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Have we got a surprise for you.

Good morning, Kittens! We hope you had a lovely night last night. Us? Oh, we had a little thing we had to attend called...





Lorenzo and Fabulous Emily

Sure, the email said something like "Hey guys, why don't you come to my baby shower? It'll be fun." But all we could see was "Hey guys, why don't you come and party in an Upper East Side townhouse with a roomful of Manhattan Power Bitches?"

Honeys, the shoes in that room alone could have opened an African orphanage and kept it running for a decade.

Our gift. Blue for a boy!

Probably the most popular gift of the night. It really is a rub-on tattoo and it really does have all her kids' names. She needs a bigger neck to hold them all.

Laura's friends, to no one's surprise, are fabulous, warm, interesting women and we had a total blast hanging out with them. More than once, we were approached and asked half-jokingly "What are men doing here?" to which we responded simply "We're the gays." and every time it was met with "Oh! Well okay then!"

With B.Z., who could not have been nicer or sweeter to us and who had on a KILLER pair of shoes.

Incidentally, the theme of the night was pretty much a tribute to Laura, so there were a lot of black dresses and black lace and even neon-red wigs to wear.

With Zac from OUTzone (who we love) and the adorable Cobina who was also very sweet and who was wearing an absolutely gorgeous lace tunic from Indonesia. Zac popped our interview cherry by being the first person foolish enough to think we warranted one.

With Monica, our lovely hostess, the woman whose idea it was to invite us and a total blast.

Vote Laura!

Who knew when we posted this that we'd actually wind up attending it? In fact, the very first thing we did when we got the invitation was to laugh like a couple of gay hyenas. Normally, a baby shower holds about as much interest to us as the SuperBowl, but there was no frikkin way we were missing this one.

Like we said, it was a great time and our heads were buzzing with fabulous woman overload. If there was one picture we regret not getting, it was the look on Lorenzo's face taking in all the shoes, jewelry and clothes. He was practically drooling.

Speaking of maternity, when we were at Laura's last week before Malan's party, she showed us a work in progress on her dress form, a gorgeous maternity dress for the actress Julie Bowen, who requested one. We'll be scanning the red carpet pics to see if we can get a pic for you.

Now, if there's one thing the gays don't like to do is allow bad pictures of themselves to exist, but after much sturm und drang, entertainment value won out and we decided to go ahead and publish these:

We did this for you, Darlings. You better appreciate it.

When is her baby due by the way? You guys are so lucky!

I keep thinking, "They just can't get any better." and yet, you guys keep topping yourselves!! I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying seeing the pics and hearing about your adventures. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing all of this with us. You guys rock! :-D

Anonymous said...

When is her baby due by the way? You guys are so lucky!

Today : - )


Oh. My. Gawd. The fabulousness just jumped out of my computer screen this morning! Love the neck tattoo! Baby showers can be among the most tedious things in the world but this was certainly an exception. What larks!

Soooo jealous!!! Thanks for posting the pics... simply fabulous. Laura looks stunning. But where are the pics of the fab shoes and jewelry you raved about?!

Bad pictures? Not you two. Especially not when wearing a red wig and standing next to Laura.

LOL. I hope baby pops out soon!

OH. MY. GOD. Those are fabulous pictures. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing, bitches.

I looove her. But, if you keep putting out all this fabulosity on Laura, I may have to start hating her! It's too much. Her shower was last night and she's due today!!?!?!?! OK, so she's a planner and even mother nature won't interceed. But really, does she have to look that great? To be in her 40's, preggers to the hilt and look perfect.

Talk about Envy. Someone should do a new "Envy" design contest where everyone makes black lace dresses with plunging neclines and a green slip just showing below the hem!

Only our fabulous Laura can look that glamorous at nine months pregnant.

Enough with the shoes. More about Zac from Outzone.



T & L...why do I not doubt that you 2 will be the "godgays"? I bet you will!

Looks like the party was a huge success and a great time! Thanks for sharing the pictures...the neck tattoo looks great on her! ;) Was baby number 6's name on there? If it was, what name did they decide on?

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! How fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with all of us.

Wow, that's a lot of fabulosity in one house! You guys have the best life ever, I'm soooo jealous.

Wow, I just hosted one of these last week. We had a spa night and all got facials and all the trappings instead of a conventional baby shower.

I can only imagine how great Laura's was, given that she is now on her 6th one and now has a myriad of experience with them.

This baby is a boy, correct? Has she picked out any names? Tom and/or Lorenzo, perhaps?

Absolutely LOVE this blog and the other one, as well. I can't seem to get enough of either one. And like the 10:13 anonymous wrote, just when we think you two can't get any better, you go ahead and top yourselves!!!

Loved the wig pics, by the way. Funny pics don't automatically equal bad, do they? :-)

you guys are the fairy godfathers I presume??

Oh the neck tattoo...brilliant whoever thought of that. And see Tom? If you hadn't let your natural color grow in, you wouldn't NEED the wig! Foresight fellas.

