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We could hear you all screaming last night.

We admit it. It took us a while to come to terms with this one. We seriously did not understand why the judges were falling all over this dress.

It wasn't until we got up this morning and looked at it again that we sort of got what the judges were saying. We really loved the fabric choices and the deconstructive aspects, although we have to say it looks like he tied the thing together rather than sew it. When we saw the previews, we were expecting something Vivienne Westwood-esque, but it's more along the lines of a salute to the films of Mel Gibson: Mad Max meets Braveheart.

If Jeffrey were to win the whole competition, he should just hand over the Saturn Sky Roadster to Marilinda because she worked the shit out of that thing last night. In fact, she provided a perfect illustration of the importance of a good model. It looks like an entirely different dress on her than it did on the model in Paris. Those moody French bitches just don't know how to work it.

Poodle, that is entirely too much la tootie. And what the hell are you wearing on your feet?

I agree 100%. How did the Angry Pnut get away from his own emo side and create something so tartan and sunny side up?
I really didn't see it last night when he won.
HOWEVER I am getting a little tired of "Ralph Laura". Her designs are the same thing over and over. A little too "Abercrombie and Bitch" if you ask me. BUT I don't know what I would be designing with a bun in the oven. I thought her design was a bit Morticia (and her being Gomez).
Martha at the beach

I did think Jeffrey should win. He was innovative, creative, and didn't design a "pageant" dress, which the rest of them did. Uli's was the same "Uli dress" that she's made week after week after week. I'm sick of it!

Poor Michael was way out of his element, but he was brave, and so sweet to everyone on the runway. Did you see him whisper "congratulations" to Jeffrey? So adorable.

I think Jeffrey "pulled a Uli" last night. When I saw these fabrics in the previews all I could see was spilled French's :::heehee::: mustard. As much as I hate to admit it, Jeffrey IS innovative and his clothes ARE well-made (well, except for that moo-moo/tent thing he made for the Moms challenge). I wouldn't mind seeing him as the fourth designer (behind Michael, Laura, and Uli). If only he weren't just a complete and total sh*thead. :::Sigh:::

I know, I couldn't figure out why Kayne was all fawning over the french models. Our girls are fierce!

And please don't tell me my Laura is going to have a nervous breakdown. I love her.

THANK YOU. TALP's dress looked a bit like a hurricane hitting a picnic.

Yes, it was "fresh", different for him and interesting in a "what? oh..ok" kind of way, but it completely obliterated the shape of the model's bodies. I did not think it was terribly flattering. And damn...he is a JERK.

I just didn't get this dress...I watched it on rewind several times and I watched the show 3 times on replay on 3 different TV's....but-I-just-didn't-get-it....!

He won, IMO, because Ms. Frechypants was all up in his grill....she was hot for him! It was obvious!! First, she couldn't take her eyes off of his "bulge" in the rocker outfit the first day in the work room and last night I swear she was in estrogen overdrive...she was flirting with him...SHE'S FRENCH! It's in her genes to love those dark, moody creative artistic types.....Even if it is for the FIRST time....;-)

At least we got to see what was written on his neck...finally...

Sweet...'bout his son and all but I still hate him....

LOL, my husband said of Jeffrey's dress, "I think I saw the model's garbage." To which I replied, "you mean her tootie?"

I can't even begin to articulate how surprised and appalled I was last night. And of course, this is just going to feed Jeffrey's ravenous ego. What in the fresh hell WAS that atrocity he called a dress? It makes no sense at all. None.

Kayne squeaked by, but I thought his dress was gorgeous. I must have awful taste, too.

At least Mr. Creepypants is gone. Vincent was all up in Ms. Frenchy's was just uncomfortable to watch. You could tell she was praying for him to leave her alone.

Michael made it, too, but it was a close one. He got by on talent this week, as did Laura. And they make her cry next week! The BASTARDS! Although, since she's the ice princess, she could just be thawing and not actually crying...

I hated hated hated that dress. Uggghh. I just don't think these judges are consistant at all.

And while Uli's was pretty it looks like EVERY OTHER dress she's ever made, she just bit her lip and didn't kill a zebra to make it.

