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Saving the Best For Last

We still stand by our assessment that Kit's was the most stylish and youthful out of the entries - and therefore, the winner - but if the question is "Who made the most beautiful dress?" then hands down, the winner is Chris.

We're not journalists and we don't pretend to be but we do try and look at the entries somewhat objectively. We don't want our like or dislike of certain personalities to color our opinions. But kittens, we can't help it: the fat kid is really getting ignored here.

He's produced some clunkers this season, no doubt about it, but when he hits that ball, it goes sailing over the fence and apparently, right over the judges' clueless heads.

It is absurd that not only was this dress shuffled off the runway without a word, but then to have Heidi say that the judges only liked two dresses - Sweet P's and VictorYA's? That is some sweet, sweet crack they're smoking in the Parson's basement.

We're not without criticisms, though (quelle surprise). Overall, the look is a little mature for a 17-year-old and the color just doesn't say "prom" to us. The shirring in the bust is beautiful, but it does give it a sort of "breastplate" look to it. On a mature woman, the effect would work - think Helen Mirren on the red carpet - but on a young girl it's a bit much.

We love the straps and the way the skirt flowed and moved on the runway.

We don't love the little metal rings holding it together in the front and back.

And while the extra fabric on the front and back are nice details, they again, say "mature woman" rather than "young girl" to us.

We can live with it not being the winner, but for it to be passed by without mention? To be told that it didn't even register as a dress the judges liked? Fuck that noise. This was an absolutely beautiful garment.

Chris, you were robbed this week. But we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that the styling kind of sucked. What's going on with that sloppy hairdo?

Then again... apparently have some interesting ideas about hair.

[Photos: Barbara Nitke/ - Screencaps: Project RunGay]

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Agree, agree. And thanks for the portfolio shots! Love them. Also love that the girl and her Mom had no idea that was our darling Sissybear in the photos.

Bravo, Chris -- ah-mazing dress.

I loved the and glorious. Couldn't agree more about the lack of comments and relegating to the bargain bin.

My theory is that the color did him in. The judges just couldn't get past it to look at the garment's line and flow. And boy did it have line and flow!

You go, Sissy Bear! I had thought Sweet P's dress was the best, but after seeing all these screen caps Chris' really was the winnter.

Great dress, IMHO, and entirely appropriate for some proms...remember, they're not all the same.


I would wear that in a heartbeat. Hang on, Sissybear!

I agree that Chris's dress is mature, but isn't that what a 17-year-old wants in a prom dress? The whole prom fantasy is all about looking older, and I think Chris captured that. Indeed, Kit's dress was youthful, but I think a high-school girl wouldn't even notice it hanging on a rack. BTW, are the boys still getting bow-ties and cummerbunds to match? Might not look so good in the baby-throw-up green.

I want to hug Chris to bits and bits. That is all.

I would've died to wear this at my prom.

This girl looked great on the runway. Throughout the show she had a terrific smile and great laugh--which made her a good pairing with Chris.

The dress is classic. She's one of the few in this group who won't be embarassed by her prom photos 10 years hence. (Unless she's embarassed by her date, but there's only so much a designer can do.)

Did these girls really wear these dresses, I wonder? Was this shot before or after prom season last year?

I still think that Chris's dress is tasteful and classy, not simply 'mature'. I love the color as well. Not every girl wants to wear baby blue or red to the prom. I feel his should have been the clear winner.

Agree with EVERYTHING ... with one exception.

That color is GORGEOUS!!!

It's a shiny, shimmering, elegant soft green. It's NOT Rami's drab OLIVE.

I just disagree that the dress needs to be lipstick Red, or hot Pink or electric Blue to be worthy of note. This green is understated and elegant.

Sorry, but I absolutely love it (can you tell??)


OMG, thank you for the closeups of the dress! I barely got a glimpse of it on the runway. GORGEOUS!

I loved the color too....very rich and it was fantastic on her. Also liked the metal closures on the back...I dunno why, it just works for me.

I absolutely loved his reaction when they said the girls picked from among the portfolios.....his face went from amusement to "Oh fuck, I'm screwed"...LOL. Thanks for the portfolio shots too. Absolutley LOVE Princess Leah! LMAO.

I think bringing Chris back was about the wisest thing the producers of the show have done so far...and that includes putting in their 2 cents (nickel) for the judging. I'm a firm believer that the Duchess, Nina, Heidi and whatever guest judge they have give their "consultation" about the winner....they don't get to pick (never did actually). Its all the producers of the show. How else did Kevin go home and that "hot mess" Christian sent down or Ricki for that matter get to stay? How else did Wendy Pepper from season 1 make it to Bryant Park? No degree of talent....simply ratings folks. Ok meter clicked, my 2 cents is spent. LMAO.

Ah! You guys didn't mention how high it was cut in front (er, I'm a guy-- does that count as a "slit"?). I thought it was interesting-- a bit of a surprise once she started walking.

