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Soap opera.

In a perfect world, after downing that flute (and it ain't the first flute he's downed if you know what we're saying), he would have boozily drawled "Well, how would you like it if I told the board of directors you were IMPOTENT!?" and then thrown back his head, laughed, smashed it into the blazing fireplace, and stood there waiting to be slapped.

Or maybe that's just us.

What's not to love about this episode? Sure, we could expound on the unfairness of it but who doesn't love some good old-fashioned American manufactured drama?

"Hey guys! Howyadoi-- "


"Just steps. I'm safe. I'm okay. haha. Who knew?"

"Hey guys! I'm touching a supermodel! HAHAHAHAHA"

Look, did anyone seriously consider them a credible threat to the status quo? They were always weak contenders and bringing them back like this meant they were off their game going into it.

As for the dresses...what is there to say, really?

"Edwardian," Angela?

Only if you follow it with "Scissorhandian."

Call us crazy, but when your model bows her head and silently weeps, there may be something wrong with the dress.

"I thoughtfully included for when the shame of what you're wearing in public overwhelms you."

And Vincent's?

Early '90s, Pretty Woman, Robert Palmer video redux. The end.

Y'know, we could bitch and moan about the unnecessary drama of bringing these two back, but we got to hear Heidi say the magic words "Vincent, you're out." for the second week in a row, and that's just good television as far as we're concerned. If PR season 4 consisted of nothing but the judges kicking Vincent off the runway for 16 solid episodes, we're looking at a surefire ratings winner.

OMG I can't stop laughing.


HILARIOUS, guys. I have to agree with Jeffrey. It was funny to see them auf'd again.

I felt bad for the contestants that had not been booted yet. It was almost as if they had a free ticket they didn't know they had. Would multiple winners get multiple reincarnations?

And Laura's gritted teeth rant to Angela was TOO funny "It was a team win"....meaning "We pulled your ass out of the fire on THAT one!"

HAHAHAH. Great shots.

Oh, yeah-and who the HELL styled Heidi?

I wonder when Uli had time to make Heidi's dress...



You guys crack me up! : )

Loved the nervous laughter when Vince staggered out. LOVED the stone cold silence when Angela made her appearance!

"Edwardian Scissorhandian"! It doesn't get any funnier than that!



The fabric stuffed purse was classic.

Best post EVER!

While this is one of the funniest postings ever by you, my BFFs, I am SO PISSED that you are not IN YOUR CAR RIGHT NOW DRIVING TO MANHATTAN!!

Seriously. I was in the gym on the stupid revolving stair machine thinking "If I get home and they didn't post on the blog, that COULD mean they are on their way to Bryant Park. Which will mean the mother of all recaps for us." (I know- I know- get a life- but I can't help it- imagine live commentary from the PRGayboys??)

But alas, apparently that is not to be I guess.

To anyone affiliated with Bravo who could have gotten them in but didn't:

I'm soo confused. First off, from what I'm reading on the blogs, way too many viewers seemed to miss the many times Heidi said that "advantages to winning" line and felt like this came out of nowhere. Are they watching and listening to the show?

Also if the vibe was Vincent and Angela couldn't cut it, why would they be a threat to desingers( and their fans? why get so bent out of shape.

In the immortal words of Kaynebow, "I love it. I love it. I love it."

I was shocked to see Jeffery speechless. I was cheering for Laura when she growled at Angela that Angela should not be there.

You guys are hilarious, I love to start my day with a good laugh or two here!

Seriously, all Heidi's dress needed was a little gust of wind from a subway grate. Just picture it. I wonder if she was wearing spanky pants under that thing?

Seeing Jeffrey speechless was the best part of this episode!

"Vincent, you're out" is the new "They killed Kenny!"

I was actually a little worried when I saw his dress on the dressmaker's dummy because it looked pretty good, but it was terrible on the model. And that shawl. Well.

As for Angela, I have to say: WTF? When they got the last twist on the challenge, I said to my daughter, "Oh, that's no problem for Angela. She'll just take all her extra fabric and make fleurchons. They'll be everywhere!" What was she thinking sticking all that fabric in the purse? WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE FLEURCHONS?

If they had let Keith come back, that might have been some competition. He's had several weeks to read and memorize his pattern-making books or to perfect his Mission: Impossible microchip implant that beams instructions directly from the House of Chanel. Vincent's signals from the House of Nutsoid (and Angela's from Rosettaville) wouldn't have chance!

You guys are so funny, I agree 100%!

I so loved it when they made Angela open up her purse and it was full of scraps. She tried to play it off, but she was so busted on that. What a stupid bimbo.

I'll bet if we could turn back time (channeling Cher) and let Angela make the team outfit over again, by herself, it wouldn't look anything like the winner it turned out to be. It would have been rosette hell and look like something you would wear to the Ohio state fair while you were showing your pig in the hog competition. Edwardian my ass.