I thought for sure Kayne was going, but I'm glad he's still here.

I can understand that Jeffrey's dress was "one of a kind". You won't see anything like that anywhere else, so I begrudgingly give him the win. I also didn't hate Kayne's dress, but I do think he's gone next week. You can almost see them setting him up for it on the last few episodes. I just don't want Jeffrey to win. Project Freakshow can never be! He's such an angry, hateful, unlikable person that I just can't be excited for him.


I can see why he won, but man, I HATE this fucking asshole. I can't even be happy for him.
BTW, where the hell did they find those French models? They were awful.
And thanks, boys, for pointing out those hideous shoes. I didn't even notice them.

I think I've eaten on that dress at my grandmom's house.

I hate, hate, hate the color yellow (blech) but I can see why they gave Jeffrey the win. Gawd, I can't believe I'm even saying that! I'm so glad Mr. I-Was-Couture-Trained-and-it-gets-me-off is gone! Is that what they taught you Vincent - to use glue? And how in the world did he think that tweed flower even went with the dress? Ugh. I'm feeling bad for Laura. I sure do remember how tired and emotional I was during the first trimester. Hang in there, sister. Happily, our sweet little Kayne is still alive! I actually liked his dress - I have seen couture dresses with a lot more crap on them than that!

i'm relieved to see that other people have called jeffrey's dress on its, shall we say, breezy qualities, particularly around the crotch. i was a bit shocked that not one of the judges said, "i can see your model's vagina when she walks down the runway." that said - and it pains me to say this because jeffrey is such a shithead - his was the only dress last night that was truly daring, that put a new spin on the couture thing, and it came off quite well (visible poon aside).

in other news, i am very disturbed by the possibility of a laura bennett breakdown. i can't lose her now.

I didn't think Kayne's dress was so tacky either--maybe in person it looks different. But the skirt flowed, the bodice was innovative and detailed and the model looked lovely in it.

Jeffrey: Statue of Liberty? More like Statue of Hoochie-mama showing off the goods to anyone passing by. That's a little too much liberty if you ask me. And--as CM said "Cotton? For couture? Audacious." I took that as a bad thing and on the NY runway, you could see right through it.

My favorite part--Vinnie knowing his dress was awful, so instead trying to chat up Catherine Maldonado.

"Abercrombie and Bitch"---HA!

Well, the French air and the bright colors seem at least to have cheered Jeffrey up a bit. He didn't look to be in a snit the entire show like he usually is. I hated the dress though. My bad taste is showing - I really liked Kayne's dress, and I thought Uli was going to win despite similarities to the past. Why does Jeffrey get credit for a "point of view" but Kayne doesn't? The judges are obviously panting to "auf" him, because they KEEP dogging his taste. After all, they wouldn't want to be accused of liking something that wasn't "cosmopolitan" would they?

I loved Jeffrey's dress. So innovative. Very unusual. And I loved that he picked such an unexpected fabric. I don't remember ever saying, "WOW! What a great model. WORK IT!" That US model was amazing! How did she do it?! She should win no matter WHO she is working with.

I liked Kayne's dress, too! I thought the visible boning was actually sort of cool. And the skirt was lovely. And the asymmetrical lacing in the back was awesome. It does seem like the judges are setting him up to fall, but I worry about that preview for next week's show. It looks like Ms. Bennett will be in the spotlight, which can't be good. Or, maybe it's a red herring, and she'll actually WIN the challenge!

I liked Jeffrey's dress. I still don't like Jeffrey though.

And Michael's dress did improve with the judicious tucking.

Bye, Vincent!!

I'm actually glad that Jeffrey won again! All the challenges in the past have been working against him (except the jetsetter episode). The dress he made, though very westwood/gaultier, it looks like a couture dress; over the top, lots of fabrics, well executed, but most importantly, believable!
Mr. I get-off-on-all-my-work is finally gone! I guess he can use the upholstery dress to wipe off the Jizz he spilled in the workroom since he claimed to get off every episode!

you guys took the words out of my mouth re marilinda. she has always been fierce like nazri and she WORKED the hell out of that vivienne westwood wanna be thing last night (but it sure wasn't vivienne).

