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Jerell and Wesley

Let's knock a couple dresses out over the weekend, shall we?

"What I do now is design one-of-a-kind custom pieces for a VERY selected group of people...from celebrities to Saudi royalty."

Y'know, it wouldn't be PR without some self-puffing smack talk, but "Saudi royalty" may just take the cake. Next season they're gonna claim they designed the pope's hat.

Some nice looks there. Nothing earth-shattering, but he seems to have talent.

He also seems determined to expose his chest in every outfit he wears. We'll let it slide because he's cute.

Model: Alex

We go back and forth on this one.

It's not so much that we like it, exactly. It's too disjointed and there's a bit too much going on.

The cocktail umbrellas don't help. In fact, they pretty much ruin the dress.

What we like about it is his use of materials. He did a bangup job on that bodice. It's visually interesting and it seems to be well-fitted. Making a sleeve out of a koosh ball was a master stroke.

And sure, he made a skirt out of a tablecloth, but he gets points from us for using a fake lace one and layering it so that it looks like real lace.

The whole outfit could have used some editing, but it was a pretty good first effort.

Oh, we don't care what you bitches say. If we were skinny, cute and 23 in 2008, we'd dress exactly like Wesley. And then we'd go out and find a rich sugar daddy to set us up for life. Ah, regrets.

Miss Wesley likes her dead animals.

Model: Alyssa

From an aesthetic point of view, it's a perfectly cute little cocktail dress.

Doing it all in one color wasn't just a chic and visually striking choice, it's also damn impressive that he found so many items that matched each other exactly. Good eye. You'd think all the elements were dyed to match.

Daniel (rightfully) got a lot of attention for using plastic cups, but from where we're sitting, Wesley did just as good a job in seeing the potential in them and utilizing them effectively.

That detail on the bodice and strap is beautiful and looks expensive.

But to be honest, there was one small detail that impressed the hell out of us. It showed wit and style and a great visual sense:

Jerry, that's how you make dishwashing gloves look chic.

More pics:

[Photos: Bravo/Barbara Nitke - Screencaps:]
[Additional pictures: Courtesy of]

Can we call Wesley 'chicken'? I prefer my men old enough to wear long pants...

Wesley's dress looked cute, the trim was clever but it was the same concept (and color) as Korto's sans produce. Wesley was smart enough to go for a youthful silhouette, though.

Jerell? Feh. Not loving it so much. I would have liked the paper drink umbrella trim better on a neutral background; perhaps the paper towel frock from the chick from Italy? And I hate the crap in the hair; it's Lieutenant Uhura visits Whoville...

Still, both guys look like they could go far in this season. I especially liked the footage of Jerell yelling at Cheroin to get off her butt and do something. From the preview for the next episode I'm getting the idea that Jerell might be our 'yeller' this season.

You know both of them are quite the eye candy, too. I don't get why Tim is still single with all of those hotties running around...and don't give me any of that not mixing business and pleasure BS...

WESLEY for the win! :)
I hate Jerell's attitude though.

Can we call Wesley 'chicken'?

Twink might be more appropriate. The only thing I find annoying in Wesley's personal style is his mixing shorts with crisp shirts, and in the promo shot a tie. I can't decide if he's intending to dress up or down with that.

OK, I can admit that I'm a low-grade with low taste - I LIKED the cocktail umbrellas!! (but not in the hair!!) But, come on, "Saudi Royalty"?? It's going to be so much fun to see Nina take him down!!

Wesley's was adorable - would love to see him have an epiphany - "more fly swatters - less dead animals!!"

Auntie L.

Wesley's dress was cute for sure. Jerrel's dress didn't catch my eye. I agree there was some innovation there, especially with the koosh ball sleeve, but the whole look didn't say, "Wear me." Wesley's did though. I didn't catch the gloves the first time around. He made'em look good.

I loved on the show when Jerell's look was coming down the runway and he was talking about it, and he said, "I KNOW it's hot!" The way he said it was priceless. And the flyswatters Wesley used? Genius.

I vote "Tin Tin" for Wesley and that hair.

I...liked the cocktail umbrellas. Particularly in the hair. I'm just going to pretend they were attached to a dress that they actually complimented.

Back in 1988, when I was 20 and skinny, I dressed almost exactly like Wesley does now. I rejected a good number of sugar-daddy offers. Boy, I was stupid in my 20s!

It's about time PR filled the stereotypical role of "assy, gay, African American designer with a just a wee 'tude. So far, I'm lovin' Miss Jerrell and feel he definitely has potential, but was not too impressed by his runway look. TLo, were right, way too much going on with the dress.

