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Our Lingams are Limp with Sadness


Not our Puppet Girl, no.

It was all a bad dream, right? She's still in the game, spitting on dresses and sewing on the floor and SWWWSSHHHing and FWAHing all over the place, right?

Our hearts are heavy.

Stupid fucking challenge. We get it. These fucked up excursions are supposed to force them out of their comfort zones and be creative. Fine. Thing is, ripping up a bunch of cheap pillows shaped like candy isn't exactly the path to creativity. It's just the path to clown clothes.

Ironically, we thought this challenge would have been right up her alley. We're pretty sure she lives in a world full of candy and unicorns anyway, so she just could have stared off in space for awhile and eventually some candy fairy would float by and let her sketch her dress.

Apparently, a shit fairy flew by.

Elisa honey, where was the inventiveness we've come to expect from you? The sense of whimsy? The flatout whackiness?

This was just a poorly made, poorly designed dreck dress.

And what's going on with her tits there? It looks like some space creatures are slowly rising out of each cup. It's freaking us out a little. We won't even get into the NASA shower caps on her arms.

To top it off, it was just so badly executed. Now, we'll grant you, she had some minor issues with finishing in the past, but most of her previous entries had more polish than this. It just looks badly fitted and puckery.

We're actually sadder about this auf'ing than Steven's - and we wanted to sex him. Elisa was not only the only character amongst this season's somewhat dreary group of professionals, but we truly enjoyed her creative approach and her honest-to-chakra sweetness about it all. Not a whiff of nastiness or drama. Just a clapping of hands and "cool!" with each new challenge and a nod and a smile with each bit of criticism. We thought her exit last night was sweet and we actually teared up a little watching her go.

Vaya con Dios, Puppet Girl. We'll miss you.

Her exit interview:

[Photo: Barbara Nitke/ - Videos: - Screencaps: Project Rungay]

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Sadness! I thought Sweet P was going to get the AUF.

I love Elisa! I'll really miss her. Good luck, girl. I hope we see you around!

I really thought it would be Sweet P to leave. Being "boring" is the ultimate PR sin, and Sweet P's dress was a snooze fest. I liked Elisa for her wackiness and sweet spirit. I was wrong when I first labeled her as the "new Vincent." She was a bright light. Unfortunately, she just wasn't a very good designer.

And I have to get this out there before I forget: how much does Jillian want to jump Rami's bones? It is practically palpable, the sexual energy between those 2. Is Rami gay? I can't tell. If he is, then Jillian is an A Number One Fag Hag. If he's not, I predict we will see them tangled up in a heap on the work room floor some time soon.

she's a precious little spirit. miss her already.

but . . . no whackiness? those foil elbow muffins not whacky enough for ya?

and wait! you didn't love this challenge? i adored it! it was like PR of the old days . . .

My yoni is sad too!

I was hoping that SweetP would get it for boredom, and doing the same silhouette in every challenge - I guess we get another babydoll empire dress next week.

Nooooo! I'm sad too. I knew it was a long shot, but I was hoping Elisa would make it to Bryant Park. A full collection of hers would be something to see.

Sweet P's dress was just as poorly made, and more boring. I wish they'd sent her home instead.

I think those "shower caps" were supposed to be representive of Hershey's Kisses.

I will miss Elisa. She was different, but always positive. She was fun. I would've gotten rid of one of the other two over Elisa.

Even though I saw this coming a mile away, I was still really bummed that she got auf'd.
I would have liked to have been able to see a full collection of hers walk down the runway, because i have a feeling it would have been amazing.

"Whenas in silks my Julia goes
Then, then methinks how sweetly flows
That liquefaction of her clothes..."

Please come back to our planet to visit again, Elisa!

You knew she was a gonner as soon as they started featuring her in long interviews, and her wacky spacey personna evolved into tragically heroic survivor! then wacko!

It was like watching an accident happen. You see the "auf" edit she was getting and desperately want it to not be true. You see Sweet P screw up and send an ugly, boring dress down the runway and hope against hope that it might be her time (no offense to her, she's great, but same 'ol, same 'ol).

Alas, was not to be. I have a feeling that she just may come out of this with fan favorite. Reminds me too much of Malan's aufing.

OK, what's up with Jillian's personal style? She dresses like she's in Shields and Yarnell or something...

Oh thank goodness she is gone. Couldn't stand her from the beginning. She was a nut. What did she say at the end when she was auf'd? Was she speaking her own language? Or just trying to be "cool"?

Her dirty feet sticking up while she was on the floor on top of her dress form was bizarre and just plain nasty. Good riddance.

I love Sweet P, even though her designs haven't been stellar. She is a great person. Glad she didn't go home. Also it was great for Chris to be in the top 3.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Very sad! I'm going to miss her a lot. They should have sent Sweet P. home instead. I love both, but I think Elisa is way more talented.

As soon as we saw that frumpy little turd of a smock, we knew Elisa was going to be standing on the runway at the very end.