I thought, yeah, that is some pretty plain styling, but you know kids these days....... Don't look too keen, even on your prom :)

I liked the metal rings. I think they gave the dress the "youthful" touch it needed without being in your face. My only criticism is the color. Kinda looks like Kermit the Frog. It would have been lovely in eggplant, pewter, bronze, etc.

I stand by my opinion that Chris should be the winner. And like I said (and you said, too), I think it was a slap in the face when Heidi said, "We only liked 2 dresses this week." WTF?

This gown was gorgeous.

This dress should have won. Hands down. It was the prettiest and most "prom" looking dress of the bunch. It was amazing. I can totally see the drag influences in it.

However you may feel about drag queens, one thing the bitches do well is formal wear. He rocked this dress.

In addition, I loved all his costumes. They all looked very well made and very inventive.

I liked the colour. It looked like a lively green (as opposed to a muted blah like Rami's) or eyeball-searing green (as opposed to the electric blue of Kit's or the saccharine sweet blue of Vyitaorc's).

Metal rings could go, though.

And I would have thought a prom for 17-18 year olds would have come shortly before they first vote, first join the military without parental signing and go off to college to study and frick like the bunnies. If they're not already mothers.

I'm basically thinking "they may be plenty mature or wanting to acknowledged that they're entering the 'mature' stage" and simply not want to look like a 12-year-old dressed up being taken to an expensive restaurant (which one poster best summed up Voytriac's dress).

Nice dress for a sophisticated young women who's smart enough not to want some body-hugging dress that doesn't suit her body.

Chris got robbed of at least kudos on this one.

I thought that Heidi meant that they only liked two of the six dresses they brought back for a second look. It made me wonder whether one of the dresses was in the top three and then they looked at it again and didn't like it.

And Chris may have some weird ideas about hair, but his hair (or whoever's hair it was) in all those pictures is immaculate. On his prom model, not so much.

But it was a great dress and hopefully it will dispel the costume notion that the judges seem to have had about him. I still think that his chances are limited just because he was kicked off once already. If he makes a misstep somewhere, it'd be easier for the judges to re-auf him than to auf one of the favorites.

I'm hornswaggled and bechunked by how you guys can stand by Kit's dress as the winner. It's not even a speck on the floor compared to this!

This dress is exactly what the kids are wearing these days in my neck of the woods. I don't think it looks matronly at all! It's gorgeous - colors, fabric, styling, and it's perfectly constructed. One of the best in all of PR history IMHO.

One you look at Chris' portfolio, you realize that he's out of his element with all these (relatively) normal challenges. This proves that HE is the one who is reaching past his comfort zone every single challenge. And, each time, he kicks it. What a total star.

I'm incensed that the judges just ignore him, and heartbroken that he takes it so well, like he's somehow used to being ignored. I've said before that he doesn't realize how talented he is.

This dress was the hands-down winner by a mile.

Can't wait for tonight!

(Thanks for the pictures boys, really beautiful!)

I liked Kit's best, too, but I agree that this was great. And I even loved the color, which I would have loved when I went to my prom (a long time ago, I must admit) precisely because it would be unlike all the other prom dress colors.

I like the metal rings... a lot.

They provide a nice contrast to the very elegant, traditional nature of the garment.

It's like, "oh, you like lovely, flowing beautiful fabric? Well howzabout some METAL RINGS, right in the middle? Huh? You like that? Picked 'em up off a factory floor, and they kick ass! Now the dress looks even better, and I didn't have to make some bullshit flowers or bows! That's right!"

Chris rules.

I also agree that Chris' dress was the best, by far. I suspect that one reason he's been overlooked has to do with Miss Nina's comments regarding Daniel V being "handsome" and "the complete package [sic]." The longer I make myself watch Project Runway, the more I realize that Nina and Michael and Heidi are really messed up.

I thought it flowed beautifully, and his pictures are great!


You're right, as always. Beautifully done but perhaps too mature for the girl. And the styling, poo. But she was so cute, marching down that runway, awwwwwww!!!!

In fact I would totally buy Chris's dress -- in a different color. It's a great color but sophisticated and not for everyone's skin tone and not really for a kid.

I am really loading up on the Boos for the judges this season. Somebody better go slap some sense into them!

As someone who works with high school students and goes to their Grand March every year (I am a costumer and they want me to see them in their dresses) I can tell you that this dress is a clear winner. NO ONE would wear Kit's. To go out to dinner with mom and dad and the grandparents. If a girl wears a short dress, more likely than not, they find a vintage dress from the 50's or early 60's. (Wearing a vintage dress is considered very cool) And about the color--that is a VERY popular color to wear. I don't know what the problem was but it really was the perfect prom dress.

When watching this episode, my very, VERY picky step sister happened to walk through the room and say "I would totally wear that in red"

Now all the formal dresses she wears are red so that's just something to ignore but the fact that she liked it was a shocker.

