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Bradley and Alison bond.

Alison: "Haha! Dude, my dog totally looks like you."
Bradley: "Oh wow, my dog totally looks like you. Haha!"
Alison: "Haha!"
Bradley: ...
Alison: ...
Bradley: "I'll give you a quarter ounce for the dog."
Alison: "Deal."

[Screencap: Project RunGay]


Love. y'all.

alison was going to BRING IT on some german ass after uli won! did you see her face? scared of her...

Is Allison gonna have to cut a bitch?

It was a really close call though, I think there were a lot of good dresses.

I need to start signing my posts from now on.


Hi ladies!

pooja, LOVE the name of your blog. Made us LOL.

Ninjarina, not to get all Tim Gunn on a bitch's ass, but I have to say, that had to have been a tough decision for the judges. As beautiful as Uli's dress was (although 50% of the PRGBoys kinda thought it looked a little matronly), upon a second viewing, we were both really taken aback at just how beautiful, stylish, and most of all, extremely well-made Alison's garment was. If I was her I'd want to cut a bitch, too.

Hey gayboys,

I wonder if it had something to do w/ the dog outfit? It was really cute but white against white just gets lost :(. I didn't think Uli's dog outfit was so great.


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