But I really expected Sweet P to get le boot last night. Both dresses were plain and boring, but Sweet P's was just a smidge more boring. Oh well! They both seem like nice ladies, but they just lost the will to survive in this challenge. They were like a polar bear on an ice floe, whose cubs are lost in the arctic wilderness, and they are too sad about it to go swimming for fish.

Or something.

With Elisa gone, I guess I have to focus all my fake-TV crush energies on Jillian.

(And how cute was little Jeannie B last night? All talkin' like a robot and making dresses out of disgusting horse-hoof candy... I just want to put a bow on her head and applaud every time she calmly pretends to pull her hair out. My heart went thumpity thump when she was hauling those big bags of candy around with her wee little legs barely standing upright... Bonus awesome points when Tim asked "who's the caboose? like a kindergarten teacher. Love!)

I don't know why but of all the goofy things Elisa has said I just loved her repeated use of the word FORTIFIED last night --- that the experience had fortified her.

How sweet.

How did Sweet P's unbelievably boring, boring, boring dress survive? She has got to be going next.

And PRG poster by the name of elisafan -- where art thou today? Mourning? You OK?

I am sad to say that I guessed correctly that Elisa would be auf'ed this week. I don't think she had the worst design, but I knew she wouldn't make it to the end because they want someone with more commercial potential than Elisa to "win".
She is very talented and I think the exposure from the show will be a good thing for her. Good luck to ya' Puppet Girl!

"TLO said: These fucked up excursions are supposed to force them out of their comfort zones and be creative."

Actually, I think these challenges are about nothing but cross-promotion and viral advertising. Does anyone else recall seeing Hershey's advertise on PR before last night?

I do not like this aufing, but it was in the cards (as soon as the field was narrowed down to Elisa & SP). I don't know what it is about that little California group, (like who they know), but they have been on the receiving end on waaay too much largess.

And here's the thing: Elisa had had some moments of brilliance throughout these challenges, while Sweet P has produced NOTHING but garbage for every single challenge. Nothing but. Yet somehow, the cumulative means nothing. Everything SweetP has done looks like it would only be worn by someone on a date with that Appalacian Barbie from S2.

Sweet P does not even belong there. At all. Everything she has made has been poorly designed, poorly made & zero taste (glad Chris finally mentioned her 'taste level' last night). It's not even basic Home Ec. WTF is she doing there?


i too will miss Elisa. getting auf'd is never fun to watch

Waaaaaah!!! ::sobbing and pillow-cuddling abound:: Not my little Flower Child!! I thought Sweet P would be out for sure. I was shocked, I tell you...SHOCKED!! I hope to see her around and I will give her a daisy-chain and wish her namaste.

She as my favorite. I'll muss her so much!

"alex said: Bonus awesome points when Tim asked "who's the caboose? like a kindergarten teacher. Love!"

LOL. Forget about the caboose -- As soon as the word 'maxipad' came out of his mouth (in reference to Sweet P's skirt), all I could think about was what a field day T&L would have with that.

But the laughs could only be bittersweet with the aufing of the wonderful little garden knome Elisa.

And another reason to luv huh: Did anyone else hear her mention the name of her daughter: Calliope?? LOVE that. Too perfect.


Any broad who names her kid Calliope is ok in my book. I will miss her super doe-eye-ed-ness. She's gone and now we're to be subjected to another week of Ricky's sniveling!!?! C'mon!

She got hit by a Porsche?! In London?! That was an interesting reveal. Having a beloved nephew who lived through a traumatic head injury and now has only a minor short-term memory problem, I can feel for her looking at PR as her way to say "I'm still here!" She definitely made an impression and will be sorely missed, leaving Christian as the alternate "character" left. Not near as much fun.

NOOOOOOOO, not my girl from another planet. This is a very sad day. Now it's my turn to bring you gifts, Elisa. We'll miss your creativity and talent. Best wishes, darling!

i'm in the minority obviously, but i don't think she is really that talented. yes, she seems like a sweet woman, but that's not what this show is about.

and i just could NOT get past the dirty feet. seriously.

In a society where being different is discouraged and frowned upon, to me she was a breath of fresh air - overflowing with optimism. I will miss her on the show!

Agreed so much about the dirty feet. She may have been sweet, but she wasn't talented at all. Nothing she did was outstanding. Not even the dress from the SJP challenge. It was natural selection at its best. She deserved to go.

I'll miss her. She's so entertaining.

Looks like the Princess has a bit of a tantrum on the runway next week. I can't wait.

In all seriousness, Elisa is a very talented and intelligent woman, despite all the new-age feelgoodery nonsense.

I'm sure she'll continue what has been an interesting and successful career thus far, and she made a great TV character for a few weeks.

It was sad to see her go, but it was kind of inevitable... she just wasn't enough of a competitor. But she was cool while she lasted, and reminded me that the world is always better off having a few insanely creative free spirits on the loose.

Two thumbs up for Elisa!

I was sad to see both Elisa and Sweet P in the bottom two, and even sadder to see Elisa go. She was so cute. But, I kind of called it when the producers put her car accident story on there. They always give you the life story of the one they're going to auf.

