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Vincent gets pissy.

"Ew, you pissed your pants!
You need to step back, bitch!"

"You're gonna have to move three feet away from me.
Please. Please."

[Screencaps: Project RunGay]

I so thought Angela had pissed herself, when I first watched the show (glad I was wrong). I think I like Angela, she seems wacky and a poetic feespirit, too bad she and Vincent didn't get along, I was mildly surprised that they didn't.

OMG...Am I the ONLY one that HATES Vincent? I've been praying for his elimination the last three episodes. I thought all three garments lacked any sort of creativity and/or talent for design & his personality is SO annoying! I truly suspect he is actually suffering from some form of dementia! The guy is just WEIRD and UNTALENTED! BOO & down with Vincent...c'mon judges...this guy has GOT TO GO!

You think those pants are bad? Check out these pants that Angela designed and is selling...

Looks like the wearer had an accident, only this is even worse than pissing yourself.

Great blog! Lots of laughs. :)

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