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RunGay at the Runway

Darlings, we had the pleasure of attending the runway show today featuring the works of all the Season 4 designers. We're too exhausted to do much more than string these paltry few sentences together, so instead, here's the video from the event. Each designer showed three looks. We'll come back later with the inside dish, fabulous pictures and of course, our opinions.

The designers in the order in which they showed their collections - Kevin Christiana, Victorya Hong, Elisa Jimenez, Rami Kashou, Simone LeBlanc, Marion Lee, Jillian Lewis, Ricky Lizalde, Chris March, Jack Mackenroth, Steven Rosengard, Kit, Christian Siriano, Sweet P, and Carmen Webber:

(Video: Bravotv)

OMG! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! You really ARE fabulous.

Now that I've got my breath back, was that Camilla in Part 1 in the peach number? I'll LOVE it if she gets to come back and model again.

How fabulous! I can't wait to watch all the videos. Thank you, bitches!!!!

Well, you guys are just livin' the life! Thanks for sharing!

OMG!!! So awesome.

Some of that was quite drecky, although well-made. Can't wait to hear you girlz dish!

OMG!!!!! squeeeeee

It was also nice to see some of the models again; Camilla, Marilinda, Amanda, etc. Why couldn't the put up a graphic telling us who the designer was while it was running? I was trying to count, but I lost track.


I love Rami and Jack small collection best.
Good Luck to them!
Fabulous! Marilinda worked all outfit!!!

Some of those models were walking the runway and I was wondering if it was a fashio show or the Jerry Lewis telethon. Amanda needs to give them lessons. Girlfriend can work the shit of a hospital gown if she had to.

Rami is winning. I'm calling it now.

There were most definitely a few WTFs in there.

By the way the real reason I didn't go was because I was afriad Heidi was going to sing.

Here's how stupid I am. I thought they were going to be showing things they made during the show!!!
I kept wondering why they woul "give it away" like that.

SO PISSED I didn't go!!!!!!

Jack's dress and cape were fierce. He's cute and so are his designs. I am just an average girl and I would wear all three of his outfits.

I love Rami. He's my favorite and he is HOT!

"Paige said...

Jack's dress and cape were fierce."

I agree, I really like his designs, and Camilla is the best model EVER!

Oh my god, Javi (??) looked like a tacky version of Marie Antoinette in that brown monstrosity.

just kidding (not really)

Oooo, ooo, dibs on your gift certificate

Thanks so much boys! Watching another season with you will be fabulous!! I can't imagine Runway without you.

Pleeeeease hurry up and break it down by designer! It was hard to keep it all straight while watching. Oh, and some of it was so bad, we're all just dying for the laughs you will provide :)

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Oh my god some of those clothes are hideous. There's going to be a lot of fugly designs this season.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

And darlings, I want to know what you guys think about each collection.

I thought Elisa would be promising but her shit looks like it belongs on mental patients. Hot ones, I'll give her that, but mental patients.

Some of those new models suck. Camilla, Amanda, and Marilinda rocked that runway. I mean they knocked them dead. I was totally blown away.

I'm happy to say that it was my pleasure to be there today too & what made it the most fun was meeting up with Tom, Lorenzo & Emmett.

I didn't decide to go til about 10:30 this morning. But the rain stopped, so I hopped on the train and high-tailed it over to Lincoln Center. It turned out that the line wasn't nearly as long as I expected it would be & lucky for me because they only let in 100 of the general public & number 100 was the guy right behind me! Most of the spots were taken by press & corporate people. Lots of people waited at least an hour & didn't get in. There was a bit of mini-riot when a woman walked up, after they had just announced that only 100 would get in, & about 3 minutes before they let people in, and tried to sneak in near the front of the line. A bunch of people around her told to go to the end, but she wouldn't budge & they finally called security over & she was sent packing. Such drama.

Earlier, Malan was spotted, on his way in, by the waiting crowd, and spent a lot of time chatting and posing for pictures. Nina walked past, on her way in & the little girls in front of me gasped & pointed, and she smiled; looked like she liked that they recognized her. In the audience I also saw Daniel V, Emmett & Santino.

