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An Exciting NEW Innovation in Women's Wear!


They're FRESH!


They're NOW!


And the nippies, on the verge of skanky!

i think that part lost them the challenge.

I was thinking more along the lines of 'upside-down trash bag'.

Looks like a cros between the sperm in "Bananas" and the boys in "Clockwork Orange."

Banana Cockwork skirt/shirt.

Even Woody Allen isn't safe from the Killing Me Softly with his Sarong Keith.

Ok I could not tell what the fuck that was until just now. It looked like a wifebeater but I wasnt sure. Who thinks the average Macy's (office worker) customer would wear that? Its just one of those trends that shouldn't be.. Like when puka shells came back in style a few years ago.

It looked like a half-on half-off wrestling singlet to me.
Very "I'm cutting weight for this week's tournament" chic. Not.


Those look like stirrup pants made for someone much shorter.


Actually, she kind of looks like she just escaped from a mental institution, still in her robe but having managed to get out of her straight jacket.

I think that's where Keef was ripping off an old Vivienne Westwood punk era bondage design with the dangling strips and bits of metal. :::innocent eyes::: Maybe it was in one of his books. 0:)

I'm confused, though. Didn't he say that it was an inverted tank top that could become a dress? Can she pull the straps up and make it back into a tank top again? Did I dream that last night?

I love Jeff and his whole "I-am-an-individual-damn-it" thing, but is anyone else freaked out by his giraffe-esque neck: that thing was totally intended for plucking foliage off treetops.

What in the H E double L was THAT? Didn't KickedtothecurbKeith try to sell that ensemble as some sort of day to evening wear? A tank top that turns in to a dress?

Easy access dress I say...front AND back! (OMG!)

Norma Kamali on crack...

maybe for evening, you hike up your leg and poke it through one of those holes, thus making one of those stupid bloomer dresses which have been showing up of late?

Now THIS is wickety wack.

I was shocked that the judges liked this. I think it's as hideous as Jeffrey's neck and Keith's soul (if he has one.)


Jeff may have a whole "I-am-an-individual-damnit" thing,

but did you notice that in Epi 4 he had on an Old Navy T-Shirt?
(I know because my husband has the same one) ^_^


But look at the bright side, they keep your saddlebags all perky!

Hi Gorgeous Things,

LOVE the TheSewingDivas blog. Fabulous!

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