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The Hardly Boys

"Jeepers, Joe! What is the Secret of the Old Mill, anyway?"

"That you've got the taste of a love-starved hyena?"

"Rowr. Someone had their Bitcheeos this morning."

[Screencap: Project RunGay]

That is IT! There it IS! That is the love starved hyena look! I've been racking (wracking?) my brain all week wondering what in THE HELL did my beloved Robert mean by that comment? The taste of a love starved hyena? How does that apply to designing? A dress? A flight attendant INC uniform?

It took you Gay boys to read between the lines. The "taste" Robert is referring to is the "taste" of....himself!!! The Hardly boys have cracked the code again. Thank God.

You boys make me wanna be a better bitch (snif snif).

Ok I apologize in advance for monopolizing this comment section on THE BIG DAY. But I just had to point out on a Robert BEST oriented entry, that I live for his little bowing head, eyes closed, silent "thank you" whenever he hears "you're in". It's so...just so....Robert BEST.

Anyone else catching that?

(thanks to the Rungay boys who brighten my days) :)

katiecoo, darling, we missed you : - )

I love you guys!

Love you too, Mary : - )

OMG. That has got to be the funniest shit EVAR! The look on Kayne's face is too much.
Bless you, you catty bitches! =D

but aren't they both just adorable??

They are seriously the cutest people there. I want them to have their own show where Robert can be bitchily snarky non-stop and Kayne can say "Bitcheeos" to his heart's content.

At least Kayne can back himself up with awesome work... Robert is just bitchy.

Forget Rob and Amber or Trista and Ryan, THIS is the best couple to ever come out of reality tv.

This glance was "Oh thank GOD we get to choose models again. Amanda will not go home!!!"

:) Yay. My two favorite boys.

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