Screaming, indeed!! I still think this dress is ugly and that Uli should have won...


I love a mustard sandwich...

Loved the Peanut's dress, Paris must have been good for him, confident and inspired.

If glue came in a crystal decanter, that still wouldn't make it a couture skill. Kind of a miserable ending.

Loved this episode and your comments today!

So what was Laura's reference to the Olsen Twins next week? I think the preview they showed was a red herring and she'll pull it together.


i loved the color and the combination of plaids, but i couldn't even tell how the fucking thing was made. seemed like there was loose fabric everywhere, like he wrapped her in a curtain and pinned it up.

and yes, the model here was fab-o. saved his ass and probably won the competition for him.

and i also thought KAYNE'S DRESS WAS STUNNING! it looked like liquid gold, it was magnificent, glorious, i'd wear it in a heartbeat if i weren't 49 and a true BigAssBelle ;-)


laura. crying.


LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Jeffery's dress. I thought it was completely innovative and coture. It was absolutely stunning!

I may be wrong here -- and I trust that someone will point out the error of my ways ...

I've finally figured out why Peanut is so angry. How would you feel to have a tattoo on your neck that's misspelt? If I remember correctly, it reads: "L'amor de la mia vita." I think he may have had the tattoo done the way the dialect is spoken in his family's ancestral home, not the way it is actually written. "della" is Italian; "de la" is French."Amore" is love in Italian but may be it's pronounced "amor" somewhere. For proof, I give you Dean Martin lyrics. Surely you've heard this:
"'scusa me but you see, back in ol' Napoli, that's amore" ... And the lesser known: "When you tattoo your neck, the spelling: double-check. That's amore"

As for the rest of the tattoo, li'l Harrison should be happy that Dad isn't from Dildo Key, FL.

I'm sure Peanut's dress was nice/creative/wonderful/etc., but I just can't get past the pattern. It looks just like a tablecloth my mother used to use. In 1978. Blech.

The moment I saw the Peanut's tribute to the Statue of Liberty (HOW? ... How the HELL was that thing influenced by our Lady Liberty? Did She ever stop in Scotland in Her crossing from France to the U.S.?) I knew he had it.

The boyfriend turned to me and said "ugh" to which I replied, "yeah, but wait; the judges are just going to piss down their legs over this thing." I think Nina and the Princess were both a bit moist. And why are we all whooped-whoop about Richard Tyler's designs for Delta Airlines? Diane Vone Fuestenberg's shirt dress remade in inexpensive red cotton-poly blends? ... HELLO!

The Peanut managed to do something that no one else thought to do ... he showed the judges something they didn't expect from him.

Marilinda (that's the US model's name, right?) worked that Brigadoon picnic blanket thing like nobody's business ... the French model showed us all her picnic basket along with the blanket. Marilinda could make anything look amamzing. If he is a smart boy, and unfortunately I think our Angry Little Peanut is a smart a smart boy, he will hang on to her for dear life!

Michael had a good idea, it was just too much work in too little time and with his own admission too limited experience and abilities in handsewing.

Uli was "Uli" as usual. Laura was "Laura" as usual. I love Laura, but I am beginning to wonder if she isn't a bit of a Johnny-one-note. She has to keep going though. She just has to!

Kayne heard some whisper of reason and created what I thought was a wonderful garment in design. The lace-up in the back was fascinating. I think if he had mad the dress in another color and fabric instead of metallic gold, the judges would have given him more props for the dress.

And then there is our most deservedly biggest loser, Vincent (EVIL GRIN) ... What a dolt. He had a bad design and it was terribly executed ... GLUE ... GLUE ON A COUTURE DRESS for crying out loud! Those shoulders, how Dynasty. The color was drab, the fabrics were like something my grandmother had in her living room back in the seventies.

And have you ever seen anyone work a judge like Vincent did Katharine last night? He doesn't have a brown nose ... No, our boy Vincent has a brown tongue! Thank GOD he is gone!

Speaking of Katharine, I heard rumor that Angela Keslar was hired by her to work her NYC showing this fall? Can anyone confirm this?

