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It was really great getting to know some of the dress forms this week. As per usual, they ran the gamut from flaky to fabulous. And it's always fun to watch a model process something outside her realm, like strategy and physical exertion. It's like watching cats try to do algebra.

"Oh man, they didn't tell us we had to like, think and move really fast!"

Tim prepped them beforehand by telling them to visualize
the one thing they want more than anything in the world.


My cat can do algebra. What are you saying?

Hysterical! Of course they would run to their favorite ....something they're craving for; dreaming of : FOOD! LOL

too funny!

Compound Inequalities in Reel Life
Robert's Jackie D'OH< y < MichealM'f*kinSnapNazri

But what of model Nadia of the Wicked Walk? A casualty of the double elimination! Damn you, Keith-the-Cheater!

"cats try to do algebra" . . . absolutely hysterical.

I totally love Nazri and her slick, bubble-gum popping yoinking of Pam Grier. But more than that, I'm starting to feel the Camilla-Love. She knew exactly which designer to pick for her tastes -- the Grande Dame of Clean Lines and Holy Grail Pants -- and exactly which icon to grab -- the immortal Kate. How do I choose between fierceness and elegance?

how have there been no comments on the... shirt? meadow?... that robert's model is wearing?

I was stunned by the comment of the queen of ornamental additions, when she got Audrey Hepburn that she was a perfect make, the design message/style matched her completely. DUH? I don't remember Audry wearing anything like the headmistress costume she created. But, then again, she made a good dress.

Oh I feel them. Last week all I had was protein shakes and then on Friday I ate a whole large pizza with extra cheese.

It was HEAVEN.

I laughed OUT LOUD at this! You guys are soo great! I just discovered your website today and I LOVE it!!


We love you too, Amanda!

Especially since we made fun of you and you don't hate us.

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