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Over the Kaynebow.

"Are you freaking kidding me? Shut up.
You should be pretty and seen and not open your mouth."

Oh Kayne. That was beautiful. We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Bravo, little gay brother in bitchery. Bra. Vo. Man, he really brought the gay this week, didn't he?

We rip off our sunglasses in salute, gayboy!

Oh boys.
Men after my own heart with this post.

I love me some Kayne. He's like....a southern valley girl with smarts.
though He doesn't look as pretty when he looses a challenge and is like.
"damn it. That shit shoulda been mine.."

I am sure you all have seen his limited edition t-shirt... I ordered 2 because I KNOW I need one to wear and one to show!

He also is not quite as pretty when his product evaporates and he has fluffy bangs, but never mind that, I love Mr. Kayne!

It's a bring the gay throw-down!

"Over the Kaynebow"
OMG...that is frickin' RIOTOUSLY funny. I am doubled over trying to laugh silently in the office...
Not. Working.

wintermute, i'm trying not to laugh in the library! you go, boys!

I've only been reading your blog for a week, but thinking of you while watching the show this week - there is a moment when Kayne finds out he loses and they show his profile where he looks so much like Margaret Hamilton it was scary - I was sure we would see a pic of Kayne as the wicked witch of the west up here this week!

i love me some kayne as well and JUST got my signed Kayne t-shirt today. he is my boy!!! every thought and feeling he has shows on his face. so precious.

first comment, longtime reader...

Kayne is AMAZING. as soon as he said that on the show, i was thinking, the rungay boys will LOVE THIS!

as a college student, the fantastic gay men i must have in my life (for shoe shopping, watching our shows, dressing me, and telling me i'm FAB! are all over the country. it's nice to have you on my computer 24/7.

you two can be some of my fantastic gay men! please!

p.s. i'm not anonymous, i'm Miss Maggie.

Girlfriend got quite expressive this episode.
When I saw the sunglasses thing I went: "Andrae?"
Do all gay men have such elaborate motions? ;)

Much love,

Kayne is to sunglasses what Andre is to revolving doors.

Luv ya...mean it


Don't we all need more gaiety in our lives? :-)

I have spent two weeks ripping my sunglasses off in salute of everything from a new cocktail arriving at my table to getting a phone number of some hottie.
Kayne. . . Seattle loves you!

Ohhh man. Can I just tell you boys that he e-mailed me to apologize. He really is fabulous and we BOTH are talkers. :)


That's really sweet of you to let us know. It's great that you have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Come back and dish more!

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