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Congratulations, Rami!

Your prize? Sex with US!

Well, we could've done without the International Male transparent shirt, but Rami really knocked it out of the ballpark last night. Don't get us wrong, he looked good in it. We were just surprised to see him wearing something we both wore ten years ago. Either we were incredibly fashion-forward in the nineties, or he's been hanging out in West Hollywood too much.

Anyway, this:

Was just incredible.

We had a moment where we thought possibly, maybe another designer might win it, but really, the minute that walked down the runway, it had "winner" written all over it.

Well, it had "York Peppermint Patty" written all over it but you know what we mean.

What a masterpiece of construction this was. It's really stunning.

And how refreshing to see such a youthful, dare we say, whimsical look from him. All of his stuff so far has seemed far too mature for such a hot young studpuppy designer.

Mercy, can that boy fill out a pair of jeans.

The dress! Right. Just give us a second.

So. Masterful construction, fun, youthful look and great use of the materials.

Zac Posen was right to point out the incredible work he did on the pleating and how the inside of each pleat was different from the outside, but let's face it, Zac clearly wanted to rip Rami's pants off right there on the runway.

One thing we truly hate is when they say to the designers "Here's a pile of elephant shit! Make something!" and then go on and on about its "wearability." Thing is, this really was a very wearable dress.

You could argue that there's an awful lot going on in this dress, but we suspect that was deliberate. He took the opportunity to really be whimsical about the whole thing and we think it was a really smart choice. Other designers made outfits that looked like "real" clothes and while they looked nice, they didn't look as fun as this. He really got what this challenge was all about.

[Photo: Barbara Nitke/ - Screencaps: Project RunGay]

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When I saw this dress, the song "I Want Candy" just ran through my head. It's so adorable and kawaii! It seems like the sort of thing a Japanese school-girl would wear on her prom. Just bright, bouncy, funny and sweet! Speaking of bouncy...must...bite...Rami's...butt....

Couldn't agree more. Loved this dress! He got it in the same way that Nick got the Barbie challenge. I knew it was the winner when it was still on the dress form.

When Zac was talking to Rami, you could see Zac's eyes sparkle, like a kid in a candy shop (ha). Man did he want to nail him. It was so cute. I could see them together too. Rami is the obvious hottie of the season. Past hotties have been Robert/Vanessa, Daniel V/Daniel V, Allison/Jeffrey (personal opinion that he had a little something something).

Yes, yes, the dress is great, but where can I buy those shoes?? They're not on

As soon as we saw this on the dress form both hubby & I shouted out "winner."

Rami's hot but he's kind of bland. Personality trumps all, in my book. Too bad Chris isn't straight...

Whimsy, yes! Gorgeous, yes! A clear winner, if ever there was one. He's on his game. Just stunning.

This goes into the PR Hall of Fame.

(And thanks for posting those close-up/detail shots of the dress - especially when I know you really wanted to post close-up/detail shots of Rami).


Love the shoes. Finally, some decent styling on the runway!


Rami hit a home run with this one-it's beautifully constructed, fun,charming. Love the close-up photos of the details.

Rami really did go the distance on this one and use the materials in a unique and fun way. I appreciate the close-ups. My vote is still with Chris, but with Zac nearly jumping out of his seat to take Rami's clothes off during the judging process, I knew Rami would win this challenge.

Agreeing with Madeline that it is "totemo kawaii." Very Harajuku girl. I didn't think Rami had it in him!

It's out. Rami is a closet origami maker.

Fashion Manhifesto


But Chris' was a VERY close second for me.

Rami's Platic Fantastic -vs- Chris' conceptual hotness. It was a draw.

It was fun (again!) to watch the Little Princess' ego get skewered. He's always so cocky sure of himself but so rarely delivers the goods.

Sweet P's dress was ass, but at least she knows it. She's obviously not going to win, but I like seeing her doing the best she can every week, falling apart with angst and defeat, yet somehow hanging in there. It's like rooting for the underdog.

Also, did you see Sweet P with her arm around Jillian after she flipped out at the end of the first day? Trying to confort her? She may not be the best designer, but she really is a doll with a good heart.