And Vincent...don't get me started, there is not enough to say about him. I suppose that is why he was selected to be on the show, because they knew everyone would love to hate him, not because of his talent or lack thereof.

My daughter said Angela's outfit looked like the model had a a sheep around her neck.

You guys are hilarious. I check your blog several times a day for a good laugh during the boring work day.

Keep it up!

Tom in Chicago

This is one of the funniest posts yet....

As to the whole V & A concept---
best. mind. f**k. ever.

I think it was brilliant of the producers to bring back the 2 "designers" that caused everyone so much grief. I think it really threw Peanut off his mark. (I'm not saying that his concept would have changed if she hadn't been there, but the mere presence of Angela preoccupied him quite a bit). It just showed that Laura rose to the challenge of dealing with the BS and the Drama (!) of it all and ALP was sucked into the depths of it and came up WAY short.

I don't think the "drama" is what screwed up Jeffrey's design. Whether Angela had been there or not, he still would have created the "Hooker from Hell" outfit.

I said it once before, but I think it bears repeating. I loved seeing Angela come back ONLY BECAUSE it put the Angry Little (and can we add bitter to his nickname?)Peanut off his game. It threw him for a loop ... Not that he isn't loopy enough already, being the vicious circle of neurosis in need of some serious therapy that he is.

Sure enough, AL(bitter)P saw Angela and became an extra- concentrated sour puss. Thus the cocktail dress as worn by hookers slurping Mad Dog 20/20 through bendy straws on degenerate street corners in large urban cities. I could like most of his designs if he wasn't so cruel and mean all the time.

As for the return of Vincent, all the pics you boys posted today give him a very disturbing appearance. His drop-jawed guffaw expressions make him look like some neurotic monster muppet that Jim Henson knew better than to release upon the general viewing audience.

Neither Angela or Vincent stood a chance at getting back into the competition. Angela's win probably had more to do with the influence and construction from Laura and Michael than it did on her original design. Angela's one incredible design was the Audrey Hepburn dress, and that one didn't win the challenge.

And how the hell Vincent's win with that hideous dress for Uli's mother ... Well, I can't even construct a complete sentence to express my confusion over his win.

But they are gone for good now ... WHEW!

Brian in KY

Could I possibly LOVE you two MORE?

snort, snort...

EARTH IS SWALLOWING ME AGAIN! . . . omg, that is IT! the funniest yet. what a loon.

hey! you fixed the GOD AWFUL formatting issues! hooray!

Scissorhandsian! That is, hands down, the most awesome thing ever.

To me, the most entertaining part of the runway show was looking at the expressions on the judges' faces when Vincent's and Angela's designs appeared, especially Michael Kors & Nina. Too funny!

Gotta love a second chance to say bye-bye to “the full tilt boogie Angela quilted extravaganza of puff”

Can't believe you didn't mention how in his exit interview (NUMBER TWO, THANK YOU) he spoke about his talent, calling it "a gift".....Me and the Madam just fell over laughing. He's so f*^%ing funny I can't stand it. Absolutely delusional!!!

with so many episodes slated for viewrship, the producers had to do something to fill the void left by keith being given the prada boot. but, throwing vincent and angela back into the bubbling pot of ego and thimbles was just far too excrutiating for this fashion following fella. i sat there with my bottle of xanax and frye kickers waiting for heidi (stomp stomp) klume to once again utter those two little words....
i had found relief in thinking (what an innocent i can be) that vincent had been sent back to the looney bin he escaped from, and angela back to her tractor and crop circles. but noooo, there they were looking like larry and curly without moe.
i feared for laura through her nervous breakdown. i was hoping there would be an unfortunate accident with a bobbin case and jeffrey. i fully expected kayne to meet up with (his alter ego) able-to-design. i envisioned uli designing a cocktail dress with three tit hammocks. they were told, after all, to "use all their fabric". and, calm, collected let's bust open another bottle of bubbly and get down wit it.
i worried for naught. all went accordingly in the zany world of PROJECT RUNaWAY .... and ... heidi got to utter those two little words three times! vincent was given back his straight jacket, angela was given her shovel to clean out the sty, and kayne was told he and his pink nails were outta there.
i am on pins and needles breathless with anticipation for yet another episode of all-the-world-according-to-project runAway.
thanks rule

"Edwardian Scissorhandian" is seriously funny!

Oh, my God!! I have got to start reading this thing in private, because everyone in the room keeps looking at me like I am crazy when I burst out laughing hysterically. This was the funniest one yet - Vincent falling down the steps WAS priceless!

I love you guys!
I love you guys!
I love you guys!
I love you guys!

