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Oui! Oui! Je suis tackée!

Dear Diary,
Woke up in Paris this morning. Still fierce.

The thing we love about Kaynebow is his supreme self-confidence in the face of adversity. You don't grow up a fat gay kid in Tennessee without developing some world-class coping skills and skin as thick as a rhino's. Unfortunately, that attitude may just be his downfall on PR.

This dress is pure Monet. Looks pretty good from far away, but the closer you get, the fuglier it becomes.

Let's get the compliments out of the way. The skirt is gorgeous and flows beautifully, the bodice is a work of architecture and yes, it deserves to be pointed out, Kayne does have a wonderful sense of color.

BTW, Amanda? Fierce, girl! She worked that thing like her next meal (which was probably about 3 days away) depended on it. The styling looked great too. We almost didn't recognize her.

But let's move in a little closer, shall we?

Ahhhh!!!! Our eyes! They burn! Too much, Kaynebow! Way, way too much!

Here's the thing about using asymmetry in design. It should be used to make a statement, therefore, it should be used sparingly. The top of the bodice was asymmetrical, the bottom was asymmetrical, the trim was asymmetrical and the lacing was asymmetrical. That's not making a statement, it's making a speech. Loudly. Through a bullhorn. With a lisp.

Oh, Tim. Say "visible boning" again. It makes us weak.

This is what we mean about his fierce self-confidence doing him in. If he can't edit himself (and it appears he can't), then he needs to listen to the people who are telling him to do so.

In 1977, one of us made a Christmas corsage in Cub Scouts for his mother out of this exact same material. How is it that Kayne managed to shop in a high-end fabric store in Paris and come away with something you could find in a craft store in suburbia?

"*gasp!* Ohmigod! Everyone's right! I am a tacky queen!"


Tacky as a Long Island wedding, but we still love "Citoyen Kayne"....simplify the schmutz on the bodice and make the corsetry on the back the focal point, and you've got a *fabu* gown.

"visible boning!"

That just got me auf! LOL!
You guys are too friggin' funny.
Love your play with words...genius!
Love this blog.
I really liked Kayne's dress. I could see where he was going with it. I am so glad he is still on the show and as much as I love Laura, I really want to see Kayne in the top three. He might be tacky as hell sometimes, but at least he is trying to come up with original designs and takes chances.
Uli and Laura repeat the same thing every week.

Monet- what a perfect analogy.

Okay, point taken - we couldn't see the close-ups. However, it still looked gorgeous from a distance, and how could it be "over the top" when Jeffrey's dress wasn't? And there was a TON of hand work in his dress. I really want to see him in the top three, and want Laura out this week. Judging from the previews, he is trying something a little different, designing for his shoes, and maybe he can pull off a nice black cocktail dress with an original flair that will surprise the judges. They really seem to like to see the designers change their looks, hence Jeffrey's win. Come on, Kaynebow. We are pulling for you!

"Dear Diary,
Woke up in Paris this morning. Still fierce.

SO funny.

"The thing we love about Kaynebow is his supreme self-confidence in the face of adversity. [...] Unfortunately, that attitude may just be his downfall on PR."

SO True.

Thanks PRGayboys for my morning shot of fun and fabulousness.

Whether or not Kayne winds up in the final three, he's gonna land on his feet. There's a market for his style and he will be embraced. His pageant and prom business will flourish. And I can see him designing gowns and costumes for the Nashville set. Dolly Parton may call him yet!!

Our precious Kaynbow. If he had chosen some different fabrics he may have gotten the props from the judges. I love the lace up in the back.

The overall look had a sort of "show all the wires and lights" theatre quality about ... Here's my dress and you can see how it's put together. Skeleton on the outside, very architectual I think. But I am just a queer hick in Kentucky ... what the #%^@ do I know?

Incidently, I spent 5 years in college in Oklahoma (Bible college, no less) so I understand his whole Okie thing. Poor boy!