Wesley is a cutie-pie. However, I'm not too keen on his personal style. The shorts are a little too Little Lord Fauntleroy for my taste. Maybe, a nice capri would've worked better? No? Loved his portfolio, roadkill couture and all.

- edina -

Stupid, stupid, stupid edina!

"It's about time PR filled the stereotypical role of "SASSY, (not 'assy'...sorry, Jerrell darling) gay, African American, designer with just a wee 'tude..."

*** exits boards in shame ***

Actually its not that hard to imagine that Jerell has designed for Saudi Royalty given that there's something like 7,000 members of the Saudi Royal Family. Sure he's got an overinflated ego but he probably wasn't lying about that.

"Next season they're gonna claim they designed the pope's hat."

Ha! You said it.

I agree, Jerrell's is mixed, and for the reasons you said: a bit too much going on. But definitely eye catching, and makes me want to see more from him. Love the koosh ball sleeve.

I didn't love Wesley's as much as a lot of people seem to, but I liked being able to see the details I couldn't see on TV (thanks, Boys!).

Wesley's dress was in my top three (along with the yellow sarong and the blue cups dress). But there ya go, I never pick the winners, do I?

Eddie, Eddie -

it must be that cat on the keyboard again. We know what you meant.

Now what are you wearing?


It's fabulous!

I really liked Wesley's dress. I would probably have selected it for the top 3.

Jerell could have dispensed with the Stevie Nicks skirt and I'd have been much happier. Still, the garment as a whole wasn't that bad.

Wesley's bananarama creation was quite smart looking. Like you, I thought he did a bang up job with the exact matching of the yellow items. I'll never look at a fly swatter the same way again.

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I love love Wesley's!! I would wear that dress in a heartbeat to go to a fabulous party. It's very Zac Posen meets Marc Jacobs meets Proenza Schouler. I think he's adorable and very talented. I can't wait to see more of his work.

I don't know - I think Jerrel's dress looks like something a bickering couple would design together.

Miss Wesley's dead animals look faux to me, but it's hard to tell from the photos. If they are faux, then that's a poor choice of faux. It looks awful! I did like his dress' bodice though. The skirt was okay, but almost like an afterthought, and it made her hips look a mile wide.

I adored the cocktail umbrellas on the dress! The juxtaposition of materials were vaguely reminiscent of Santino. Given that, I must admit to being a "less is bore" kinda gal.

And you're so right about finding the same shade of yellow for Wesley's dress...amazing. I'm keeping an eye on both these guys.

"Making a sleeve out of a koosh ball was a master stroke."

I thought so too and that's what the challenge was about.

Jerry, that's how you make dishwashing gloves look chic.

EXACTLY!!! One step further and you go from chic to ick.

I also liked the cocktail umbrellas on Jerell's dress... though I seem to be the only one who didn't like the koosh ball sleeve. I thought it looked like it came from the pelt of Cookie Monster. It was innovative, yes, but I didn't like it from an aesthetic point of view.

Wesley's dress was a-dor-a-ble. I absolutely loved the detailing, especially the use of fly swatters. He probably could have been a bit more creative with his "fabric" choices, but I thought his trim made up for it.

(If you read Tim's Take for this episode, you find out that Tim believes Blayne's dress deserved positive attention from the judges... interesting.)

Blayne's getup was supposed to be a dress?

I think these 2 do have talent and creativity. Nice you pair 2 outfits with such opposing POV's

Jerrell's is too much. The umbrellas or the sleeve just not both. It was youthful and upbeat though

Wesley's was an interestiung idea. Skillful but lacked sufficient drama. His outfit was as well made as Korto's but hers did pop more


I liked the first show of this new season so far. Can't wait for more!! Love your blog ... keep up the great work!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Love the paper parasols on Jerell's dress. Ir reminds me a lttle of the dress Kit did for "Sew me what you got" (which was my favorite of that episode), anyway it's a cute wearable dress. Well made too.
I like the may Wesley used the non-table cloth elements in his garment. Perhaps if they had been a different color they would have been more effective. I do not like the table cloth for this silhouette. Love the gloves. He is not a stand out contender to me, but then it's just the first episode, so who knows?

edina, Little Lord Fauntleroy was exactly what came to my mind, as well. There's something really disconcerting that it's apparently standard fare for chickens looking for hawks. Ick.

I agree with TLo's take on the outfits.

Gorgeous sad, "I don't know - I think Jerrel's dress looks like something a bickering couple would design together."

That says it perfectly! Two interesting halves, but they don't necessarily make a whole. But both halves interesting.

