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Not Alison! Not our fluffy little panda cub! Watching her get the Heidi treatment pained us. It was like watching someone kick a kitten. Besides, this was a bullshit auf'ing. We thought there were problems with the execution, but the design was intricate and interesting. She screwed it up in not considering how it would look on her model ("plus-sized," Tim? Oh please.) and then making the single worst styling choice we've seen on the show to date. That bow! What were you thinking, girl?

We really hope you stopped up at the TRESemmé room on the way out and slapped that stylist silly.

Loved the dress, hated the bow.

The dress reminds me of butter icing, my favorite.

Alison your designs were always fantastic and you were basically screwed last night! You are beautiful and will be missed!!!

I think she would have been OK if her model hadn't had the bow.

The model's puffy face and the bow...that was the lethal combination. From TV, it didn't look like she looked like a fat mini-mouse, but mini-mouse she looked. I was FURIOUS that Vincent was not auf'ed. I just don't understand why the judges, especially Nina, are always so deferential to him, and now, at the cost of (I think) a better designer.

I really think PR has jumped the shark.

"zaftig" model. poor allison. broke my heart. her stuff is beautiful. whaaaaaah :(

Nooooooooooooo! How is it that Vincent has not been auf'd yet? HOW? One more comment about him "getting off" on his own design, and I would have lost my dinner. I do NOT want to think about anything that is going on in Vincent's pants. Ever.

Dawn.. you are so right, like icing on a pretty cake.. nothing wrong with looking delicious


I believe that you are all misconstruing Vincent's "get off" comment. When he said that he "gets off on" his design, he means that it reminds him of something that might have been discarded on a subway platform and that he would have been forced to step on in the process of getting off the train.

Mind you, I think that junk on a subway platform would have been a huge step up from that so-called dress.

Poor Alison. It is always painful to see someone who has talent eliminated in a challenge that has nothing to do with real clothing. She got messed up because of all that time she spent trying to turn cardboard strips into fabric, and then she had to rush to put that dress together. Still, I didn't think it looked as bad as Kayne's, Angela's, or, especially, Vincent's.

Like I said someplace else, "Moral of this story: better to be wacked out crazy, trashy and just plain ugly than to make someone look slightly heavy." Alison is out simply because the fashion-mob judges couldn't bear the idea of someone looking like they wear a size 4 instead of a size 0. End of story.

She was robbed. Robbed.

It is truly a shame to see Vincent in the bottom three almost every challenge and never see him auf'd. I'm convinced it's all for tv. Every season there seems to be one designer who totally sucks, is almost always in the bottom three, and never gets kicked off until near the end. It's disappointing that Alison had to go just for this reason. I didn't care for this outfit, but normally she rocks.

You nailed it yet AGAIN! Minnie Mouse? No no was (who is that?) Donald Duck in drag or Donald Duck's girlfriend? Either way....quack quack quack! (wrong week Jeffrey).

I was very sad to see Allison go though. I thought she could have gone all the way to Fashion Week.

Good luck watchin out for ya!

Katie, darling!

That's Daisy Duck, but we're LOL with your "Donald Duck in drag." That's funny.

I can't believe they did this to adorable little allison. They outfit and styling were horrendous, but I thought the judges took into account previous work as well. Crazy ass Vincent has had a steady stream of bad work and deserved das boot more than anyone. I love how Laura stuck it to him!

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Ugh I was pissed that they chose Vincent over Alison last night. Did anyone else notice how Vincent would describe his dress as a "child's art"[?] and then proceed to say how he was "getting off on it"? Creepy...

I <3'd Allison so badly.

Spoilers have actually said that Vincent makes the final 3 so I hope everyone is prepared for several more weeks of him "getting off" on himself.

I hope Allison opens a boutique here in B'klyn and I will shop there and we can be besties 4-eva!

Why? Why would they keep Crazy Vincent of the Ugly Clothes (C-VUC for short, if you'd like) over lovely Alison?! I almost cried. Even if her design was unflattering for her model, think back to previous challenges. Alison: beautiful, feminine, pretty clothes. Vincent: space hat. Doesn't that say enough??

What does it matter what Alison looks like? It's sad she is gone, but is it *sadder* because she's also pretty? Why is that?

I also don't get why everyone's mad at Vincent(even Laura, my fave last night). He didn't judge himself. He didn't send Alison home. The judges did that.

I didn't like Alison's design, but Vincent's was waaay worse. I think the hair bow was the kiss of death for Alison.

I'm absolutely devastated that Allison was auf'ed last night. She was robbed and no two ways about it.

As much as I can't stand Jeffrey and his massive superiority complex, I think he should have won. His design was just lovely while Michael's was nothing to write home about.

Vincet is nucking futs and obviously they are keeping him around because he causes a stir and pushes the ratings up. IMHO, he is a talentless hack.

Sara-- "Spoilers have actually said that Vincent makes the final 3..."

Vincent mentioned that he cashed in his 401K retirement fund to participate. Did he use the money to buy the judges?

"You didn't seem too happy with your model. Was she really that big? I mean, was she a size 4 instead of a size 2?
No, she's a lot bigger than me. She's absolutely gorgeous, but she shouldn't be a runway model. She's maybe a size 8 or a 10. She's not thin at all.