And that dress flowed like a rapid brown and gold river with Amanda working it down the runway. She did as much for that gown as Nazri ever did for Micheal or Marilinda did for the Angry Little Peanut's Scottish picnic blanket tribut to the Statue of Liberty (WTF?)

I liked this dress, it could have used some serious editing. But for me, there was more to like than there was to hate.

"Visible boning" makes me giggle like a naughty school boy!

Brian in KY

Ok, I guess I'm just as tacky as Kaynebow. I still don't see how his dress could be criticized for being "too much" yet Jeffery's could be lauded for being "couture."

Again the "Listen to Tim Gunn" mantra deserves repeating -- in Kaynebow's ear at a constant beat. But you gotta love the boy. His beret-and-mustache "oui, oui" interview segment was priceless. Could Jeffrey or Laura have pulled that off? Non-non!

As usual, you guys are spot-on. Chloe said it best: "listen to what Tim Gunn says!" I will cry when Kayne is auf'd. :-(

"That's not making a statement, it's making a speech. Loudly. Through a bullhorn. With a lisp."

OMG, I can't stop laughing.
Awww, I LOVE Kayne. I'll be very sad if he's auf'd.

Oh my god!

She worked that thing like her next meal (which was probably about 3 days away) depended on it.

Friggin hysterical!

I do love me some Kaynebow and I loved his gown (even though the pictures do show quite a few flaws). At least his dress didn't look like he tacked on a bunch of strips of fabric (I'm looking at you, Jeffrey)

I will probably cry when Kayne gets auf'd.

"This dress is pure Monet. Looks pretty good from far away, but the closer you get, the fuglier it becomes."

Haha, is it just me, or is this an oblique reference to Clueless? I could swear that Alicia Silverstone says almost the exact same thing.

Either way, I love you guys! Keep up the fabulousness.

Add me to the Tacky Troup too because I absolutely loved Kayne's dress. I thought the corset top was gorgeous and I could definately see it being worn on any red carpet. Add to that the fact that he made it in 2 days makes it even more remarkable.

Although I liked Peanut's dress, if anyone wore that dress to a red carpet event, she would have appeared on every "worst dressed" list imaginable!

Plus Kaynebow is just toooooo cute!

Our Kaynebow is too colorful, too funny, too gloriouSSS in his excesses to get rid of now. Yes, he doesn't know when to stop. But I prefer over the top, visibly boning, to safe and boring.

Uli: same old, same old.

Laura: safe, restrained, tasteful

Michael: I love him, but he faltered badly this week

Jeffrey: Oh, puhlease SOMEBODY get rid of him. Even though his yellow dress was as close to haute couture as you could possibly make a garment in 20 hours, I can barely stand him.

i loved the dress, despite the beating its getting, am i the only one?!

Am I the only one who thinks Kayne should take the Vegas/Liberace thing further? What's missing is not taste, it's a sense of irony and play. I want him to make the final three, and I want his collection to be so Vegas it would make Elvis do a doubletake. Embrace kitsch! Make it fun and silly! Laugh at yourself a little! That would make it work, finally, in my opinion.

If he steps back, makes himself "tasteful," then he stops being Kayne. We love Kayne! Let Kayne be Kayne! All the rainbow colors at once, please!

Well, I loved Kayne's dress. Maybe 'cause of my name. ;-p I thought the lacing in the back was gorgeous. I thought it should have won.

Anyway, Kaynebow didn't grow up in OK, he's originally from KY. I live pretty close to the town that his stores are located in and am SO tempted to go find him.

one more thing....remember, Santino's "toning down" lost him the win last season. The judges were dying to see the Real Santino, and he gave them Santino Lite.

I don't want Kayne to tone down!

Another point: Kara toned UP in her decoy collection, and all the fashion press had her picked as the winner. Since she had no fear of the judges, she let her true colors fly. And will have a long design career because of it.

Maybe Kayne's collection would be even better if he ended up the decoy fourth place. Regardless, I want to see him put on a real show.

the bullhorn and the lisp part made me LOLLLLLLLLLLLL <3 <3 <3 !!

