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Seeya Shatangi!

Yow. Not even Tarah could make this look good.

We may have ragged on Daniel for having a somewhat uninspired inspiration, but for sheer lameness, nothing beats using a dress as inspiration for ... a dress.

Zulema really fell apart this week. We never really liked any of the stuff she made and there were always execution issues, but this represents a real crash and burn even for her.

Man, look at how shitty that thing is put together.

Utilizing our powers of reality television armchair psychoanalysis, we surmise that Tim's little "You guys suck" pep talk coupled with the "Let's not talk to dirty girl" kindergarten antics of the rest of the designers really threw her for a loop.

Despite her win last week, she'd been struggling throughout the competition and by this point her auf'ing before the final four seemed inevitable, but in typical Shatangi fashion, she couldn't go quietly. Oh no, she had to flame out dramatically. As we said, we were never her biggest fans, but that is one epic disaster of a dress even for her.


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Poor Tarah. This was the ultimate unjustice for her. First to be stolen away from Nick, forced to wear this hideous outfit, and then booted from the show. She knows what is coming. You can see it in her eyes.

ok, granted there were execution issues b4, but i dont see how she got this bad.

its like she started and finished in an hour or something!

There were so many execution problems with this garment that the design of it doesn't even register for me.

Okay, am I missing something? I've seen some really atrocious designs on Project Runway, but I wouldn't rank this dress anywhere near the top. I mean, it's a bland but pretty dress with some puckering and a few messy seams. I don't see why everyone hates it so much.

If I saw someone wearing this on the red carpet I would think "Oh, that's pretty."

Sugar said: "its like she started and finished in an hour or something!"

I've made dresses in under an hour and they looked way better than that. Disaster is right. But that construction was inexcusable!

I agree with Colin in that it's a pretty dress. I like the design and the color. But I don't sew and even I can see how poorly it's made, and that it doesn't fulfill the assignment very well. How did the African dress inspire this? So I think it fails in execution and in terms of the assignment, but the dress itself is pretty.

From what I can recall, Tim said the oufit looked better on TV than it did in person.

The basic design as people have said is actually nice but it is very poorly constructed and as stated you can't really see the inspiration.

With everyone else's you could make the connection even if the results were less than desirable


I'd call this outfit many things, and "pretty" is DEFINITELY not one of them. Maybe the fabrics themselves had the potential to be pretty together, but even if all of the hems were finished and it was executed flawlessly, the cut and proportions make it look cheap, and kind of matronly.

God, the execution is really, really atrocious.

I think the color and shape are very flattering on Tarah and the styling is good too. The execution is poor though. Perhaps if she had used a photo of African objects instead of a dress the judges would have been more forgiving. Is it me or are they harder on the women when it comes to the sewing skills?

I was glad that Zulema got aufed here. She was always bringing up the issue of "I didn't have enough time" or "it looked different on the form" etc etc. She always had an excuse for her garments being sub-par. The execution was consistently awful...and I loved it when Diane von Furstenberg took her to task during judging. Plus, she didn't seem like a nice person to begin with (her awful behavior towards Marla and Kara) were just uncalled for. True talent does not require one to be a horrid person and treat others badly.


Pissed me off. You're going to steal Nick's model, and then you're gonna send her down the runway in THAT?

She definitely needed to go for this. It's pretty pathetic if the best you can come up with for artistic inspiration is to see a dress and make a different dress in the same color. And Tarah really got the short end here.

Obviously, the rest of the designers didn't like Zulema to start with, and for good reason--Tim really didn't like her. But they did overreact and behave like children over the model switch. Heck, it was one of the rules of the competition, and I don't think it's fair to get on Zulema's case for taking advantage of the opportunity to pick a different model. Didn't help her much, though, did it?

"OK, take a deep breath and say it, Todd!"

I LIKED THIS DRESS (running to hide)!!

Poorly executed, I know, but I liked it : - (

In the immortal words of the Bard, "This raiment sucketh big ones."

Nick's model was screwed. She is one beautiful model, and I wouldn't mind modeling myself after her.

--- Loud Groan-- Just look at the breast area. They look positively misshapen as if the model had a recent masectomy.

You know...I just can't comment anymore on this... at this stage Zulema should have pulled out something that was at least acceptably executed.


Well in fairness, it's true Zulema didn't cheat and she was in her rights to do it. However I dont think Nick overreacted. He did say he put it in perspective after he left the show.

Zulema would have or should have known that taking another designer's model by that point in the game could have an adverse effect on that designer. Tim commented on the danger of doing so for both designers at that point. More importantly it was well known Tara was NIck's inspiration and that they developed a close relationship. Cruelly ironic that she was taken during the inspiration challenge.

