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Malan. We'll miss you.

Project Runway gave you a chance to show your
mother and all of us that you really are talented and
you will go far - AND you managed to make your mother
sound like a total bitch to millions of people! Payback!

[Screencaps: Project RunGay]

I love the way he laughs. BTW, funny blog.

I thought he was cute but I find it a little hard to believe he was a model~there is something off about his chin

Don't miss him at all, the nasty looking mouth just got to me. Liked the black greasy looking hair though and his suits. So long twitch face.

was it just me
or did Malan give off that creepy,
Charlie's Angels "thin man" feel?

I adored his creepiness though.
-holds up picket sign-

"there is something off about his chin"

3:58 PM

Yeah, and we're all so perfect. God, lighten up. If you've read any of his interviews he is the sweetest guy with a big, gushy heart. Creative, kind, a loyal friend? What else do you need in a human being?


he remindes me of Mr.bean .

Peter Lorre for a new generation.

Is his English accent fake?

I knew him back in the day when he talked like a surfer dude. His accent is VERY fake.

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