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Are you there God? It's me, Alison.

[Screencap: Proejct RunGay]

Hahahaha, very funny. Oh guys, thanks for bringing me back a zillion years.

And God responds...."No".

I felt bad for her!!! She's just a sweetheart.


Maybe she thought she was at TRL in the MTV Studios.

Nice Judy Blume reference there!

I wonder if Keith felt an inkling of empathy after seeing how it affected her. Nah. Too narcisstic. What was I thinking?

LMFAO @ speck.

She calls for God...
Keith answers.

How ironic.

...kodak moment...

cheer up cindy brady, rex is still alive, we just took him to the farm. no need to be emo

I could hear the new age harp music in the backround. Seriously, I could.

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