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Dress Form Drama

There were some mighty scared looking mannequins on the runway this week.

Pickmepickmepickme! I'll shut up I promise! Promisepromisepromisepromisepromise!

It kind of sucks for the models this season, doesn't it? We hardly get to see them at all and how many have been eliminated for a design they never modeled? We want model drama, dammit! Give us the days of Morgan wearing Kevin's bathing suit out for drinks or sobbing in the hallway enveloped in Wendy Pepper's deviously maternal bosom.

Which is why this tableau filled us with such glee.

Amanda: *shriek!* OhmiGOD! Ohmigodohmigodohmigod! Hahahahahahaha! I'm in!
Nazri: ...
Clarissa: ...

Amanda: Hahahahahahaha! Oh god I have to pee now. Look! I'm doing a little dance! It's the "I'm in" dance! I'm in! I'm in! Ohmigod you guys, I'm in! Can I just tell you how relieved I am?
Nazri: ...
Clarissa: ...
Jia: ?

Amanda: *gasp!* OhmigodIcan'tbelieveit. I can't BELIEVE IT. Can you guys believe it? I was totally scared that Kayne wasn't going to pick me because he said I talked too much which I totally don't think I do but he's just pissed because I can talk faster than he can and anyway he's so competitive but he's also under a lot of stress and besides I can't talk bad about him because HE PICKED ME and I will love him forever for that even though I think he might be gay but don't tell him I said that. OhmiGOD, I'm in!
Nazri: ...
Clarissa: ...
Jia: ...?

Amanda: Whew! Gotta fan myself! I was sweating out there! But! I'm in! No more sweating for me! Except if Kayne fucks up the next challenge but you guys, I am totally going to work the shit out of that thing whatever it is plus I will not talk too much when he's fitting me and trying to glue the glitter on or whatever because hello! He's trying to work!
Nazri: ...
Clarissa: ...
Jia: ...??

Amanda: Whew! So! What's up with you guys?
Nazri: ...
Clarissa: ...
Jia: Speak...slowly...please?

Nazri: I'm gonna have ta stab a bitch.

She's a funny little thing. Well, I was going to say something umm, well, very unkind here but I'll refrain. So on to

NAZRI ~ gawd, that woman is FIERCE! she just looks like a warrior goddess sitting there in all of her glory, arms crossed, big hair all out there. She is amazing. And yes, she flat looks like she wants to kick the little twit's ass and I've no doubt she could do it.

Yes, Amanda Shut uuuuuup is really funny and she worked that Marilyn Monroe's dress. Darling, you're fabulous.
And you guys are right. Where's all the model/drama fun? I so missed that.

Thanks guys for including the models!!! You guys rock!!!!!
It's actually one of my favorite parts since I'm a model.

Thanks again for my morning laugh! It's why I come here.

Jia's the one who was hit by a car in NY and freaked out because she was afraid she wouldn't be able to walk the runway in BRYANT PARK which TOTALLY freaks me out because it makes me thing that VINNY WHACKADOO made it to at least the final four. Makes me get a migraine thinking about it.

Amanda, you rock, girl!
Love you as a blond. FIERCE!

In this comic strip, Jia looks like a kid on holiday to a foreign country, watching some street performer do something in another language that they don't understand, are engaged with, can't take their eyes off, but can't figure out what emotional response to have. In about 30 seconds though she will break in to spasms of tears. You've seen the scene. ;)

"In this comic strip, Jia looks like a kid on holiday to a foreign country, watching some street performer do something in another language that they don't understand..."

LOL. That's funny, katiecoo.

Don't worry too much, suzanne, all the PR models have walked in the other shows for the final three. So Vincent might well be out (although we know there's going to be a what-were-they-thinking designer at Bryant Park, don't we?)and she could be walking for someone else.

Okay, Nazri looks like Nefertiti, and I love that during that whole scene she just sat there, exactly like that. I know that stillness. It's the "must not move or change my expression or she'll see the death in my eyes" look. I've worn it often, although sadly, never looking as fierce as Nazri. Oh well.

Amanda? Oh what a cat fight that could be.... Surprising the other girls were able to keep their talons off her.....

I watched this scene in slo-motion last night (oh the wonders of TiVo) - Clarissa actually mouths the F-word when Amanda comes running backstage! :-O

We don't get to see enough of the models this year. And what's up with having the elimation for models at the beginning of the Paris episode?? What happens to Angela's model now? Is she out, or do they choose new models for the next challenge?

And the models aren't highlighted on Project Runway's website either. I hope that changes next year.


"Gigi said...
I watched this scene in slo-motion last night (oh the wonders of TiVo) - Clarissa actually mouths the F-word when Amanda comes running backstage! :-O "

Really? We have to watch it again.
BTW, Gigi, we love your sites.

Oh, Project Runway, wither thou hast gone? Seems like you've taken the route of all the other Reality shows with their emphasis on stunt challenges and interpersonal drama, as opposed to the fashion-focused episodes of seasons past. We wanna see fierce runway battles, makeup mishaps and model catfights, dammit! Instead, what do we get? Lotsa "Meh" fashions worn on mothers and contestants, boring materials like recycled home furnishings and landfill refuse. Even the best looking outfits are just, enh. I'm hoping Catherine Malandrino tears the contestants a new one. We need more fashion shade - these contestants have had it too easy lately...

She's dancing around like Carol Burnett as Eunice winning a game of "Sorry"!