Oh, there's sooooo much to say, but I can't get past "visible boning". Alright, that's a lie. There are about 10 different elements of Kaynebow's dress. Each of them (as you well pointed out) are lovely. Together? Visual assault. Arrest it Kayne.

Maybe I can DHL him a headset to sleep in. It will pipe in "stop, too much, stop, too much, stop, too much".....

Finally, weren't you DYING when what's her face came down the runway and they panned to Kaynebow who lovingly mouthed, "I luv it".... I still love him. Perhaps he'll end up as Tammy Faye's personal stylist???

If Kayne had been auf'ed on this episode, this blog could have been called "Visible Boning gets me auf"

:) Brian in KY


Where in KY did our little Kaynebow come from?
I too am from KY originally and I suppose we just have bad taste together, but I too adored that gown!! I wish I had enough money to buy it on the PR auction because I most definitely would in a heartbeat! (Even though my daughter could probably wear it....size 0....LOL), I would hang it in a prominent place in my home as a lovely piece of art, and shrine to my precious Kayne. LOOOOVE HIM!

Maybe it is just that I always seem to have a soft spot for gay men, especially the ones like Kayne who aren't ashamed to show it, aka the Queen types......every one I have ever met was just the best!

Seriously though, I HAVE to know where in KY he is!!

GO KAYNEBOW! We still luv ya, over the top or not!


Maybe Kayne's collection would be even better if he ended up the decoy fourth place. Regardless, I want to see him put on a real show.

What a great idea, Anne!

I SO want to see Kaynebow's runway collection, and, you're right, this would be perfect. Kayne could be Kayne but still show in Bryant Park.

But I fear we're all dreaming here. I think Kayne's on his way back to OK this week. This will make me as sad as a insert one of Michael's ho phrases in here.

I would SO much rather keep Kayne and lose Laura. But that preview for next week pretty much guarantees that Laura will be in.

I love Kaynebow, and I think (hope) that he does make it to the top three. I think he'd make an...interesting collection. I want to see Michael and Laura as the other two contestants, but I admit that we might see some "safe" from them, especially Laura. I want Kayne to take it over the top -- repeatedly -- in his Fashion Week show. For my own twisted amusement, mostly. Let's see some fur (and feathers and sequins and visible boning) fly on the runway!

I suppose TALP's FW collection might be interesting as well -- but, well, I hate him. Maybe he can be the decoy.

Uli -- I love this girl, I really do, but she does do the same thing over and over and over. I'd buy anything she designed, but I just don't see enough variation to make for a really fierce runway show.

Here's his bio from the PR site.

I ran across a reality TV message board (though I can't find it now)and one of his sisters was actually posting there. She's still in KY, AFAIK.

He does live in Norman, OK now. I'm only 30-45 minutes away.

'Oh, Tim. Say "visible boning" again. It makes us weak.'

This is why I love you guys.

Fergus, are you gunning for a Runway blogspot of your own? I was laughing so hard at the 'tacky as a Long Island wedding' and 'Citoyen Kayne' that I thought our PRungay guys had written it! I am guessing you've been to Leonard's of Great Neck, LOL!

Meanwhile, I agree that at this point, the five have made a name for themselves and their styles that will be a huge plus even for the runner-up, the decoy, and the Final Three (non-winners and Big Winner alike).

Of the five left, I'm sure jeffrey and Michael will make it to the end, but who of the others will be 'auf'ed this week? Laura My Sweet's meltdown has me saying to myself 'they wouldn't show it if it's a hint and not a herring.' I so do want her in the final four because I want to see her collection. I think she is fantastic even if the NY version of the evening dress was not her best. And I love her smart-mouth remarks.

[I don't think she bashes the others more than anyone else does when the camerapeople prod; it's just that her comments are so on the mark and funny that PR tends to show hers. She never seems mean-spirited, even when she calls someone a shithead. And when she walks around to help, she helps. She gave Jeffrey some well-received advice on closing his trompe l'oeil newspaper dress in back that made it look finished.]