Oh, bless you boys. I just wandered in, hoping to distract myself from the heat and found a brand new post. Yay for gigantic casts that require you to work weekends!

Anyway, yes, I saw flashes of things that impressed me with both lads. Neither was a hot mess, and in fact I admired their sartorial restraint. I just wish Wesley's plastic embellishments had been less subtle from a distance. The wow factor up close is huge.

Soooo i know who the budding romance is!!! and if you need proof check the updated myspaces!

Its Wesley and Daniel!

Two days ago,they each listed each other in the number 1 position in their top 8, as well as each updated their status's from single to "in a relationship".
You can see the romance budding in the behind the scenes gallery from the first episode on bravos website, in a picture where the two are sharing a pillow.... awww i had a feeling these would be the two

Wesley is one of my favorite designers this season. I love the way he dresses and I was really impressed with his design. His myspace page is really cool too.

Wesley reminds me of Ed Westwick on Gossip Girl with all of his shorts ensemble. And no, I don't watch GG but Ed keeps popping up all over Socialite's Life in his odd little outfits. And a big Thank You to TLo for the weekend post. I was out of town on a job interview and somehow managed to stay in a hotel that did not get Bravo! Something tells me your recaps of PR and SG were at least as good, if not better, than the actual eps!!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Thank you SO MUCH for the weekend posts, boys. That's when I can sit down and enjoy my computer and what a lovely surprise to click on your page and see new "TLotary."

Wesley is total man candy! His dress was very cute and totally wearable.

Does Wesley make his own skinny Eddie Munster shorts or does he buy them?

Aw, I think Wesley looks cute in his little lederhosen suits (is that to get on Heidi's good side or does he just have a UPS fetish?) The dress was cute - like a dress you'd wear to a cocktail party at Woodstock's house.

My jury's still out on Jerrell. He will be this season's soundbite king. That dressing Saudi royalty line went right past me. Glad you caught it. But if I were him, I wouldn't broadcast it.

Bragging about dressing Saudi royaty is about the same as bragging about dressing the Saudi Trump: Neither family is known for their good taste.

His dress was disjointed and a bit like a person with a multiple personality disorder (where all of the personalities are dull).


It's very Zac Posen...right down to the color. And yes, why does he like the dead animals so much? Hmm...I'm surprised he didn't use a chicken carcass in his design.


I actually like Jerell's dress better after reading your comments, TLo. And although I agree about the umbrella trim, I kinda like the hair ornament.

Wesley's dress was cleverly done, and I liked the color. I just thought the dress part looked a little crumpled.

"saudi royalty" is a euphenism for any rich trustfund girl from oil money whose basically living in NYC or London. Honestly, taking the "tablecloths" philosophy further, the best intro would be one more secretive, knowing all the other contestants (most of whom are only having 5 min of fame) are blowing their horns. I don't recall Jay naming clients left and right. God he was a charmer... I miss season 1 when I hear this stuff. But I'm optimistic (forced Liza smile...)

Wesley reminds me of Zac Posen in the beginning of his career. I think he's go far.

sorry...he will go far.

I hated Jerell's cocktail look. It's too literal, I don't know, I didn't like it. Wesley's use of fly swatters was phenomenal.

"Joan said...
I'll never look at a fly swatter the same way again."

Same here.

I have to admit I love Wesley's shorts - cute and sure a nice look on him. And while his dress didn't totally convince me it still was a real cute dress and in my top 5. It's a dress I can totally see me wear.

Jerrell's dress had too much going on. I quite like the paper umbrellas but all in all the dress didn't do it for me.

Jerell's look is way Cirque du Soleil for my taste. Wesley's dress looks like something Heidi would wear.

I want dress like Wesley. He's too cute for words. Wesley is the perfect boy you introduce to your parents. Keith is the man you introduce to your bed.

Where is the screencap of shirtless Wesley doing his ironing the morning of the runway show? I know shirtless Blayne creeps into the shot to ruin it, but still...

I didn't like Wes' dishwashing gloves at first, mostly because Jerry's had taken the humor out of the idea for me. But seeing all the detail up close makes me marvel at Wes' creativity.

Daniel is one lucky bitch.

Oh, and Terell is obviously going to be one mouthy bitch this season. He better be able to walk the walk...

See I did not care for Wesley's dress. Too much yellow with nothing to distract it (like w/Korto's produce). But I did find the gloves adorable & chic.

I'm loving Jerry's chest... er, Jerry, so I enjoyed the bodice & the umbrella's on this one. Very finished look to it.