Visual feast day!

And the V&A takes make me giggle like crazy ... or would that be like Vincent? No, I think I'd much rather giggle like Malan ...

I read that out loud to my roommate (even without the photos) and the cats went running out of the room for the squealing and hacking noises we were making...I could barely get it out. That is just Pure T HILARIOUS!!! The part about Season 4 and Vincent aufings. O. M. G. Classic!

You know what I think would have been good? I think they should have asked the designers if they thought there was anyone who deserved to come back for one more chance - maybe Allison would have gotten back in.

Although I have to say that her collection on her website is extremely weird.

Those two returning was almost enough for everyone else to be guaranteed a win. Angela is better off on an arts and crafts blog (she can't even dress herself properly) and Vincent in an institution being treated for delusional mania if there is such a thing. I guffawed loudly when he told us that he had "been making beautiful music all along and would be's a gift."

Congratulations. You made me embarass myself in a public computer lab from laughing outloud at "EARTH IS SWALLOWING ME AGAIN!"

I just laughed out loud again from simply typing it. Damn you bitches.

I almost had a full on bitch fit in my living room when Vincent walked out on stage. Then I saw his dress, and as 80's as it was, like everything he did, it was better than peanut's. I was so scared he was going to win his way back on.

And why did he get a 2nd exit interview? He is so creepy.

I'm glad Kayne got all this exposure. I hope it propels his live in Oklahoma.


"If PR season 4 consisted of nothing but the judges kicking Vincent off the runway for 16 solid episodes, we're looking at a surefire ratings winner."

I couldn't agree more! I'd sure as hell tune in for that!
Man, you two are so great. Thanks for the silent chuckle that I had to supress for like 3 straight minutes b/c I'm at work. LOVE YOU!

"If PR season 4 consisted of nothing but the judges kicking Vincent off the runway for 16 solid episodes, we're looking at a surefire ratings winner."

I have never, in my 40 years, actually done a spit take until now.

"Hey guys! I'm touching a supermodel! HAHAHAHAHA"

[wipes away tears of laughter]

[changes pants]

Oh my god, I love you guys. I really, really do. I don't know what I'm going to do once this season is over and I not only have no PR to look forward to for another year, but no Project Rungay either.

Pick a reality show--any reality show--snark it like this, and I'll watch it just so I can laugh along.

That said, I wholeheartedly agree that as lame as bringing back Vincent and Angela was, it was just as satisfying to watch Vincent get auf'ed a second time as it was the first.

And Angela shoving all that fabric in the purse? Why didn't she just make her trademark yo-yos/granny anuses out of it and have her model scatter them all over the runway as she walked (a la Jeffrey and his feathers in the first challenge)? Or stitch up a completely unironic vagina-shaped purse like the one on her website? I don't think her heart was really in the challenge, but if my attitude is that if you're going to lose, lose grandly and outrageously.

Poor Clarissa. The look on her face modeling that awful Angela dress...pure disgust and mortification.

Of all the people to bring back--why on earth those two??? I'd love to see Alison +/or Malan back for a second chance. This was just excruciating!

The producers must be smoking crack.

"Just steps. I'm safe. I'm okay. haha. Who knew?"

That was great. I miss Vincent weirdness, but I very happy he got offed again. Yes pun intended.

You can see it on Angela's model's face that she knew that the crap she was forced to wear wasn't going to win. No one was happy to see Angela, not just Jeffrey.



I read this earlier today and laughed so hard I almost hurt myself. And when I read it again, I did the same thing. Sheesh.

You boys are too funny. This just MIGHT be the funniest one yet.

But, ya know, as much as I like snarking about Vincent, wasn't it Angela who finally solidified her image as the OneWeNeverEverWantToSeeAgain.EVER?

I mean, Vincent was just Vincent--goofy, overconfident, etc. I almost felt sorry for him in the beginning, because he seemed so happy to see everyone.

But Angela. Yikes. No sensitivity about what her arrival was doing to the other contestants. No ability to see that Laura and Michael contributed more than "construction" skills to the Macy's win.

So glad she was called on stuffing her purse. I can't figure out whether she's so dumb that she didn't think the judges would figure it out or so cocky that she thought her outfit would dazzle the judges and they'd forget about the purse.


the earth... BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! you crazy bitches... that is the best. im cryin and peein at the same time...

and im with julian black - pick a show - any show! - and i will watch it just to see what you have to say about it. you cannot leave us.

I have read the word "scissorhandian" at least 5 times today as I keep coming back to check this site and I laugh every time.

You guys are priceless.......

What am I gonna do when PR is over? (I see I am not alone in my concern).

The PR gayboys are absolute smack artists. This is probably one of those rare blogs that have blogs set up about them. Something like that.