Quite a few of the models in this show were from previous seasons. One of the new ones, seriously, needed a sandwich; she looked a bit confused when she got to the end of the runway. I assumed it had something to do with the fact that she hadn't had a carb since 1987. Heidi looks more gorgeous in person. She's one of those people you look at & think: My life would be completely different if I looked like that. In my next life, I'd like to come back with legs like hers.

Each designer presented 3 outfits. As I was watching the show, I was telling myself to remember which designers' work looked best. But, of course, as soon as the show was over I had almost completely forgotten which, what, where (fortunately, I know it's not dementia, because I've always been like that). But there were a couple who looked like they were probably the ones who got auf'd early. I guess I'll have to wait & see if I'm right.

My favorite outfit in the show was the one worn by Camilla at the end (the black shift with the cape). Also loved the simple red dress. Then, there was one that would be perfect if NASA perfected astral projection & I got invited to a Steve Nicks convention. There was a seriously interesting coat, I loved - the one with the hood, teal plaid with the belt/sash that ties in the back. I hate teal & I hate plaid, but I loved the shape & style of the coat (which says A LOT - for me to look past teal plaid!) I'd love it in a different color, though it would be hard to tie that sash in the back.

I often wonder, do designers ever consider that a lot of women live alone? Personally, I don't like to have to ask my doorman to help me get dressed. I'm just weird that way.

There were quite a few pieces that, even though I did not like them design-wise, I could appreciate the craftsmanship in the construction. There was a lot of beautiful construction.

But watching the videos posted here, I have to say, look for the expressions on Tim's face as certain outfits pass him by: Priceless.

Afterwards I saw the boys out on the plaza with Emmett & they graciously invited me to join them on a visit to Emmett's design studio (very impressive!) & lunch. Lots of dish - lots of fun (even though I inadvertantly insulted Tom & Lorenzo by being a NY'er & complaining about tourists. My mouth: it's why I don't wear stilettos - I'd have a pierced tounge)!

In any event, I'm really glad that I took Liza's advice, and went to the cabaret today.

--Gotham Tomato

Jack surprised me. I really liked his stuff. I thought he was just a pretty Chelsea queen.
: - )

@Suzanne: You're actually, probably lucky that you didn't go. If you had come all the way here and then missed the cut-off & didn't get in, I'm guessing you'd be a bit pissed!

As for the models...I wouldn't say they looked like they needed a telethon: But I was thinking that some of them walked like they were constipated.

--Gotham Tomato

oh man oh man christian seems like the most pompous assclown on the planet i cannot wait!


GothamTomato said...

I'm happy to say that it was my pleasure to be there today too & what made it the most fun was meeting up with Tom, Lorenzo & Emmett.

Well, lucky you, gotham tomato. I was planning to go, but couldn't leave the office. So far, not impressed with the designs. Thank you for the videos, boys.

" Anonymous said...

oh man oh man christian seems like the most pompous assclown on the planet i cannot wait!"

Ha! Well, He is only 21 and has a lot to learn and a lot to do to reach his full potential.

Good to see some of the models back: Camilla, Amanda, Marilinda. However, what's with some of them who just cannot walk? Miss Jay needs to get up in here and train these ladies! I'm thrilled I got to see this, but I feel as if La Nina is going to say to a lot of these people "we've seen all of this before."

I personally feel that there isn't much variety in points of view here. You may disagree, and that's fine, but I just think that the drama better be big, because I think the clothes may bore us.

I'm underwhelmed. Is that supposed to be the most talented group? Really, though, I want to know what Tim's smoking, and if he'll share.

Wow! Can't wait to hear your play-by-play and the inside dirt!!

There was a whole lotta ugly on that runway, but several I really liked. I'd love to see still shots broken down by designer -- it was hard to keep track of who did what.

And someone seriously needs to teach some of those girls how to walk!