Ok, gotta get back to work ...
Brian in KY

I was dissapointed that more wasn't made of Kayne's dress. The back of the skirt was amazing. If his two models were closer in size, it would have had a better show.

And really, it was Jeffrey's model that won the competition - it couldn't have been that dress.

no. no. no. that was a girl in a yellow tartan parachute cut down from a tree she was caught in. hated Jeffrey's dress.

Loved Jeffrey's dress. It's a design contest not a personality contest. And I don't think that a couture garment is supposed to be understood by's not meant for mass production (like the Inc challenge). I don't particularly understand Jeffrey's design but I thought it was attractive and appreciated that it wasn't as boring as the other designs.

My eyes! I knew he would win, though, because it was so different from everybody else's. I actually liked Kayne's dress a lot, so maybe my "taste level" isn't where it ought to be.

Now if Uli sent this mixed-print dress down the runway there would be lots of eye-rolling. Why are they so in love with Jeffrey?

I agree with Gigi, I really liked Kayne's dress. I have no idea why the judges did not. Uli's dress was pretty and understated for her. Many designers work within a certain style, so I do not fault her too much for that. I have to admit that Jeffery's dress was eye-catching; that does not mean I approve of his abrasive personality, however. Poor Michael was out of his element, but I bet that he does some studying after the Project is over. He strikes me as a man who wants to learn. Laura's dress looked better on the French model, and the collar fabric did not maintain its crispness, unfortunately.
Vincent should have been "auf'ed" weeks ago. He spent way too much time enlisting others to admire his work, and when he picked up that bottle of glue and proceded to glue the entire dress, which required much less sewing than the other dresses, I nearly had a heart attack. I expected the dress to fall apart at eny time. None of his dresses, including the winning dress in the "MOM" episode showed any sign of Couture Training. Did you notice that insane smile when he was told he was out? If he is bi-polar, I feel sorry for his family. The crash will be terrible.

Mariana (The Original)

Jeffrey's was in the mold of true couture (although too derivative of Vivienne Westwood, the punk plaid thing's been done to death). But he's a colossal asshole nonetheless.

I was thinking there was entirely too much tootie exposed as well...

The skirt on Kayne's was gorgeous, even though the bodice was very (in a bad way) pageanty.

Uli's was really lovely, even though it was another damn halter. And yes, she CAN make pants. She made a great pair for Kayne's mom a few weeks back.

I was scared Michael would be gone. The hand-sewing on the dress was pretty bad, but the design and color were great. With the bunny ear tits DOWN!

Vincent? What the fuck ever.

Alls I can say is he WOULD NOT have won if Marilinda would not have worked that dress like it was the greatest thing in the world, so I agree that he owes her something.


I didn't love any of the dresses last night. I might have loved Jeffrey's in a different color and not in plaid, but they mostly were all just okay. Except for Vincent's, of course, which couldn't even have dreamed of being okay.

I thought Jeffrey's dress was fab!

All the other dresses, it seems, could be bought at a store...not his....a ONE of a kind and I just loved it.

What I don't get is how Kayne can be criticized for being to "busy" while Jeffrey's weird-ass thing was the busiest thing on that runway. Just. Don't. Get. It.

I think they might have it in for poor Kaynebow and that makes baby Jesus cry.

Ok, couture is about intricate details. Couture is about finally stitched, very well-constructed ART on the body and off. Most importantly, though, it should look absolutely gorgeous when worn.
As for Jeffrey, there were no intricate details, had color but lacked in the essence of couture, and it wasn’t figure flattering (yes, especially in the southern region). What it WAS was innovative. If this was the innovation challenge, I would have had no problem with Jeffrey winning, because those colors and that dress were very innovative, especially coming from Jeffrey, Mr. Death-in-the-flesh. He was able to win by presenting something he knew the judges wouldn't expect. He may not know Italian, but he is still one smart—albeit bitchy—cookie.
As for the most couture-inspired gown? It is hard to say. This was a ridiculous challenge that I know shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Couture in two days?! You have got to be kidding me! The challenge is almost an insult to the art. But I did like Kayne's dress, if only in a different color (for the judges sake, I almsot kind of liked the color and I hate gold!). You could look closely at his dress and notice details that you wouldn’t see from far away, i.e. the boning. You may not like it, but it was a detail dear Kaynebow wanted there. Laura's collar I liked too, but the judges did have it right, her dress had been done before.