It's cute, and extremely well-constructed, but it seemed to me that the bodice and the skirt came from two different outfits.

But you're right about how he fills out those jeans! ;-)

It is great, wonderful and deserved to win. Rami is so do-able too. Loved this dress and I love Rami more with every episode. At first he seemed cocky and aloof, but now I get him. It must be the Israeli thing. HOT.

I'll bet he has a big fat uncut....well you know.

Bizarre - I actually agreed with the judges on all fronts this week. Rami really knocked it out of the park with that dress (ok, wrong board for a baseball reference...).

And yes, watching the look on Christian's little face when they told her she was "safe" was worth the price of admission this week.


Agree agree. The dress was really stunning. Chris was oh so close behind.

I don't see the Rami attraction at all. No personality, don't really see the body thing. Dunno, maybe I'm getting too old.

Did catch the Zac Posen drool tho. He thinks Rami is purtee!

Agree with you Fashion Manhifesto. I caught the Sweet P lovin' going on. In fact, I've come full circle to think that she is really truly sweet and caring.

Chris, you were so close baby!

Bitchesdye said "Too bad Chris isn't straight..."

Oh NOOO. I love our Chris just the way he is!
Rami was the big surprise for this week. I thot Chris would take it until I saw Rami's dress walk down the runway.

Little Ms Christian could have stomped her foot and ran off the stage if she would have let herself. You know she wanted too.

TLo said...

Either we were incredibly fashion-forward in the nineties, or he's been hanging out in West Hollywood too much.

I'm happy to report the latter is the case, my dears, for I spied Rami at The Abbey just this past Saturday night looking surprisingly delish! I must admit that until then I wasn't a fan of his physical appearance as much as I am his design aesthetic. Well, I won't make THAT mistake again! Our boy Rami is delightfully hump-hump-humpy! His ass is to die for!!!

As Rami was across the bar from me, a kind & generous bartender (the man bought me a martini which NEVER happens at The Abbey -- to me at least!) relayed my excitement & appreciation to him. Later, I was able to approach Rami myself and express both my love of the show and my best wishes for his continued success on it.

Alas, the third time we crossed paths, Rami was leaving with a gentlemen sporting a rather unfortunate fauxhawk. (sigh)

Oh, well. I'm not a star-fucker anyway!

While I thought Rami's dress was a great example of fabulous construction, technique and fit, it left me feeling like it was an 80's Disco Queen outfit and fashion BACKward. I loved Chris' outfit and hoped it would win, but after all the fawning by the judges over Rami (especially ZP), I knew it wouldn't happen.

Princess Puffysleeves' dress reminded me a lot of Michael's coffee filter dress from Season 3.

I completely agree. Rami deserved the win. Chris's dress was awesome, but Rami's had that little extra kick that pushed it to the top.

haha. Great story. You can tell Rami is such a big old slut.

Hmm. The thing is, if Chris has made the exact same outfit, he'd have been crucified for being "costumey".

Fashion Manifesto

rpmdfw said:

"Hmm. The thing is, if Chris has made the exact same outfit, he'd have been crucified for being "costumey".

YOU'RE RIGHT!! And when referring to Chris last night, Michael Kors said "I have to consider each designer differently"


Mr. Kors, how 'bout you consider each designer EQUALLY? That would probably be fairest, hmmm?

oh - agreed!!! this was genius. everything was perfect. from the fit, the styling, the workmanship and the colors, down the handbag beaded with little candies. so detailed. so on-point. truly a stunner. rami impressed me. i really didn't think he had this much fun in him.

Posen loved Rami's outfit b/c Rami = "hot"

Posen didn't care for Chris' outfit b/c Chris = sissybear

Fuck you, Zac Posen.

RPMdfw said...

"Hmm. The thing is, if Chris has made the exact same outfit, he'd have been crucified for being "costumey"."

good point! you're totally right about that.

poor chris. i want him to win one so badly. he came really close last night & his garment was great. at least it was nice to hear the judges compliment him for once.

Rami had fun, but I personally thought "winner" when I saw Chris's Hershey/Twizzler mash-up walking down the runway. Then again, Michael Kors I am not (thank Goddess for small blessings).

