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Michael Knight, Fashion Ninja

Ouch. There are missteps and then there are missteps. This was just badbadbad. It's to Michael's credit that he made no bones about it. He knew he had an ugly garment and he didn't try to bullshit anyone over it.

We have to say, even if the ruching had been perfectly executed, this still wouldn't have looked good. Too much. It looks like a fabric pastry.

We loved watching Michael dig a deeper and deeper hole for himself this week. Not because we're masochists, but because he got more and more supercool and laser-focused the further in he got, to the point that each time he spoke his voice got softer and his words more slow and deliberate. Like the whole dress-making thing was just a cover for his secret assassination mission.

"Step any closer, Vincent and you'll be dead before you hit the floor. I've got ruching to pin."

For all his zen calm, however, he couldn't keep it off his face when he saw that hot mess on the runway.

That's an "Oh shit" face if ever we saw one.

Michael is da man!

You should post a shot of the dress after Heidi told him to tuck in the "bunny ears." It's way better after that.

I agree this was a misstep for Michael, but he was WAY out of his element on this one, and I applaud him for biting off more than he could chew. At least he tried! (cough, cough *Vincent*)

Martha said...
What I LOVE about Michael is that he will cuss at any damn moment! They never have to bleep Uli or Laura! Just once I'd love to hear Tim say:
"Make it BLEEPING work!"

Michael's dress may have been "one hot mess" but he *tried* using couture techniques, was quite frank about this having been his first attempt at such, and he didn't blow sunshine up his own arse or anyone else's.

Given more time and another try he could have made that gown work and work well - I think he did have a good design concept to base his work on.

Kudos to Michael for grace under pressure - even while cussin', and for his continued gentlemanliness (is that even a word? LOL!)

He belongs in that final three probably more than any other designer on the show. He's also proof that you do NOT need to be a drama queen to be interesting on Project Runway!

Ursa said it all. Micahel is a winner in every sense of the word.

They don't call them "challenges" for nothing!

By the way, while the PRGay Boys are by far the bitchiest of them all, I checked out Project Yawnur (which is listed on PRG's Favorite Sites) and they are running a close second in the snarkiness department. Thanks for the tip, Boys!

Don't get me wrong, I love Michael. He's definitely one of my picks for the final three, but...

Did anyone else think it was a smidge unfair for the judges to tell him how to make his dress look better right there on the runway? They seemed to like it better after he tucked in the "bunny ears" but that sorta seemed like cheating to me.

Well, I think they simply wanted to point out how easily the neckline could have been solved by subtracting something....

and it made a huge difference to the dress. If you took Vincent's dress and ripped off the wee flower in the back, it wouldn't have helped.

I dunno, goldie. If their helping Michael would have changed the challenge's outcome, I'd be more concerned about it. As it was, Vincent had to go. His gown was not so much couture as it was a salute to fabric glue.

As my boyfriend pointed out, if it was anyone other than Michael, they would have been dragged over the coals. Thank goodness Vincent decided to glue the life out of fabric that looked like Aunt Yetta's drapes, c. 1966.

Michael pitched a "Grecian" inspired gown to Miss USA. One can wonder, if he failed in the ruching of that as well, would he have made it this far?

(Sorry, forgot to put my name on the previous post.)

i don't like the special treatment michael recieves. i just don't understand why everyone loves him so much. he's not the best designer there. liking him because he's a "nice guy" is pretty ridiculous.

True, the dress was unfortunate. However, I would venture to say that Michael is the only one of the designers who really pushed him/herself on that challenge.

Laura made the same dress except with a collar. Uli made the same dress except with braid. Vincent made a sofa cover. Jeffrey made a tablecloth.

At least Michael tried something new and tested his skills. Even though the outcome wassn't great, I think he deserves props for that. Plus, I loved the color.

Michael, for all his cussing, has class and character. The fact that he KNEW the garment was horrid, and the fact that owned up to it instead of trying to make excuses and claim he loved a horrible product (ahem, Vincent), he showed humilty and grace. It made me love him even more than I already did.

What I loved about his sweating, "like a whore at church" event is that it made him HUMAN. Michael has been untouchable for the past several challenges. He's the only one that everyone agrees should be in the top three. The rest are already pegged down one notch (at least). Uli and Laura are one note designers. Jeffery is too abrasive. Kayne is too over the top. Michael for once had to step back and keep focused. But he still is going to win even though I'm rooting for Laura. (Us working moms should stick together)

"They never have to bleep Laura?"

What about: "Keith was basically a major *bleep*head."? And then there was Vincent, and Jeffrey, also on the receiving end of her dirty, dirty, mouth.

OMG you guys are killing me. Those zingers just after the last picture never fail to make me (at the risk of using the most over used net slang ever)ROTFLMAO

anon 5:33 "i don't like the special treatment michael recieves."
I don't know about that, but it is apparent that designers who accept Tim's suggestions (such as Michael) do better on the runway than designers who ignore his suggestions (Angela, Kayne, Vincent all come to mind).
It might just be the editting of the show, or perhaps Tim chats with the judges before they sit down at the runway. From time to time the judges seem pretty knowledgeable about what was going on in the workroom, yes?

