a competition for you as well..."

I also seem to remember Tim saying something about being able to cast two seasons out of the pool used for S4.

I sort of wondered if this was going to be an "all-star" season. That would be really fun. I would love to see Laura, Christian and Jay all in the same work room.

Oh Melanie, I like your threory! But I bet we would have caught wind of it before, what with Tlo's connections!

But I am voting for THEORY 2.

Money makes the world go round. Sure, they want to sell their ads for the show (which they probably have already done), but why make the numbers huge, just so Lifetime can sell expensive ads based on the Bravo viewship?

Theory 2.

I agree with you, why would Bravo promote a brand that's moving elsewhere.

While I adore Project Runway, I hope that the move to Lifestyle bites Weinstein in the tail. Jerk.

an "all-star" season.

Ohhhhh, Wendy Pepper vs. Santino. I like it.

Last night I was leaning more towards TLo's theory #1. Now, after the wine has worn off, #2 sounds more plausible.

I think I will have to drink a little more tonight and really mull it over. Hell, I will use any excuse.

Have you seen this?
From "Talking Trash With Harvey Weinstein", Village Voice 7/2/08:

Someone has printed out his e-mails, like one involving details of the new Project Runway, which, after its fifth season on Bravo (starting July 16), Harvey is moving to Lifetime for season six, which will partly be filmed in California. The wags have it that Harvey's ego was offended that Bravo was getting so much credit for the success of the show, so he moved it to the more cautious, less gay Lifetime out of spite.

Longtime fans predict doom. But the e-mails suggest that whether or not Runway wanes, Harvey is a hands-on details guy: He seemed to peruse a series of e-mails regarding the show's makeup and "hair category.” A crucial one was sent May 26 to several people at L'Oreal by Lori Sale, a former Weinstein Company employee now at the Paradigm agency:

"I wish there was more time. Twc [The Weinstein Company] has already gone to great lengths with new partner at lifetime to not only secure both categories for you but also to be flexible toward loreal in coming up with an alternative for you on their packaging of [seasons] six + seven. Unfortunately, due to filming of season five and tresemme's feeling that they are being iced out of season 6, there just is not more time to give. As you know, season five commences in days…twc is now at risk that tresemme will pull out of season 5, which puts twc at risk for 1.1m [$1.1 million]. Carol is welcome to call hw [Harvey Weinstein] or me, but the deadline has to remain at close of business tuesday for loreal to decide on hair category for [Project Runway]/models for season 6 and structure of [seasons] 7/8. I would additionally say that the whole reason we are to this point is a result of the relationship! Without the relationship and the history, l'oreal would not have the opportunity to even engage in the opportunity to obtain the hair category.”

Tresemmé iced out of Runway! Oh, the fur (or at least the hair) is going to fly. If you watch the show, you know how carefully Tim Gunn announces that contestants will be taking their models to the "Tresemmé hair salon” and the "L'Oreal makeup room.” It's no secret that companies like Tresemmé and L'Oreal pay big bucks for that kind of product placement in such a huge hit as Runway. But that last line is precious; translation: We may be asking for a lot of money, but there are plenty of other companies lining up to replace Tresemmé, and you better act fast. Just how much money? That's spelled out in another e-mail included on the same page, one that is addressed from Sale to Harvey himself:

"Hw – if you get a call from carol hamilton it will be regarding [Project Runway] season 6 and beyond. I've imposed a tuesday, close of business deadline for them to commit to hair category in addition to make up. They have two choices: 1) Take both hair and make up for [$2 million] plus [$1 million] to twc (no split) for season 6 and [$2 million] for hair and makeup for season 7 plus [$1 million] to twc for a total of [$6 million]. 2) Commit to season 6 only for [$2 million] hair/make up plus [$1 million] to twc] and then by 3rd episode must pick up both season 7 + 8 for a total of [$8 million] (but must take additional [$1 million] to twc regardless) They have asked for additional time and I have declined that citing tresemme and season 5 which starts shooting shortly. Call me if you have questions. Best, lori”

Got that, H.W.? Lori's playing hardball with L'Oreal, so don't blow it and give the company any additional time to dither. They need to cough up $6–8 mil if they want to tease models' hair on camera for a few seasons.