She was so sweet and had such an honest and beautiful spirit. And I loved her smiley approach. Keep on keepin' on, girl.

Did you hear that there's going to be a UK version of PR called Project Catwalk starting Jan 9 on Sky One (UK time, 9 PM)?

"alex said: Two thumbs up for Elisa!"

I'd agree. She has actually had a pretty distinguished career already. And several weeks ago, when Tim was signing those bobblehead dolls, he sounded very impressed by how talented she is, (which gave me false hope that she'd be around longer).


Well, I'm glad it wasn't just me who got choked up at the end last night. I am very bummed about Elisa's aufing. She inspires me to work harder at being a happy shit.

But first I have to be a snarky shit. Those Hershey's ads were a bit much. And Hershey Bitch at the store -- could. she. have. been. any. more. w.o.o.d.e.n?

OK, back to channeling the rainbows and unicorns. Fucking judges.


When the season began, I thought that Elisa was going to be wierd in a bad way, but she genuinely has such a lovely spirit that I am really going to miss her.

Hoyt Clagwell

New York is where I'd rather stay.


"TLO said: These fucked up excursions are supposed to force them out of their comfort zones and be creative."

Enough, enough, enough of these wacky challenges. Puleeze send these people back to Mood with a decent budget and challenge them to produce beautiful clothes.

I want to be Elisa's friend. Granted, I'd never understand half of what she says, but still.

T&L, too funny; I especially like:

We're pretty sure she lives in a world full of candy and unicorns anyway, so she just could have stared off in space for awhile and eventually some candy fairy would float by and let her sketch her dress.

The comments today are almost as hilarious as the post, to wit:

Jillian . . . dresses like she's in Shields and Yarnell or something...

Shields and Yarnell! Yikes, what's next, Pink Lady and Jeff? Susan Anton?

They were like a polar bear on an ice floe, whose cubs are lost in the arctic wilderness, and they are too sad about it. . . .

I didn't think Sweet P's (why do I want to spell it like Popeye and "Swee'Pea"?) first dress was that bad. Yet despite Elisa's convoluted Gretel explanation, her entry was more eye-catching than Swee'Pea's, er, Sweet P's.

And Gotham, if Tim continues to talk about feminine protection in future episodes, I'm so outta here.


agnes gooch said:

But first I have to be a snarky shit. Those Hershey's ads were a bit much. And Hershey Bitch at the store -- could. she. have. been. any. more. w.o.o.d.e.n?

She was like a Stepford wife...totally programmed.

I'm pissed at Hershey's because they are closing the original factory in Hershey, PA, and moving to (guess where?)a country where people will be working for peanuts.
Unfortunately, I am such a whore for the peanut butter cups that I will keep buying them......

Rant over, but to the regularly scheduled bitchery!

When Tim said Maxi-pad, I thought I would die!!!

It seemed obvious to me that Elisa wasn't going to make it to Bryant Park. And starting this week, the next three to go were clearly going to be her, Sweet P and Hat Boy, probably in that order. But I would have aufed Sweet P last night. Her dress was ridiculously boring and other than her Donna Karan-style dress she hasn't produced a single decent thing. Her technical skills are crap and her design esthetic, such as it is, is crap too and boring to boot. At least Elisa has a vision and has produced some interesting things. The fabric poo dress from the first episode was actually one of my favorite garments this year (minus the train of course). I'd buy that dress in a heartbeat. Elisa would probably be really successful marketing a line of dresses like that, sort of what Kara Janx has done with the kimono wrap dress.

Normally these fey new-age types irritate the hell out of me but I found her charming and so sweet. She didn't seem at all affected - she just seemed refreshingly original and eccentric. You lightened my heart, Elisa. All the best!

And as to getting hit by a car in London, I totally understand how that could happen. Every time I'm there I constantly remind myself to look both ways just to be safe. I damn hear got hit by a bus near the British Musem when I stepped off the curb.

OK, I feel like a bitch for saying this, but seriously? Hearing that she was in a coma for five days? Explains EVERYTHING.

td said...
if Tim continues to talk about feminine protection in future episodes, I'm so outta here.

I know right? What? What does that skirt make you think of Tim? Maxi Pads? Really...

Elisa had a wonderful energy that even snarky comments and selective editing couldn't hide. I hated her chocolate dress but I will miss her. I had a feeling she would be auf'ed last night when they started showing the clips of her explaining why she was on the show, her ambitions and her confidence that she would make it to the final four.

"td said: Jillian . . . dresses like she's in Shields and Yarnell or something...

Shields and Yarnell! Yikes, what's next, Pink Lady and Jeff? Susan Anton?"

HA! But you just know that someone is not going to get the references and whine that that's not funny.

Won't be me though. I had the same suspenders, but wore them with a TKTS tshirt & my Gloria Vanderbilt thin courderoy jeans. That was back when I was Jillian's age, (which was long enough ago for me to get the references).



For a designer like Elisa I do not think you can go just by the output of the show.

