Malan at Bryant Park

Thursday, February 07, 2008 by
As you know, darlings, we dashed off to Bryant Park yesterday to catch Malan's new collection. But before we talk about that, let's talk about one of our favorite topics. Us.

What an absolute hoot it was to be standing in line inside the tents at Bryant Park and suddenly realize that people you don't know are holding up their cell phones and taking pictures of you. To the very lovely people who waved us over and asked us to pose for them, we would like to say that if we were anything less than completely gracious, we totally apologize. We were flabbergasted over the attention, but more importantly, we hadn't had any coffee yet. Besides, we owe you a huge thanks for giving us the opportunity to have the following text exchange with Laura Bennett:

LB: Do you guys have any free time to come over after the show?
T Lo: Sure. Gotta run. People want to take our picture.

We guarantee her eyes practically rolled inside her head at that one.

Here's the view of the tent before it filled up with people.

Lorenzo with Fern Mallis. We were utterly thrilled to meet her and gushed like giddy schoolgirls. She's sweet and down to earth and poo-poo'd our praise. You know what we loved the most about her? Despite her uber-powerful standing in the fashion world, girl had pills on her sweater. How cute is that?

Katy Gerdes from S3 and Diana Eng from S2. Both adorable.

Katy was THRILLED to meet us and said she reads us while brushing her teeth, which is a new one.

Diana with the fabulous commenter (and our good friend) you all know as Gorgeous Things, who's wearing an Emmett McCarthy dress.

After the show was over we of course pushed our way backstage like the bitches we are.

Avec the man of the hour.

FABULOUS AMANDA! We've said it before and we'll say it again: That bitch can WALK.

Angela Keslar from S3. didn't tell her who we were when we asked for a picture.

And now, the show. The program described it thusly:

"The captivating dichotomies of the characters played by Catherine Deneuve in her early career in "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" and "Belle de Jour" inspire Malan Breton's designs for his Fall 2008 collection"

It was wonderful to see Malan get away from his trademark "old Hollywood glamour" aesthetic and embrace a new "swinging '60s French cinema" one. The look was clean and sophisticated and pared down. We would have liked to see him get away from so much black since he's done it so often and we really would like to see him embrace the occasional print and texture in order to get out of his "chiffon, organza, satin, taffeta" comfort zone.

We think the show started off strong and tended to get weaker toward the end, possibly because several of the looks tended to be extremely repetitive.

These two were our favorite looks in the whole collection. Clean and chic.

We love the look on the left, but we're ambivalent about the one on the right.

Nice, but we're already having difficulty telling certain looks apart.

Do not like the look on the left at all.


We would have liked the second look much more if the hem had hit at a different point.

Don't like that patent leather jacket at all.

Again, basic. And we still aren't fond of that below-the-knee hem length.

The dress on the left was gorgeous, but as high impact as the dress on the right was, the fact is, the model could barely walk in it, which tended to greatly reduce its impact.

Despite our bitchy complaints, the overall look was very sleek and sophisticated and very Malan. Congratulations, darling!

Watch the video here:

[Photos: WireImage/Project RunGay - Video:]


Anonymous said...

Rofl at Angela!

mjude said...

i love malan!

jealous again boys. so NOT fair!!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Amanda?! That walk is stun-ing in person! And she is also completely beeeeeeauuuutiful! She is the epitome of FIERCE!
I think the simplicity of the designs was a nice variation for Malan and it seemed like a lot of the looks were quite wearable, and wearable in a more regular life way than in a "formal events only" way.
It was great seeing you guys again!!
Madeline (who can't seem to log in and it rather cranky about it)

Anonymous said...

Angela from S3 has a mullet.

GothamTomato said...

Congratulations to Malan!! There is a lot of gorgeousness in that collection. My favorite is that red coat look (is it a trench coat?). Anyway, love it.


P.S.- Dear god, what was Angela wearing? She looked like she collided with a rabid yak on her way in to the tents.

Anonymous said...

Malan! Love him!

See?! You two are really in need of your own entourage now! You're part of the happenings. Did you even dream that your blog would take you to such well-deserved fabulous-ness?! Much love to ya!

Isabel said...

I am so glad that Malan is doing sooo well.

He looks very happy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Angela -

1988 called. It wants its hair back.

No love for puffy mullets,

Sewing Siren said...

You Bastards! You met Fern Mallis! I am the tackiest shade of green ever...Did you meet Bill Cunningham too? I love him.

Gwen said...

Seriously, what the hell? Did Angela get a perm?