I agree about the dress looking much better after the changes.

I really hope Michael wins! :-)

anon 6:07 " is apparent that designers who accept Tim's suggestions (such as Michael) do better on the runway than designers who ignore his suggestions (Angela, Kayne, Vincent all come to mind). ... It might just be the editting of the show, or perhaps Tim chats with the judges before they sit down at the runway. From time to time the judges seem pretty knowledgeable about what was going on in the workroom, yes?"

Tim's podcasts seem to indicate that he does not talk with the judges ahead of time, or after the initial runway judging like in their deliberations, but you're right, somehow they do seem to know some of the behind the scenes drama? In any case, I think the people who follow Tim's advice do better, because he is a seasoned professional and knows what he's talking about. Kara Saun's advice to the designers was "listen to Tim" and it seems like good advice.

I don't think it's unfair that the judges asked to see his dress with the boob flaps tucked in. It's not like they were helping him design the dress and they had already done their initial runway judging. They often say things like, "let's see it with the jacket off," or "can we see it with the front and back reversed?"

Re: Giving Michael advice regarding the "bunny ears".

On the previous channel, the judges also gave Laura the hint about tying the knot in the front of the dress instead of the back to make it more jet-setter friendly while seated during a long flight.

I see that bit of advice the same as what was offered to Michael. Both seemed a bit odd to me, but not overly so.

I didn't think the dress was awful, per se. If had more time, it would've been stunning.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Michael is in the top three. I don't think he will win though - Kara Saun and Daniel V. were both the favorites of the competition and have won the most challenges, but neither of them have won.

I think Michael will be second place, Bad Mommy will win the whole thing (ooh, I wish), with Jeffrey or Uli in third place.


He's the most solid out of the WHOLE group.

His top 3 spot is already held. no doubt about it.

Mrs. Donnell,
I have this crazy conspiracy theory that Tim wants to look omniscient (or the producers want to foreshadow) on Project Runway, so they edit the dialogue to make it look like he's always right... and if he's wrong, they get him into the studio and loop it. Hmm? Just a thought.

"Sweatin' like a whore in church!" Does it get any more honest/cuter/funnier/Michael-er than that?!


michael frickin' rocks! whether or not he wins the comeptition in the end, i am certain he will do just fine in the industry... that boy has success written all over him.

i cannot wait to see his runway show!

As to whether Tim consults with the judges before the runway shows, NO, he doesn't. I heard a radio interview with him a few weeks ago, and he assured the listeners that he does NOT consult with the judges at any time. He said he wishes he could sometimes, because he disagrees with some of their assessments, but he holds his tongue because that's not his role on the show. He also said he sits in the shadows at the runway shows, and has to stifle his own comments because he's not allowed to participate in that capacity.

Aw, poor Michael. Although, when they tucked in those horrible...potholders? The dress looked a MILLION times better! Too bad he didn't figure that out before he sent his girl out.

Perhaps Michael gets "special treatment" because he's not an ASS to everyone. When Tim gives him advice, for example, Michael listens very carefully and often uses the advice to make a more amazing garment.

As a college professor, I probably DO give "special treatment" to the students who show that they are serious about learning.

That's the world, folks.

i don't think there was anything wrong with the bunny ears aside from shaping: too large, looked a little misshapen. a gentler curve there might have been very pretty.

the gown itself was elegant and i thought it would have been lovely without those cuppy things.

as far as michael being favored, i think in general he's shown far more versatility than any of the other designers. he appears to have a much wider vision and doesn't confine himself to one safe, tested, tried-and-true feature a la laura and uli. his clothes are actually flattering and beautiful on the models, something jeffrey hasn't mastered.

i think michael does more in considering the actual challenge and how he can meet it, rather than how he can make his tried-and-true garment fit the challenge.

all of his clothes thus far have, in my view, been "fashion forward," fresh, pretty and flattering.

can't beat that in my book unless you add nice. that's why he's my favorite.

I like Michael, I really do, but Ms thing is gayer than David Gest on Fire Island in a Bob Mackie gown, whether he admits it or not. That being said, I hope he goes far in the competition.

I daresay, that I want him to win, because I haven't decided on that yet. He hasn't impressed me that much. I still love Laura and Kayne (he has mucho potential if he would tone down the tacky) and I also really like Uli. I think Uli has a lot of potential and she seems so sweet. I think that once she gets out of her comfort zone and designs some fashion forward items, she will be smokin'.

I am so glad Vincent and Angela are gone. They were both straight out of the mixed nut can. The next one I want to see go is Jeffrey. I think he is an arrogant asshole and he far overrates himself. I do not believe that picnic blanket of a couture gown should have won last week. I thought it was shiteous and tired.

Hopefully, the top 4 will be Michael, Laura, Kayne and Uli, but you never know who will be auf'd next.

Mariana (The Original)

If Michael isn't in the Final 3, there's gonna be some torch-wielding Villagers at the Bravo offices.

And by Villagers I mean the gay West Village type.

I would join them.

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