I thought Jeffrey's dress was fab!

Me too! I love Peanut more each week. Truly. I know I'm in the minority here, but I think he's by far the best designer of those still standing. I hope, hope, hope we see his collection in Bryant Park.

Marilinda was fabulous. So glad she wasn't auf'd in the first episode. Wasn't she the one who wore Stacey's dress (the one MK said looked like a pillowcase with the pillow still in it)? Jeffrey's loyalty to her more than paid off last night. She SOLD that gown.

But don't forget that Catherine M. loved his gown, too (c'est manifique!), even when it was worn by the somewhat lackluster Paris model.

Speaking of models, I loved the little bit of conversation we saw between Kayne and the Paris models. It made me giggle. And didn't Kaynebow look great in his jacket.

And, come on, French Kaynebow was TOO cute. Oui, oui.

Jeffrey's dress was yuck. My BF said "It looks like picnic trash." I heartily agree.

I LOVED Kayne's dress- it was just stunning. Fit perfectly on the French model. The asymmetric lace up in the back, the gold mesh beaded bodice, and that lovely skirt that flowed beautifully on the runway - i was rooting for him to win it. SO angry at Nina last night for bitching him out for no good reason. "Taste level?" Step down, bitch, and look again.

Plus, I want a French Kaynebow of my own to snuggle with at night. Too cute.

Props to Michael for graciously enduring M. Kors as he laughed at the dress, tore it apart, and laughed at it again. "oh my god, it's like a celebrity puked on it! Ha ha ha!"

Jeffery's dress looked just awful. A bizarre yellow tartan mess. Completely agree that Marilinda's fierce-as-all-hell strut won this for him.

SO glad Vincent is gone - I know you could hear us all cheering, prboys.

and i also thought KAYNE'S DRESS WAS STUNNING! it looked like liquid gold, it was magnificent, glorious, i'd wear it in a heartbeat if i weren't 49 and a true BigAssBelle ;-)

FINALLY someone who loved Kayne's dress as much as I did. I swear if he could make that gorgeous creation fit a fat ass like me, I would buy it in a New York (uh...Paris) minute!

I. Hate. That. Dress.

Absolutely. Hideous. It was basically a tent made for a Scottish clansmen to sleep in while roaming out in the highlands, who then drank too much whiskey and barfed yellow bile all over it.

It was so, so, so NOT couture.

Couture is a french invention, and FRENCH PEOPLE DON'T DO PLAID. EVER!!!!!!

The rest of the dresses were unimpressive, but Uli's was the least disappointing. She should have won.

I do not like the dress but coming from Jefferey it totally works. I was comparing the pics of the Paris model and Marilinda and it looks like Jeff did a lot of tweaking once he was back in New York. The slit appears to be on the opposite side and some of the whickitty wack is gone....hmmmm makes it look like a different dress to me.

I guess French's sponsored this challenge.
That dress was HIDEOUS. Sorry.
The thing that sorta sold that dress to me..was his model.
My dude & I were watching it, and as SOON as that bitch Marilinda stepped on the runway..we BOTH let out a "well damn."
She WORKED it!!

I personally fell in LOVE with Kayne's dress. The way it flowed on the runway. MY GOSH! I was in heaven.

My poor baby Michael, I seriously was scared for him. Told my dude if Michael was eliminated, I would boycott the show. It DID look way better when he tucked the ears in.

Uli, ehhhhh. It was ok.

Laura, meh. Her dress made me remember to thoroughly clean my room. I still LOVE Laura though.

Vincent, I think I woke up the whole neighborhood shouting for joy!!

Ding Dong, the [luna]Tic is DEAD!

"Couture is a French invention, and FRENCH PEOPLE DON'T DO PLAID. EVER!!!!!!"

