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Goodbye Katherine!

GIRL!!!!! You wuz ROBBED! That crazy-ass Angela with her tired bubble skirts needed to go! Your dress wasn't the most intricate thing we'd ever seen, but it was cute (even if the hem was a little fucked up). You're sweet and cute and young and talented. You're gonna do fine.

Now, call us! We'll go out and get mani-pedis and then maybe we can do something about your hair and introduce you to the concept of jewelry.

[Screencap: Project RunGay]

Yes, she's sweet. I thought her dress was pretty.

Yeah, we watched the show a second (third? fourth?) time today and it really was a pretty little dress. The layers on the bust didn't show up onscreen as well as they could have. A shame she couldn't make the hoodie.

I love her hair. She gives off hot lesbian vibes. I would do her in a heartbeat.

<3 <3 <3

She does give off an adorable babydyke vibe, but schmitt honey, that doesn't have to include split ends.

I loved her dress. After reading her exit interview on BPR, I understand why she chose *not* to do the hoodie, but I don't think she should have been auf'd for it.

I loved Katherine's dress. It's one of the only things that came down the runway that I would definitely wear. I know the judges are looking for designs that show a little more creativity, but what's the point of designing something creative if no one would want to wear it? I thought the simplicity of the dress was what made it so lovely. Even if the execution wasn't perfect, it still looked great. Especially compared to Angela's trashy bubble skirt!

I bet Target will be mass producing and selling that dress in different colors next summer. I'd wear it. Dear god, how did she lose to that fugly piece of bubble-skirted crap that Angela forced upon the world!?

Four words: she was bad TV.

The fleurchons maniac is good TV.

Years after people stopped caring about her, I still carry a torch for Ms. Gerdes. One of her cutest aspects is that she played along with the show after she was kicked off. Her website chronicled, among her fine fashion achievements, her many attempts at the episode challenges.

Adore. Her.

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