Further evidence that a less-gay Runway on Lifetime is going to get sillier and even more blatantly placed with products is in another phone message from underling Barbara Schneewiess on the boss's call list: "Just wanted to confirm that you're okay with the creative for the Igor challenge on Project Runway.”

This appears to be a reference to the animated kids' film Igor that Weinstein's company is producing, and suggests that contestants on the new Lifetime version of Runway will be making outfits for the movie premiere or something. The tie-in possibilities are endless!

Read the rest of the article @:,trash-talking-with-harvey-weinstein,499234,2.html/full

Theory 2 sounds VERY plausible.

While I love the "Crier" promo - "You better cut and cry!" over and over - I hadn't really thought of them like you boys... I see it now though!

I go with Theory #2 here. Bravo derives no future benefit by hyping the show. They know that plenty of people will watch just because it's the show it is, but they could care less now about preserving that brand equity.

Marty the Wizard

You know, I was thinking the same thing as some of you: An All-Star Season! Maybe a kind of "Remember when, but watch what happens NOW!".

Theory 2 seems the most plausible, though. After all, it's always about the BUCKS!!! I hope Weinstein falls on his keister.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Great minds think alike, no?

I have to go with Theory #2. When it comes to promos on Bravo itself, I've seen the ads, but I think their strategy now is to use PR as a springboard for the shows that will have to replace it. Hence, the new, earlier time to lead into Shear Genius and whatever replaces that. Why spend money on that? Also, stuff like the preview fashion show takes time and staff & crew to coordinate. With seasons being virtually back-to-back, you're not going to get that, nor the meet-the-designer promos.

What I've noticed is the lack of promotion outside of Bravo itself. Last Fall, you could trip over all the articles, guest appearances, & talk show stuff that went into PR's pr machine. Now, it seems almost zilch. The actual shooting schedule for PR could have put a big damper on that stuff as well.
All the publicity about the move to Lifetime could make them worry about overkill & overexposure in the general media.

PR is now a lame duck to Bravo.

Well of course, it's all about the Benjamins.

But maybe they just don't want us to know that Daniel Franco is back.

What I'm wondering is what, exactly, Bravo owns, and/or has the rights too, and how can they use it. Do they still have the rights to rerun the first 4 seasons forever? If so, it makes sense to promote it like this. Hell, they could even program the old seasons to run opposite the new season on Lifetime.


I'm thinking theory #4. That plus they are probably still editing the last couple of episodes.
Or maybe Bravo is deliberately trying to sink the ship.

TLo, if you guys can talk out your asses, I'd love to see a video clip of that!

Zoom in on your lovely posteriors while you recite all the Runway taglines and classic quotes. Or perhaps singing a duet to introduce Musical Mondays.

I'll take what's behind Door Number 2.

Thanks for posting that VV excerpt, emma p. Very enlightening.


I vote for #2 a/k/a/ "giving the Weinsteins the finger".

Though GothamTomato's theory ("But maybe they just don't want us to know that Daniel Franco is back.") is just bizarre and frightening enough to be true!

I'd say #2 and why should they promote this show any longer? Sad, sad, sad...

Igor challenge? Oh, gawd!

"GothamTomato said...
But maybe they just don't want us to know that Daniel Franco is back."

Gotham, that cracked me up.

Emma P. said...

Have you seen this?
From "Talking Trash With Harvey Weinstein", Village Voice 7/2/08:

Harvey Weinstein doesn't give a shit as long as his making money.

Here's a better link.

edina monsoon

I'll take the #1/#2 theory combo meal. And go heavy on the cynicism, please.

As another poster mentioned, the lack of publicity, marketing, spoilers, sightings, etc. has me worried that season five with be a big old-fashioned freakfest of "I-missed-being-cast-by-this-much" designers from seasons past. However, in all likelihood, theory #2 is the logical explanation. It's always the logical everything. And who knows? Maybe it's part of BRAVO's legal and contractual obligation to "promote" the upcoming seasons for "x" amount of time or until the Lifetime move is done and PR begins airing in a regular time slot. If any of this makes sense.

