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Bonjour, Paris!

Just click play and let the Frenchiness wash over you as we wax philosophical about the latest episode.

There were some who thought the whole trip to Paris schtick was a little too much of a stunt but we couldn't disagree more.

If they had been shipped off to a tropical island somewhere to eat grubs and make gowns out of bamboo leaves, that would have been a stunt (PR execs, if you're reading this: no.

Paris, on the other hand, that's a whole 'nother ballgame. Paris is arguably the fashion capital of the world (inarguably, in our opinions, but we're trying on open-mindedness today to see how it looks on us). Couple that with a Parsons Paris campus and we clapped our gay hands in glee when we found out, much like the designers did, even though there's only one set of gay hands left among them.

Sure, the whole "jetsetter" challenge was poorly defined since it seems that no one told the designers that they'd be judged on how well their garments travelled, but this episode gave us such great character moments like Laura's blasé "Oh. Paris. That's nice." quickly morphing into "FIRST CLASS! YES!" or Kayne's charmingly wide-eyed excitement at finally getting a chance to see a little bit more of the world.

These poor fabulous creatures have been working their fingers to the bone, so it was nice to see them get a little reward and kick back in first class with a little Champagne.

Things we loved: Laura once again hauling out the $10,000 luggage; Jeffrey wisely choosing to sleep whenever he could; Tim calmly walking into first class with a glass of Champagne saying "You didn't think you were leaving without me, did you?" (oh PR execs, it's like you took our daydreams and filmed them for us), and Laura and Uli laying still as corpses to keep their outfits from wrinkling while Angela bounced up and down in her seat, smooshing her fleurchons the whole time.

Also, Catherine Malandrino: chic, Continental, bitchy. What more could we have asked?

Thing we didn't love: are you ready for this? You're gonna be shocked.

We hated Angela's auf'ing.

Unsurprisingly, we have to watch each episode 5 or 6 times in order to get the screencaps and write something every day and we both, at roughly the same time, admitted that we couldn't watch that scene anymore because it was too painful.

Look, we made fun of her a lot and we'll always be grateful that she provided us with so much comedic material, but Angela really does seem very sweet. It just seemed needlessly cruel to fly her out there and then unceremoniously kick her out like that.

Every other auf'ed designer was at least provided a dignified exit by standing in front of the judges with only one other designer while they ripped their garment to shreds and kicked them out. Poor Angela had to have it done in front of ALL the designers and pack up her things while they stood there and watched. It broke our cold little hearts.

Although we did find it a little funny that Catherine refused to kiss her goodbye, leaving it to Tim to do.

What a fabulous post! I love love love the video too.

I have been waiting for a picture of Laura in her Spanx. Did anyone get a screencap?

Angela bounced up and down in her seat, smooshing her fleurchons the whole time.

LOL. You guys...

Did anyone else notice that Angela was THE MOST GRACIOUS soul in her aufing and exit interview? She didn't even dog Jeffrey when she had the chance, and he still hasn't let up on her, even grinning when she was aufed and celebrating loudly afterwards. She had a glorious attitude about it, and even seemed to be happy for Kayne that she went instead of him. Despite all the c**p about her and her mother being passive aggressive, I think they were basically sweet gentle souls who didn't know how to deal with mean people. I'm really glad she got to spend the night in Paris, and that it wasn't her first time there, even though she did get sent home coach!

That last picture of the group says a lot. Angela smiling and Kaynebow hanging his head in shame after Catherine's bitchslapping his Elvis clothes. Doesn't she know any gay Okies?

Poor way over her head.

OK Project Rungay lovers, lets write to our favorite fagalicious PR Producer, Mr. Andy Cohen (I know he is a fan!)and lets get our dear Rungay Divas into that damn show at Bryant Park next week!!
Who deserves it more than them??

Anyway could you see the possibilities? Imagine the recap? I will need a spoon under my tongue for that one.

Write to:

Great idea, Suzanne! Better yet, have the prgay guys be guest judges. Can you imagine the comments?

I agree about Angela's exit -- it was a tad heartless. And I agree that the Paris trip wasn't a stunt, especially considering that tonight's show will take place there (bye bye Vincent, please-oh-please) -- however, the endless Delta Airlines product placement was a little overdone and annoying, don't you think? Tho' the new Richard Tyler flight attendant uniforms *are* lovely. Koo-koo-ka-choo.

Now I want to go to Paris!!...
I agree, Angela's exit interview really impressed me. She only had good things to say about Jeffrey, while he laughed when Catherine was her.

