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Laura: An outfit for every occasion.

"Guys, it's horses..."

Oh, and she just happened to have an equestrian outfit packed. Right.

What we didn't see: the frantic 6 am phone call to her maid.

"Strap the kids into their beds and get down to the Atlas with my riding pants NOW!"

[Screencaps: Project RunGay]

LOL, the first thing my husband noticed was her riding outfit after she said the thing about horses. Odd, unless she just enjoys wearing riding outfits on a daily basis...

Her ass matches her chest . . .



Ninjarina, commentors are not supposed to be funnier than us!

It's all about the boots with this one. I'd cut a bitch for those.

Hey Justin! We love your recaps!

And yeah, those boots are definitely cut-abitch-able, although we'd kill for her luggage.

Why do we have the feeling we're going to spend the rest of the season not discussing Laura so much as her accessories?

And her tits.

...or lack thereof...

I knew Laura was a closet dominatrix. Keith better watch his hindparts.

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