B-E-A-utiful Dress.
Damn those judges and their substance abuse.

"To go out to dinner with mom and dad and the grandparents."
I meant to say To go out to dinner with mom and dad and the grandparents--maybe--but not to prom. Note to self--always proofread!

I think the summery lime color is good-she will stand out at her prom! The rings, I didn't care for, but there were so many rings and circles in jewelry this past season, it worked in just fine.

Was Tresemme out back smokin' some weed? I don't think her hair looks done!!

Green is supposed to be THE TREND right now - are the judges really that oblivious to a designer that they themselves do not find attractive???

Chris has the most imagination and sophistication of all the designers up there (and the nicest of the personalities from what we've seen)

I really hope the judges get their long needed cranial-rectal-inversion procedure soon and stop ignoring our SissyBear!


If someone had offered me this dress when I was 16, I would not have told my then-boyfriend that proms are a silly waste of time and money. NOTHING involving wearing that dress would be a waste!

Some of us have the right coloring to wear that green, and formal dress makers rarely do much in good colors for us.

This looks a LOT like my daughter's dress last year - same color, same fabric type, and very similar cut. She did her hair with a marcel wave, and was the look was a HIT - not every girl goes to prom in a hoop skirt or a skankilicious mess (although, there are plenty of those!)

I loved this dress, and I love that this girl and her mom chose Chris - it doesn't matter that they didn't realize it was him in the pictures - they picked up on his great sense of fun and over the top design - they were ready for anything and looked forward to having a great time.

I agree that Chris isn't being asked to sit at the cool kids' table - the judging this season is so uneven, I just can't follow the logic.


Chris lover!!!

I also noticed that Chris was short changed during the presentation of his dress. It seemed liked they showed his dress not as it turned the corner but midway through the start of her walk. Am I right or is my recollection fuzzy.

while i do like just about everything else about it, it is really hard for me to get past the bust construction on this dress. it is just not right for the client to me. it made her look squat and accentuated her squat neck. i think there was just too much going on up there (just taking it as itself, not comparing it to the other dresses). i kind of wish he had done a bustline like on sweet p's dress, only with better construction than she had.

Damn I'd love to be his best friend!!

Sissy Bear *was* robbed!

Of course that color isn't for everybody, but it looked great on the client (and would look great on me, thankyouverymuch).

They must be spiking the crack with PCP this season!

I think I loved just about everything about this dress, right down to the metal rings and the color (which was aided immeasurably by the flow and sheen of the fabric). Chris has become my fave designer and personality this season. His jokes are delicious little depth-charge bombs of wit! Give them a second or two to drop, and kaboom!

Aw, I kinda like the metal rings in the back and the extra fabric/train.

Oh well, chacon a son gout.

Oh, speaking of the portfolios, I wonder what it says about Victorya's that she was picked last.

Things that make you go hmmm.

The big guy was most definitely robbed. Loved everything about this dress. If the girl actually got to keep it she will get lots of use out of it in the years to come.

And the judges are still nuts. If Chris had sent what Rami did down the runway during the Hershey's challenge he would have been called out for being 'too costume-y'. So he sends absolute gorgeousness down instead and gets beat up for not being costume-y enough. WTF?

I thought the slit was a little too much tootie for a high school girl, and I could do without the rings, but overall, it's lovely. I love me some Sissybear.

Don't forget that Jay was the "fat kid" of S1 and he won the damn thing. Without winning a single challenge.

Love the rings in the back, they add a level to the dress.

And this girl LOVED her dress. Too bad she didn't get to keep it.

One need only look at Chris' portfolio to tell he rocks as a designer & dressmaker. The workmanship & creativity is amazing. At least he lives up to Tim's assessment of "higheset level" of competitors ever.

Love this dress. Love everything about it including the color. I think the metal rings provide some interest and edge and give it that little something extra. Why this dress wasn't in the top is completely inexplicable. I'm one of the few who liked Victorya's dress (and the more I see screen caps of all the dresses the better I like it and appreciate it as a fresh take on prom wear) but this dress should have been a close #2. Or even the winner.

I hate to say it since you'd hope these judges would be more professional than that but I do think Nina's comments about the appearance of Daniel V and Austin are a pretty big clue as to how (maybe even subconsciously) the judges relate to the designers. It's all about how you look - who would Chica, Dutchess and Tits most like to jump in the sack with. Or, failing that, who looks cool enough for them to hang out with. Chris obviously doesn't fit in. But hang in there, Sissybear. You've got a lot of fans.

I thought this dress was gorgeous!
Chris is a very talented guy. Those last pictures of his costumes are breathtaking.

This dress flowed beautifully down the runway and I personally thought the color was gorgeous. Not at all like the avacado green draaaaped granny dress that Rami did. Chris did an amazing job and was screwed over by the judges.
My only complaint was her hair. Maybe he was going for the after-prom look and she had the JFL. (kinda like Nina always looks)

This is a great example that being auf'd or remaining in the competition (Right Ricky?)doesn't mean much in terms of their talent. Chris returned and made two amazing dresses. Congrats, Chris!