Malan's line looks awesome. Love him.

mjude said...

is it possible that our beloved TLO will out grow us??

they are no longer our little secret...

Anonymous said...

I can see another reason why those involved in the fashion industry need to stay thinthinthin: the seats at these shows are CRAMMED together.

There is nothing glamourous about city bus seating.

Sewing Siren said...

TLo said...Again, basic. And we still aren't fond of that below-the-knee hem length.

When your knees are 45 you'll probably love it a little more.

I do love the winter white sleeveless dress with the black tights, and the red one, too. I love black tights.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Sleek and sophisticated. I love that deep navy color.

bitchesdye said...

You bitches are such whores. But we still love you. ;-)

I'm glad you can still look at Malan's show objectively. While some of it is nice, there's a whole lot of boring same ol in there.

And Angela--jesus! Get off the farm once in a while.

Anonymous said...

It all looks beautiful to me. This show feels like a big step up from his Spring08 collection.

Loved the early 60s silhouettes -- particularly the cut of the shoulder/neckline and I embrace The New Dowdy below-the-knee length. (Go away mini... Dowdy is fresh!)

These clothes must feel lovely to wear.

I hope Malan follows your advice and experiments with color tones and print.

Good luck, Malan darling -- you done good, kid.

Anonymous said...


I liked his stuff a lot a lot a lot.

Tthe 'basic' pieces were terrific and will definitely age well and have that lovely ability to be paired up or down with other styles.

He's a lovely balance of elegance and smart, sophisticated, (mostly) day wear that a professional woman can wear well past her '40s.

If I had any reason whatsoever to have to wear nice professional attire, got a lifetime membership to the local liposuction clinic and had a sack of $1,000 bills hit me on the head, I'd *so* grab some of Malan's pieces.

Ms_flyover said...

Damn - If I weren't midwest poor and post-pregnancy huge, I'd completely update my closet with 3/4's of that.

Clean and gorgeous.

I won't waste too much space discussing TLo envy - we all have it.

Ms_flyover said...

Looks like Anon 3:26 and I are thinking alike (damn - I hate posting and sounding derivative.)

Anonymous said...

I loved all of it! And, I have to disagree: I loved the boxy jackets, including the patent leather one. I love that Malan is trying to challenge Americans to take pride in their appearance and make an effort when dressing.

Also, as a woman with thick calves and thin thighs, I prefer longer skirts, so I liked the below-the-knee length on the skirt you mention. I generally do well with short skirts and long skirts, but when a skirt ends at my knee, then my legs, which, thanks to my thighs, are actually thin, start looking heavy. (-.-,)

Malan, I don't know if you read this, but you are the bees' knees!

Crow Winters said...

I pretty much died when I read the caption for Angela's picture. God I love you guys.

I also love Malan, but his designs- ehhn. I never get rich NY socialite fashion anyways, so I guess it's not my place to comment any further then that.

Bill said...

You guys are so happening!

I liked most of the looks - including the red pants. Would love to see a lot of it on women of a certain age. I think they are the ones who could show it to its best advantage. And I love that the colors & lines basic and classic so you can make different looks with accessories.

And only you guys would mention pils in Fern's sweater! No one will ever accuse you of sucking up or going easy on someone. But, of course, Fern seems like the kind of successful, secure, real, confident person who would just laugh at a comment like that.

Bill said...

Oh, and Gorgeous Things!

You go, Gorge Girl!!

So nice to see one of "us" at the show!

Anonymous said...

angela looks like she's lost and is trying to find her way back to Jubilee Jumbles Doggy Daycare.

Malan's collection is fabulous! he's such a sweetheart.

Anonymous said...


despite you both are malan's friends, your comments are quite professional.

you are with the high society of fashion. we all hate you, bitches.

Anonymous said...

and what the hell is using angela in her hair?

Anonymous said...

wow, angela aged herself 15 years with that look. she should consider straightening her hair. That look is frightening.

Um, I wasn't blown away by the collection, but it seemed sophisticated in well made. I'd love read a review and I hope that it was well received.

Anonymous said...

TLo, you're hysterical. Total whores, of course, but fabulous ones for sharing with us.

Go Gorgeous Things! Glad to see one of us successfully infiltrate the collections....

Angela has a strange Jill-St.-John-as-Tiffany-Case-gone-
under-cover-in-a-commune-with-James Bond look going on there, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

WTF, Angela???? How could she think that was a good look for fashion week? well, anywhere really.

Anonymous said...