Kisses and Malaninis,

oh my god, I I I I I appreciate that photo of the two of you looking silly. it is so totally out of character for a pair of fabulous boys like you two.

"What are men doing here?" to which we responded simply "We're the gays."

this is what the world needs: fabulous women and gays. everyone else? pfffffft! be gone with you.

"We did this for you, Darlings. You better appreciate it."

We do, darlings, we do!

OMG! I am soooo jealous! You guys are so lucky to be hanging out with Laura! I LOVE the neck tattoo! HYSTERICAL! The red wigs were funny too.

Okay, I was worried that you two had finally jumped the shark. I mean you are now being interviewed and are as noteworthy as those you cover. But then you put up the "wig pics" and I knew that our favorite gays still didn't take themselves that seriously! Great Pictures, When do we get an exclusive interview with La Laura?

This has trumped every fabulous post you have ever entered! Must have been a glorious party....By the way, do my eyes decieve me or did everyone get their own personal bong as party favors? (see 1st pic)


wait! has she decided on a name yet??

You guys look fantastic. I love the wigs and the tattoo thing. Hilarious!! Laura looks gorgeous. I love that dress and the brooch.

it's nice to know that hanging out with "The Laura" doesn't get old for you girls :)

Guys! What a fabulous time! Laura is aMAZING isn't she? How is it possible that she looks lovelier than ever on the day before she is due?

I'm so jealous, but I don't know who I'm in envy of! Laura is fabulous, but I sure don't want to be 10 months (it's 40 weeks gestation) pregnant right now. You guys are so lucky to have attended, but I would have hated to put on that wig. You did do it for us didn't you? Thank you. Great gift. It would have been great to recreate the scene where Edina Monsoon (from AbFab) keeps getting Romanian babies while Laura is opening gifts during the shower. You guys would tell her, "Just throw them on the pile with the other ones, Laura! Open our present NOW. We are thirsty!"

You lucky bitches!!!!
Laura looks stunning.

Laura is really amazing. What a fantastic role model!

Lorenzo, you were born to be a redhead.

Hey, you guys look totally hot with the wigs on!

Laura is absolutely fabulous. I love this woman. You guys are SOOOOO lucky.

I'm so jealous. The shower looked like a great party. Your gift was appropriate -- and it's a size that fits!

It's funny, I woke up today with some tummy cramps and immediately thought, "Laura must be having her baby. These are sympathy pains."

great times! i love you guys and laura is without a doubt the most fabulous ever... one question, what's the story on her lizard brooch on her dress? i think i remember seeing it during the season and its fascinating...

Those pictures are great. You guys are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them. Laura is my idol, and I so want to wear something designed by her. Heck, I'll even get pregnant just so that I can wear one of her maternity dresses.

I can never get enough of this fabulous woman. She is amazing. Has she chosen a name for her baby yet?


Booze, drag queen wigs and power bitches in amazing designer footwear all make for a glamorously fabulous chic baby soiree shower party thingie. Hilarious party pics to boot!What's not to love?

I can't take it!!

Inner cirledom at its very best!
Next thing you know there will be pictures posted of the birth with Lorenzo yelling "puuuush" and Tom poised between the stirrups with a catcher's mitt!!

You could make a Master Card commercial out of this.

Bombay: $X

Fabulous shoes: $XX

Neck tattoo: priceless

That's a fabulous baby shower! Everything Laura does is unique and fabulously glamorous.

Please tell Laura I miss seeing her on my tv every week. So.jealous.

Laura really is fabulously glamorous. Her style is impeccable. She's a real fashion image role model.

Thanks so much for the pictures!

Kisses, boys!

I miss Laura too. She is by far the most glamorous contestant on the show.

Jealous. Jealous. JEALOUS. GREEEEEN with envy. Did I mention I am jealous??

Laura looks gorgeous!

It looks like you all had an incredible time. The women look beautiful and fabulous, just like Laura.
Thank you for the pictures, guys. I love the wigs, so funny.

I want to see the shoes!! Great post, guys.

Tom almost looks like he could be Laura's sister in that pic. Her "special" sister.

Oh, damn! That neck tattoo made me pee my pants! And I'm at work! How'm I going to get new ones?

I love the brooch. Where did she get it?

" philly boy said...

Tom almost looks like he could be Laura's sister in that pic. Her "special" sister."

ROFL. I love the idea of the wigs and dressing as Laura. Hilarious and original.

Thank you for the pictures, boys. Laura's a role model. A style icon. I love her designs and her personal sense of style. Laura, I'll be looking for more from you to continue to inspire me!

Laura is a wonderful role model and also frickin' funny and talented.

Laura, my mother and I are great fans of you and project runway.

The gifts are hilarious (especially the tattoo and the bottle of gin).
You boys did it again. : - )

After a shitty day at work, that's exactly what I needed to cheer me up. Pictures of fabulosity. I could stare at them all day.

Only the very chicest Gay Storks bring Bombay Saphire.