I want to like the little Knob-head, I do, I really do, but I just can't warm to him yet. To me he is just the living embodiment of the word "impeccable" and that's just not the kind of word I warm to.

that said, yes, the dress/costume was divine. Kudos to him. (but I still applaud Chris's design wit and construction skills just as much in this episode)

I'll admit it. I never saw the Rami thing but last night I would have hit it. Boy knows how to wear a pair of jeans.

As for the outfits... I'm still Team Princess Christiana von Puffysleeves. While his dress wasn't "fanciful" it was wearable, fashionable, flattering, and an inventive use of the materials... being the only designer besides Jillian to use something other than giant pillows and wrapping paper.

This is a spectacular job of using goofy materials to make a great dress. I actually thought Jillian might win, simply because she made bodacious use of real candy in her design, but I can't argue with this gorgeous piece of work winning.

Every time I look at that dress it gets more beautiful. Thanks for posting the close-up pics boys.

From a distance, that skirt looks like a whole lotta condom wrappers. I'm just sayin'.

The one part of the whole episode that may have scarred me for life was seeing Our Lady of Quacamole, Senorita Lizalde, sporting a thong.

Resurrecting a quote from Bette Midler, circa 1982: Pity the poor soul who has to rinse out THAT lingerie!

As for the outfits... I'm still Team Princess Christiana von Puffysleeves. While his dress wasn't "fanciful" it was wearable, fashionable, flattering, and an inventive use of the materials... being the only designer besides Jillian to use something other than giant pillows and wrapping paper.

Unfortunately, it was such an obvious rip-off of Michael's coffee filter dress from last season that I'm surprised someone didn't call him on it.

"lima bean said...

Every time I look at that dress it gets more beautiful. Thanks for posting the close-up pics boys."

I agree, it's creative, perfectly executed and sweet :-)

I loved this dress...I was so relieved that he won and not Jillian.

I agree with those who have already said this is a PR Hall of Fame dress.

Jillian deserved consideration for tackling the Twizzlers, but her outfit didn't have much more than the candy gimmick going for it. Chris totally rocked the pop art, but I'm glad Rami won -- the combination of fun and technical skill put him over the top.

When i saw them walk into the candy shop i thought "well at least Rami can't make the dress his favorite color-dishwater gray".

He actually deserved the win this time, but no matter, he's already won the season. The Duchess is in love with him just like neck dude from last year-though unlke neck dude, Rami has genuine skill.


I thought it looked amazing considering the material he had to work with. I would totally wear that!

Rami does love the halter doesn't he? He does it the right way though. There was plenty of room for a clever support garment in that top.

I would love that dress for a 1940's movie night. Candy? Cigarettes? Me?

I am not crazy about the candy wrappers combined with the red vinyl or the silhouette, but the workmanship is unsurpassable. I think Rami is probably the most techinically skilled designer that has ever been on the show. I love watching him work.
I thought Jillian's dress looked nicer on the runway. But I am Okay with Rami winning ( I just didn't see it as a hands down win).

"Unfortunately, it was such an obvious rip-off of Michael's coffee filter dress from last season that I'm surprised someone didn't call him on it."

Not even close to a rip-off. I dont get it.


This really just screamed "LOOK I F'ING WON" as soon as it came around the corner. I loved it! Instead of just making an o.k. dress out of funky materials he made a real stunner. He didn't let the material dictate the quality or the design of the garment.

He sure can fit out some jeans and that accent doesn't hurt either ;P

Not even close to a rip-off. I dont get it.

**shrug** You can describe both dresses exactly the same...a short, sleeveless dress made out of paper "cups". One had large white cups (Michael's), and one had small brown cups (Princess of Puffy Sleeves).

Check it out:

I'm surprised Jillian hasn't stolen that dress for her closet. She would totally rock it with white vinyl majorette boots and a jaunty movie usher hat.

I have no love for Rami, but did agree with this win.

Well, hell. My links didn't work. But you can compare Michael's dress and the Princess of Puffy Sleeves' (love that, BTW) dress on Rate the Runway at the PR site. Very, very similar.


and another thing...he made that dress in less than ONE DAY!