Anyways, I'm just glad you guys are talking about season five because its been just awful waiting with nothing to speculate and spin until the season five starts.

- edina -

" Bill said...
TLo, if you guys can talk out your asses, I'd love to see a video clip of that!"

Here's a clip right here:


Hey Lillith: I actually love Daniel Franco, and I'd rarther see him than another Jeffrey/Vincent freakshow.


This was in the Detroit Free Press yesterday about a possible S5 contestant.

I've wondered about their desire to keep a lid on the conpetitors to prevent the pre-scouting that has apparently happened, worse during S4 than before. But, that me a rumor and I am whistling in the silence. I am also starting to wonder if we are headed on a straight shot at the "reunion" cast. The criers, the winners, the people's favorite, and some wildcards? My thought anyway. They have been very much emphasizing those particular designers.

Okay, as 'huh?' as I have been about the new season's crop, I have been wondering more about poor Heidi's skirts. It's seems that fabric is in short supply. Holy crap, especially the red skirt. I know the mini is in but good heavens. We can only hope that she doesn't have to stand on the runway and look down at the hapless designers below. They will see things they never knew existed.



""Talking Trash With Harvey Weinstein""

And you know the person in Weinstein's office who was responsible for tossing those memos & letters without shredding them, is spending this morning sitting at the unemployment office filling out forms.

Maybe Bravo will hire her.


"I am also starting to wonder if we are headed on a straight shot at the "reunion" cast."

I don't think it could be a reunion cast because I have a friend who knows someone who was cast in S5. While they might allow the odd former contestant to return, I don't think they'd mix all-stars in with new castmembers. But I guess stranger things have happened.


Gotham said, " Here's a clip right here:"

Senor Wences! I love him. Soright? Soright!

As for theories? Fresh out.

I say a combination of 1 and 2. I did read in a Seattle newspaper that one of the PR5 contestants is a local barista who designs clothes "on the side." I'm not sure I like the sound of that. But he probably makes a hell of a single tall 2% latte with a shot of vanilla which in my world is more important.

Heidi was seen leaving a photoshoot the other day...perhaps it was for Season 5? I can't imagine how'll they'll launch the whole campaign in less than two weeks though...

I'll go with freak-fest theory. Check out the barista...(I used to live in West Seattle, oh the freaks!)

I've been wondering the same thing, where are these people?
I PRAY its theory 1.
How satisfying that would be after the S4 snoozer!


1- The cast is ugly. They figure more Heidi in the promos and keep the ugsters under wraps.

2- They want more male hetero viewers for the last hurrah. Heidi's boobs should pack 'em in.

Yeah, I noticed how much they showed Heidi's boobs.

definitely theory 2.

Have they even had time to finish shooting the entire (pre-finale) competition yet? I'd assume they're busy trying to frantically edit the first few episodes. Who has time for promotion?

My favorite ad for the new season is the one that asks who'll be the new crier. Almost a "Hear Ye, Hear Ye!" approach, but it's kinda funny.

I agree with your Theory #1. This type of promotion does NOT bode well.

Number 2. In fact, what could be better in theory than so ruining the show that all residual goodwill departs when it does?

Something I found amusing from the second promo is the various distances the final two contestants were from each other when Heidi announces the winner. I think that sums up why I loved Season 2 so much... they were for the most part so likable, and seeing Daniel and Chloe together on the runway reminded me of that!

Part of it is the fact that they are still filming S5 now (I know because I keep walking by Parsons at night).

It could be that they are feverishly trying to snip promos together as fast as they can. (They usually go into the studio and film all the promo stuff and the show intro a couple of weeks into filming, after 2 or 3 people have already been auf'd...AWKward!)

Plus, this season they don't have all that spare time between filming and the premiere, to pore through all the footage and decide who they are going to edit as the villains, the nice guys and the freaks. They may actually have to edit it clean and let us decide! HORRORS!

As for an all-star season, that would be perfect for the Lifetime version, once it has been confirmed that the shark has indeed been jumped clean.

Rainwood and anon 1:47, I live in West Seattle now, read the West Seattle blog and go to Hotwire coffee. I don't know Blaine, but I'm excited that he is on PR. I'm feeling all jingoistic about my neighborhood on the strength of his inclusion. I hope he doesn't suck.