I'll be sure to check in after the season is over too, but there is always next year. And we'll always have paris.

i dunno, shit, i liked angela's dress. didn't clarissa say that she liked the shrug thing? ehhhh.

"Thus the cocktail dress as worn by hookers slurping Mad Dog 20/20 through bendy straws on degenerate street corners in large urban cities."

That actually made me quite thirsty and I had to go grab some Wal Mart Sam's diet cola with a bendy straw. (Yes, it's really quite a sad life)


Edward is so hellov too cool for that ugly ass dress. don't insult my movie that i love......

you shall make me sad.


I agree that it would have been more interesting to have the remaining designers decide who deserved another chance - (Are you paying attention PR producers? I'm sure you read this blog and comments to check the pulse of your viewers.) The danger, of course, would be that they bring back someone that they know they could beat hands-down. However, with this particular group of designers, I think they would have brought back Alison or Malan or Robert. With the exception of ALP, the others are more supportive of one another.

I can imagine that a different cast (Wendy Pepper, anyone?) would have been Survivor-sneaky and brought back a definite loser.

I didn't really like that they brought back Angela and Vincent. It just seemed cruel to A, especially after her unceremonious auffing in Paris. Vincent is just so buggy that he creeps me out whenever he's on screen.

Have to say, I've LOVED this season of PR, and this site has been a big part of the enjoyment. Brava, boys. You are fabulous. Thank you for everything this season!

ProfP (don't have a blog, so at least you can get a signature of sorts)

"When your model bows her head in shame and weeps silently, you know theres something wrong with the dress." "Scissorhandian" "Hankerchiefs for when the shame overwhelms you.." Bwahahahahahaha.

A trifecta of Bitchy wittiness.

But that first one belongs on a bumpersticker.

So why was it OK for Laura to have a bitch tantrum about Angela being able to come back? If she has no faith in her abilities, why should it threaten her? She came - she left. Did anyone think it would honestly end up otherwise? I felt it was a cheap shot, hormones or not. And I love Laura.

It's funny how I don't really appreciate Angela's design esthetic, but find myself sticking up for her again and again. I just think people dump on her needlessly. She's like our inner nerd and screw-up that we all want to hate and punish. People like to project and we dislike others who reveal our worst. Even sweet, innocent Uli is joining the fray. Talk about a follower. To me it's just nasty.

THIS SITE IS THE BEST. You have the most clever, hilariously funny re-caps of each episode. Keep up the great work. (Except jeffrey the giraffe's yellow dress last week, or 2 weeks ago was NOT cute)

did anyone else notice what vincent was rambling on about after he was aufed and left the runway to backstage? Something like, 'I know I have inspirational talent', blah blah and then he ends it by just saying "it just comes to me naturally"...that god-given talent everyone kept overlooking, he is so sure. What drugs this guy do?! I want them so badly. He has such an over-the-top ego that just believes in himself irregardless of whatever the facts are, whatever everyone elses reality says - and according to his interview he already raised financing for a line. WHO for gods sake would believe he is worth financing?...
incredible really, that he got back for MORE face time, but great to see he still sucked.

Amazing. Simply amazing.

I have a recap up here:

Are we absolutely certain that Vincent isn't Tom Cruise's alter ego? If they really are two people, there's only one degree of seperation there with the eternal bond of creepiness.

I can see season four now..

Heidi (or Nina): Vincent, get off the fucking runway! You suck, do you hear us? SUCK! This is the fifth time we've thrown you off, and you weren't even supposed to be here this season. Why do you keep comming back?
Vincent: It turns me on.
Heidi: Vincent, you're out.

Does anyone think that this episode's twist was the reason Vincent won the Mom Contest a few weeks ago instead of Uli? I mean, it would guarantee his brand of crazy would return later.

For a while, I was convinced that this was the greatest show on earth. I realize now that taent means just as much as if the producers have drama. Vincent should have been gone on episode 2,
Angela never should have made it on the show. It is a shame that designers such as Alison, were removed for the sole reason of being too nice. And we can't have a show with all nice people now can we....
P.S. I think I saw Vincent on a wanted poster in my post office!

I know Vincet was crazy, but I still liked him. He cracked me up.

Oh Please!
Like Laura wouldn't have come back if SHE had been aufed!
I call BS on that one.
She just made Angela her focus of frustration.

And hte dasign in that group challenge was Angela's even if they did help refine it a bit.
Short Jacket,
Rouched sleeved shirt
Empire State lining
pants with same packets and trim, same cut.
Same colors as specified in her original sketch.


The irony in Laura's tart remark to Angela that Angela's winning design was largely due to input from others is that on that same show, Laura's design was saved by input from another. Laura's model is the one who suggested Laura add sleeves to the design to make it appear more youthful.

you guys rock!

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