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Surreality Television

Okay, let's get one thing out of the way first. Tom left the Garnier Nutrisse on about 5 minutes too long and that was NOT meant to be a Laura Bennett tribute; got it?

Honeys. What can we say? We'll tell you what we can say because we must have said it about 30 times to each other last night: "Ohmigod, this is so surreal." To watch the finale at the TRESemmé party with the final four - like a foot away from some of them - was odd. We only started this blog a couple of weeks into the season, so to end the season sitting where we were...just, wow.

Give us a second to compose ourselves. Talk amongst yourselves.


Okay, we're back. Let's get to it. First off, with the exception of Michael who is exactly as good-looking as he appears on TV, the rest of the final four are surprisingly more attractive in real life. It hit us later that of course this would be the case, since 99% of the time we saw them onscreen they were exhausted and stressed out.

Laura. Like always, we have a lot to say about Laura and since it was she who invited us to the party and then invited us to spend a couple hours at her place with her sitcom-ready family, we're saving most of it for a later post. Or the Enquirer. She is EXACTLY who she appears to be on television in terms of her personality. Funny, intelligent, blunt, take-no-shit, unpretentious and fabulous. She's also more than that of course, but we'll get to that later. Love her more than ever and LOVE her husband, Peter. They both sat directly behind us.

Michael is exactly Michael. Cute and cool and poised and polite as polite gets. He sat a couple seats down from us with a fabulous and stylish posse, including his dropdead gorgeous date, who was also quite sweet to us when we complimented her on her outfit.

You will never meet a more adorable person than Uli. Ohmigod, what a sweetheart. And quite the Chatty Katerina. Just talkstalkstalks in that airy germanic English of hers. You ask her for a picture and she immediately wraps you in a full hug, tilts her head towards you and poses, spouting Uli-isms the whole time.

"Uli, we heard you don't have an email address."
"I have one, I just don't give it out to people."

Jeffrey is taller, cuter and nicer in person. He was downright sweet. We can't say we ever had more than a fleeting conversation with him because for obvious reasons he was the darling of the press all night and the only time we didn't see him talking to the press was when he was watching the episode. He sat right in front of us, next to Uli.

You know how you watch the show with friends and talk over it or comment on the action while it's happening? We all do that, right? How weird is it to sit there and listen to the final four do it? To hear Laura cheering on Michael or complaining about how long the judging took or talking about the beadwork on Camilla's dress. There was a lot of "oooohhh"ing and laughing during the "scandal" portions of the show, exactly the same as there would be watching it in your living room, except it was Laura, Jeffrey, Uli and Michael doing it. Surreal, right?

The absolute strangest part of the whole thing occurred after Michael and Laura got eliminated and it was down to Jeffrey and Uli. The entire front of the theater filled up with press, all with their cameras aimed at the two of them to get a shot when the winner would be announced. We could barely see the screen and forget about paying attention when you've got this wall of cameras staring back at you. The pic above doesn't do it justice.

It was thrilling, as Tim would say, when the room erupted into cheering and applause at the announcement of the winner.

We have much more to talk about in the days to come and a ton of pics to show y'all so don't worry, we're not going anywhere. We actually need to watch the episode again, because we probably saw only about 30% of it. Our necks are killing us from whipping our heads around and staring at everyone else in the room like an antsy kid in church. But darlings, it was so worth it. The one thing that echoes through our heads is what Tim said to us as we bid him goodnight. "You two are in the inner circle now!"


I am so jealous my head is about to explode. I am SO looking forward to reading more!

Congrats on becoming the darlings of PR. No one deserves it more. Next to the actual show itself, you two have provided more sheer enjoyment this season than anyone or anything!

Inner circle! Inner circle! Eegads- the blood-curdling rites you will be exposed to!!

(In an altogether non-related aside, the TWOP moderators are such stuck-up pills! Arrivederci TWOP!)

Yay!!!! Sounds like you guys had great fun. Can't wait to hear more about it - and Pluheezzz share pics!

two hours with Laura before going to the party???????? OMG, it must have been heaven. I would have been so nervous about what to wear!

Can't to hear and see more, thanks boys, you rock!

Brian in KY

and one more thing- I dont know if I could stomache the outcome of this season without you guys posting and this moderately sane community you have fostered :-)

Couldn't happen to better bloggers or nicer guys. I discovered you pretty early in your run when Ann Althouse (another one of my favorite bloggers) linked to you and raved about your site. Can't wait for all the dish. Thanks for being such gracious hosts and congrats.

How exciting! Thank you for sharing your delightful evening.

