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Dueling Heidis


We've blown the lid off of Project Runway's latest scandal by cracking the code of this so-called "German" Heidi tried to slip past us.

"Listen, we want to keep the crazy guy for a few more episodes. Just say you like the dress and I'll get your daughter in the final three."

"Fine. Just promise me this won't be broadcast in Germany. I'd die if my neighbors saw me in this thing."

"She loves the dress!"

ROFL. Very funny, guys.

It doesn't even look like it fits her!

ah . . . I knew it! conspiring german hussies . . .

are y'all going to find out why heidi was displaying herself for all to see? slip, anyone?

are slips out? no one wears them anymore? do folks just walk around looking naked beneath their clothes?

Actually, it DOES seem clear that Heidi K is the defender of Vincent among the judges.
But why? Does he remind her of an old boyfriend or something?

Oh. My. ThePRGayBoys.

I think you're on to something, anonymous. Vincent and Seal: separated at birth!

I totally knew something was afoot! It completely explains why there were no subtitles on the broadcast. Gah. Well done, boys!

HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I think you're exactly right!

Heeeeee hee hee! I *thought* something seemed off about that.

Actually, anapestic, the father of her first child is a much much MUCH older gentlement that you never think a woman like Heidi would give a second look at.
So maybe she has a thing for Daddy types.

i was totally trippin out when i heard heidi speak german, i was convinced up to this point that she was faking that accent to hide the fact that she's really from boulder colorado.

Dang I know I don't speak German well, ok, at all, but I swear to God what I heard was "I don't care about anything else but getting those Project RunGay Boys to Bryant Park!". Didn't anyone else hear that?

Damn! I knew it!

And they said I couldn't listen to German and pick out random words to make a sentence ^_~

<33 Sarah

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i knew there was something fishy about that german exchange between the heidis... lol

I completely agree with anon 3:21! There is something afoot.

WonderTwin Gays - ACTIVATE! Get to the bottom of this mystery.

Oh. My. God.

I have an icedgrandenonfatlattewithtwoshotsofcoconut shooting out my nose.

I know, TMI but that was hysterical.

I'm with you Katiecoo.....we gotta figure out a way to get these guys into Bryant Park...

ROFL. I don't know any German but I have a feeling that she said more than just "I love it."
LOL. Thanks, guys.

That dress made one of the only women in this "model pool" with a figure look HUGE. They really want to keep that psycho!.. a pity win

Yeah, I wish Bravo had translated that. I ws kinf of annoyed with that.

I just cried laughing, another fabulous post!

I took 5 years of German and the PRGayBoys are correct! :)

LMAO, nice one. Very funny.

Sorry boston jason, you're german is no good. it was an innocent conversation, and Heidi (Uli's mom) did, amazingly, love the dress... but i'm sure this is what they said to each other in their eyes.

I'm sorry to destroy your delusion,
but actualy she said something complete different XD
i understand german,
but nevertheles
this comment was fucking hilarious XD
maybe it would have been better if she really said that XD

manny greetings,
i love you guys


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