Nazri looks like she's just waiting for Kayne to come through that door so she can club him! She's so fabulous, give her the win now!

I was glad there was some focus on the models this week, they were getting to be kind of an afterthought.


These girls are all sooooo young that high school dynamics are definitely at work. "She was all, and I was like, then she said 'whatever' and I said 'whatever!'..." But Nazri will take somebody out. Sister don't look like she tolerates much.



I hadn't noticed how Nazri just stood there in one spot--no expression--the entire time. VERY funny. You guys notice everything!

Ya know . . . I feel sorry for Danielle. Can't help it. Wasn't she with Robert the entire time, from the first beautiful red-bows-in-the-back dress right through the mylar outfit? How sad when your designer is auf'd, especially someone as sweet as Robert. I think I'll go vote for Robert as my "fan favorite" choice on the PR site.

OK. Maybe not. I'm assuming they want input on the best designer. But I loved Robert! The show's not as much fun without him.

Hey. Wait a second. Speaking of Robert and Amanda . . . why did Amanda model the Macy's challenge outfit? If Robert was the team leader, why wasn't Danielle the model?

So do you guys really think Tim Gunn is gay? Then it's probably bad that I'm in love with him, right?

Basically what you're saying is I'm doomed to be a sad & lonely fag hag. Like Joan Kors.

This blog has made me spit coffee on my keyboard three times since I discovered it! "Your slip is showing" - STILL the best, but "the subtle press-down" had me laughing so hard at my desk I thought I was going to choke to death.

Do Kayne! Do Kayne! I think he's a horrible designer but you guys ripping him is just TOO funny so I hope he gets in the final 3.

I personally don't give a shit about the models. I just don't have the emotional energy to invest in them. :) That being said, Nazri is fabulous and now (thanks to Gigi) I like Clarissa too.

You guys are great. I can't get enough!

I LOVED when they showed Lyndsey talking about how Amanda thought she "deserved" to win. I especially liked how she used the quote fingers when she said "desereved." Ahh, good model drama.

Model drama is a nice break from the all out people-are-evil-to-eachother that is Jeffrey. I too miss the model drama of old: "It's a mother fucking walk-off." Ahhh... those were the days.

I couldn't agree more with george g. Although it's true that all reality-type shows may play games with our, the viewers', perception by editting the characters' comments, few are as heavy-handed as the PR producers and Bravo execs have become. Put a group, any group, of people in confined quarters, individually working toward some goal, with limited time & resources, and you are sure to have plenty of drama. There is no need to bring in family members or to give a "pass" to obviously untalented people, for the sake of drama. How little respect they have for their viewing audience!

"These girls are all sooooo young that high school dynamics are definitely at work."
OK, newbie question--are these "real" models? Or are they model wannabes that are trying to break into the fashion world, just like the designers?
And speaking of the designers, I get it that they are constrained for time and money for materials, etc. Adjusting for that, are the designers (seasons 1,2,3) really pretty good? Or are they basically like new college grads--educated but not that experienced?

If it weren't for Nazri the Nubian Princess I wouldn't care at all about the models. Their elimination is always the weakest segment of the show.

"So do you guys really think Tim Gunn is gay?"

Sorry, Sweetie. Not only that, he's been single for decades due to some guy(s) breaking his heart. He's either "too busy" or doens't want to get hurt again. *sigh* Poor Timmy. I've got a thing for older guys. If I wasn't happily partnered, I'd want to check him out and Make It Work. :)

Nazri is one fierce bitch. You can see it in her stillness. Oh yeah, she's like a cat studying your face and silently planning your imminent death. I could count at least 10 ways she was thinking of killing that mouthy bitch. Hahahahaha. Oh, I love (and hate) this season.

hahahahahahaha!!!!! can you believe how excited she is and doesn't EVEN notice that nobody else is happy for her or doing the "i got picked, too biatch" dance with her? Like, i know she can talk onandaonandonandon and doesn't notice like, anything else, but don't you think the other girls could show SOME enthusiasm, even just a little bit, because they're all in it together, and so they should huddle, sort of like football players, but not really, because their slips are short, not the NFL guys, but the models, I mean?

jia is really gross.

yeah, i'm scared for the whole "jia making it to the top 3" thing...

vincent. cannot. make it.

LOL. I need to get a sex change to fit your orientation! Right now. Shit.

It got soooo cold in that room when she did her little celebration dance. I was just laughing.

Chocolate Love in the second pic. She knows the cowboy look is dead.

Good eye, Gigi, I have an entirely new appreciation for Clarissa (not to mention, is that a *hint* of a Long Island accent?).
Though Kayne is 100% right: Bitch sells it like a Tupperware party.

Not even Captain Save-A-Ho could help rescue Amanda from Nazri's death gaze!
Her obvious annoyance never changes from frame to frame. That is one serioulsy pissed off chick!

...I think he might be gay but don't tell him I said that...

So hilariously brilliant. I love it.

I really wish Nazri would just stand up and start slicing bitches.

You think that this week the models get to go to Paris?

How sad when your designer is auf'd, especially someone as sweet as Robert. I think I'll go vote for Robert as my "fan favorite" choice on the PR site.

GREAT IDEA! Everyone should give Robert some of their votes. After all, He provided the most entertainment IMO this season

damn you guys know how to make a girl laugh

Clarissa openly said "fuck"

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