Really ? Givenchy did lots of plaid as did Alexander McQueen when he took over the label from John Galliano
in '96. Peanut's dress was bold but not innovative. It was a knock off McQueen from 8 or 9 years ago. Although even A.M. didn't send a girl down the catwalk with her cooch all out...... just her ass.

That neck tattoo thing had to hurt like a bitch right?


I have limited computer access right now on my fabulous vacation but I'm here to say that I WORSHIP THE RUNWAY you boys walk (off?) on!!!!

Your adoring fan who is devoted to doing what it takes to get you to fashion week INSIDE those tents reporting to us LIVE,


Has anyone noticed that Marilinda constantly walks with her hands on her hips, since she's paired with Jeffery?
And, oddly enough, his clothes have the same effect on other people: Toni (Miss USA challenge) and Darlene! Darlene has an excuse (her hip problem), but the other two? I think Jeffery coaches them to "do the Time Warp again".

Have any of you watched a real couture runway show of late? 99% of that shit is unwearable garbage. It's nothing more than an ego trip for the designer (who's signature fragrance is more than likely keeping his or her fashion house afloat). If you judge last night's PR runway show on current "couture" standards, TALP's dress was the obvious winner. That's not to say it's the one I liked best. Indeed, when they told Kayne his middle name must be "too much," since when was current couture NOT about too much? I thought of all those designers, Michael took the biggest risk as far as construction was concerned. He gets my vote for being most ambitious. I hate to admit it, but I think the judges got it right last night. At least they sent the right one home.

Love the hell out of your blog. I'm reading the love letter to Tim Gunn screaming w/ laughter & appreciation. I don't quite get Jeffrey's Who Should Crawl Up His Own Ass & Die and his Lenny Hendrix/Mick Dougherty style (get your own style, dick!), but in the Couture challenge I saw in Jeffrey's dress hints of Galliano circa his Spring 2005 line-- all bright checks and ruffles. I think that contrasting sensibility is what the judges reveled in. Shit (Jeffrey, that is) to me, Couture to them. Whatever.

the second i saw his dress i thought alexander mcqueen sarah jessica parker. anyone know what i am talking about?

i have developed an angry little peanut allergy since watching PR, and last night i broke out in yellow plaid hives... when they siad next week there's be two to design, my first thought was olsen twins, and then laura made the olsen twin remark, so i think it's gonna be the scrappy rich homeless looking twins... hang in there, LAURA!!!

[shakes head]

Marlinda's walk was fierce, but she still looked like she was doing the walk of shame after a rough night at the Highland Games. That she was wearing that dreadful, disheveled Clan (Ronald) McDonald tartan didn't help.

Dearhearts, please tell us what sign Laura put up on her work table in Paris. I thought I caught a reference to FLEURCHONS, but who knows. Tell me!

Hi Steena,

The sign says:

"Caution. Fleurchamps making in progress"

Remember when Jeffrey was being a dick to Uli in a previous episode and she retorted right back about how his use of prints would make his model look like a clown?

Looks like Uli's right.

And for the rest of y'all that assume that couture = ugly, it's really not. We see plenty of couture on the red carpet during award season and there are always some very beautiful gowns, vintage couture or otherwise.


Folx- even my 5 yr old spotted the pithyness of this dress, "Oh," she distained,"that is so last year." (Time's faster for kids, LOL, but for her to pick up on the lack of staying power of the dress is, I think, telling. She liked Uli's and Kayne's)

Sparkle nutz's win is a huge disappointment. Fashion is the woman wearing IT, not the garment wearing her. Even with that fanfreekintatsic walk, Marilinda seemed overpowered by the dress.

FWIW Madame M was totally being worn by those fashion victim, Paris- wannabe sunglasses. Yes, those kind of toys can be fab and fun, but they are distraction and inapproprite for anything other than a little shopping in the afternoon.

Love the fabric, not so crazy about the design. He deserved to win.

"Sparklenutz" - that's great! Is anyone keeping track of the wonderful Jeffrey names?

I was always stunned by Marilinda, even when wearing Stacey's dress (which I actually liked). I was upset that Marilinda was paired up with Jeffrey since I really fucking dislike him. She totally worked that dress and made it flow, to a point where, and I hate to admit it, it looked great. I hope the dress was a total fluke, and Jeffrey could resume having the talent of a "punked up" (whatever the hell that means) Vincent that we all know and love. I mean. Seriously - look at his other designs. Seriously.