Some designers would not be conducive to the PR atmosphere. If you're fast like Christian and Rami, then it's fine. Some designers need a slower, more organic approach. And when you take in account Elisa is someone who prefers to handsew as much as possible, you can guess it will be much harder for to actualize her goals.

And someone who is more avant garde like her may have ideas that are too ambitious or impratical for the alloted time. Even Tim in his latest blog mentions that problem.

For those who are skeptical of her talent, that's okay. Since she has enough accomplishments, acknowledgements and self-worth to be at peace with any criticism, so can I. Elisa is not for everyone nor should she be. I will say you should take a look at the formal dress she has posted on her website. It's beautiful.

But for those ragging about her feet, may I interject that the floors in the work room are probably filthy and there is not time to clean them on a regular basis during the taping of the show. And do you really think washing her feet at a fashion school should be a priority when she has less than a day to make an outfit.


No, but wearing shoes is always an option. duh.

omg, forgot about the maxipad comment. LMFAO!!

also, gothamtomato i just love ya :)

Had to go to wikipedia to look up Shields and Yarnell, here is what it says:

Shields and Yarnell is a mixed-gender mime duo formed in 1972. It consists of Robert Shields (b. March 26, 1951 in Los Angeles) and Lorene Yarnell (b. March 21, 1948 in Los Angeles).

Beats me. Never heard of them.

Loved Elisa - but her dress was ass this week. As was the challenge.

These fucked up excursions are supposed to force them out of their comfort zones and be creative.

Some of these fucked up excursions are about money. That was an hour long commercial for Hersheys. Wonder how much they got paid for it?

And if they were going to go this route, they should have required that something edible be used.

I am truly sad to see Elisa go. Something tells me she'll be just fine with a full career ahead of her.

Thank GOD Aviva's gone, She's a beautiful girl but can't walk worth a damn!

agnes gooch said:

"She was like a Stepford wife...totally programmed."

When I saw Victorya's model coming down the runway, I told my husband, "Ladies of Stepford, your new apron for evening wear!" Forget Ice Princess!

Elisa was starting to grow on me, but she's better off being auf'd than trying to compete with what's left. I wish Space Cadet well, but I'll miss the pregnant pauses from Tim whenever he observes her work!

Unfortunately, the judges are so in love with Rami, Jillian and Victorya that I believe they will be our Final 3, but I hope I'm wrong!

You noticed they had no budget for this challenge. That is because Hershey's was getting all this free publicity. They would give all that crap away.

I hoped that awful bitch VictorYA had gone home. What was that thing she sent down the runway?

I loved this challenge - we haven't seen them do anything nutty yet. But it really should have been Sweet P's time.

Elisa is a sweet, entertaining, talented and quirky artist. But anyone who does "macabre Gretel" for her daughter's fantasy enjoyment on Project Runway is begging for the auf. Actually, I thought VictorYA deserved it more than either Sweet P or Elisa -- E. at least has a point of view, though it's straight from "The Brothers Grimm Meet the Kama Sutra," and Sweet P makes sweet, clean, simple boring dresses. That Peppermint thing was just a mess.

"Whenas in silks my Julia goes
Then, then methinks how sweetly flows
That liquefaction of her clothes..."

One of my most favorite poems, ever. :-)

I was sorry to see Elisa go, but how much joy did I experience, when the judges whacked Victorya with the Nerf bats of disdain?

Oh, quite a bit. :-D

I second that neither Sweet P nor Elisa were/are ever going to get to Bryant Park -- it was just a matter of who got auffed first. It was really a coin toss last night. Sweet P will probably be the next to go, with Ricky (this year's Robert Plotkin) close behind. After that, it's anyone's guess.

I will miss Inter-Planet Janet though. (Schoolhouse Rock? Anybody?) She was the nicest and kindest designer featured in the series.

The minute she said she hoped she'd get to Bryant Park I knew she was a goner. I'm sick of the editing being so predictable too, have I mentioned that in the last ten seconds? We shouldn't all be able to spend the week talking about how someone is getting the "loser edit" and then be right.

I'll really miss her, and when she said, "I understand," like she and Heidi were just having a conversation about her leaving, I almost teared up. And I'm quite a jaded old broad.


Chocolate Kisses

I actually found the episode to be a little unwatchable because of the crassness of the Hersey's commercial hour.

But hey, I think Elisa should hook up with Angelina Jolie. They'd be perfect together.

Aww, I will miss Elisa too. I love watching her and looking forward to T&L's hilarious commentary about her.
But she's more art-to-wear than high fashion so I think her auf-ing was inevitable.
I agree with all who have complained about the product pushing. The Today Show? Bitten? HERSHEY's??!!! Fer-crying-out loud... sometimes the show seems like an hour-long commercial.

So I know I tend to be a "corrector," and I know that not everyone appreciates that, but I had to mention this: Lingam (or Lingum) is singular, Linga is plural.

I was praying that they'd auf VictorYA, but I knew they wouldn't. I just can't help but adore Elisa - she's so sweet and self-assured in the most humble and compassionate way.

