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We have no idea why the judges keep ignoring your fine work, Michael. It's beautiful and feminine, stylish and well-constructed. What we love about your last dress is that you stayed true to your hip-hop sensibilities (in another fabric and on another dress, that bust would be pure hoochie-mama) while at the same time considering the clientele for whom you're designing and making sure it's appropriate for them.

Michael Knight, as far as PRG is concerned, you ARE
a "muthafuckin' fashion designer."

And you look adorable watching your stuff come down the runway.

[Screencaps: Project RunGay]

Michael really impressed me with the coffee filter dress. His dresses are beautifully constructed. I LOVE LOVE the site, guys. Very funny.

Michael is so going to blow everyone out of the water. I bet he's not getting so much airtime b/c he's not into drama - he's got Laura to speak for him!


i love michael... he's the dan v/ jay mc of this season. sleeper in the beginning, ass-kicker at the end.

Michael is going to be the most successful contestant from this season. He won't win, but he'll last a while, and then every clothing store catering to the hip-hop generation will want to stock his stuff. And he'll make a mint.

That is, if he's not the person who gets "asked to leave" this coming week. I am so nervous.

Did you read from Katherine's blog that his dog outfit was so poorly made that pins were sticking into the poor dog? Apparently the owner asked the producers to do something about it any no one did. Gosh I hope that's not true. I was really, REALLY liking him until I heard this.

GREAT SITE! I check this every freaking day now!

MK has impressed the hell out of me since day one. His garments are beautifully constructed. My hope is that he has staying power to the end. I would love to see what this young guy can do.

I've never been here before. I really like it. Love how you substituted balloons for Angela's skirt. How the hell is she still around? Next time see if you can use fruit like bananas.

Thank you for highlighting Michael's designs! They skimmed so quickly over his dress this week I could hardly make it out. And now I see even his little doggie has matching kick pleats. You're right...he's a major contender here and getting very little airtime. Why?

(great blog..thanks!)

I love! Love! LOVE! Michael.
Everything about him & his adorable self.

He's gonna go far..they need to stop sleeping on him.

Anyone else notices how he crosses his dainty legs at his workstation.

que adorable!!

and re:losingweight.
from what I seen his outfit wasn't poorly made.

katiecoo, we're thinking along the same lines as alden_v. He's the sleeper designer of the season. The heir apparent to Jay and Daniel V. At some point, he's going to make something that the judges can't ignore.

At least we hope so.

I dunno about the Jay comparison.
He may not have been recognized for his GAW-JESS works of design early on...but you can't deny his airtime for his outlandish personality.

who can forget:

I think the ONLY reason the 2nd dress, as beautiful as it was, didn't get any attention is because it's a fairly boring color, that betrays the otherwise beautiful design.

Other then that, I totally see him as someone that will come out strong as the series progresses.

The coffee filter dress was to-die-for. This boy and his ghettogirl portfolio was really misleading. Hes GOT SKILLZ

I think the producers are keeping him on the DL because he's going to make it far. He's just wonderful. Loved his audition, and who knew Chloe had taste?! Remember Tim et al didn't want to send him through...

yes, michael is way to under rater

Amen, Brothers!

Thank you for this!

And I hope (for my imagination's sake) that he's not gay. I've got a lot of, I'll stop there.

More power to the Michael Love!

Doesn't it seem like the judges don't want to like his work? Or is it just that they're holding on to him because he rocks?

He is totally cute.

I just want to thank the people out there for thinking the same thoughts that I am. Michael is so cute and yes the network is playing him bigtime for not giving him air time. His designs have fit those ladies like gloves. BEAUTIFUL. If they dont give him play in th next couple of episodes I'm gonna be pissed. Does anyone else wonder about his sexuality? I usually can spot a gay man a mile away especially a gay black man but this ones got the sistas fooled. He has a laid back, sexy, hip hop style about him but then again how many straight fashion designers of womens clothing do you know? Gay or straight Mike you turn me on and got mad skills. I never use to rock PR so hard but now I look forward to each episode to see more Mike ( when he gets shown)

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