Jack surprised me. I really liked his stuff. I thought he was just a pretty Chelsea queen.
: - )


He is a pretty boy and a talented one. Loved, loved the cape.

Things that I've discovered that I dislike even more than bubble skirts and flourchons:
-- barefoot runway models
-- models who walk like they're afraid they just might poop
-- twee little hoodies
-- "formal" shorts
-- chunky knit scarves with thin flouncy mini-dresses
-- leggings with anything
-- little black gloves, for that "oh so edgey" look.

I am sooooo loooking forward to Season 4!!!!!

Whew, a few of these models need to learn how to walk a runway.

AHHHH!!!! I can't wait!!!!

T&L: where you there with the creme-de-la-creme of fashion? i hate you, bitches! you rock! you are all i want to be!

well, my opinions about some of them:
1) chris: nice lines.
2) simone: elegant.
3) ricky: cheap.
4) kit: costumy.
5) christian: over-produced.
6) sweet p: simple, but nice.
7) steve: too much fabric.
8) kevin: boring.
9) jack: elegant. he reminds me laura.
10) rami: nice.

marilinda, camilla and amanda were beautiful as usual.

did you see tim and nina? with some clothes, they were thinking "oh, no, what the...?"

i've noticed a looot of black dresses. why?

well, guys, take care. i've discovered PR and your web and i'm addicted to it.

best wishes from punta del este, south america.
pedro pablo.

Today was so great. :D I was, I think, seventh in line - one of the spazzy girls (behind the really annoying women trying to win everything from Z100)! Specifically, the one with big hair. I was too shy to come up to you, Tom and Lorenzo, though I freaked out enough when you guys showed up that my friend stopped listening to me. (I like how it didn't stop me from ambushing Santino, Malan, or Daniel V. though...god, they're so much more gorgeous in person.) (Also, Tom, I really like your hair.)

I dunno, I didn't think the clothes were that bad. In fact, I saw a lot that I really liked, but then, I'm no fashion student.
Though man was I happy to see Camilla and Marilinda on the runway. :)

Also: I saw Heidi lean over to Nina and say "I LOVE THAT HAT!" when Christian's hat thing came down the runway. To each their own, I guess?

That was fun! Previous comments left me expecting a real horror show! But, I liked quite a few pieces. Could we tell from designer's expressions who's gotten furthest?

Rami? Simone? Jack? Elisa? Jillian? Steven? (my favorites)


Were these clothes everyone's 3 audition garments? I think I recognized a few pieces from audition videos & promos (Sweet P & Jillian).

Tim looks like such a sourpuss when he's concentrating! Woof... Steven is a real gentleman... There's one cute new model who can walk (the gal with short dark hair and legs and a little smile) but the others? Woo... Amanda and Camilla kick ass, don't they?

PS - Ixnay on the ormalfay ortshays.

I write this tentatively: maybe Christian IS a big deal and not only in his own mind. (?)

Watching it on tiny embedded video, his looks made the most impact by far. Most impressive by far.

Good for you Tom and Lorenzo. I hope after Jeeves slowly opens the curtains and brings you your afternoon bloody mary you will give us your impressions of the whole affair.

Gotham I bet you are a delight to meet too. The stiletto heel comment was hysterical.

I didn't recognize Heidi until she spoke and then wondered if it was a ventriloquist. She looked gorgeous, no doubt about that, but she looked very different.

Were the models walking in deep sand?

"Were these clothes everyone's 3 audition garments? I think I recognized a few pieces from audition videos & promos (Sweet P & Jillian)."

Really? That says a lot about the audition process, then. Some of the outfits were very conceptual and not really wearable; well, maybe a hooker or a performance artist would wear them.

The models can't walk. What's up with that? They are really bad, except the S3 ones of course.

Wow, thanks! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Some of the designs were beautiful, but I kept getting distracted by the models, some of them were just walking funny, I couldn't decide if it was the shoes or the dress or what, but as a few did it in both passes, maybe it is just their style. It made it difficult to judge a couple of the dresses.

It was awesome to see the fabulous ladies of season 3 strut their stuff again!