And really, in the summer, especially when you wear black soled flip-flops, whose feet don't look that dirty? I've never heard of such a silly reason to dislike or disparage someone.

Jinny that show air a long time ago and gaaawd was it ever horrible. First and second seasons *shudder* I found it on youtube long ago but if they're actually attempting a third season...The little Osborne girl was their Heidi/Iman on the second season...what does THAT say?

I have to disagree -- not about Elisa, I'm sad to see her go too -- but about the challenge. This kind of challenge is exactly what I think makes PR so much fun. And I thought it yielded some of the best results of the season so far.

Elisa is an amazing woman. I'm glad we all got to see a little bit of her talent and wisdom. I will always remember her line "I come to your planet with gifts." Our planet certainly needs such gifts. Thank you, Elisa!

Glad to know I'm in safe company with the 70s references. Sheilds and Yarnell reference also had a (summer?) TV variety show back then.

I will miss Inter-Planet Janet though. (Schoolhouse Rock? Anybody?)

Right there with you, tom in kc. I'm glad so many of you have similar frames of reference!

I'm tired of having to explain to people who Charo is. (Try it, sometime: Say "coochie coochie" and "i yooz to be a noon" and watch the blank stares) and that not only did she exist prior to vh1's "The Surreal Life" but also she's one heck of a guitar player.

Oops, sorry for the Charo diversion. I return you now to our regularly scheduled topic: Puppet Girl. Discuss.

I saw Jillian last night and immediately thought "Mork from Ork."

Anonymous said...
"I saw Jillian last night and immediately thought 'Mork from Ork.'"

LMAO!!! I never mentioned it because I thought I was the only one who thought it.....and I fully expect Princess Puffysleeves to design an original vest at somepoint that looks just like Mork's.

I'm probably shouting into the wind here, but I don't see the point of complaining about commercialism in a television show. Of course it was an hourlong ad for Hershey's. Yet somehow I have not yet gone running out to stock my pantry with Reese's Peanutbutter Cups, Hershey's Kisses, and Twizzlers. If you feel you don't want your entertainment to be contaminated by commercials or product placement, you probably shouldn't be watching TV. Maybe an evening at your local community theater? I hardly feel entitled to complain that the producers of PR are making money, as it is only that which enables them to make the show I so love to watch.

I loved the Hershey challenge (as did viewers in the poll)! I can see past product promotions and just have fun watching the show with my daughter. BTW I can't stand SJP and her Bitten clothes. At least the Hershey clerk was gone after a few minutes. Agree completely Sweet P is a fake and never should have gotten selected for the show. Auntzue

Her dress was bad but not THAT awful! What about Christian's and even Sweet P's?
I wish he had stayed longer to prove how talented she is.

Elisa is a creative genius! She's too good for the show.

LOVE HER!! I will miss her tremendously!

God, her website is a disaster. And she's so sweet I feel like calling her up and asking if she'd like some help with that.

("Interplanet Janet, she's a galaxy girl..."
"Conjunction Junction, what's your function?"
"He was a hairy bear, he was a scary bear..."
"I'm just a bill, yeah I'm only a bill, sitting here waiting up on Capitol Hill..."
"Twice sixteen is 32, elementary!")


I find it odd that Elisa would even apply for a show like Project Runway. I just can't picture the judges (especially La Nina) appreciating what she does and how she does it.

" Chocolate Kisses said...

I actually found the episode to be a little unwatchable because of the crassness of the Hersey's commercial hour. "

Same here. I want to see real fabrics on the runway, real designs.

I'm sad to see her go, but hers was just a boring brown dress. A sad dress, indeed.


I was soooo hoping sweet P would go home. I am sick of her stopping in the middle and saying "NOOOOOOO I don't know what to do....!"
Her clothes always look like ass.

Elisa was sweet and kind and I will miss that (just like I miss jack and was sad when Chris was offed). I think she brought dignity and grace to a reality show. She was talented too :)

For a show that has to visit the TresSemme hair salon and take things from the accessory wall, complaining about too much commercialism and product placement sounds hilarious to me.

I don't get the disdain over dirty feet. It's not like she walked through Times Square barefoot, Elisa probably just prefers to go barefoot inside, and if you don't have carpeting, barefoot inside means dusty feet.

I believe Elisa is very talented, but her ideas will never be high fashion or commercial, and I think she's probably someone who, if she wants a career as a fashion designer, will have one-of-a-kind dresses for people who want to discuss the organic creation process. Barefoot. :)

I'll miss watching Elisa do some organic groovy right-on creating on the floor with legs wrapped around a mannequin. I'd love to see more of her work. Guess I'll go back to the pre-season fashion show and look at her 3 pieces again ... knowing now what I didn't know then.

It seemed perfectly natural to me that she would go barefoot while wrapping herself around the mannequin. When I saw how dirty her feet were, I made critical remarks about the janitorial services at Parsons, not about Elisa's footwear choices.