From what I've read else, and from Angela's own writing, she's going to be working for Catherine during fashion week. The sofa and the bedspread united.

I agree! I watched last week's episode again last night, and I turned it off before Angela got her au revoir. She was very gracious, but I just couldn't look at Jeffrey's smug mug as he celebrated.

What cracks me up even more is that the gal that auf'd her, hired her for Fashion Week.

Great observations, as always, gentlemen.

As much as I hated Angela and her Lady Macbeth mom, I also felt a wee bit bad when she got auf'd--but not because Catherine was such a bitch. I mean, now Angela will be able to tell her grandchildren how she flew all the way to Paris and got insulted by the Cruella de Ville of French fashion.

No, I felt bad because while her outfit was a mess, it was at least an attempt. Vincent took the simplest outfit possible and made it look like shit.


And Tim passed up a chance to say "Chacon a son gout." He was probably afraid Catherine would say, "Your French steenks, Seelver Boy."

"What cracks me up even more is that the gal that auf'd her, hired her for Fashion Week."

But that could mean doesn't mean she's going to be directly involved in Catherine Malandrino's collection. Maybe Catherine needs an assistant (to fetch her some coffee, get her lunch, etc.) Just kidding, guys. Who knows? Still, it is a great opportunity and experience.

You mean Akron is not the fashion capital of the world?

I'm screwed once again...

I find comfort in the fact that Jeff's a miserable little toad, and he'll remain a miserable little toad even if he were to win the whole thing (fat chance).

okay, it finally dawned on me who that french bitch looks like: gloria steinem with black hair.

it was sad. poor little angela. she loves holly hobbie!! she's sweet! midwestern! innocent! poor pumpkin...

Merci, mon petit choux...and by the by, just how are you two lovelies getting into the tents at B Park for our first had reporting, please? I hope those dunderhead producers at PR have the good sense to give you a couple passes. It is the least they can do after the "Moms and Sisters Fiasco"...

You guys always point out in words or pictures the things I miss each Ms. Fleurchons belt. It's hideous and yet I didn't notice until you post the still pictures. Oh PRGB's I hope you get to be on the show and get your chance to put the moves on the Silver Fox.
Jenn in Vegas

At least Mrs. B. didn't wear her jodhpurs! Don’t get me wrong, I love her, and damn, she does look good in jodhpurs, but c'mon, really, isn't it a bit pretentious to wear jodhpurs anywhere (let alone the entire outfit) except when you are actively engaged in equestrian pursuits?

The only people I’ve ever seen in Manhattan in jodhpurs are the cops on horseback…lol

Believe it or not, Delta just started advertising on its flights for Project Runway. Yesterday I was on a L.A. to DC flight, and all of a sudden, they announced that they were having a "Project Runway" contest - the most fashionably dressed passenger won a prize. (like, a tote bag or coupons or something.) My fellow passengers and myself looked at each other, and then at our far-too-comfy t-shirts, and wailed, why didn't you tell us this BEFORE we got on the plane? They ended up giving the prize to a very pregnant woman with a lovely outfit and shawl on. Perhaps she was channeling Laura, I don't know.

Anyways, I love you guys! Your posts are flat out hysterical and so right on the money.

I seriously love you guys. I look forward to reading every bitchy (true) word you write. Keep it up!...(pun intended? maybe not)


You're better men than I, PRboys.

I didn't feel sorry for Angela. I felt she should have been auf'd in the second episode, and her continued presence on the show meant other, more talented designers had to go home.

And if it's true that she lost her enthusiasm after the mom challenge (as has been reported), she should have quit and let Robert back in. Robert would have been SO much more fun in Paris, even if it was only for five minutes.

Gosh, this sounds harsh. But Angela just bugged me in episode after episode, and I was happy to see her go, no matter what the circumstances.

Now, if you want to talk about heartbreaking auf'ings . . . let's talk about poor Malan. I cannot watch the second episode because of poor Malan. I hope his show in Bryant Park is a success.

The Original Mariana

Who is this other Mariana?!?!?!?

Merci! Merci beaucoup! I want that video playing on my desktop constantly. It makes me very happy. Or as CM would say, "vay-ree ah-pee." Okay she'd probably say "tres heureux" but she'd say it with an accent mark over the e. I don't think CM has heard of Elvis. She said Kayne looked like a "fake pop star" (only with her accent it sounded even funnier - can you get a sound clip of that?). Beyond all of the "extravaganza of puff jubilee jumbles" styling, Angela's clothes were beautifully constructed. Unlike a certain pair of ill-fitted v-neck pjs that moped down the runway. and there is also that nasty issue of Vincent "rubbing off" his pants.