And I haven't noticed many freaks in W.S. I've been here 10 years, and it seems reasonably mainstream to me.


What I don't get is that they're calling Danny V fan favorite. He was never a fan favorite. There was no fan favorite prize for that season, and I think it would have gone to Uncle Nick before Danny because Nick was screwed more than Danny was on the show.

@anonymous 6:42PM: I think Bravo had the Fan favorite poll on the website for S2, but didn't include it in the reunion show with a cash prize until S3.

I think it's not an All-Star season, but that Jack is back to make up for the fact that he got ill and had to leave the last season. The promos with the cast would feature him too much, and I'd think he'd be a favorite to go far.

Is there any reason patent or intellectual property-wise that Bravo couldn't do a new Project Runway NY/Eastcoast version, and let Lifetime have the LA / Weistein version?

The original production people now appear to have been cut free and would be available. Heidi / Kors / Garcia could be replaced by Iman / Hilfiger / SJP, and Parsons is still in NY. I wonder if there's anyone in the galaxy who could do as good a mentoring job as Tim Gunn.

This would actually be a better idea because someone based out of Miami or Houston would undoubtedly be designing for warmer climates and would go for the LA version, while someone in Seattle, Minneapolis or Chicago would be designing for snow and ice and could go for the NY version.

And let the anti-Weinstein win.

According to this report, Jay, Daniel V, and Christian will all be coming back as guest judges this season (in different episodes).

So I guess we shouldn't be expecting many big celebrity judges? Also, this confirms it is not an All Star season.

bravo = youtube haters. for us poor slobs in the sticks w/o bravo access i am very happy that pr is moving to lifetime. i'm not sure who pulled the plug at you tube, (magical elves, bravo?), i'll just call them 'they', cuz 'they' must have mafia ties because all the top chef providers just 'disappeared', their accounts were cancelled, just 2 episodes before the finale. i'm sure that pr will be fine at lifetime.

ps: you tube will allow teen beat downs & baby abuse but quality tv like pr or top chef is verboten.

I know of someone who is on this season...she's kinda like jeffrey and kit mixed together

I'm so laying money on the complete freakshow. I'm glad PR is almost back!

I'm already emotionally divesting.

I love that you boys have covered all the bases...
personally I am hoping it is #4!
Maybe the Magical Elves were waiting for this post to send you all of the goodies?

It can't be a "Best of" for season #5 (which would I think, preclude Wendy Pepper from participating) because as rainwood mentioned Blayne, a barista at Hotwire Coffee in West Seattle has been cast for the show.

I don't know much about him except that he is supposedly a character. Maybe one who sews as well?

I have to say that I am looking forward to the start of S5-- S6 blah.

I don't have the patience to read all the comments before mine, but I must say that you're missing one of the promo-commercials. Nothing big, as it fits the theme of reminiscing about better days, but it's worth tossing out there. I believe there is/was one showing Jeffery, Wendy, and Santino as the "villains" of the show and asking the admittedly lame question of "who will be the next evil designer?"

While they might allow the odd former contestant to return, I don't think they'd mix all-stars in with new castmembers. But I guess stranger things have happened.

Hey, they did it with Survivor last season... but I agree, it would feel a bit more random for PR.

edina monsoon

kjt said:

"I don't know much about him except that he is supposedly a character. Maybe one who sews as well?"

Here's an item about one of the new designers, Blaine Walsh, the Seattle barista you mentioned.

- edina -

Since you folks ARE watching "Shear Genius," what's your opinions on the first two episodes?

dsquaw -

Those accounts were likely shut down because they were engaging in copyright violations. YouTube is currently being sued by, among others, Viacom for copyright infringement. I'd guess they're trying to protect themselves.

This New York Times story may be of interest.

(Oh, by the way, saying someone has "mafia ties" is defamatory. You better hope those folks don't read this blog!)

Isn't the purpose of an add campaign to spark interest?

Obviously this is a pr blog and will notice anything related to project runway, but it seems if the commercials are worthy enough to make a blog post about them, seems like they are doing their job.

The new season better not be "less gay" or it'll go down the toilet.

