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Vincent's poor model Lindsay

I mean, really. What was he thinking?
Did he staple gummy bears to that thing?

The look on her face totally says "humor the crazy."
She looks like she got the strap next to the guy
on the subway with no teeth and a homemade tinfoil cap.
We think she must have had psychiatric training.
I mean, how else would you put up with that?

"What the fuck! I couldn't get one of the fags?"

She's about ready to blow any second.

"What the fuck is that on her head?"

"Can we see it without the freaking basket? Do you mind?"

"No I do--"zip!

Bitch couldn't get that thing off fast enough.
We're surprised she didn't throw it over her shoulder.

[Screencaps: Project RunGay]

Jesus H. McGillycuddy. WTF was he thinking? And you know his model is like, "I am never gonna win with this dude. Maybe I'll just kill him with this basket right now."

And he cashed out his 401k for this? God, I hope there wasn't a lot of money in it. . .

Oh, but think of the DRAMA, copycat!

He almost gets the crazy prize.....but the winner will always be:

the Kors quote is priceless
i think he actually said that

I just loved Lindsay from that moment on. Man, she was priceless from start to finish. You could almost see her thoughts on Vincent and yet she was wonderfully professional. It annoyed me when Uli dumped her at the end, because she really was fabulous.

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