While I do not believe Zulema was trying to deliberately screw over her competition, she should have told Andre and Nick before she sprung that on everyone so they could deal with it. Or at least talked to Nick afterwards and apologized for the consequences of her decision. She would have known it would mentally derailed him. It would ahve been the decent thing to do.


*sniff* 'Bye, Tarah! You were my favorite of all the season 2 models. Hell, along with Nazri and Melissa, you were one of my faves of all three seasons. And you had to leave the show because of this monstrosity. You deserved better.

(I do think that Zulema was completely within her rights to pick Tarah, since she was clearly a better model than Rachel, but I'm still sorry that Zulema had to take Tarah down with her when she tanked. Wah).

Re: the model issue (and MFWO), yeah, Zulema was within her rights. She felt no loyalty towards Rachel, obviously. The thing is, though, that she blamed her bad runway results on her, and that wasn't fair. She said it clearly: "My model can't walk." Well, guess what? Her model walked for Nick. Plus, what was the idea behind the hideous make-up Rachel was forced to wear for Z? I thought the girl was butt-ugly until I saw her at the reunion show. Pluuze! Z was looking for a scapegoat, so she stole one of the best models available. Fair enough. Then she proved it was her fault all along by tanking. Too bad Tarah, who's a lovely girl, had to tank along...

I agree with several others here: this wasn't a bad dress; it was just poorly made and it didn't fulfull the inspiration part of the challenge.

I guess she deserved to go, although I actually liked this dress more than Kara's or Santino's.

Good riddance!! Just think of all the talented people who went first.

WHAT? Where's the motherfuckin' walkoff post? I hope it's coming, boys, or else I'll be seriously disappointed.

Um, aren't you girls forgetting the mother fuckin' walkoff?

Zulema is her own creature, and I thought it was UNinspired that she would take her inspiration from another garment down to the color.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

This dress was so-so in my opinion. Zulema never made anything that impressed me. It's amazing that she lasted this long on the show.

potty mouth princess

I could do a better job and I can't sew my way out of a paper bag.

One red-hot mess from top to bottom/front to back. And dare I say it? Boobies that fit even worse than the worst Santino creaton?

I was more than happy to see the door hit Shetangi's ass after this disaster.

potty mouth princess

OMG, totally forgot about "the Mother Fucking WALKOFF."


I have my Uncle Nick/Tarah Barbie to show for it. They were awesome together. Only Chloe/Grace and Jeffrey/Marilinda topped Nick and Tarah's synergy.

Eric3000: I agree that Santino's dress was worse. Can't wait 'til the PRGay boys get into that one...

Shatangi was "the mayor of excuse village" during S2.

Kara had the worst outfit, in my opinion. I think Zulema’s more talented than Kara, but the fact that she kept sending garments down the runway that were unfinished did her in.

I thought it was time for Zulema to go. This challenge separated the pros from the novices. I also think that she had all the right to pick a different model, but I'll talk about that later. I'm sure the Boys will have a post about the motherfucking walk-off.

I was glad that at least SOMEONE was switching up the models. That whole system of not having everyone choose a model each time did not work for me. ...That said, it was totally Z's time to go. This was a pretty boring result for an inspiration challenge.

Let's not forget that Uli stole Nazri from Michael in S3 right before the finale. She was very up front about it and stated that it was a competition and Nazri was giving Michael an edge. The big difference between Uli and Zulema (talent aside)? Uli is a pleasant individual.

To be more exact Uli made it clear early on during the competition she wanted Nazri and that it was Keith who had the edge with her. (Michael was paired with the Alexandra until the icon challenge.) She first took her away from Keith and then lost her at the start of the icon challenge. Her wish for Nazri was hardly a secret. So Uli grabbing her when she had the chance was not the drama it might have been. And as you say, she was much nicer about it, even apologizing to an understandably upset Lindsay.

Zulema no matter how much she was within her rights to do so, came across as being rather cold and insensitive and making it appear like it was more about Rachel than Tarah. Rather a funny twist of fate that Rachel ending up during the final runway wearing 1 of Daniel's pieces and looking beautiful.


Just so you know, her name is Rachael not Rachel. It's a little but important difference.

la mere artiste

Certainly zulema should have been shucked off a lot earlier. She had questionable taste and a sincerely unpleasant personality. What normal person could not deign to share closet space with her roomates?

"Shatangi, there's four of us here, and if you don't make some effing space, maybe one of my multiple pyschotic personalities will show your precious shoes how to take a long hot bath or the fastest way to the street."

If this is a competition for the models as well (as I constantly hear), then the models should have the right to veto a designer.

I also think a lot of designers stick with their models is that they have their basic measurements & proto patterns established. Saves a lot of time. Zulema had to start from scratch to make Tarah's dress. Being that she sucks at time management, that had to have been part of her downfall.

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