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Judging the Judges: Diane von Furstenberg Resort 2009 Collection

Our fairy godmother showed her resort collection in Florence and Fashion Week Daily sums it up:

"Inspired by the concept of a mini suitcase, von Furstenberg presented looks that were packable, luxurious and ideal for travel. Stripes, keys, flags and other international influences form the basis for prints while colorful scarves are reconfigured into flowy frocks. With a polished aesthetic, whimsical sundresses and crisp trenches served as key silhouettes. Retro swimwear was straight from the Riviera with tailored shorts and sweet tea dresses in porcelain blue and pink fit for a day in London. Red, white and blue outfits with checks and plaids were quintessential cruisewear."

It's a little understated in the color story - lots of black and white - but she more than makes up for it with her masterful use of pattern and print. There's also a nice range of shapes and silhouettes here. We can't say we're completely bowled over, but it's a pretty and chic collection that once again demonstrates that Diane knows exactly what she's doing.


I agree: very pretty, but nothing earth-shattering. The black and white looks very crisp and sophisticated.

I love this whole collection! Every single piece! Love!! I can't even pick a favorite.

I also love that her models not only look alive and healthy, but they even have a hint of a smile on their faces. They are beautiful and look like they are having fun. Perfect for resort wear, I think.

It may not be cutting edge, but THIS is what a resort collection should look like.

Mixed, but close enough. Not 100% fabulous, but an awful lot of fabulousness.

Just please assure me that the sheer orange & turquoise thingy is a beach cover up.

es ist sehr schoen.

wonderful I love it very much.

Love it, love it, love it.
Every inch.
(Although I half expected that swimsuit from Sweeney Todd to be mixed in there somewhere.)

I like dress #8 and#9 in the first column. I don't know where they are going, but I want to go too.

While this isn't my color palette of choice, I think the collection as a whole is really lovely. What I find amazing about DVF is how ageless so many of her looks are - while they might be shown on an 18 year old, its not unimaginable too think of a 40 year old in many of those looks (not all, but many.) Another 30 pounds (the diet is working - yeah!) and I intend to own one of her dresses.

I think this collection is far less limited than Monique Lhuillier's, which I found to be very stiff and somewhat old (and not at all cutting edge.)

Quick question for those of you more invested in fashion than I am - what is the definition of "resort collection?" I can infer a great deal from observation, but it appears they are much closer to RTW than a typical collection. Are they intended to be reaily marketed, or should they hedge couture?

Like you say, nothing earth shattering, but very pretty and wearable by a lot of women.

Fun and flirty. An IN.


I actually really like this limitation of color. The orange/white/black combo outfits are awesome.

Brookly Bomber said:
"Just please assure me that the sheer orange & turquoise thingy is a beach cover up."

OK, it's a beach coverup. Because it isn't a bathing suit cover-up. Unless, of course, the bathing suit is optional.

Very pretty collection; she always hits the mark. Is it because she keeps her gay consultant so close to her?

Anon said, "OK, it's a beach coverup. Because it isn't a bathing suit cover-up. Unless, of course, the bathing suit is optional."

Haha -- right. As shown, it's a walk around naked except for a thong cover up. Scary.

I agree with Patsy Stone. This is the first one of the resort collections you have shared that actually looks as if it could be worn at a resort.

And today's modern woman knows that it's much more efficient to concentrate on one or 2 key colors when she travels, then she can dress them up with accessories, or an accent piece in a different color, like bright yellow.

Once again, as she did with the wrap-dress, Diane von Furstenberg has created a wearable, useable and smart collection.


A little too simple but cute. I particularly like the white and yellow coat.

Yes, it's very resort. I can see this stuff in Southern California and Florida, where you'd probably wear it all the time.
I love the print dresses, which I'd definitely buy and wear because they have that slimming effect!

It looked cool and comfortable, which is what resort wear should be.

The inspiration back stories on these collections always slay me.

All chuckles aside, though, over mini-suitcases, I do like this collection. Very chic and tasteful.

The very sheer, covering up nothing, coverup looked like a slice of watermelon with the necklace appearing as seeds.

Take a lot of guts and money to walk around the pool dressed as a melon.

I loved the black and white combinations. And I agree with those who thought this actually looked like a resort collection. The limited color palette is exactly what you need to travel light.

The only looks I didn't love were the orange non-cover up - ooh, boobies! - and the wide horizontal stripes which reminded me of the "surfer shirt" craze for those of you old enough to remember that 60's West Coast fad.

I think that collection is to die for! Would wear, and often.
ESPECIALLY this whole outfit. Yes, right down to the silly hair-rose.