I hope she has success somewhere in the world of creativity from here on out. She really is a sweet spirit.

Elisa was a very gracious, I don't want to say loser, so I will say "aufer." Nuttier than a fruitcake, but she was very gracious and sincere in her departing words.

Oh and Tom in KC "I will miss Inter-Planet Janet though" LMAO Yes, I totally get it!

"td said: And Gotham, if Tim continues to talk about feminine protection in future episodes, I'm so outta here."

But it was appropriate last night, since the episode was all about chocolate.


Did anyone else think that the Bravo phone poll about "favorite episode of the season so far" should have included the previous episode (the one in which Sissybear returned)?

It seemed to be head and shoulders above the rest of the epidodes -- lots of Tim, an INDIVIDUAL and CREATIVE challenge, the Jack drama, etc. I'll bet that episode would have won the poll hands down.

(Oh, also, there's never been a planet Janet hasn't seen.)

I have to say that Elisa who was first an annoyance became a favorite of mine.

I think the more she tried to do "structured" clothes, the further away she got from herself. I wish she had just done her usual bias cut wacky stuff, but alas, she made this. This kind of sewing & construction isn't her strong suit.

I'm sorry she's gone. I really wanted to see her in the final 3.

She was so gracious and so peaceful, so utterly aware of who she was without either tearing down another person or bragging about herself (like Christian), that she added a very much needed "zen" quality to the show.

Thanks everyone for bringing some fun and cheer to the day. Last night I ended up in the ER with my son. At midnight he had a huge seizure. I'm just home for a bit, grabbing a few things then heading back to the hospital.

Well. I think that Elisa is just too gentle to survive in the jungle right now. Until she constructs borders to protect herself from negative energy, she'll get pushed around like a helium balloon. It seems to me like she is not quite ready for the fight yet.

Good luck, little beam of light. I will really miss you. And I'll miss Alex!'s fantasies about you.

(Thinking about you, Kanani)


OK, what's up with Jillian's personal style? She dresses like she's in Shields and Yarnell or something...

Well, I think Santino Rice was asked who would be the hardest to live with and he picked Jillian.

I just don't have a clear idea of who this person is, I don't find anything compelling about her. Maybe it's working for Ralph Lauren where there's an "image" that most can understand, but not get really excited about. She's like that. I just don't see the "oomph" in her, and now with Elisa gone, it's hard to see WHO the "oomph" will come from other than Christian and hopefully, Kit will start coming through.

Thanks Aho. I have to go find my son's favorite hoodie.

Best wishes, kanani

"Bittybis said...
I'm probably shouting into the wind here, but I don't see the point of complaining about commercialism in a television show. Of course it was an hourlong ad for Hershey's. Yet somehow I have not yet gone running out to stock my pantry with Reese's Peanutbutter Cups, Hershey's Kisses, and Twizzlers."

NOT YET . . . but it will sneak up on you and before you know it you'll be licking you chops wondering what you just did.

Oh, I don't think our Alex! is going to be that fickle with his imaginary affections. At least he better not be.

but I have to say, lima bean, I think Elisa did a magnificent job protecting herself from the negative energy. Have you ever seen someone leave the show with such a sincere smile on his or her face?

and best of luck to your son, kanani. I, too, appreciate this site for the haven it is when things suck.

Elisa is such a beautiful person.

And thanks TLo for posting the videos here. I tried to find them on the Bravo site this morning but it was excruciatingly slow so I gave up.

Anne said: ("Interplanet Janet, she's a galaxy girl..."
"Conjunction Junction, what's your function?"
"He was a hairy bear, he was a scary bear..."
"I'm just a bill, yeah I'm only a bill, sitting here waiting up on Capitol Hill..."
"Twice sixteen is 32, elementary!")

And don't forget...

"When you skate, a figure 8...."

Sweet & quirky is a great combination and I will miss her. But her dress was not good (I was expecting a much more fanciful fairy tale costume), so at least I'm not furious at the judges. I love this kind of challenge--I think it adds more fun to the show and for that, I'm happy to tolerate the product placement.

i daresay Elisa was not only the most refreshing person on this show, but the most refreshing person in all of reality tv.

i'm so very done with Sweet P's 'i'm in over my head' routine. It's not cute.

Did anyone catch VictorYA's uber-bitch face at the Hershey's clone? It was RIPE.

Jillian bores the bejesus out of me. i'm still mad that her rule-shirking from the previous challenge didn't get called out at all.

I found myself thinking that it was a good thing that
Elisa had her accident in London (if she had to have one that is) so that she could get the medical care needed. Yes, I did just see "Sicko" - why do you ask?

I actually liked the back hemline of her dress. If she had carried that idea to the front she might have made it to the next round.

She stole Christian's puffy sleeves! And then forgot to attach them to the rest of the dress.

Oh, but I will miss her. I liked the way she went her own way and never let anything faze her or upset her.

i LOVED this girl. charming, out of this world, and ready to get down and get dirty. no one else was like her. this show is going to suck ass without her. if chris leaves i might not watch the rest of it.

sweet p has less talent than everyone else and should go. if ricky didn't pull of a great outfit he was going to get cut imo.