I liked the rings in the back and what they added to the overall detail of the dress. I believe if he had more time, he would have replaced the metal with a bit of the surprise bling of crystal or pearls? Or maybe just covered in the fabric of the dress. Using the plain metal was a bit too casual for the formality of the overall look.

I loved the peek-a-boo slit for the leg in the front. It allowed her to move freely, the dress to flow all without being too hoochee. Yeah Chris!

Also, are ya'll going to post about the rumor that Vicboreya copied a Mychael Knight design? Talk about a scandal! Sheesh! =D

GORGEOUS! I would wear that to prom in a second!!!

I adore the sissybear: I believe he's very talented, and I hope that he makes it to Bryant Park and beyond. But. I think it's unreasonable to suggest that a designer's looks, etc. shouldn't play any part in fashion. Fashion is all about appearance, after all. And Chris doesn't really seem to make much of an effort, except when he's in drag. Michael Kors isn't exactly a hottie, but at least he puts on the basic black to show up. And while the fans loved Jay because he was a loudmouthed rebel, he hasn't been very successful since the end of his PR season, and you have to think that it's some combination of not looking and acting the part.

Again, I think Chris is great, and I don't dress any better than he does, but I'm an accountant, not a fashion designer, and I know enough to deal with my clients over the phone. If we lived in a world where looks didn't matter, there wouldn't be any Project Runway, so can somebody get him a makeover? Maybe you can dress him like a Southern politico: seersucker, suspenders, and panama hats. And a walking stick with a tape measure hidden in the handle.

Key reason why Chris rocked so well on this challenge (never mind what the judges thought), he asked his client "how do you want to feel at your prom?" Not "how do you want to look." She noted she wanted a color that was different and would pop, and I think he picked perfectly - for this girl. She simply looked amazing.

Maybe not the winning dress - although I have to say I don't think there was a winner at all. Maybe should have been a tie with no immunity granted (Chris/Sweet Pea, maybe?). I don't know. I was pretty underwhelmed. That said, this was pretty, well executed and fit the challenge perfectly. Should not have been relegated to the no comment section. Insanity!

The dress was gorgeous. Elegant with a twist (the rings).

The costume portfolio? My dream come true!!! I want to spend every Halloween for the rest of my life with Chris. YAY!!!

robbed indeed!

even if it wasn't the judges favorite, it still deserved top three status and a couple of compliments. that whole top two/bottom four thing was just bullshit. it's like they went out of their way to ignore him.

and, i agree, it's not a perfect dress. the color isn't to everyone's taste. but it's so well made that it can work in a variety of colors, and on lots of sizes. you can't ask for better than that. plus, it moved like a dream.

i'm hoping all the ignoring he's received has some kind of satisfactory payoff. if ms. yaya the ice queen can score two wins, our sweet sissybear deserves at least one.

and, not for nothing, once they showed his portfolio pics, the first thing i thought was, "holy crap, i've seen his ass at wigstock!" now i gotta go rifle through my old photos. i'm sure i've got a pic of him somewhere.

I said it before and I'll say it again. Chris wuz robbed. Thank you, thank you! for the portfolio pictures. Gawd those are priceless!!

I saw girls in those kinds of dresses and that color at my prom last year, but I definitely agree - he was ROBBED! :(


I guess that Chris doesn't fit Nina's or Heidi's idea of what a designer should look like.

The judging is simply wack this season.

didn't you love the scene of Chris talking with his client and her mom about his portfolio, and pointing out that he was the model for each outfit?


brilliant said...
Oh, speaking of the portfolios, I wonder what it says about Victorya's that she was picked last.

Things that make you go hmmm.

Victorya's penchant for baby doll dresses with flat/smashed boobs probably didn't impress these girls, especially the ones with curves

Of course, Nina probably looks at Victorya and thinks she looks like a young Vera Wang, you know, HOW a designer SHOULD look....

I LOVED this color, I loved this dress. I think that shade of green is gorgeous with this girl's coloring. And if you think for a minute: prom is almost always held in the springtime, and that fresh, lovely green seems wonderfully springlike. I maintain my position that promgoing chicks like fancy dresses with lots of flow and fold (or else very snug fitting, revealing dresses), and this fits the bill like a dream.

I said it before, I'll say it again: I liked the girl's sort of mussy hair. It looked more real and natural than a lot of artificial prom hair (and it also looked like she'd been dancing for a few hours!).

I also thought this modelgirl was exceptionally beautiful, and the dress suited her wonderfully. I LOVED the "hidden" slit - such a great, sexy touch without looking tarty.

FABULOUS! and the judges are dipshits - I think they really do hate chris. I'm starting to wonder about the point many commenters have made, that the judges (at least nina) are swayed in part by the DESIGNER'S OWN appearance.

go chris! and go girl in the green dress - you ROCKED it!

