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Seeya! Wouldn't wanna be ya!

Sayonara, Sucker!

Don't let the door hitcha where the Good Lord splitcha!

Can you tell we're enjoying this?

"I still had a couple tricks up my sleeve." Pfft. Keith honey, they weren't up your sleeve, they were under your bed.

We can all learn a valuable lesson from this: don't ever fuck with a pageant queen from Oklahoma, 'cuz they will fuck your shit up!

[Screencap: Project RunGay]


Total narcissistic asshole freak.

Ahh! So Keith was the naughty designer!
Just from listening Tim's podcast, Keith did more than have those books.

Keith WHO? NEXT!!!!!!

My favorite line of the week?

Laura: Keith is SUCH an asshole.

Never have truer words been spoken.

I love you! But comment please on the true fashion catastrophe of the evening....Heidi's outfit.

Oh, we'll get there, anonymous LOL

LOL... i was disappointed he didn't have a snappy comeback...

favorite quote: "Now I'm a laughing stock..."

true that.

I just (hangs head in shame) discovered your blog and love love love it. Consider yourselves bookmarked.

OMG - you gays are too funny! Coming from another funny fabulous gay like me.

Keith, Keith, Keith. Keith, Keith, Keith.

I especally liked it when he said, "I didn't use those books." How lame does that sound?

And how funny was Michael - (I love Michael!) - when he was watching Robert and Kayne discussing Keith's books? You could just tell he was thinking, "This is one screwed straight guy."

To the poster above me- Keith is not straight! He mentions his boyfriend in one of the bonus footage when he's- uh.. whineing about something or another. I couldn't really listen to all of it because Keith's whining hurts my head.


I'd like to be the trick up Keith's pant leg.

Waves bye bye to Keith

I hate to admit it, but I was sad to see him go. He was clearly one of the better designers, and he had a sexy arrogance that made you want to hit him, and then throw him on the bed and f*&^ his brains out.

Why did he have to be so STUPID and screw it all up????

Keith isn't straight? Aw shucks lol... I'm really going to miss him though, I think his kineving ways made the show more interesting. That was funny whenever he convinced that woman to give him those "discounts". Sneaky sneaky!

Julian Black

I am so glad Keith is gone. I always felt like some nasty STD was going to crawl right off him and come through the TV screen. I mean ick. He's hot, I guess, if you think American Psycho is a nice, romantic date flick.

I'm so relieved Keith is gone in disgrace, and for such thoroughly stupid behavior on his part that I keep forgetting it was Bonnie who got auf'ed. How very anticlimactic!

keith was creepy and i'm glad he's gone. kayne was darling, just like a little 1st grade boy tattling on the big bully. go kayne!! oklahoma rocks the pageant queen world!

Keith isn't straight, but as someone pointed out, he's probably bi, as we all can assume he's greedy.

Yeah, that's a (not so) furtive slight against bisexuals. Hoohoo!

Either way, I'd do him. All ways.

Kayne looks like a wide eyed angel as he delivers....The Kiss...of Death.

Go Kayne! Ya prissy snitch! Ya done good!

Never before in the history of fashion has such a great talent been wasted in a pile of dung. Thanks be to Kayne for mucking out the barn.

I just (hangs head in shame) discovered your blog and love love love it.

You should be very asheamed, David. We'll let it slide this time because we don't have enough cute shirtless guys posting in our comments.

Yes, Master J, you're cute, but you're still wearing a shirt.

let me talk to my agent and get back to you.

Don't mess with a pageant queen from Oklahoma....that's funny shit.

did anyone else think that pageant quayne looked like a big fat gay pumpkin in her hair to toe orange nighties? but robby best looked so yummy in his wifebeater.

This seems to be the only place I know to say

Go to the bravo website and watch the bonus videos of the Designer Q&A. They ask each designer what they like to do in the spare time. Keith says masterbate (which throws the interview completely off guard).

NOW, go listen to Tim's podcast. He said that there were stories of Keith spending long periods of time in the bath room with the shower running. I the only thinking he wasn't just looking at pattern books?


Kayne is seriously the light of my life. It could only have been better if he put shards of glass in Keith's shoes or something to that pageant-y effect.


It is rather amazing that they do all of their work without reference books. Although Keith never used them to his advantage. He needed toilet paper after the first challenge.

Dorothy Michaels

Keep up the good work, girlz. You're the whipped creme topping AND cherry to the sweet indulgence of an ice-cream sundae known as PROJECT RUNWAY. Bravo! (er ... no pun intended.)

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