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Judging Robert Harshly.

"Robert, you were too conservative, from your color choices to your odd proportions. We felt that your outfit was a total bore."

This isn't happening! Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!

"Sparkles and starshine, Robert! This outfit is gorgeous! As soon as we're done taping, I'm running backstage to rip it off your model so I can wear it home! You are so talented! Let's be best friends forever!"

[Screencaps/Illustration: Project RunGay]

LOL! OK, as of this post, I can no longer deny my love. You guys are officially my studly online gay boyfriends. I hope you're up for the job, because I demand only the highest quality bitchery and snark!


Can I take you guys home with me?!?

LOLx's 100.


Hilarious, per usual. I also loved Roberts reaction when he whispered "Ouch!" under his breath.

You guys have captured his essence! LOVE your blog!

Our mothers will be very pleased to hear that women are proclaiming their undying love for us.

Confused, but pleased.

I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

The swan crown is the best part.

haha... good stuff.

I have slowly but surely fallen in love with you guys. Photoshopping Barbie's head onto Heidi is just the icing on the cake.

Continue to be the snarky bitches you are!

ROFL. I have to agree, you guys are FANTASTIC!!


LOVE this blog. It's a must-read for every fan of the show. Thanks, guys.

You've slayed me with this post.

Man, I wish someone would make an animated gif of Robert's "Ouch!" face.

Here is Robert going 'ouch.'

This is freaking hilarious. You guys just keeping getting better and better.


Greaaaaaaat... more diet coke on keyboard.

I'm totally gonna get fired for short circuiting keyboards if you guys keep this up. I need like a tarp of something.

Okay, we have to be honest. We're not normally the type of people to laugh at our own jokes, but we were doubled over for a good ten minutes after posting this.

It is now our life's mission to make "Sparkles and Starshine!" the latest hot catchphrase.

I'm dying laughing over here!!!

You guys are too hilarious~ blog comedic relief on P-Run banter at its best.

friends forever!
friends forever!
friends forever!
friends forever!
friends forever!
friends forever!

I assure you if I were drinking something, it'd be all over my monitor. Sparkles and starshine? Yall are killing me!! <333Kait

Jesus tap-dancin' Christ I almost fell out of my chair!

Would you two please consider being part of my online gay harem?

I wonder if Robert was thinking about "My Little Pony" during the dog challenge . . .


Hey, which one is Heidi?

OMG. You guys are so hilarious. I was crying from the effort of trying not laughing outloud in my cube.


we need to be best friends now.... it's been nearly a week & this still brings tears to my eyes.

hurry up and get an rss feed already so we can all subscribe to you!

oh sweet latterday saints
why must you make me cry my eyes out
ahh well
sparkles and starshine!
off topic but...
i wonder if kayne thinks skipping is an olyimpic sport........

Shaun, is it?

This is my new desktop, the entire lot of it.

Again. Brava.

um, i just peed myself.

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