That just blows me away when you look at a dress like christians or sweet p's

The tailoring & workmanship were impeccable.

While I soooo wanted Sissy Bear to win, Rami's outfit was whimsical & fun. There's no doubt the guy's talented.

TG he came to his senses and didn't use Ashley again. Could you just see her in this dress? No way!

"and another thing...he made that dress in less than ONE DAY!"

And wasn't he the one that was done early?

Chris' dress made me verklempt. So stylish! And the model was the right one to make the total package work.

But, Rami's technical work just had to be acknowledged. I couldn't help but think that it looked like he put in a whole week's worth of effort into all that pleating and bodice work.

Watching VictorYa's model do that strange walk was painful. Hard to believe she would instruct the model to walk like that. If, IF VictorYa makes it to the finals, I hope she learned her lesson on how not to present the models. Instead of looking at the dress, I was watching that gawdawful walk.

I dug it. If he had done the small wrapper pattern over the whole dress, that would've been overkill...good decision with the bodice. And yes, the construction looks beautiful. Would love to wear that dress, if I had the body.

The moment Elisa started talking about her daughter, and telling the story of when she "took full impact as a pedestrian on a Porsche," I knew she'd be out of there. And deservedly so, unfortunately.

IMHO, Rami is the hottest PR challenger ever! While I love how he fills out those jeans, I did not appreciate the transparent shirt because it forces me to acknowledge the fact that 1) he's got great pecs but 2) he doesn't play for my team. Pity us poor hetero women for our loss.

Loved his dress and I see how it won, but I actually wish Jillian had won because her outfit was great, too, and she was the only challenger who had big enough balls to use actual candy for a candy-themed dress.

OMG, I could sop that Rami up with a biscuit!

It was indeed a masterpiece. For those folks who hate the "unconventional materials" challenges, look what it can produce when in the right hands. And it gave Rami a chance to prove that draping pretty dresses isn't his only design skill. Now if he could only show us a little more personality. With Elisa gone, we need a few more designers to show us some personality.

Let's not leave Kevin out of this....woot for his hot chest and the dress wasn't bad, either.

One other thing: has Tim ever SEEN a maxi-pad?

Okay, I went and compared Christian's dress to Michael's coffee filter dress. The shape and style (not to mention color) of the two dresses is completely different. They also convey completely different moods (Michael's has a light and breezy feel, while Christian's has a more severe, sophisticated feel). The only things they have in common are: (1) they're both above-knee length dresses; and (2) they're both made out of paper "cups" of some type. Where's the rip-off?

Thank you SO MUCH for commenting on his shirt. I kind of couldn't get over it last night.

This dress is gorgeous, Rami is gorgeous, this blog is gorgeous, everything is gorgeous.

Rami's dress was so intricate and fun to look at. He definitely understood what this challenge was all about.

I liked this dress best of all of them too, though I thought Chris did a really good job, and I loved his comment about sending a parade float down the runway. Neither of them did, and both did an excellent job. I loved the ruffle at the bodice. That was what caught my attention right away.

Dude if crazy f-ing talented, that's for sure.

(If anyone hasn't checked out his website, you should- the guy is a majorly gifted.)

But he kind of looks like one of those suave, good-looking super-villains. I wouldn't be surprised of he has a cane with a sword in it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Alex! said...
... I wouldn't be surprised of he has a cane with a sword in it.

Ooo, you can tell by looking that his cane does have a sword in it.

junior goddess

I think Jillian was robbed. Twizzlers are arguably harder to work with than candy wrappers.

Last time I checked, there was not a "give Zac your phone number" immunity category. And when, oh, when will Rami goof up?? Not because he's not a cutie, just to make it interesting.

junior goddess again

Oh, yeah, and HOLY SHIT, did you guys see Christian's brown princess seamed jacket in the opener? Oh, holy shit, I KNEW he was making the same jacket over and over and over and oh, just give the damned thing puffy sleeves and that's half the season.

And yay because there was no jacket!

my girl and her red licorice twizzlers wuz robbed. it's true.

this dress . . . cute. but definitely second to ms. jillian's. that dress was kickass. kick. ass.

in a contest of cute v. kickass, cute loses out.