I'm 24 and thus a bit past prom myself, but I went to the picture taking party before my brother's last spring and I definitely disagree about the color being un-promy. I feel like girls are really into the different shades of green.
This dress certainly deserved attention. Kit's Sweet P's and this one were beautiful, and if Jillian had executed hers properly, that would have been up there as well.

I do understand about needing to look the part. It's perfectly reasonable to think that if a designer can't put him/herself together in an attractive way then how are they going to be able to pull it off for someone else? In fact, I've often looked at (most) of the designers this season and thought what an unattractive, almost freakish-looking bunch. You've got the tattooed freak shows, the ridiculous hairstyles and facial hair, the hats, the 80's tv fashions (I'm talking about you, Jillian, even though overall she's one of the nicest-looking, best put-together contestants), the Gwen Stefani-Courtney Love edgy bleached blonde look that already seems a little dated - you get the picture. Except for his weight, Chris looks just as good - better, even, then most of these designers. So yes, image is all in fashion but this isn't exactly a group that's gonna knock anyone's socks off. Which partly explains why Rami's going to win.

Gorgeous, but a trifle heavy looking for a teenager. Either a little less fabric, or a fabric with a little less sheen, maybe, and it would have been a winner. I agree that it would be stunning for Helen Mirren. She has the height and presence to pull it off.

Like everyone else, I'm ticked that the judges didn't even deem it worthy for the top three.

Both of my daughters, who attended proms and formals and such in our relatively upscale suburb (one just last spring), said they would have worn Chris' dress in a second. They would have also wanted to buy it in 5 different colors.

I'm 4 years old (my nanny is typing this for me). You're ALL WRONG. This dress is PERFECT! I will wear something like that for my prom. My mom better not give me any shit about that.

chica labouche

I think a couple of things did him in; it looked a bit off the rack (even more so, in my opinion, than Sweet P's) and the girl's styling was no bueno.

I also think he added some mildly awkward looking bulk to her bust. I don't think his girl was super well endowed, but I think in trying to compensate for that he drew attention to it in a destracting way.

I didn't get the hubub about the color. Unlike Rami's, it was a very spring green and I thought it looked lovely. In fact, I thought the whole dress was lovely and well made. Certainly made my top 3, and certainly would've made my list of dresses I liked. You boys are right, that was bullshit.

Thanks for posting the pics from Chris's portfolio! I think they're fantastic!

His dress for this challenge, on the other hand, I found boring. It was pretty and I loved the color but it was just as "basic" as Sweet P's and I didn't think it was very good on that girl's body type; the bust looked out of proportion, it made her shoulder's look too broad (although her walking style didn't help) and it made her look like she had no hips at all.

I agree with you that it was strange of Heidi to say they only liked two dresses when there were several nice ones but I agreed with the judges that this was middle of the pack.

Alex! said...
I like the metal rings... a lot...

It's like, "oh, you like lovely, flowing beautiful fabric? Well howzabout some METAL RINGS, right in the middle? Huh? You like that? Picked 'em up off a factory floor, and they kick ass! Now the dress looks even better, and I didn't have to make some bullshit flowers or bows! That's right!"

I love the dress (go Sissy Bear!), but I think the rings may have had a more interesting origin. Am I the only person reading this blog who immediately thought, oh - Sissy bear used cock rings when I saw it?


This dress was barely seen in the show, and that's too bad, it was definitely a winner. I thought it was beautiful. The color was perfect for her and the flow of it was fabulous.

Chris is my 'fan favorite' this year. His sense of humor and grace really shine. He might look like Fred Flintstone (especially in that leopard shirt in the opening), but he rocks it! His portfolio shows great humor, imagination and serious technical skills. Love our big Sissybear!!!

I would love to work on a project with Chris (Call me ;). He is a rare breed. And I would love to play dress-up with him, or go trick or treating, or go to the Mermaid Parade with him. But, I did not love this dress. It is pretty (love the color) and very well made. I guess if *I* picked Chris to design my prom gown, you know I would want something a little more like the stuff in the portfolio.

Beautiful dress. I think maybe the judges were too distracted by the sloppy hair and the girl's tomboyish march down the runway to notice the elegance and flow of the dress.


It was a gorgeous dress & the way Chris is repeated overlooked is yet another reason why the judging is wonky.

And while I agree that it did look like it was for a more mature woman, teenage girls never want to look youthful. They always want to look older. And this was very flattering.

On a side note: I was out in the wilds of NJ this morning and saw a sight that would have given poor Nina a stroke - an upscale boutique displaying prom dresses in the window & 3 of them were deep, rich red. Two of them, very sophisticated & gorgeous.


Loved! Everything! About it. =o)
The color, the bit of bling in the rings, the *swooooosh~fwaaahh*

To answer the question above; yeah, I'm thinking you're the only one to think that.