Even though I'm straight, I believe that if the show would stop showing "gayness" along with it's pride, that the ratings would go down...I say more man to man and girl to girl action...

Change is in store for Project Runway as it heads over to Lifetime for season six, but there will still be some PR of the old there.

Producers of the fashionable hit are preparing for an all-stars edition of the series. The truncated season will feature the return of season one winner Jay McCarroll, season two winner Santino Rice, runner-ups Daniel Vosovic, Chloe Dao, Andrae Gonzalo and Nick Verreos, a source tells OK!.

Yeah, well....we all know how 'reliable' OK! magazine is - but it does tweak the imagination - don't you think?

love you kittens, but it's "Hail" not "Hale" and farewell.
Staying anonymous so you don't smite me.

Hmmm...I'm sure Chloe was surprised to hear that Santino 'won' season 2.

But maybe this truncated season is a way of cramming something extra in before the switch - and kind of makes sense since the timing of this season seems off anyway.


I can't wait to see their faces! Bravo is taking too long to release those bios and photos.

I just discovered your blog like a week ago and now I live to read your new posts - I haven't watched S1, S2 or S3 so I have to get them on DVD to get your jokes and commentary - but by far this one has to be my favorite Project Runway blog! It's friggin' hilarious!

another laura

Oh kittens, I can hear the claws being sharpened for the next season. I simply cannot wait!!

Oh, those were promos for the NEW season? I couldn't figure out what they were promoting.

Your theories are all good except for the freakshow possibility. Bravo has never had a problem promoting freakshows.

less gay Lifetime
I have to laugh about this since Lifetime shows the biggest "gay" shows: The Nanny, Will & Grace & The Golden Girls. It's not LOGO or anything and it's all about the women (supposedly).

Theory #2 to be sure. Why pay the Weinsteins any more than they deserve for something that Bravo is losing?


Theory 2. What will be fun and interesting is to decode the little zetz'(Yiddish for needling hits) to Lifetime that Bravo imbeds in S5. They've already begun with the lack of meaningful promos.

Ooo! Ooo! Let me take a crack at it. Maybe they're doing an All-Star cast for season 5 as a sort of send-off before Lifetime takes over.

The A-List Awards might have given us a hint as to what's to come!

I hope it is not a "best of" What they think is their "best" is far from mine...

The new promos are unsettingly Heidicentric. Anyone want to guess which Teutonic princess will be highlighted as the "star" of the new Lifetime PR???

You guys are missing the promos about CRIERS and VILLAINS.

Don't you guys have any insiders at Bravo? get us the scoop.

I suspect the cast for season 5 will be no more trainwreck-y than previous seasons. Weren't they casting for season 5 while season 4 was airing? I can see that they'll be squeezed on filming and editing and all the downstream stuff, but I think they had reasonable time for the upstream stuff.

The casting for season 6, on the other hand....

Didn't want to work so I did a little research though PRG and Bloging Project Runway archives. I cobbled a timetable together. Not exact but may give another reason for the missing promos and raises questions for Season 5.

Season 4 auditions were in March and April of 2007 with filming in June (carryover to July?) The First episode aired on Nov. 14th. Fashion week was Feb 1-8, 2008 with the final airing several weeks later.
Season 5 auditions were in March and April. Blogging Project Runway posted an interview on June 16th were Tim and Nina gave the impression that they were taping shows then. One month before first episode airs on July 16th. I am assuming they are planning to show the finalists' collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion September 5-12.
While I like all the conspiracy theories, I will suggest the promos are not as important as filming and starting to edit the shows. Last year they had 4 months longer to prepare for the season 4 debut. I do think this could make for an interesting season if there is not as much time to play with the editing. I also wonder if because of the time factor they have cast a smaller group of designers.
The final question time raises is how long are the finalists going to get to prepare for fashion week? If the filming is about on the same schedule as last year but Fashion Week is months sooner, will we see detailed and thoughtful collections or train wreaks?

maybe they're moving it to Lifetime to add the possibility of the contestants being beaten by their spouses?

Its gonna be an all star season. They finally showed some of the designers from far away, and some of them look astonishingly familiar...

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