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An Exciting NEW Innovation in Women's Wear, Part Zwei!


They're VULGAR!

They're UGLY!


Nina Garcia agrees! She says:

"I'd shoot these for Elle right now! Lemme get my gun!!"

[Screencaps: Project RunGay]

Ah yes ... Angela's pants, the ones that can make one look like they've shat raspberries. (As opposed to the other ones, that made it look like she'd wet herself.)

What's scarier is that she *sells* them on her website. Don't know if anyone has bought them ... but, still. Girl needs to buy some fashion sense.

There's a simple explanation: on the preview video at for the next episode, Angela says that she was so excited to get Audrey Hepburn that she "peed in her pants". Really! I couldn't have guessed.

That is just plain WRONG! No two ways about it.

Disturbing. Children would laugh at her at K-mart in those clown pants. Either that or try to beg their mothers for a quarter to take a ride on her.

For shame.

A question.

Is there some sort of gathering below the knee on these "pantalones" which makes the calves look as unflatteringly FAT as the butt looks?


I never thought I would be saying this, but I wish she'd worn one of her hideous bubble skirts. That's how bad those pants are. And what's with that leather arm belt...does she shoot up?

Nina is probably wondering 'Who the hell did she sleep with to get on this show?! Cause this doesn't make any sense.'


"What's scarier is that she *sells* them on her website. "

I know...and here is how she describes them:

"this is what quality does to a girl... italian linen, parisian glass beads in the perfect shade of lemon, and lots of free time. loads of passementerie embellish a wholly utilitarian concept: the cargo. #10 zipper front closure with flourishes on each belt loop. flattering derriere detailing (no back pockets). must be in a dangerously hip mood to pull off. 100% linen with satin lined pockets. available in black or avocado. limited sizes available at this time.

The woman is insane.

Michael and Laura saved her ass.
LOVE the site guys. you guys are HYSTERICAL!!!!!!

"flattering derriere detailing (no back pockets). must be in a dangerously hip mood to pull off."

geeeeze, what was she thinking with that design? makes her butt immense.

y'all are hysterical. keep it up :-)

It looks as though Laura, in all her 5th Ave. de rigueur bitchwear, is staring at Angela's cartoonish "flattering derriere detailing" and wondering WTF?!

Your blog is wonderful. The only one I read religiously. Thank you!

Seriously, just when you thought she couldn't top the poorly fitted adult diaper, she tops it by simulating what pubic lice would look like under a microscope.

HA HA HA! i tried to take a picture of employees in a shoe shop in hong kong wearing jeans with plaid crotches, but my camera phone skills were not up to par.

but now you know... this atrocity lives on elsewhere besides in angela's closet.

and they remind me scarily of goatse.

OMG! I rewatched it. I thought you had photo-shopped that but you didn't!!
Jeez, I thought her peed-me pants were bad, but these are even worse!!
Yikes! Let's all chip in and buy this girl a rear view mirror!


Ninjarina, you have a deliciously sick sense of humor.

Julian Black

Oh god, I hate those pants. They set my imagination running off in directions it doesn't need to go as I try to describe how bad they are.

At first glance, I thought the red splotches make her look like she's had some sort of ghastly, tragic menstrual accident. Either that, or she has some bizarre STD and the lesions have mutated into a new life-form that is rapidly moving beyond her crotch in order to take over the world.

I'm a sick puppy, I know. But them's some fucked-up pants.

julian black

I ought to add that I really hope seeing herself on TV will be Angela's wake-up call to rethink the way she looks. Her next reality-TV stop really ought to be What Not to Wear. Stacy and Clinton wouldn't need to procure hidden-camera footage; the whole trainwreck is already on tape.

Had a flashback to an episode of Six Feet Under when I looked at Angela's website...the patchwork pants look exactly like the ones that Claire (while high on X) made for her mother. Even with the jingly doodads on the bottoms. The next morning Claire told her mother to take them off, they were a hideous, drug-induced mistake. Apparently someone else thought they were "fashion forward"
Also this month's IN STYLE mag has an unfortunate page on the...return of the bubble dress. No! This can't be?! By the way could care less about Angela's personality, she doesn't bother me in the least, just not a fan of her "vision". I'm just more interested in who makes the most interesting stuff.

but remmeber her designs have been mistaken for Yves Saint Laurent, but obviously by someone who is colorblind or just plain blind.

OMG I just realized that she sells those pants on her website. They cost $350. I would never wear them even is she paid me that much money. The girl has not taste, no color coordination and no idea what's in and what's out.

People in Ohio laugh at her when she goes into town on Saturdays to buy supplies

Lynette you are so right!!! Though perhaps the pants are for girls with flat/no asses.

OMG - I had just looked at her website and as Tim says "tried to make sense" of what I saw there. There is nary a female on the planet who would dare to wear pants with red spots on the crotch region, not even a post menopausal one. And those knickers in patchwork! Gawd. I love the "not for sale" coat from a table cloth that she savaged. Somewhere in the Ohio woods a table is crying...

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