Uli's dress wasn't all that different from her usual aesthetic -- the halter, the weaving -- but it was beautiful, just not special enough to seem couture. Didn't anyone else look around and ask "Where's Andrae?" though? The color, the flow reminded me of his sewer inspiration dress.

Loved Jeffrey's.


"it's making a speech. Loudly. Through a bullhorn. With a lisp."

LOL! - Glad I checked your blog from here at the office on a gorgeous Saturday. Gave me a laugh and got me out of a slump so I can finish up my work and go home.

Visible Boning! That's a whole different runway...

Looking forward (always) to your next post.

Props to fergus for "Citoyen Kayne" play-on-words/reference. LOL

I am caught on the horns of a dilemma. Much as I think it should all be about the design and not the designer, I am rooting for Kayne How could I not root for a sweet little gay boy from the sticks to make it big in the big city? I tend to root for the underdog if they try hard and don't stick too many knives in others. Also rooting for Michael. Laura and Uli do not need the money. Jeffrey may spend it on the wrong things... like more tattoos.

Kayne's gown had some problems but so did everyone else's. But it had flashes of style amongst the glaring glitter of gold.

As someone has pointed out, Kayne will do well even if he does not win. As will Michael. If either or both are auf'd then I will console myself knowing that they are richer for the experience and the exposure. Hopefully, it matters not whether you win or lose but how you play the game.

It is not what you accomplish in life but what you overcome.

boning. teehee.

I've said it before and here I go again. I just get this overriding sense that Tim Gunn wants the best from and for them all. He is the perfect professor and mentor to the contestants. He is honest, with insight and intelligence behind his statements. What a treat it has been in getting to know him through watching the show. I think we all want to be Tim Gunn when we grow up.

Hmmm. Well, lump me in with the people with bad taste, I guess -- because Kayne's creation was spot-on and fabulous. "Too Much" ?!? I don't think so. Of course my boyfriend makes me take off at least one item of jewelry (nose, ear, neck, hands, ankle, etc...) before I'm allowed to leave the house. I think visible boning is interesting, both as a design concept and a double entendre. :)

I'm not a Kayne fan, but I thought the dress was pretty - and the best one on the runway. I thought Jeffrey's gown looked like 'date rape' and Uli used the same pattern she's used for everything. Please Uli, no more braded straps.


None of Kayne's choices, nor his lack of taste, should be surprising, not coming from a man who thinks Tara Reid is the epitome of a jet-setter. The assymetrical corset back looked like it should have been worn by that scoliosis model Toni. Oh Kayne, too bad Robert is no longer there to lend some comic relief. A queen's gotta have a bitchfest partner!!!

I've said it before, I hope I get a chance to say it again...Kayne is fabulous and his choices are consistently interesting.

This dress was the BEST out there...the comment about Jeffrey's looking post-date rape was so apropos.

He's constantly doing bigger better more and should be celebrated for that.

I have a problem with Michael Kors, he's beige. His design work, his skin, even his wit at this point -- beige, beige, beige.

Maybe there should be a "Design for Judy Collins" challenge to appease him...

Go Kaynebow! You're the last queen standing and you need to bring it home for the girls!

I'm hoping Kayne can reign in the tackiness maybe just one more notch this week and make it to the final four. That dress truly had some beautiful elements--the asymetrical laced back, the gorgeous color and airiness of the skirt. But too much asymetry nontheless--that bodice reminded me of the way my 4 year old looks after he's gotten himself dressed-"Conor, please fix your pants, honey, their hurting mommy's eyes." Kayne, please fix your dress, honey, it's hurting my eyes.
A Kayne runway show at the very least wouldn't be predictable, and hey, it's been a while since I've been to a drag show. Uli, as talented as she might be with her prints, halters and empire waists, has kind of made me entirely over prints, halters and empire waists.

So, Fabulous Laura-yes, Michael Love Him-yes, Jeffrey-as annoying as you are, like to see what you're gonna do next, Kaynebow-holding out hope there will be no channeling of tacky icons, Uli-shake it up or auf weidersehn!

