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Bradley Bongkirchner

"Oh wow, dude. Those lights are like... all bright and shit."

"Dude! You got any Doritos?"

"Man, I totally held that hit for like...twenty minutes. Awesome. I supposed to like, make a dress or something?"

[Screencaps: Project RunGay]

I know. LOL. What was he on?


Whatever he's on, it's probably the opposite of what Vincent's on


Those two could benefit from a little drug swap.

i loved these parts of the episode... it was so weird. but i like how awkward he is.

So so funny!

When I saw the rerun when he was saying he was a squid without an eagle without a sky...i said out loud to my TV "a stoner without a bong". LOL! Bongkirchner!

I meant preview, not rerun. I've dissected the damn thing so many times it IS a rerun at this point. A rerun of the preview! ACK!

hahah. gotta love bradley..

It's so much fun to watch Bradley and think about him being stoned. Have you seen his bio video. He seem spretty high in that too.

It's pretty funny how he sorta slapped it together at the last minute and the judges just loved it.

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