Oh, my goodness! A resort collection that has clothes you might actually wear at a resort! Whatever was she thinking?

It's really, really nice.

I am very School of the Solid Colors, but make an exception for black and white prints. Love many of the looks here.
This summer I bought a DVF wrap dress in a black and white fern print--one of the most flattering items I own--and it looks great on my 30-something daughter as well as on ancient me.

Great pieces! DVF is always a winner.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

I'd wear most of it and wouldn't look ridiculous like most of those runway looks.

Total, unabashed, classic DVF. She does beautiful resort wear!

What's with all the stuff on the hair? I think she should have had them all finished off with little sailor caps...

Diane really gets Resort. I'd love to wear every single one of these looks.

I love the beachy vibe!!

I'm blown away by this collection. I love it!!

I think this collection is what most women would want to wear when traveling. It looks relaxed, yet stylish and comfortable. P.S. The producers of Project Runway need to invite DVF back. She's a fabulous judge.

Ok, first of all, I love the collection, it's one of the best you've been presenting along the last weeks.

Secondly, did anyone read the castingcall for PR?

All those contestants made at least 100 grand a year in sales? Vincent... and some of the early departees??

Sewers! I have a question.

What do you call those downward triangle inserts (plackets?) she's got going from the waist? I think that would be really flattering.

I ain't a resort type of gal, but this collection makes me wanna be!

Something very appealing about this.

-- desertwind

This collection is absolutely "Resort" at it's best!!
DVF knows better than most any other designer what we women love to wear!!!

another laura

Bomber, I wondered the same thing. holy crapoly, that vermillion number with the bikini bottom underneath! But without going for further views, those look like her very own boobies so I dunno, I dunno. I hope it's a coverup, too.

While this actually does look like resortwear (rather than "summer") and is largely very pretty, I do have one problem look - 5th row down on the right, the black dress with white piping, with the red/white zigzag shrug/jacket thing? Just doesn't look like an outfit at all.

Anon. said, "

All those contestants made at least 100 grand a year in sales? Vincent... and some of the early departees??"

No, it says that to be eligible you must not have had more than 100,000 a year in gross sales designer.

I feel like I'm looking at a different collection than everyone else. There are some very pretty things in there, but mostly I'm underwhelmed. Some of the prints are nice, but many are too busy for me.

Since I'm in the minority, though, I guess it's just me. Thanks, boys, you're making me question my own taste....

I thought the beach cover-up was nipple-tastic.

I really like the yellow in contrast with the black and white.

edina monsoon

Like you said, there's a very nice range of shapes and silhouettes in this collection and that's what makes it for me. Love the color story, but not particularly earth shaking or forward. But, still very chic, contemporary, travel friendly and the kind of looks that can be worn by most women. It's nice to see that DvF is still putting out nice, fresh and very modern looks for today's woman.

- edina -

Longing for some forest green, but it would be very wearable -- all of it -- in SoCal.

Might it ever be possible to winkle out how much these duds would cost in a store should one decide to track down and purchase something?

I like it -- some pieces are especially eye-catching. thing is, those horizontal stripes make it unlikely that any "regular" woman would wear them. even rich size 12's wouldn't wear those horizontal stripes.

Hope the Duchess was taking notes during the show as this is what it means to design wearable, flattering, sophisticated and sexy Resort Wear! These pieces would look fabulous on any shapely woman, from 20s-50s. DVF is not only a fashion Icon but a fashion Genius..she ROCKS. To this day, even her Vogue sewing patterns for the original wrap dress she designed will bring between $100-$200 a piece when sold!

I LIKE it. But, then, I usually like DVF.

One of the best judges PR ever had. She should be a regular.

And if my daughter is lurking here... Mommy would really like that shirtwaist number in the righthand column. Come on, you don't have to pay rent this month!


d'accord: very pretty, but nothing earth-shattering. I like the silhouettes and the print fabrics used. They're very resort appropriate. They're comfortable and, at the same time, soignée.

One more thing, a comment to what ms_flyover said:
"I think this collection is far less limited than Monique Lhuillier's, which I found to be very stiff and somewhat old (and not at all cutting edge.)"

You're stretching the limits of comparison, honey. They're of different merits. Neither is less limited than the other because they clearly have different takes on resort for 2009. As for cutting edge, try using ribbon as swirl appliques on tulle, slub linen as africanesque iconographic appliques on gazar, bone bead cashmere, and weave raffia, sew it as a suit or shift dress and treat it for reptile skin finish. That's the cutting edge there.

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