Perhaps Kaynebow's top should have been made out of the same fabric as the skirt -- and the a-symmetry in the bodice was too much. It is lucky that the models don't have breasts because that dress was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. That said -- the dress from the back was To Die For. I adored the asymmetry of the bodice ties and the skirt.

By the way, have you listened to Tim's blog this week? I think he is sounding queenier. It may have been a result of the "visible boning"-- or the afterglow of being in gay paree.

Did anyone else notice the similarity between Kayne's couture gown and *gasp!* Wendy Pepper's Season 1 wedding gown? They even had the same scoliosis-friendly asymmetrical lacing in the back. I've posted photos of both here for reference. Of course, Kayne's version is 1000 times more fabulous because he can, among other things, sew.

I want him in the final four!

Did anyone else notice the similarity between Kayne's couture gown and *gasp!* Wendy Pepper's Season 1 wedding gown?

OMG YES!!! You're right...ewwwww!

okay, i wet myself at this:

"Everyone's right! I am a tacky queen!"

i guess fabokayne is a tacky queen, but i must be too because i LOVED LOVED LOVED this dress. i said it before, but it looked like liquid gold, the swirling of that skirt, and the top was absolutely magnificent. it all looked perfect and was, in my opinion, the loveliest of the lot and should have won.

my vote for the final three: jeffrey, solely for dramatic reasons; uli, michael

and briane469 ~ rhema?

Oh let's face it, Tim could say "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" and it would make us all weak in the knees. If he had been my advisor in undergrad I would be the MD I always dreamed of being in Junior High instead of the High Tech Refugee I am.

No regrets dolls. I'm glad about the way my life has turned out! And Kaynebow, I'm still rooting for you, doll!

WHY am I just discovering you NOW?

Wonderful blog!


Are you asking from which Bible college I graduated? No, it wasn't Rhema ... it was Mid-America Bible College of OKC. The school has since changed names and is now known as Mid-American Christian University.

Let's just say ... I've come a long way, Baby! :)

Brian in KY

I loved that dress, even close up. I'm not the biggest fashion critic but it was pretty.., I love you, but you are just wrong, wrong, wrong, about our Kaynebow's couture gown. It was just not one bit tacky whatsoever. It was gorgeous, editorial, and the taste level was quite high. He should have won this challenge, yes he should have.

Even after seeing the closeups I STILL don't see what was so tacky and taste-deprived about this dress. I thought the floral pattern was pretty, the ribbons were nice, even the boning showing through was pretty subtle and went along with the dark brown ribbon. I guess I don't have any taste either because I LOVE this dress. Also, what does taste actually MEAN? Nina's always ragging on people for their taste level. *sigh* I need more sophistication or something. :)

(Oh, and I got severe giggles of joy when I saw my blog on your BFF list! Made my day.)

I think Kayne's dress shoul've won. By a mile.

Kayne needs someone he trusts to convince him to reign in his "love for the shiney"

Maybe they will get help from the other designers (Robert PLEASE) to do a future challenge! He needs him on speed dial to finish the season!

Thank you, gidget bananas! I knew I had seen that asymmetrical laced back before but just couldn't place it. I'm not losing my mind, after all.

"psion9999 said...

Hmmm. Well, lump me in with the people with bad taste, I guess -- because Kayne's creation was spot-on and fabulous. "Too Much" ?!? I don't think so. Of course my boyfriend makes me take off at least one item of jewelry (nose, ear, neck, hands, ankle, etc...) before I'm allowed to leave the house. I think visible boning is interesting, both as a design concept and a double entendre. :)

4:59 PM "

Well, the ankle jewelry's your first problem right there..


Mariana (The Original)

Kayne's dress was pretty. But couture is more about wearable art and being outlandish, which is why Peanut actually deserved to win.

If anyone here has seen Galliano's couture collection for Dior, or Gaultier Paris, there ya go.

Yes, the judges were a little harsh on Kayne this week. The bodice was very shiny. Maybe that's what they found tacky.