The gayboys,

Regarding Julie Bowen, I think I read a People article that said that Julie did in fact request a dress from Laura, but that it didn't get to her in time for her to wear to the event intended for. I think the link to the article was on BPR.

Thanks for reporting on this. Sooo fabulous!

Laura never ceases to amaze me. I want to be her when I grow up. She oozes sensual femininity far better than most "hot" young actresses of today.


I know you probably gets lots of praise but I wanted to let you know that you revived my faith in the fashion world.

You have inspired me to really follow what I have always wanted to do and take the chance and just do it. I am 40 years old and just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration.

And thank you for the pictures, PR boys. What would I do without this blog?

From diamonds to IKEA furniture to turtle poop to gorgeous can you NOT love her?

What. The. Hell. She looks so goddamn good in those pictures, and it's the day before her due date. That woman is incredible. The lizard brooch is great, too.

I can't decide where to direct my jealousy: at T and L's Inner Circledom or at Laura for looking so fabulous right at her due date. I can't wait until #6 arrives and she can start designing some stuff for all of us non-pregnant 40 year olds!!

Beyond fabulous! And Laura looks *amazing*!!

Notice the table ornament featuring a baby inside of a Shelton-Mindel designed sink.

What name did they put on the tatoo for baby #6?

" Anonymous said...

Notice the table ornament featuring a baby inside of a Shelton-Mindel designed sink. "

Thanks for the info. I love their work. It looks like you guys had a great time.


I hope that you'll be able to start a line soon (after the baby, of course!) plus start other fashion endeavors! I'm sure all of your fans will be waiting on pins and needles in anticipation!

Congrats again, and good luck with the baby!

Hello! I have enjoyed reading your blog and finding out a little more about Laura. I am sure that there are a lot of women out there who are turning in their sweatpants for something a little better because of her. It was wonderful to see a mother and career woman who also made time for herself guilt-free! Thank you so much for that. (But I do still drive a mini van! no help for that right now.)

You guys look so cute. I love the way the hostess decorated the place. The baby inside the sink is priceless.

"Vote Laura"

LOL. Yes, Laura for President!

Y'all are so much fun! Love you in the wigs!

I am absolutely speechless, green with envy and beyond delighted for you guys. And the Bombay Sapphire is priceless!

Did anyone notice Laura's salamander pin worn just under her vee neckline. Simply fantastic.

She actually makes the tatoo work.

Here I was thinking the tatoo was making Jeffrey look tacky, when apparently it was Jeffrey making the tatoo look tacky.

--Gotham Tomato

"e did this one for you.darlings. You better appreciate it".

appreciate and applaude.

saphire always makes a splendid gift. CHEERS LAURA here's to yours and peter's bundle.

cheers to you T&L.

That's just farkin' hilarious! That looks like such a great time; and, it's great that Laura (obviously) has a gracious sense of humor.

Thank you for the blog, boys! I admit I'm a little jealous, too.

i really want to hate you two, but i just can' all look fabulous, and all this shoe talk makes me want to go shopping.


I, for one, DO appreciate!

Thanks, honeys.

Laura is simply fabulous. Everything she does is magic : - )

Has she had the baby yet? I'm sure the PR Gay Boys will let us know.

GawdDAMN, Laura is just gorgeous!Congrats on #6, Miss Thang!

Thanks for sharing the pics and the stories, gents...
FAB-U-LOUS! Kisses!

The Baby Shower Event of the Season!

See what I've been missing after traveling for over a week with no email access?

Damn! Thanks for sharing!!!

Fabulous! This bitch is just FABULOUS! Oh, how I hate her, envy her, love her, want to be her etc etc : - )

I much do appreciate the last two pix! Laura looks so wonderful and happy in these.

Thank you.


Why does she needs a baby shower?
After 6 kids and a rich husband (who scares me) what more does this woman need?

Why does she needs a baby shower?
After 6 kids and a rich husband (who scares me) what more does this woman need?

This might come as a shock, but sometimes friends hold parties in honor of their friends simply because they, you know, like them.

" Asian Spices said...

Why does she needs a baby shower?
After 6 kids and a rich husband (who scares me) what more does this woman need?

This might come as a shock, but sometimes friends hold parties in honor of their friends simply because they, you know, like them."

LOL. I love you, Asian Spices! : - )

She looks amazing. God, I wish I could look like that pregnant.

OMG Guys, Moi is so jealous! Laura looked incredible. I remember what Moi looked like the day before I had my son...OMG.......

You looked fabulously glamourous in the red wigs. ;)


Peter scares you? Why? I thought it was pretty much the consensus (sp?) that we love him!

Tom as a Turbo Redhead...Lorenzo wearing some kinda red cap. And you still look HOT. How is THAT possible? Oh, duh, it's YOU!

How fabulous! I loved the video of Monica I saw on Bravo..where the wig kept falling further and further back on her head. And she admitting she fell down in her high heels. I so can relate.

How fabulous! Are you going to be there to spank the new baby too???

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