Oh, that wasn't right-

yay because Princess didn't MAKE a jacket.

I think Rami made a smart choice in switching models. I cannot imagine how the other model would have looked in this, she seems to have a completely different look.

Gorge and the man is HOT!

Jen said...

Yes, yes, the dress is great, but where can I buy those shoes?? They're not on

Yes, they are. Have you checked here?


I can't thank you boys enough for those closeup shots. Everything goes so fast on TV. I loved that dress. He managed to make something fun and candy like without looking costume-y,

Big Ass Belle said...
my girl and her red licorice twizzlers wuz robbed. it's true.

Sorry, but why should Jillian get extra consideration for essentially making a bad material choice? When team Ricky chose Duchess satin in the 'Trendsetter' challenge, La Koors raked them over the coals for making a bad material choice; Duchess satin is tough to work with.

I have to agree that Rami is very tasty but what's up with Kevin saying he's straight over and over and over? The Lady Doth Protest too Much - Shakespeare

I agree with lilithcat about the bodice clashing with the skirt on Rami's dress. Nice technical work, but not my favorite. I'd have given the win to Chris (same as I would have done in the first challenge when Rami won). His dress was gorgeous and with those shoes, it was a total swoon. His model is gorgeous too, and she worked it. Why someone didn't select her first is a mystery.

Jillian did an admirable job with the Twizzlers, but red and black again? She did that in the last challenge. And isn't this the third time she's done red? Is red her equivalent of Chloe blue?

Loved Rami's dress. So well constructed and fitted. Amazing! And it actually did look wearable while making you think of candy. Because of the suble pattern of the skirt I thought the wild top was the perfect compliment and didn't seem like too much.

Thank god for this blog because I was too busy looking at Rami to really pay attention to his dress.

Just sayin the man is hot.

The dress was fabulous, as was Chris's. It's nice to see these designers put out edgier designs. I was expecting lots of clown clothes, but most achieved some pretty cool looks.

Agreed. About everything!

I did think Jillian might win it but HER labor was because of the candy usage. Rami's labor was obviously in the detailed work. LOVED IT!!!!

At first, I had issue with the mismatch of the top and bottom patterns as others have stated, but every time I see it now it just get's better and better as the little details pop out.

Loved watching the Zac Posen gush and noticed Rami's shirt right away. My roomie and I looked at each other and screamed "Someone needs to put away the International Male catalogue".

I'm glad people recognize how inventive Chris was by using the Hershey's logo to create a dramatic, graphic "print." However, I'm surprised no one has criticized Victorya regarding her hideous 80's throwback prom dress. IMO, it was far uglier than Sweet P's ho hum dress or Elisa's silver Lamé water-wings creation.

Quick Question:

I wasn't really on board for the past few seasons (caught them in reruns, out of sequence), so I ask all the veteran viewers...

Was there always such a clear winner right from the get-go?

I mean, Rami may not win the whole shebang, but if he's not in the final three, I will poop myself in shock. Dude has the confidence, the skills, the talent, the speed, and the inventiveness to stay in the game.

Has it always been thus? Is there always at least one or two contestants who are clearly going to make it to the end?

My PR crew and I think Rami and Zac Posen have had a tryst before already.

Oh Tlo,

Not only are you my source for bitchy (and hilarious) PR commentary, but you help me find the insanely overpriced shoes I could never really afford. Thank you!


"Alex! said...

Quick Question:

I wasn't really on board for the past few seasons (caught them in reruns, out of sequence), so I ask all the veteran viewers...

Was there always such a clear winner right from the get-go?"

Season 1, it was pretty clear that Kara Saun was going the distance; S2 was anyone's game and the final 3 were hard to predict, s3, I don't know about anyone else but we had the final 4 figured out by about week 3.

"alex! said: Was there always such a clear winner right from the get-go?"

I agree that Kara Saun was obvious right from the start, but I had also thought Austin was obvious, but then he was tripped up at the finish line - so that can always happen.

S2 was hard to predict simply because, I believe, it had the largest field of serious talent. In S2, I would have been happy to see 6 or 7 collections.

In S3 Laura & Michael were obvious choices, but it was hard to figure out the rest.