I loved Chris' dress. It was beautiful. I can see Angelina Jolie wearing it instead of Helen Mirren. You cannot wear a bra with that dress and Helen needs to wear a bra. She has bodacious tatas. She'd jiggle in that dress. The duchess would say it's insane.

Imagine, if you will: Chris's dress, only done in the fabric Sweet P used. To me, that would've solved all the issues with this dress, and been such a clear, clear winner that it couldn't have been ignored.

"bitchybitchybitchy said: Victorya's penchant for baby doll dresses with flat/smashed boobs probably didn't impress these girls, especially the ones with curves"

But if I recall correctly, Victorya had very impressive dresses in the collection she showed at the preview show. Different than what we've seen in the challenges.


"tlo said: But kittens, we can't help it: the fat kid is really getting ignored here."

I agree & I'm wondering why that is. I felt that way in week 1 when he did that gorgeous purple gown.

I'm still hoping he's in the final 4. (Or will it be back to 3 this year?)


That is some sweet, sweet crack they're smoking in the Parson's basement."

Oh! You make me laugh.

I liked this dress, too. And in a way, it's not inappropriate for a prom --some girls of 17, 18 are trying to look "Oscar" worthy when they dress for proms these days.

He made a weird color work. I didn't mind the little rings at all. Thought they were what saved it from being too polished.

As for Chris, I agree. He's rallying. Though Jack might be really arsed, instead of being mad at Chris and taking it out on him in The Advocate, his and others opinions are moot.

This is reality TV above all else (sorry), and producers have to push out a product that will have conflict, drama and surprise.

*waves pom poms*
"Sissybear, sissybear, sissybear!"

I heart Chris. I heart this dress. Everyone's pretty much covered it.

Except the rings...didn't really go to sex toys. But, thanks stubenville.

I think the color was perfect for that girl and she seemed to really love the dress. Definitely worked it on the runway. I had a dress that was similar in style to this for prom, so to me, this does say prom. There are three types of prom dresses: the hip and "original", the traditional, and the elegant. With that said, I think Kit, Sweet P, and Chris should've been in the top three, with either Chris or Kit winning. I would've worn either of their dresses, flaws and all.

I LOVED this dress and I thought the judges really dissed Chris by saying they only liked 2. The rings did not bother me. I love it! It flowed soooo nicely down the runway. Just divine.

You're right about the hair tho -- looked like she did it herself.

The judges are really starting to bother me.

I see what you mean about "mature", but at the same time, that's the type of "mature" look that juniors and seniors in high school would be ALL over - it's grown-up, a little sexy, and would make any teen girl feel like a starlet on the red carpet.

GOD I loved this dress - the flowing fabric in the back, the slit in the front... It was GOR-F***ING-GEOUS!

Who knew they sold cock rings at Mood! Or has Chris been rifling through Rami's luggage?

Every season there are some designers that get ignored no matter what they do.
This may be a stupid question, but as the looks are coming down the runway and the judges are making notes, is it anonymous? or do they already know whose is what? it would be interesting if for once they didn't involve the designers at all and eliminated/granted a winner based solely on the garment.

I'm just here for the cock rings comments. Girl you know it's true!

De-lurking to say:

Oh, and Bravo? I'd take CHRIS to the prom in a New York minute!

I loved this dress, the color, the lines, even the rings which I thought were a bit strange but added texture and interest. I'm not crazy about the hair but perhaps it was Chris's nod to "youthful"-- it looked fun and like she'd been dancing, as a previous poster mentioned.

Re: Victorya's portfolio, I liked her dresses in the Ready for the Runway show much better than the stills we saw on PR's first episode. The silk moved beautifully (especially on that poppy-red dress) and you couldn't really see that in the still photo. Who knows what her portfolio looks like but it may not be that exciting to look at (much like the stonefaced designer herself).

Re: colors for prom-- I made mayself a strapless red velvet dress for my senior prom. My mother objected to red velvet for a spring dance, but I told her that since there was only one formal dance a year at my high school, I got to wear whatever I wanted. (I had just seen Michelle Pfeiffer in the Fabulous Baker Boys.)

the more i look at this dress, the more i love it. color, cock rings, everything. really an excellent garment. the judges totally screwed up this week. it should have won.

Chris is starting to vie with Nick Verreos as my top Project Runway designer for Hollywood glam. This would be a fabulous red carpet dress. Now, if only there were some red carpets coming up....

Fab dress with nice detail - even the rings! "Women of a certain age" wouldn't wear a dress with that much back and shoulder exposure, but it's perfect for younger women.

I loved the green, too, because it was fresh and sophisticated. The same dress would have looked stunning in other colors too.

Way to go Sissy Bear!

in case anyone missed it, here's video of chris march in drag, from a stage production of mommie dearest back in 1997.

This dress should have won, it was 1000 times better than that bejeweled tampon that Viyaya sent down the runway.