"the Nerf bats of disdain"

That would make a terrific band name.

I loved when she said "I'm working on the wow factor" to Tim. I will miss her a lot.

The whole time she and Sweet P were on the I was saying "no" under my breath. My friend and I were fighting over who should go, and I was almost at the point of calling her a bitch. I'm going to miss her a lot. She was so much fun to watch, and some of her clothes (at least her first three garments) were GORGEOUS. I feel your pain, you guys. I thought she was going to Bryant Park, after all... *sad sigh*...
Oh well. The show is kinda boring now, and while I really dislike Rami as a person and a designer, his dress was cute, but Jillian should have won last night.

This challenge was a 3 way tie for me in terms of the winner: Rami, Jillian and Sissy Bear. I agree that Rami's win was justified - he made an awesome outfit and that bodice is incredible.

AUF'ing Crazy Girl (as she is known in our household) was not cool. I didn't like her before but when she found out that they were going to the candy store and her reaction was jumping up and down and clapping? She was so sweet to me!

I agree - her dress sucked and we were surprised. She's done awesome before. This was a blip....

But Sweet P's dress was even more bloody awful. Sweet P should have been sent home. I predict she won't last 3 more eps.....

When Crazy Girl got the AUF - I was sad. Genuinely sad.

How could Christian have tossed all those peanut-butter cups? Doesn't he realize that there's buttertrolls and hambeasts starving in their local Wal-Mart that could have USED those empty calories?

elisa seems like such a nice lady. really a class act. she was completely zen about everything. and her unconditional gratitude for the opportunity the show afforded her was refreshing. i wish we could have kept her longer.

sweet p really should have been the one out last night. it's a wonder she's still in it. sweet as she is, her work is just full of excuses. i thought for sure she was out once the the judges said "boring". it's always the kill word.

I am in mourning.


Alas. I think any of the bottom three could have gone, but I was hoping they'd toss Victorya and her crankypants. And then when she was immediately safe (teacher's pet!), I was willing to sacrifice Sweet P -- whom I have nothing against, but not much for, either -- in order to save Elisa. On an aesthetic level, she's kinda loopy, but on a personal level, she's just so grounded. It was refreshing to find someone like that on my screen.

But honestly, Sweet P, you finally get pulled from the button bag while there are some really good choices left, and you stick with Katie the galumphing stork? And cute Christina got the boot instead? Tsk. Practically an auf-worthy decision right there.

What a sweetheart! Not a bad word about anyone! Have you noticed how much NICER this year's contestants are? No one is trying to kill anyone - did the producers mess up? Personally I like it - the focus is on the work, not the backbiting!

Holy Cow! What's with the snobbish "dirty feet" comments? Some of you people need to get out in the real world!

Yeah thanks, we have an easily skeeved bunch here, what with the feet and the spit. Next challenge: design for the Boy in the Bubble! Luckily, Jillian has a decade appropriate wardrobe. Na-noo, na=nooooo!

Sad to see Elisa go, but it was coming sooner or later. And, you know, I picked her for my Fantasy Runway, so points for me!

I confess, I wasn't an Elisa fan in the beginning, but she quickly grew on me. I will miss her quirkiness and sweet drama-free personality. I loved that she was returning to her "Love Man" Moses and her daughter Calliope. I think I'll start calling my husband my "Love-Man", LOL!

Shields & Yarnell (Yes, I do remember them!)! Maxipads! Linghams limp with sadness!

I couldn't help but do that snort/laugh while reading some of today's comments.

Damn. I really wanted to see more of her.

It was pretty uninspired dress, though, wasn't it?

But... but... Vicorya's was UGLY and she should've gone instead.

Santino (of all people!) once said the designers get homesick, tired, fed up & start to self-sabotage during the 4-6th challenges. If they make it through that wall, they return energized.

Interesting that Michael Kors & Nina, generally, liked Elisa. I got the feeling they were rooting for her and disappointed. Tim and Heidi, on the other hand, were totally freaked out by her!

"Anne said: ("Interplanet Janet, she's a galaxy girl..."
"Conjunction Junction, what's your function?"
"He was a hairy bear, he was a scary bear..."
"I'm just a bill, yeah I'm only a bill, sitting here waiting up on Capitol Hill..."
"Twice sixteen is 32, elementary!")"

And don't forget...

"When you skate, a figure 8...."

And also: "3 is the magic number, yeah it is" I still sing that one to my nephews. I have to admit Elisa grew on me after a while but I really expected more of her in this challenge. I have worked with many people with traumatic brain injuries and it takes a huge effort to get to the point where Elisa appears to be. You guys ARE going to snag an interview with her, right???

For all the Elisa lovers out there, please go out and read the book Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. Yes, it's a book intended for twelve year olds. But it's one of those books that makes you think the world might be ok in 20 years if more 12 year old girls read it.

Stargirl is the original Elisa.