Je découvre votre blog très bien fait. Hélas, je ne parle pas anglais, je ne peux donc lire l'ensemble du contenu. Parlez vous français ?

Hey boys! It's Amanda (the model)!! Can I just say I LOVED wearing this gown? Oh, and after the judges gave their thoughts, "Kayne, your middle name should be too much, etc." Kayne turned to me and said, "Are they freakin kidding me?" And then I turned to him and said, "Oh, I know! Don't worry, we're still in!"

Darlings, let us remind you of our motto: "They sew. We rip." If you liked the dress, then good. We're not casting aspersions on anyone for liking it. We thought it was a pretty dress but we also thought that Kayne just went too far. Had he toned down just one or two of the aspects, it would have been near-perfect and should have won.

Hey Amanda! We could tell you loved the dress just by the way you worked it. Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts, girl!

"REALITY said...
Je découvre votre blog très bien fait. Hélas, je ne parle pas anglais, je ne peux donc lire l'ensemble du contenu. Parlez vous français?"

Bonjour REALITY,
Comment avez-vous découvert notre blog? Connaissez-vous de quoi il s’agit?
C’est une émission de telé realité (Project Runway) pour trouver le future designer de mode. L’émission est très branchée pour la mode.

I was hoping to hear Kayne tell the judges, "lighten up, it's just fashion".

I thought Kayne's dress was pretty but ALP deserved the win.

Kayne gets street cred for eliciting "visible boning" from the Silver Fox.

PRgayboys, you are beyond fabulous!


Kayne darling. I have two words for you: self fabric.

And yeah, that entire gown had promise but with all that asymetry, the dress looked like she got the skirt caught in a revolving door, and couldn't get away fast enough.

Great idea, ridiculously excessive execution.

The bodice was a little much(that floral fabric just really bothered me... it looks like the trim on a nightgown my Grandma has), but otherwise the dress was gorgeous. I'd wear it to prom. ^^
I love Miss Kaynebow, even his tacky side.

J'adore le dress!!

I loved Kayne's dress. Consider me tackee!

"She worked that thing like her next meal (which was probably about 3 days away) depended on it."

Just as when the other assistant on "The Devil Wears Prada" said she's one stomach virus away from her ideal weight. Ha.

HOwever, I have to defend our little Kayne. I loved this dress and felt like he got way too much criticism for it. The skirt was beautiful, and I loved the detail in the bodice. I would wear it, Kaynebow!

I agree: Kayne, next time get out your Bedazzler and BLIND those judges. I want to see ten thousand mirrors.

Kaynebow's excessiveness is what this show needs from sliding into a complete yawn. The man can sew. He can design. He's funnier than Jay Leno "Jay-Walking."

Jeffrey's stepping up his game, which makes me sick.

I worry that the judges will keep him over our Kayne man.

I'll take tacky over inner ugliness any day. Final four (say it judges) Michael, Laura, Kayne, & Uli. Final three: Michael, Laura, and Kayne.

After rewatching the episode a couple of time, I have to revise my opinion. Amanda DID work the dress well. Uli's model didn't do as good a job for her dress, though. I really want Kayne and Michael in the final three, but I'm resigned to Jeffrey being there since the judges have fallen in love with him lately. I would like to see Uli as the decoy, and let Laura go home and rest after this week. She needs to spend a little time with her family after being gone so long, not designing a collection. She's fierce and wonderful, but she's done.

I'm such a dingbat. Someone told me Kayne was from KY, but he's from TN and I KNEW that. His sister's screen name had something to do with the Volunteers. D'oh! I just re-read his bio and had a *facepalm* moment.

HAHA - visible boning!

I was watching this episode and turned to my friend and asked "what did Tim just say?!?"

He replied in as droll a voice I've ever heard "Tim said something about boning Kayne"

Personally I liked the gown but the front looked like a golden explosion of patio funiture and a screened-in-room


shame on you !!!!! I loved it. it was so sparkely!!!!!

how cool would it be if the next challenge was to make clothes for all 5 (6?) of Laura's l'il ones?

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