Why would the producers put in a model who's not runway-model size?
So people like me get eliminated. They threw in someone who had scoliosis whose shoulders are three inches different. Did you ever notice whoever's designing for Nazri often wins? There are three models who seem to win. It's because they have model bodies. I was cursed from the beginning. I had the model with scoliosis the first time — that's why I don't think I won the dog challenge. And this time, my model chose me. I was like, ''Oh no!''"

Not loving Alison right now...kind of a shitty thing to say.,6115,1228212_3_0_,00.html

I never thought that she would be auf'ed this soon. She has so much potential

tons of plus sized women around the world screamed in shock when Heidi said " she looks like a plus model.. not attractive" curvy girls everywhere are boycotting the show and calling Heidi a one dimensional bitch that needs to eat 3 meals a day...

I am a bigger girl, and I wasn't offended... but Heidi should watch how she says things lest she convince the rest of todays 13 yr olds ( that don't already have one) into an eating disorder.

I think they should do a challenge for the antithesis of these models... they should have to use 150 dollars and dress a 800 pound woman to perfection... show that bigger can still be beautiful.

I am so sad about allison though... and happy that my man kayne got by by the skin of his teeth.

vincent should have gotten the big auf in the ass...

but alas no way.

Jeffrey looked more devistated than Alison did, he seemed REALLY attatched to her.
Almost like he had feelings for her in a romantic way.

The spoilers never said Vincent is in the top three - just Jia, his model. It seems like they're picking models AGAIN next week, because Heidi has the velvet bag in her hands, so maybe someone else will pick Jia, or the models will get to pick their designers again, and poor Jia finally sends Vincent to hell.

I kind of hate the judges for kicking off Alison but keeping in Vincent. When Heidi said "Alison... you're out", my reaction was "Oh no she di'in't." And I'm still in that mode.

LOL...Check out Alison's My Space....look at the thingy of Heidi ...

LOVE the blog :-)

I, too, was crushed when Alison was auf'd. But, if there is a way to go and save face, this was it -- in a design challenge where the materials were literally garbage. No on can fault her for not doing well. Also, given some of the other garbage that walked (or rather, shuffled) down the runway, I think she came out smelling like a rose.

Vincent and Angela? The producers are just giving them enough rope to hang themselves. It keeps it interesting. And let's face it -- Alison was too nice. She was focused on her designing, and came up with BEAUTIFUL stuff. She didn't waste the time or energy on being nasty. That's not good TV, unfortunately.

I have a feeling she'll have NO problem making it in the real world.

I hate bows; really, I do. They've got to be really well done for me to resist the urge to tear them off.

I cringed when I saw the big ole bridesmaid's butt-bow on Kayne's hot mess. But the Daisy Duck-looking thang Angela stuck on her model's head was physically painful. It made me want to go beat up a clown.

With the dress looking so big, the last thing she needed to do was make the model's head look smaller. And if you're desperately trying to get a design taken seriously, cutesy-poo styling is not the way to go.

She still shouldn't have been auf'ed, though; Vincent's proven week after week that cashing in his 401k was a stupid move, and this week is no different. While Alison's designs haven't been all that memorable, at least she hasn't done anything incredibly ugly and offensive. There's been a consistent thread running through her designs, too.

Vincent's just all over the place. When he spoke of "spontanaiety" and "letting things evolve" without any planning I wanted to tell him, "Dude, that's why you've been in the bottom two four out of the last five weeks."

I feel really bad that Alison's gone. It just makes me want to see Vincent go down in flames all the more.

Allison crying was one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever seen.

she said she told them to put a small bow, but they put that huge thing, so she kept it.

agh. stupid judges.

Miss Ann Thrope

well, that's what she says in her interview, but review the tape. The stylist said, "we'll put a big bow on the top of her head," and Alison said, "cool."

Also, Tim Gunn said in his podcast that he tried to dissuade Alison from having the model go out on the runway with that monstrosity on her head, but she didn't listen and told Tim she liked it.

The Care Bear has no one to blame but herself.

that pic of daisy duck is hilarious! love this site so much more than that other site. :)

They always "auf" the youngest, when it comes down to 2 awful choices. Here, though, they should've gotten rid of Vincent. Gawd. Alison's dress was not great in the final execution, but she is just so talented!

I was so upset I cried a little "WhaaaAllison".

LOVE LOVE LOVE you PRGays! But this separated-at-birth pair of photos had me laughing so hard I had to reach for oxygen! THANK YOU!

oh man.

jeffry + alison = <3.

heidi klum tore them apart!
i'ts fucking tragic!
i can't wait for the reunion eppisode.

That was just unfair! If I remember correctly, Alison lost her model just before this challenge, she wasn't used to that one. And sorry, but IMO she was big for a model. Wider than they usually are, and that screwed poor Alison at fitting time. Frankly, I think she should have tried to make the cardboard strips work -- they had more originality and she was halfway through -- instead of starting over.

Bottom line, Vincent and Kayne (even though I love him to death) both had worse outfits. It's just not faire to auf her because her model was too big and she chose an awful hairstyle. I don't think she'd have made it to Fashion Week, but she might have made it to Paris.

Thank God! It seems that i´m not the only one how thinks there was maybe something else between Jeffrey and Alison, i wanted something to happen there. Also waiting for the reunion episode.
Did you notice they hug eachother strongly when she went away?

I'm also so SAD that she get kick off, I woul have dumped Vincent since day one, hate him!!!

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