I have already picked out some of my favorite designers for this season, before the season even starts! I just hope they aren't gone right way; and I already have picked the one I hope goes first. Christian's designs were okay, but when he was walking with his model to the end of the runway, his posing just turned me off! But some of the designers were great! I just loved the dramatic coats!

so much to say that’s already been said.

yes, puh-leez: enough with the shorts and leggings already! >:(

didn’t elisa’s second style look like a straight jacket for a debutante?

and tim’s face when christian’s first look came down the runway… ah, how i’ve missed you, you wisdom-spewing, silver-haired sage! :)


My goodness, some of those models walked as if they were holding a water balloon between their thighs. Here's my quick take on each one:

Kevin - looks like there were construction issues and a love/hate relationship with women's legs

Victorya - perhaps too simple and aren't cloth sashes over yet?

Elisa - liked the first look for the pool, total misses on 2 and 3

Rami - a little too much metallic fabric, great silhouettes, 3rd look a little heavy

Simone - love the green but not much love for the clothes themselves

Martin - interesting top on No. 2, but No. 3 is way too top heavy

Jillian - too much of a hooker vibe on No. 1 and 2, but I like the backview of the No. 3 coat. It felt like she was trying to make a strong statement but it didn't feel genuine.

Ricky - that was nice of Stella McCartney to model for him! Probably a whiz at construction to finesse all those fragile materials, but hopefully can do more than just lingerie

Chris - I sense construction issues and too much metallic, but I liked the flowing No. 3 dress and print.

Jack - probably my fave, though I suspect the fit could be better

Steve - Close second to Jack. Loved that first dress with the vertical panels but it needed a lower scoop neck; as for No. 3 -- somebody else loves Auntie Mame!!

Kit - just no.

Christian - No. 1 made his model look like a sausage. His imaginative styling tries to cover fairly blah outfits, though the construction does look cracker jack.

Sweet P - looks like a clearance sale at Baby Dolls 'R Us.

Carmen - The back of those No. 1 shorts: I don't think I have ever seen shorts that were designed to draw the eye to one's full ass crack like that. Is that going to be the new erogenous zone next season?

I believe the models couldn't walk because of the 6" heels they were sporting. No one could walk in those, even professionals. Note Javi when she wore the shifty thing and no shoes, no problem.

And why did Christian send that poor girl down the runway in that hideous brioche hat? Did he find some of Allison's leftovers?

How fabulous! Thank you for posting the videos, boys. I hate going to the Bravo site.
I'm not impressed. A lot of crap in the name of "innovation."

Wow...some of those models couldn't walk.

Couldn't they find better models? Welcome to "Project Can't Runway."

JUst for the record: I'm not talking about divine Camilla, Fabulous Amanda, etc...I'm talking about the new ones.

I saw a lot of metallics and a lot of boatnecks with fluttery sleeves. I was a little underwhelmed but I'm really excited for the new season.

Gotham Tomato, we are in your debt for the great recap. And I'm kind of bummed Suzanne didn't go after the Cheerios-and-bolted-door joke :)

Oh, so shiny. Is it the future already?

LOVED Jack and Steve and Carmen's coat made me gasp.

Those little half gloves make me want to slap someone. As do "formal" shorts. Christ, if it's on the clearance rack at Target, isn't it a bit done for on the runway?

Heidi is so cute she makes my teeth hurt. Such a contrast with Iman...

Heidi is excellent at giving speeches. And Carmen was a former model and it shows!

What did they scrape to get models that walked so poorly? Camilla, Maralinda, Javi, etc from the previous seasons obviously had more experience than the rest of the ladies. Jack & Rami's mini collections were my standouts (Rami's 3rd gown moved like nobody's business!). Carmen's plaid coat, Chris' scarf print gown, Elisa's knotted dress were also beautiful. PR4 is going to be fantastic. 1 week to go!

Emma P.

Thanks for posting these!

Some lovely pieces but some of them, well, altogether too much tootie!

Jack is my early favorite.

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