Boys, I hope you took Angela's picture and ran away before you caught something. Girl is walking around with a gnarly something growing all over her.

Malan's collection is truly beautiful. Sweet soul.

Love Fern Mallis.

You guys look sensational. Isn't it cute how Tom holds his chin up in pictures? Is that where Ferosh got it from?

I demand an explanation from Gorgeous Things about who she had to give a ham sandwich to get in there. As if being jealous of TLo isn't bad enough!

Bill said...

Angela was looking very Erin Moran.

Does Angela love Chachi?

Anonymous said...

tell me why angela looks like she's straight out of 1986?? she looks like she aged 30 years. no joke.

gloria said...

Saw Malan on ninth ave once and blurted out his name before the hand could could stop the mouth - and he turned around and was so gracious. So happy to see his lovely collection. He is old world charm and grace and civility...we need that.
And I want that red coat very, very badly...

And Sewing Siren - thanks! Love the feathers!!!

Anonymous said...

Malan's collection had a lot of classic pieces I'd buy in a second if I had the need and the cash. The music Bravo put with the video seemed wrong, wrong, wrong though. I hope that's not what Malan used at his show.

TLo, you're right about Amanda. Fierce walk indeed. And Angela? Bless her heart.

Anonymous said...

Hey boys! My reaction to seeing Angela, "OH MY GAWD IS THAT ANGELA?!" The two fabulous Park Avenue bitches sitting next to me looked and cackled. Girl needs to fix that hair.

As for Malan's clothes, they're meant to be seen up close and personal I think. It's all about small touches that make them unique. If a lady walking down the street in one of those dresses, she would be called "chic." I loved it.

Thombeau said...

Ooh, thanks for the report. Good for you guys!


Thombeau said...

Oh yeah, I love Malan. Really.

And Gorgeous Things? You are a GORGEOUS THING!!!

Anonymous said...

I know it's been used for Christian, but my OMG, Angela is totally Kevin McKinney's "Chicken Lady":

Always oved Amanda, she can walk and looks different (but hot) in anythign she wears.

Anonymous said...

The collection is very Malan.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Malan! I love you! I'm so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

OH. MY. GOD. Angela hasn't changed a bit.

Mom said...

I think Angela decided to skip her 40s, 50s AND 60s, and went straight to her 70s. How very...efficient?

And now I'm going to worry, whenever I read this blog, that somewhere out there, Katy Gerdes might be electrocuting herself.

As for the show, I sensed a great deal of loveliness from the pix of Malan's clothes. I didn't like the boxy jackets and I, too, would shorten the hems on some of those dresses, but you're spot on when you say that it's good to see him expanding beyond the Old Hollywood aesthetic. Growth is good!

DolceLorenzo said...

Angela's picture left me speechless.

Anonymous said...

He is so can see how humble in his face..what a sweetie..malan love

Anonymous said...

That picture of Angela! She looked like one of those old ladies with cats that let themselves go a long time ago that you see walking out of Sam's Club with a big barrel of beef jerky. They are normally missing some teeth.

Anonymous said...

I love it, and I think it looks old Hollywood, because my second thought (my first was Paris) when viewing that collection was Audrey Hepburn. And I ADORE Audrey. There is no one in the whole world more beautiful. Of all the famous people in the world, past, present, and future, I love her the most(ok, I'm embarrassing myself now) Anyway, that's who I want to be, and I want to wear Malan's clothes while doing it. Unfortunately, the closest I'll ever get to fitting that clothes is in my dreams. (Some of us are truly "plus-size" individuals, poo)

Anonymous said...

Malan's collection reminded me of Victorya's—tho not in a derivative way. They are both smart and chic and pared down and understated and well-designed. Clearly he too is in the category of "not ready for prime-time reality TV" but he proves he's got the chops to survive and prosper in fashion.

GothamTomato said...

"kactus said: And I ADORE Audrey."

Me too. I think Audrey Hepburn has got to be the most gorgeous creatures ever captured on film. When I was younger, I went through a phase of wanting to look like her (I still would like to look like her, but now realize that that's not possible).

But back then, I kept trying to stretch my neck, and I even tried to copy one of her hairstyles, with the really short bangs.

But the short bangs didn't make me look like Audrey. I looked like a mental patient.

That's my life in a nutshell.


Anonymous said...

To quote Gloria
He is old world charm and grace and civility...

I completely agree and would also add that I love his beautiful voice and manner. I wish he could become some kind of superstar so I could see him everywhere.

Le sigh.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous. Congrats, malan!
And you guys are right, Amanda is fierce.