I don't know why people say the color is too old for the girl. That makes no sense. I didn't know there were colors for certain ages. Since she is young do you want her in primary colors? Stupid. The color is awesome, some of you people just need to get out of your outdated ideas.

I loved the dress, and I think the rings were what made it look more youthful. The girl looked great in it - it moved beautifully and the deep slit in front covered by the extra fabric worked very well. I thought the color was wonderful, too, although green is not usually one of my favorites. (I HATED the green of Rami's dress!) After chaperoning many proms, I can guarantee they would have loved this. Interestingly enough, one of the gowns shown in a newspaper feature about style at our Louisiana inaugural ball this week was very similar but not nearly as pretty. It had a draped bodice and the extra fabric in front and was in a similar green.

"tlo said: But kittens, we can't help it: the fat kid is really getting ignored here."

I have to believe there is some truth to this statement. Check out Nina's VLog re: "Misconceptions about dressing a larger woman." She is clearly uncomfortable talking about "real" women and a couple of times she appears at a loss for words as to how to describe larger women. And she doesn't really give any advice on how to dress a full figure other than "Don't wear layers!"

Dishes said...

"Damn I'd love to be his best friend!!"

I'll get in line right behind you!

As someone who was lucky enough to have her prom dress designed and made by a drag queen lo, these 23 years ago--and the photos still look fabulous--this would be the real "win" at any prom.

Also, LittleKarnak is right about Nina's discomfort with larger sized people--not only does she stumble in her video commentary about dressing full figures, she randomly brings up Kate Moss in the middle of it!

This gown is fit for a prom queen. The green is a little puke-y, but it's absolutely beautiful.

Eugene Chadbourne

Chris's was totally underrated and that makes me mad. What the hell were those judges thinking? And why did they only pick two favorites when there were clearly more than two gorgeous gowns on the runway?

My daughter loved this dress. Loved it, loved it, LOVED it! Even the color. At 15, she has some very strong opinions about clothes and this was the dress that made her squeal with girlish delight.

"Mom, I want this dress! Why couldn't we live in New Jersey? Why couldn't I be on PR? I would have made that dress look even better than that girl did. Really!"

Yeah, she's already a snarky little kitten.

The rings on the dress? The only one that did absolutely nothing for me (or the kid) was the one in the middle on the front. Unnecessary. Otherwise, they were quirky and fun additions to a beautiful gown from a quirky and fun designer.

Go Sissybear!

Confession time....I've been an old married lady for the past 28 years and missed out on "what's new on the sexual frontier" in adventures and toys. So I googled cock rings....

Oh. my.
There's some pretty fancy ones out there! Vibrating, even!

Those rings that Chris used were more likely curtain rings, no?

Linette, buy your husband a cock ring. He will love it.

Love the color, love the skirt, love Chris, but haaaaaaate the bodice on this.

Also, the styling is really atrocious. Was there serious humidity on set? Did she just come back from a jog? What the heck?

Blame the shitty styling on Tre'semme. They must have sent over beauty school students that day. How horrible. They didn't even put any effort into her hair. Should have just left it down. Surely there was some queen in the building who could do a better up-do than that.

Who ever said that PRG was just for entertainment? It's also educational! Cock rings! Who knew? Boy, is Mr. O'Bannion in for some fun this weekend!

Who knew?! All gay boys know!!!

"but when he hits that ball, it goes sailing over the fence and apparently, right over the judges' clueless heads.

I really think we should just come out and say it:

*puts pom poms down*

Victorya, Rami & Jillian:



you know, in thinking back and reading one of the last comments about the Tresemme hair salon being staffed by beautyschool-students: i think maybe that's right!

the hair styling on most of the girls was pretty shoddy - I can believe that's entirely the fault of each individual designer. maybe the Shear Design folks need to come do a special appearance as stylists for PR.

(also, can Shear Design come back? I freaking loved that show)

I raced back after spending the day with annoying clients who actually have the audacity to believe that I should spend my time working with them instead of lurking here all day. I gleefully sign on and see that a we now are talking about cock rings!

I'm all ears.

And by the way, I wanted to say that while the bodice of this dress seems a bit overwhelming to many, I would have loved it at that age b/c it would have at least given the illusion that I had something to fill that big bosom part with.

We were insecure then, weren't we? We needed Laura B. as our inspiration back then. Go flaties of the world!

Can't wait for 2nite!

I was so excited to see this dress, because I KNEW this dress won the challenge! I was ecstatic for Chris! And THEN IT DIDN'T. I was furious. And then when the judges topped it off with, "we only liked two dresses this time," I exploded.

This is like a flashback from grade school where the teacher's perception of students was more important than their performance. An early lesson in the unfairness of the universe.

Once again, Sissybear gets no love from the judges. The dress was lovely, tasteful, sophisticated enough to please the client, but modest enough to save her mother having to give the hoochy mama speech. Would have worn this dress to a prom in a New York Minute!