Guys -- Jeffrey may be a jerk, but he can make dresses. Maybe not what the size 10+ wear in the midwest, but he can make clothes for people in the Big City who want to make a statement and have the money to do it. I have been into his work since the recycled dress he made with that trompe l'oie belt. All the sweetness in the world won't buy you that kind of talent. The guy has talent and vision -- it's not a popularity contest, and you won't ever see his stuff at the Fashion Bug.

Where have I seen this before....?

Does Frankenfreek have all that tattooing on his neck so you won't notice those 2 bolts on either side?? I'm getting bored with 'the ubiquitous villain of this year's season' advancing almost solely due because he/she has a high 'ick' factor. (see: Santino)

omg...the only REASON jeff won is because of that damn, beautiful model....glad im not the only one that thinks so. jeff...DOES NOT NEED TO BE IN TEH FINAL THREE. some their right mind...kick him off, please!!!!

Bob Scrivens

WHAA--?!? No way. Just ... just no.

Jeffrey's dress looked like something Groundskeeper Willy would've thrown up after a night spent drinking Screwdrivers. Loud, ill and tacky ... all the things Kayne is accused of being.

And about Kayne? Everything he's done has been an explosion of tackiness, sure. But in each case, the explosion has been more breathtaking than the tackiness. (Well, except that recycler.) But someday soon, the balance will shift to the tacky, and he'll be auf'd.

It was fun seeing Laura being dangled over the Aufing Pit. Her expression said it all: "Oh, sure, you're going to toss me out before Glue Gun here? Give me a break." Her composure and confidence could deflect bullets.

Hate the dress. Hate Jeffrey. Looks like Malibu Barbie on Crack. Really.
I don't know what the judges saw in the dress as I liked Uli's. And Michael is sooooooooo cool----he even said congratulations to the evil Jeffrey after he won. That my friends, is class.


Like Nazri, Marilinda could wear a trashbag down the runway and make it look fab. Parisian models got nothing on American models!

I'm going to chime in again. I really did think that Jeffrey's dress was daring, eye-catching, and totally different than what the other designers made. But I don't think it looked particularly good. Just different than anything on the runway. That is why he won.

As for the challenge itself, I have a bit of a beef. Saying "making something couture-like" is like saying "Make something really awesome". That can mean anything, from the brilliantly simple to OTT. As TG said in his podcast, only a handful of women actually buy what was the point of this challege? Make something they would buy and wear? make something that looks good on the runway but is absurd for anything else?

Kayne had better get rid of Amanda this time. She did not do justice to his dress this week. Compared to Jeffrey's model, no one "worked it" well, not even Nazri. Too bad - I really thinked that helped him win!

I thought peanut was innovative, but I wouldn't have used the word couture to describe it.

If you ask me(because I'm so fabulous in that understated over 40 housewife way) Kayne's dress was actually more couture than the others just with the hand work alone. Of course, it could be because I own several fitted bodices that show off my 'girls' and hourglass figure.

Yes, it might have been over the top, but isn't that the point?

Brigadoon picnic blanket!!


Perhaps it's couture. I'll be the first to admit I don't know anything about serious couture, but it was aesthetically not pleasing to me.

Can't help it. I just fucking hate Jeffrey. The ONLY thing he has is talent. Unfortunately for me, that is enough to keep him on the show for a while longer....

PS What does "Peanut" refer to?....ha ha ha ha ha.

I thought Jeffery's dress was hot. Even if it reminds me of a ridiculous miniskirt I bought at Hot Topic 3 years ago when I thought I was punk.

His dress kind of reminded me of the Carol Burnett Show when she made fun of the movie Gone With the Wind. You all know the scene that I'm talking about: Carol Burnett wears a curtainrod instead of wearing a dress made out of the curtains. looked like Jeffery threw some curtains over his form and called it a dress.

Oy. It looks like a pinic table cloth that the wildlife got sick on repeatedly. I might add I didn't like this dress at all. ;)

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