Oh, you sweet boys. I knew I loved you for a reason, and your mature goodbye to Angela says it all.

Granted Angela had terrible taste. But she was genuinely happy for Michael when he won, and for the others as well. And she kept jumping up and down with joy any time Tim announced something new, and hugging her models when she didn't lose for them.

She was only defensive toward Jeffrey and rarely stung first, only to defend her mother.

So, I'm glad you acknowledged her humane-ness.

Her auffing was excrutiating to watch. And Jeffrey's graceless win didn't help.

Thanks for being so side-stitchingly funny, PR guys, and for showing your soft side! Can't wait to see what you'll say after tonight's show.

All I can add at this point is (you guys have covered it all soooo well),I WANT Laura's luggage...........LOL......and PLEEZE oh PLEEZE let it be Jeffrey or Vincent off tonight!

Oh and YAY! It is Wednesday!!!!!!!

PS........Anyone know a way to get in touch with Robert? I want to make him a MySpace page, poor guy NEEDS one! Oh ROBERT!!!!!

that video sacrededed me.......

I'm so glad you posted this, guys, because I'm the only one in my corner of the world who agrees with you. All my friends and coworkers are, like, "Yay, finally! Down with fleurchons!"

Yes, she deserved to get eliminated, but man, they did everything but spit on her as she walked out.

Am I so cruel that I actually -enjoyed- watching Angela leave?

Sure, why not?

I didn't really like Angela, as sweet as she may (or may not) be. Her style was eh.. so... unfabulous.

The only thing I see wrong with the whole thing is that I'll miss the two of you ripping on her every week. But *sigh* alas, all good things must come to an end, aye?

<333 Sarah


Michael is still claiming to be straight?

love your website.


Are you guys sure Michael's not gay? I don't mean to discredit your gaydar, but I think it's less than questionable...He's adorable, and I wish he were straight, but honeys, I just don't think so.

~your new myspace pal!!! :-)

aree.sah honey, we're being polite.



I am a little disappointed that the first-class we got to see wasn't actually the first class they flew in, but hey.

What? You thought they'd have first class all to themselves? How could anyone not notice that they were the only ones on the friggin' plane? Delta's going to fly a plane New York to Paris with only seven people and a camera crew? I think not.

Bad product placement. Bad, bad stunt product placement.

Dear Delta: not all American television viewers are that friggin' stupid.

That auf'in' was kinda harsh, but the bitch in me really wishes I could have heard what Catherine had to say to the highs and lows before the producers made her tone it down.

As eager as I was to see Angela depart, it indeed was awful the way they did it. Unfortunately, the contest is not about how gracious people are but how they design clothes. If it were, Angry Peanut would have been long gone by now.

I appreciate your defense of Angela. And she can hold her head high with pride knowing that she provided the world with the terms "fleurchons" and "jubilee jumbles": the embodiment of her style and taste. Previously we lacked the words to describe things that looked like holly hobby on acid.

Those little rosettes did her in. I was just waiting for her moment to get aufed. She was a wrinkled mess when she got off the plane and she was already travelling 1st class. Imagine what she would have looked like if she travelled coach. Quelle domage!

Thanks for your Angela tribute. It's was soul crushing to see little Napolean prancing around predicting his victory and then actually getting it.

Some of these episodes have been mind numbing in terms of bumming the audience out. My feelings are certainly very mixed right now. Thank God for Laura and Michael.

One final complaint re the little turd Jeffrey: Why is every episode becoming his own personal narrative? It's like he's become the ringmaster here. I also hate how no one challenges him EVER. Nope. Not liking it at all.

You mean Akron is not the fashion capital of the world?

Not at the moment, but (OT) Akron is the home town of my fave singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur. So you've got more bragging rights than, say, Wheeling.


I know I'm a bit late with this, but eh!

Angela was godawful, period. Her Macy's outfit would've been hideous without Laura and Michael's input. I still can't understand how she managed to make that Audrey Hepburn dress, so I've decided to invoke the 'Freak of Nature' Act. I agree that being sent back home in shame moments after being flown to Paris sucked, but seriously! Did you SEE that jetsetter outfit? The Malandrina was pretty bitchy, but Gad! I mean, how in their right minds thinks ANYONE dressed like that, let alone a jetsetter!

I disagree about Kayne, though. A cheap jetsetter would wear that Elvis outfit. I'm sure they're not all gracious and tasteful. Look at Britney Spears!

Finally, how could Michael be gay? He's got prostitute taste in women! Gays don't, do they? Unless we're talking transvestites here...

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