I wonder how many commentarians (that's us) report in regularly to this blog. I'd sure kick in to a special cash prize sponsored by those of us who love Chris' work when the misbegotten judges kick him off for being, I don't know...not cool enough?! Let's see...if there were 1000 of us and each kicked in ten dollars that would be [pause for calculation] a whole bunch of money! (Okay 10,000) I know it aint the money, it's the exposure but unless things change I don't see our boy getting the recognition he deserves.

I agree with the title, saving the best for last. I loved the color, the fluidity of the dress, and the design (including the rings, which I thought were young and cool). I couldn't believe he wasn't in the top three. Seems like he's being judged to a different standard. This dress should have won. Kit's is dull in comparison, Rami's is matronly, Sweet Pea's should have come in second and Victorya's belongs in an Austin Powers movie.

Yes! Yes! Yes! on the hair comment! Her hair was purely atrocious. But Chris's? AWESOME! (love those photos, hate to say it but he looks much better in drag!).

PS. I thought those metal rings really made the dress much more youthful and fun. GREAT choice. Did she wear this to the prom? Did any of them? Or is the prom still yet to be? (lost on the timing here..)

I have nothing to say that hasn't been said already (and yet, say it I will). This dress was lovely and extremely well-made. The judges need to lay off the sherry, get new glasses or attend remedial fashion classes. Possibly of the above.

Aw, Chris. At least you have us! We all love you!

I actually kind of liked her hair...

Note to those wondering: the girls didn't get to keep the dresses.

Word to the people who are saying that the judges only liking two is like a deliberate insult to Chris. How could they not even have liked this dress? Fine, don't vote it the winner, but not even like? Why? (Of course, by putting it in the middle, they avoided having to say why,)

I am sure that somebody on the Bravo staff reads these major blogs and the comments. TWoP has a persistent rumor from several sources that Jillian and Chris are in the finals, and there's debate about final 2, 3, or even 4.

So I have a feeling they may convey to the judges it would not be a good idea to get rid of Chris, fat or not. He's not Elisa (the other fan favorite); we can see he's capable of putting out a wearable collection.

But who knows. I almost dread watching tonight.

It was one of the prettiest dresses EVER produced on Project Runway. Far prettier and more practical than either Victorya's (boob smushing beadazzled piece of crap) or Sweet P's (which was sweeping up the crud on the floor). Chris has been robbed MANY times on this show.

I think he is being unfairly treated because he is heavy and because he makes great costumes, which the judges try to convince themselves are not works of art. They are.

Is this the model who swung her arms like she was a silver-backed gorilla? (Chris can not help that!!!) This was a beautiful dress -- even prettier on full homo-sapiens! (Go Chris!!) -- robin in Colorado

Absolutely insane this was overlooked. I remember reading something Tim Gunn said about the judges being on crack this season and how the judging absolutely sucked. He even said that one episode one outfit was absolutely horrendous and all the viewers would surely think it would auf that designer, but that the look WON.

...I must say, all the winners and choices for top/bottom 3 have been ridiculous. It's making me kind of hate the show.

Also, PS, I really don't see a problem with that color. Just because the girls are young doesn't mean they can't pick whatever color they want.

I'd wear that dress to my senior prom, which is coming up...eventually. I want him to design my dress for me. :(

Okay, I changed my mind, thanks to your screen shots of this dress. SweetP moves to #2 (though I still love it).

I'd reduce the front slit, and not use the metal rings, but I love the extra fabric, particularly in the back. I'm not fond of the color, but that's probably because it wouldn't suit me. It does suit his model, though, and that's what matters.

Looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO much like my prom dress! The back the front all of it! My prom dress was Lavender. What? it was the in color that year.

I hate the front of this gown, but love the back and love the color. The front just feels heavy, from the gathers in the stiff looking bust area to the big whoosh of fabric hanging through the metal circle around the slit. No, just no. But then she turns around and shazam. Love.

I don't know too much about high fashion but if it's one thing I DO know, it's prom gowns.

My mother worked in one of the Zum Zum (a very popular prom gown designer) and I have a closet full of sample sized gowns to prove it. The only gowns that would have been in any prom collection (such as said designer or someone like Jessica McClintock), would have been Sweet P's and Sissy bear's and I love Sissybear's, colour and all.

His styling choices are impeccable - the shade of green on satin may be a bit mature but it TOTALLY flattered the model's complexion (I really think Kevin's choice of red made his model look washed out in comparison). The hair, while some people didn't like it, was very cute and youthful b/c if he had done something more "mature," like Kevin, his model would have looked more red carpet and less prom.


I could not agree with you more, I have been wondering why Chris did not win the Prom Challenge. I saw the rerun today for like the 11th time and seriously, it makes no sense. That's why I'm voting for him every day for fan favorite!!!!

PR GayBoys, I agree with everything you said about this dress.

And Mamma! Will you look at that portfolio? Chris is crazy! In a good way.

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