Anonymous said...

Re: the hemlines.

Fashion is an indicator of the economy. If hemlines drop, the economy is going to suck.

Seriously. Ask Fern.

Anonymous said...

"Angela Keslar from S3. didn't tell her who we were when we asked for a picture."

Neither would I, in your shoes. What would you call that look, "1986 diner in Little Rock, Arkansas?" AH'D LAHK SUM GRITS, PLEAZE!

Casey said...

Being the old armani-loving fart that I am, I thought many of those pieces were sublime. yes, I'd shorten the hems to just above the knee, but I applaude the elegance.

Hephaestion said...

After Cheyenne Jackson, y'all are the guys I am most envious of! Thank you for sharing all this with us poor paupers strewn across the Americas.

I disagree with your suggestions on changes you'd like Malan to make, though. I love his collection and his style exactly as it is! Fabulous!!!

Hephaestion said...

Malan TOTALLY needs to have his own talk show on television. As Gloria said, he is old world charm and grace, and we so DESPERATELY need that. I think his show would be a SENSATION!!

Kanani said...

Well, I'm not surprised everyone wanted your photo.

I'm sure LB cracked up when she read your reply.

I tend not to like dresses that go beyond my knees as well. And I'm 47. They just make me feel dowdy, not that I'm aiming for mini skirt. But just at or preferably above the knee is terrific.

And Gorgeous Things looks terrific in that dress!

Anonymous said...


OMG. Angela is such a freak show.

She looks like a muppet.

That puffy hair, those outfit, LMAO, I can't stop laughing. I can't believe she went out in public like that.

Anonymous said...

Malan is fabulous!!

Gorgeous collection. Simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'm old enough to say that I was in my prime in the early sixties. So, I'm long past judging fashion on the basis of whether or not I could wear any of it. Not only does Malan's collection afford a nostalgic pleasure, there are actually clothes there that I could wear and look not half bad in. Since I may presume I'm not his target audience, this may not be what Malan would like to hear, but he's certainly put a wee spring in my step today.

funtime42 said...

The reds almost glowed, and the midnight blue was stunningly beautiful. I would be happy wearing any of those, and I will likely covet the red trench coat for the rest of my life.

Anonymous said...

Angela's scarf looks like a knotted bedsheet used to escape from the Barbie prison.

Kanani said...

I just noticed Angela's funky scarf! It looks like she's being strangled by it. Call it "pink emo."

Anonymous said...

Does he make the trench coat in denim?

Just kidding.

Gorgeous Things said...

OMG, I'm blushing! I'm on PRunGay!!!

What a fun, fab time! There were two looks that I really loved, and that's a high number for me. Fern Mallis is a goddess, and so sweet. Amanda is an amazing walker and a hot tick (and an Elite model!) Malan? Love you. TLo? Love you more!


Anonymous said...

I somehow didn't get a ticket on the Malan loveboat, so I don't have much of a reaction to the collection. But I love watching Amanda walk, and am so happy that her turn on PR got her such great exposure. She deserves to be a superstar!

BigAssBelle said...

are any of the other PR designers from previous seasons showing this week?

if not, that's quite a coup for the charming Malan, whose early exit was a shame.

taodon said...

I didn't recognize Angela without the rosettes...

Need more updates... crying :(

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge fan of this collection, but I have to say, the single-word commentaries just drive me crazy.

I mean, thinking of all the time that goes into designing, executing and fitting a single outfit, to dismiss two or four of them at a time with "Basic.", like an English teacher whipping through a batch of freshman essays in a hurry to get to her cigarette break, seems so presumptuous.

I realize it's not possible to write a paragraph about each outfit, but there's no reason why every single outfit in a collection needs to be commented on. Can't we just get opinions on some that, for whatever reason, stand out or are representative?

Anonymous said...

I think you boys are being hard on Milan. Maybe simple but absolutely chic and wearable. I think you are trying to prove that you can be there on your own.
Better watch out fame comes with a price...your souls!

katiecoo said...

"LB: Do you guys have any free time to come over after the show?
T Lo: Sure. Gotta run. People want to take our picture."

LOVE. IT. !!!

Oh my my my...and I knew you when. But the fabulous thing is you haven't changed a bit. And dang, you look HAWT and that means you too Gorgeous Thing!

I love Malan's is so *him*. He's just so, so, what's the word in Duchessian? Soignee? Not his clothes, HIM.

You bitches are taking over the world.


(and I'm celebrating it!)

Green Eilleen said...