I'm almost afraid to post in fear of breaking one of the eight cardinal lingams. My Karma has been so bad lately, I live in fear of stomping other's stepping stones to enlightment... :nervous smile:

I was hoping Elisa would last a lot longer. She was just too sweet for TV. Wasn't she? You'll be missed by me Elisa. I have your website bookmarked and I got the notion that others will be watching your career too. =D

Sweet P should have been out. Elisa provided such a sweet vibe. The only one left to do that is Chris. If he gets aufed again, it will feel the same as when Andrae left in S2. Something fundamental was missing after that.

I also am surprised at people being so offended by Elisa's feet. It's just a little dirt, folks. It happens when you go barefoot. And it's not contagious. Sheesh.

As soon as she went into the Car Accident Story I knew she was a gonner....that and when I saw the Jiffy Pop Popcorn domes on the arms of her model. Love ya Puppet Girl- now go scrub your feet!

"I second that neither Sweet P nor Elisa were/are ever going to get to Bryant Park -- it was just a matter of who got auffed first."

" Anonymous said...
It seemed obvious to me that Elisa wasn't going to make it to Bryant Park. "

Oh yeah?

Coming late to the game...just watched it last night! Seriously, why Elisa? Beyond her "sweetness and light" personality, Heidi said, "Sweet P...we were totally bored." Isn't boring worse than ugly? At least in PR terms? It has in the past. And Kors said that she continually sends boring things down the runway. So....huh?

Elisa's dress was a hot mess, but it was interesting in a weird, brown sort of way.

I am also over Sweet P's WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? meltdowns.

another laura

It's all been said above, but I'm sure going to miss Elisa.

Compare her work on PR with Sweet Pea's through the weeks and you see that Elisa is the superior. Boo, PR, booooo!

Coming to an exit interview near you: Sweet Pea

I guess the Mothership called her back. Sad!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sad! When it got down to the last 2 I was like "NOOOOOO!" I love Sweet pea and Loved Crazy Elisa they are the only people i care about on this show. While I know Sweet pea wont win (Rami or Jillian will win) I love her she is so sweet and fun.

Ok, we've all made fun of puppet girl, but could you smell her aufing from moment 1?? She reveals to us why she is. . the way she is. . .she was hit by a car, and had brain damae! damn it! I was starting to REALLY like her, and feel something for her. . . and then she goes and make anothing dress that makes references to poo, and auf she goes!

I wanted Elisa to make it work!! The idea of the macabre Gretel was kinda delicious. It just didn't come out. What was up with the hem of the skirt?? And don't get me started on the tinfoil water wings. That said, Victorya's frock was even worse... ugh.

I'm all for wacky, creative challenges when they're actually interesting - like the flower district challenge, which was amazing and forced designers to think.

But the Hershey's store? Yes, we all know that television producers will pimp their own children for ad revenues, but the scene with the Hershey's shill was unwatchable (or unlistenable - I had to mute the TV.) And the material they were working with wasn't "unconventional" it was just crap - they would've done way better at an actual dump.

I think that dress has something to do with her head injury in London.

Our special little girl will be missed.

It's depressing how her dress looked like a trash can full of wrappers...

Thank whatever pagan spirit/wiccan elemental/shit fairy she worships that the the Queen of New Age Twee is gone. Her designs were crap overexplained as "concept;" her skills were nonexistent; her preciosity was nauseating and not entertaining. I'm all for throwing some nuts into the mix, but please.

The one thing I loved about Elisa's dress was that on the breasts it said "kisses". A clever little secret that Elisa put in there. It was adorable.

I don't know if she self-sabotaged, as Desertwind tells us Santino states some contestants are prone to do... but if she hadn't been auffed, I'd hate to see what would happen when the competition turns ugly an a few more episodes. (and you know that no matter how nice the contestants all seem this season, it'll turn ugly soon.)

I'll miss Elisa, too. She's sweet and clever, loving and just... Elisa.

I gonna miss her! She's so positive and resilient. A total class act IMO b/c she did things on her own terms, took the flack for it when she knew she had to, and didn't blame anyone unfairly for her shortcomings.

I think the way she did things just didn't mesh well w/ such a cutthroat environment but I don't doubt that she is talented.


Elisa is definately a short-bus type of gal.

She's a very pretty woman. Funny, I never realized that before... Of course, the haggard looks and bright white lights of the workshop make everyone but the 20-year-olds look horrible.

Well. Her dress justified her auf'ing, but the judges might just have picked Sweet P's uninspired piece, because let's face it, Sweet P ain't gonna win, or even make final 6, IMO.

Elisa's mention that she'd been in a bad car accident and in a coma for 5 days did a lot to explain her personality. That changes you, in good or bad ways. She obviously decided to focus on the positive.

Though her family are deluded if they thought she had a chance in hell of copping the big prize. Still, I'll miss her. She was sweet and funny, always made me smile. Kneeling on the tabletop to pick up her stuff, for example, though I think another contestant in another PR year did something similar.

Bye, Elisa. God speed.

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