Jerell failed to mention in his statement that he's designed for Saudi royalty that that term applies to roughly half the Saudi population. The mayor's daughter is somehow condisered royalty.

While his dress was interesting, and I loved the bodice, the look did absolutely nothing for the model. Hell, she didn't even look too pleased to be wearing it.

If you can't make a fashion model look appealing, how on earth are you going to design something that the rest of the population feels confident wearing?

I actually thought Wesley's dress was very clever. I can understand their top 3 choices, I still wish they took the time to note a few "honorable mentions" each episode... so designers know who's moving on but with high marks versus those who are moving on but just BARELY.

I didn't like Jerell's until I saw the screencaps... still not my favorite, but I didn't notice the fit of the bodice and skirt until the screencaps.

Isn't Wesley Jonathan Adler's love child? He totally looks like he could be Simon Doonan & JA's son!
Wesley & Daniel?
Cute. Super Cute.

I can already see the hate simmering for Jerell. I think he's going to be quite amusing. I don't see the problem w/ identifying your clientele. Can someone pls explain why it seems to be so off putting from Jerell but not from Stella?

"emmap said: I can already see the hate simmering for Jerell. I think he's going to be quite amusing. I don't see the problem w/ identifying your clientele. Can someone pls explain why it seems to be so off putting from Jerell but not from Stella?"

You must have missed the thread about Stella. I think commenters were actually tougher on her.

I think, so far, there have been enough silliness to go around with both of them though, I don't know, it does seem that refering to Saudi royalty is sillier than refering rock stars.


spiral jacobs

Nobody is bothered by that pouch on the tummy of Wesley's model? The fit across the abdomen did not work and made her look like she had a gut. To me, that justified it not being in the top 3, all of which had excellent fitting (yes, even the cup dress-- consider the medium!).

the shorts and formal attire on Wesley is okay EXCEPT that i still have an instinctive bad reaction to shorts and dark socks. but what else would you wear with that ensemble?

I liked both of these dresses. I actually quite liked Jerell's - there's a little too much going on there, but it's well fitted, and I LIKE the little umbrellas (especially in the hair). it's totally whimsical in a way that doesn't also demonstrate a complete absence of taste. and Jerell really did use some less conventional materials - the koosh sleeve, the lawn-chair bodice - and the tablecloth, as you pointed out, is used much more cleverly than the other tableclothiers.

keith's my crush for the season, i think, unless he pulls an Ilan (of Top Chef2) and turns into a complete prick.

I liked Wesley's little yellow number a lot, that's the right way to work gloves into the look.

I loved Wesley's dress.

When I first saw Jerrell's dress I liked it, but that became less true the closer I looked. There are at least 3 different ideas roaming around that dress and they never converge. Jerrell is certainly nice to look at though and he may well end up being the instigator of some serious drama.

Wesley's dress is cute if a little too Tweetie Bird for me, especially with the gloves. He does get credit for matching his yellows but I kept thinking of the Duchess's comments about being "too matchy, matchy." Some of the detail got lost in all that yellow.

Wow...thanks, TLo, for the Monday morning surprise!!
I'm not lovin' Jerell right now, though I did like the bodice on his dress. Not so much for Grandma's piano scarf skirt, though.
Really liked Wesley's dress. The embellishments on the bodice were genius, but the skirt could have used some tailoring.


Loved Wesley's dress-hell, anyone who can use flyswatters and make them look chic, and not "chip", gets my vote.

Jerrell is in my like book-I hope he stays around for awhile.

BTW,TLo-loved your final comment about the yellow gloves!

Jerell... beautiful structure to the top, but it would have been much more striking with just the Koosh sleeve. And how fab would an entire Koosh skirt have been?

Wesley is cute as a button, but that yellow dress was safe, safe, safe. Wearable, and well-made but essentially predictable.

Love this site, ladies!

Wesley looks like a little nerdy & gay version of Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles. Adorable!

Wesley is too cute for words. And the dress is cute too. I agree that it was a much better use of gloves than poor Jerry. He is one to watch, in more ways than one.

Laugh. Laugh, Laugh
"The Popes Hat!!!"

Wesley is so cute!!!!

"Stubenville said...

Can we call Wesley 'chicken'? I prefer my men old enough to wear long pants..."

hahahahahahahaha. Honey, who cares about the pants? They're coming anyway...

Wesley's dress was def. my #2 (after Corto, natch) - and he could have gone for the win with some bananas or other yellow produce.

Wesley'd dress was one of my top three and he's cute as a button. That helps :)

I disagree. I think that dress is taaaacky. [said in the Dutchess' voice]

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