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Laura: Delicate Hothouse Flower.

As we all know, Laura's a Southern girl at heart, and like all Southern girls, she is at all times the picture of womanly grace and charm.

Or not.

Laura honey, you really brought the bitchery this week.

Ragging on your co-designers' styling choices...

Fucking with your co-designer's heads and discreetly smiling at their misfortune ...

Not to mention, getting downright thuggish. Yow. That's not a face we want to run into in a dark alley. Talk about wanting to cut a bitch.

Sweetie, what is it? Miss your kids? Competition getting a little too red hot? Sick and tired of all the prima donnas? Pissed that you wore that equestrian outfit twice for no good reason? What? What is it that set you off this week?

Ah. Of course.

You've been sleeping on IKEA sheets for the last 3 weeks. We completely understand. We'd be breathing fire too.

Still, just two little words of advice, sugar:

Titty tape.

LOLOLOL Ok, that's it, if I loose my job it's all your fault guys...that is HILARIOUS.

LOL LOL This site is better than the show- you make the show more fun to watch-- carry on PR boys! and Laura please cover the breastbone plates--deep V is not for you!

As I watched the "extras" on Bravo last night, I caught the segment where she threatens to put one of the boys in the "Punish Chair". I swear this lady could give up fashion and go in to Dominatrix training. Or maybe combine them and design clothing for the 5th Ave. Dom? Those faces! And we've not even gotten to the "No I'm an architect" episode which is probably too scary for you Boys to put on this friendly case kids might see it.

Guys, let's make a wristband...WWLD...for grace and glamor when we're tempted to be unfabulous...

That was the best blog I've read so far today. Wonderful guys. I got my laugh for the day!

I *LOVE* how the link to Laura's website goes to Louis Vuitton... you guys are too funny!!

That last picture? Nast, just nast.


Very funny, guys! As soon as I saw Laura make that face during the show, I knew you guys would take it and run with it!

Well done.

BTW, what's with Laura and Alison wearing bracelets to bed? You can see Laura's bracelet in that pic of her in bed and in last week's episode, Alison had on a couple of bracelets when she got out of bed to go to the kitchen.

Loved Vincent suggesting she "shove some Harry Winstons" up her nose. Had to explain that one to my daughter.

Can you explain that one to me ? Coz *I* didnt get it :-(

U guys should also keep in mind she was pregnant at the time the show was shooting. Explain a lot, doesnt it ?

I think Kaynebow took her comment about his "choices" a little too personally. Kayne might have won the pageant challenge and been in the top 3 the previous week, but he was towards the bottom this time. Laura hasn't. But then she has yet to win anything either. Still, she's never been at the bottom...

She was probably smiling because she's NOT a drama queen and figured it was better to let it go. You KNOW if it was Jeffrey he'd be all about having the last word.

Watch "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds" when Marilyn sings "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" and you'll hear her say, "Talk to me, Harry Winston; Tell me all about it." Harry Winston, who is dead now, but the company with his name lives on, was a jeweler on par with Tiffany's. At one time, he owned The Hope Diamond and gave it to The Smithsonian. So Vincent's remark refers to Laura's obvious wealth.


Laura needs to put some titty tape over her mouth too.

Sorry, off topic, but if someone could explain "ugly/beautiful aesthetic", I would be grateful.

Hey, now, don'r blame pregnancy on all of Laura's bitchiness. I was never like that during any of my 4 pregnancies. I would say it's the Southern woman in me (MUST be gracious), but I understand Laura is from New Orleans. Maybe she's been in NY too long? But, the folks I know from there are nice as well. I think that's just her.

What does titty tape do, and does Laura have enough material to work with? Reading about the show on this site after the fact is more fun than the show itself. Thanks for the funny.

"You've been sleeping on IKEA sheets for the last 3 weeks"
Ok, that alone made me laugh for like 5 minutes. LOL. You guys are the best.

Holy crap. I feel like I should run out and get a sympathy boob job.

While I know perfectly well who/what Harry Winston is, I still didn't understand why the hell Vincent suggested shoving them up her nose. Is that a "shove them up your ass" sort of thing? If so, why not say that? The nose thing was just stupid.

I was fascinated that Miss Titty Tape SLEPT in her white shirt and trousers.

anonymous, I share your confusion, but don't you think that to expect anything Vincent says to make sense is the surest path to disappointment. We should be happy that he's not speaking in his own made-up language.

anonymous from above

anapestic, I agree, but I suppose what I meant to say is that I don't understand why everyone seems to think his gibberish was so clever. It was gibberish from a batshit lunatic.

Hmm... if Laura dislikes dogs so much, why does she sleep with one under her pillow? ;)

Heck, I'm surprised you didn't pick up on all the shots of Laura using one of those dental floss picks throughout the workroom scenes.

That's classy!

I. LOVE. YOU. LAURA. You are fabulous just like these guys.

When you're down and out, lift up your head and shout - I'm gonna read the Project Rungay site! You make me laugh. Thank you so much. I adore Laura. She brings so much to the table, but last week she brought a little too much to the table.

I love you guys but I think you might be projecting a bit. I didn't think Laura was enjoying Kaynes discomfort, I think she was just being a buttinsky. Some people laugh/smile when they are nervous or want to diffuse a situation. I think that was a minot hissy fit. Also Laura got a major "bitch edit" this week that she probably didn't deserve. I dont think she eats her young either...I think she is just superblunt and has a low bullshit tollerance. I know lots of women who work in very male dominated fields that are the same way, and that unfairly get a dragonlady reputation.

Laura clearly has been getting plenty of bitch edits. (Let's all pray that never stops.) Not that I'm obsessive enough about PR to go over to the Bravo site and watch all the bonus footage or read all the interviews with former contestants, but if I were that obsessive, I could tell you that Alison said that Laura was an extremely talented seamstress. Because of that and because she figures out what she's going to make right away, she has a lot more extra time than the other contestants, so she goes around the room and (depending on your point of view) tries to help out or butts in. There's an extended clip of her giving Jeffrey some practical advice on his newspaper dress and being pretty nice about the way it looks, even though it's evident that it's not really her taste.

I think that she's kind of transcended bitchiness. She knows that she can outbitch any designer on the show, so she doesn't really need to prove anything any more, though I suspect that it really wouldn't be a good idea to leave her, Vincent, and a pair of scissors alone in a room together.

"Laura clearly has been getting plenty of bitch edits. (Let's all pray that never stops.)"


She looks so guileless when she sleeps . . . was that creepy?

I've always wondered what she be like as a queen (not of the Rungay variety!) of Henry VIII's *needs to refill medication.*

Laura reminds me of dracula but I love her.You guys are hilarious!

I love how she attacked Vincent. I thought she was going to attack him physically or something.

Keep brining on the bitchery Laura!

her boobs hang out too much.....

She's pregnant!! maybe it's hormones.. well, some of it..

Laura is the perfect Bad Mommy. She's gonna throw her 6th kid on a pile with the others.

No wolverine could have said it better.

You go, Alpha Bitch! (As my dog would say.)

she wears more clothes to bed than out in public

Perhaps by the time the reunion episode is taped, she'll have an inkling of cleavage.

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