Malan's work is so elegant and timeless. It's like he should have been Audrey Hepburn's designer. While this latest collection was a little monochromatic in places, still it was stunning and gorgeous. We love you Malan!


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Unknown said...

TLo ~ I am loving your life.

(Thanks for letting us in:)

btw...Lorenzo, you look like a 'sexy kanoodle' in your black (cashmere?) scarf and sweater, w/white undershirt. (your devilish 'brows delight me)
...but please forgive, I think your man Tom is so~~~~ rocking the pin-stripe jacket.

He may have best-dress-ted you. ;)

...but then again, I haven't seen *the* skinny jeans. (wink)

Love to both, keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

Remember the 50 second dramatic beginning of my show? The only way we could get a 50 second dramatic ending was to cut the bottom of the dress 8.5" too narrow that way the model was forced to take smaller steps. Otherwise it would have lost the whole theatricality of what is a Malan Breton show.
I love that you were there, thank you for coming.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I didn't think Angela could look any worse than she did on the show, but I was wrong. Boy that girl is ugly. What is up with that hair??

Lorenzo is so cute with Fern Mallis(whoever that is) and is the other one with you Tom?

Anonymous said...

Jezebel is live-blogging the PR show at Bryant Park if anyone wants to read it. Lots of spoilers so don't C&P into a new browser if you don't want to know.

Sewing Siren said...

MalanBreton said...
Remember the 50 second dramatic beginning of my show? The only way we could get a 50 second dramatic ending was to cut the bottom of the dress 8.5" too narrow that way the model was forced to take smaller steps. Otherwise it would have lost the whole theatricality of what is a Malan Breton show.
I love that you were there, thank you for coming.

I thought the mincing walk was very dramatic. It kind of put me in mind of Paul Poiret and the hobble skirt. The whole collection was beautiful and wearable. Kiss, Kiss. Love, Sewing Siren

Anonymous said...

Oh so many of these clothes are just simply gorgeously wearable! I love the at-the-knee hem dresses and the jackets, not so much the pants looks.

I guess this higher waisted thick bandy thing is really here for a while. Personally, as a woman with a decent ribcage area but larger hips, I am happy about that. So flattering.

I have not to this point been a Malan fan but count me in based on this collection - congratulations to him!

Anonymous said...

Malan looks so different in these pictures...different in a good way! Is it the shorter hair? The happiness at such a chic, tasteful show? Who look ferosh darling.

Jubilee Jumbles lives!

Anonymous said...

It's so funny. When I first saw Malan on PR I thought "what a rarified orchid, bless his heart" and just knew that he'd go down in flames once the design challenges became wackier.

But he and his fashion sense has grown on me tremendously and it can show the value of Project Runway designers that even appearing on the show and making a decent impression will get you fans for years after the season *if you really deserve them and actually acknowledge a basic need to keep yourself engaged with fans*.

Jay, Emmett, Laura and Malan have proven this. And they're smart cookies for it.

And, honestly, his designs are so lovely and feminine and can be age-appropriate and can actually be worn in most professional environments. At least, a lot of the pieces can.

Malan seems to have found a very nice Laura-esque market to tap into and he honestly doesn't seem like he's making himself go there because that's where 'the market' is but that he genuinely wants to be there.

Or he's really good at looking like he wants to be there.

Actually, I guess in the end, I don't care *why* he's there, I just want to be there, too :-)

Unknown said..., is that really Malan posting TLo?

If it is...I'm here to praise your work! I was surfing back and forth between this blog and NYMag's coverage/vids of the shows.

When I saw the slide show of your collection I was gleefully thrilled... Talk about designs that would make the wearer feel like a STAR!

Truly beautiful, every garment...that can't be said of many shows. (very few that I've seen on NYMag)

I'm particulary fond of:
*the cream trench(?) with the broad collar..both the short and long
*the navy/cobalt jacket w/standing collar
*the boat-ish neckline, used in 2 dresses (I'm a home-sewer and I'd like to borrow that, for myself only, promise :)

Honestly, I just fell for all the designs and I hope your career flourishes by leaps and bounds! (elegant ones, of course)

Much Love at you Malan, Sally

Anonymous said...

Hilarious about Angela! You boys are bad...:)

Malan did a show that was mostly wearable and beautifully elegant. You could wear those clothes in 20 years and they would still be fabulous! Not only are they classic, they are stunning in their simplicity. Wonderful job Malan!!!

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to see that Malan continues to be a success. No one deserves it more. He is an inspiration to all of us misfits to keep going until the world catches up with us!