Alex!, Mychael Night seemed to be the clear frontrunner in season 3. Especially when he won two challenges back to back. In fact Season 1 had Kara Saun as the clear frontrunner and Season 2 had Daniel V. They seem to run out of steam and then some underdog comes out for the win.

Jillian reminds me of Laura Bennett from last season. She has her own style ('That's so Jillian!') like Laura. (Excuse me, Jillian? Mork from Ork called. He wants his braces back.) She also seems to be close to the win of whatever challenge but never takes the prize. (Yes, I know Laura won one challenge, but it was right at the end.) Oh, and cheers to her model who helped her out in the end. Princess Christian was nowhere to be found.

All right, I knew Rami(noodles) was going to win. It was excellent in construction and composition. It was perfect nectar for the judges. I didn't like the bodice and the skirt together either. Red and pink can be worn together. But the patterns clashing along with the 2 vibrant colors was too much. Rami deserved the win because of the pleating and the bodice design together. Just not the pattern. Thanks so much for this blog and the great commenters.
--Frances Spencer

My bias in favor of Rami's HOTness aside, that dress fit his model beautifully. I thought the overall look was light and fun, the exact result a "candy challenge" should produce.

Speaking of candy, I think the producers owe us a little eye candy. What about shots of Rami getting dressed (or undressed!) or more butt shots in a nice pair of jeans? REALLY people, its the least they could do after subjecting us to Jeffrey in S3 with just a towel on out of the shower.....ewwww.

Oh, and

"Congratulations, Rami!"

"Your prize? Sex with US!"


As others have noted this dress gets better every time I see it. It's really a stunning piece of work on every level from concept to craftsmanship. It perfectly embodies the whimsy and playfulness of a candy challenge while being really beautiful and beautifully made. I can't believe how well that thing fits. And for once his styling choices were perfect. Loved the shoes, the hair, everything. And so glad he got a hotter model. I predict that Rami will go all the way - he will be the winner of season 4, I'd bet.

I think this was the best show of the season and it produced the best work so far from almost everyone.

Gotham Tomato said:

"In S3 Laura & Michael were obvious choices, but it was hard to figure out the rest."

Not really. Uli and Jeffrey were stand-out talents from the start. I agree with TLO ... S3 was the easiest to pick from the get-go.

But then again, we are all well aware of your feelings toward Season 3's (well deserved) winner.

Thanks guys for the detail shots. Rami's dress looked great on the runway but it's nice to see all the work and amazing construction he was able to do in just one day. I also thought Chris March had a terrific look and he presented it beautifully.

I know Miss Non-Congeniality thinks she is going to win but it's going to be Rami. If anyone has any doubt, check out his website and you can see videos of a couple of his runway shows. A tent in Bryant Park is probably next but we are going to be blown away when we see what he can do with some real money and some time. These clothes are impeccable and will probably show up someday in the Costume Institute at the Met.

It's funny that I live in NYC and my [straight, married] brother lives in Dallas. Every Wednesday we get on the phone for the entire hour PR is on and have a blast! He 'claims' to be interested in the models, but he is going to get a sewing machine for Christmas next year!

Love this blog and the funny comments. Our Lady of Guacamole is perfect for Ricky. He cries as much as that annoying chick on Big Brother last season.

I could eat Rami for b'fast, lunch and dinner

There is a lot going on in this garment but it all went together perfectly - the first designer I thought of to juxtapose Rami with was the Teutonic Tailor, ULI! I know it's not about prints w/ Rami but like Uli, I was blindsided by how well everything came together.

Kudos to him!


Peppermint Pattie

Yes darrling, Rami made the hottest dress for me!!
Don't you want to touch my Peppermint Patties you bitches???

Great, great dress. And he was right to pick a redhead. They always stand out.

I can't understand why they let Christina? the tall black model walk away when she looked so much better than some of the girls who were picked. Oh well, maybe she couldn't walk...

Anyway, for once I agree with the judges. It's kind of scary. After 3 years of bad choices, on PR 4 I seem to have the ability to pick top 3, bottom 3, final 2 and auf'ed designer, as well as sure-fire "safe" designs in my sleep.

There must be something off with the judges.

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