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Judging Angela Harshly, Part Drei.

"If this bitch tries to put me in a fucking bubble skirt
I'm gonna rip out her jugular."

[Screencap: Project RunGay]

Could this dog's head be the inspiration for her rosette's?

LOL...that is funny, funconditional.


Here's an outfit to send down the runway: Angela's bubble skirt paired with Daniel V's orchid-inspired top. Tragic runway!!!

haha. that dog.

Has anyone else noticed Angela's nose? It's like a witch's. Only she eats her own words instead of children.

I first read this before the doggie pic popped up and laughed out loud at the caption...not knowing what it went with! Now that I know....HA!!!

I'm dyin ovah heyah!

I love how the dog and Angela have the same hair.


Damn M, beaten like a redheaded stepchild =(

I was thinking the same thing except the dog doesn't need a hot oil treatment.


The ONLY reason she won the last night was because she had Michael and Laura on her team. I guess she can get credit for being a team leader who let better designers than her have input . . .

Great caption. Angela had her one moment of glory and will probably slip back into the extravaganza of puff.

Everytime I read this I crack up--the look on the dog's face, that's is exactly what he's saying. One of my picks for the top three PRGB best.

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