You two are adorable. Thanks for all the fun and hope to see more in the coming seasons! :)

INNER CIRCLE! I am dripping with jealousy! Guys, it took you all day to get that up? (Stop it!) We expect -neh! DEMAND to be told ALL! SOON!

"INNER CIRCLE" from Tim Gunn?!!! Are you sure you didn't die and go to heaven?

I love that they were all great in person, too.

I pray for the day that I bump into Laura on the streets of NY and drop to my knees in front of her to praise her.

You made me hungry for an Uli-hug.

So glad for you both. Can't wait for the days of blogging ahead.

And the Lorenzo/Uli picture is the most adorable shot.

Were any of the models there? I'm still waiting to see my PR GayBoys posing with Nazri.

I want to hear every freakin' detail about Laura....she continues to amaze me!

Lucky bitches! Love you guys and can't wait to read more... GET TO IT!!!

xo, Rachel

How fabulous!! Can hardly wait to hear more details!

Thanks so much for your amazing blog. You guys are great!

So. Jealous.

I want to hear about Laura's shoes.

I'm thrilled for you guys. Thanks for sharing the behind-the-scenes scoop. Look forward to reading more.

Now come on. Laura is not pretentious?? Yet she has that awful portrait of herself(as someone else cogently said, the pseudo-Sargent ). Just because she has a portrait doesn't make it art; well, maybe as jean Shepard would say it did have the schlock art aspect). And to repeat myself, not pretentious wearing riding pants and boots in NYC?

So you two threw us a bone. THANK YOU. Keep them coming cause i am very hungry.

Oh this is an amazing night. You guys are wonderful. I love that you are giving us a major on the scene break-down of all of the designers , instead of the editing from the taped shows. You can tell us what all the designers are really like. GREAT! Tell us more, bring us more, give us more....ooohh that sounds so sexy.
Give us more! Yes Please!!!

Well-deserved! We will all await your next blog with bated breath.

Soooooo jealous! I'm so glad you guys got the recognition you deserved. You're fabulous. Call me!

Yeah, I don't think JEALOUS begins to tap into it, boys -- but ya know, when you're fab, you're fab. So thanks for coming back and giving us the dish so we can continue to live vicariously. Can't wait to read all you have on Laura. CAN'T. WAIT.

I loved Laura's portrait as soon as I saw it, thankyou for giving us a glimpse. I know have to speak to my hubby about having ne done for my FABULOUS SELF. Thank you Laura for giving us fabulousness this year! Yes you are a glamour-girl-goddess-woman!

Oh! You bitches! I am beyond jealous!

On the other hand, I'm thrilled that my favorite PRGayBoys were there to enjoy the show. If anyone deserved to be there, it was you two!

Can you please adopt me, I'll be like the older daughter that does the cooking and cleaning as long as she can go to the parties and be in the inner circle too!!!


You guys SUH-HUCK!!! Inner circle???? INNER CIRCLE???

Well it couldn't happen to two finer fellows. You see? Dreams DO come true!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing us all with fine commentary, razor sharp humor and pure entertainment throughout. I remain,

Hopelessly devoted,

*hugs*blowing kisses*

Inner Circle!

Next: PRGay Bobbleheads!

Can't wait to hear everything about Laura & Michael. The two of them (plus Tim, of course) are the only reasons I kept watching through all the antagonistic bull this season.

And btw, LOVED the Seargent portrait! Some don't? Well, they lack a sense of humor & as well as a sense of fabulous.

--Gotham Tomato

"Congrats on becoming the darlings of PR. No one deserves it more. Next to the actual show itself, you two have provided more sheer enjoyment this season than anyone or anything! "

I ditto that sentiment and have to say that as comparitively dull as this season was to last season, you'ze guys made it so much more enjoyable with this excellent blog.
Please, don't let Bravo put you on their payroll unless the stipulation is that you continue to pull no punches and calls it as you sees it.

I almost gave up on this season about four episodes in due to irrational judging decisions....I decided to stick with it after finding your FAB blog. Talking about the Blog has been almost more fun than talking about the episodes each week - THANK YOU!

PS Laura is my new style icon!

I'm having that moment in High School when I looked around saw what all the kool kids had going on and realized my short bus would never stop there. At least now there are blogs to live vicariously through. In my day blogs were what the kool kids hit you with.
Keep dishing! More Laura!

I know I said this before, but SQUEEEEEEEEE! Oh, I'm so excited and happy for you guys, and I am just dying to hear the rest. I don't think I'd have enjoyed this season half as much with you fabulous two.

Mariana (The Original)

I think this is so great for you guys. It's just a testament to how brilliant and funny this blog is.

Congratulations and I'm thrilled that you guys had such a terrific time!

FABULOUS Darlings Tom and Lorenzo are there...behind the rich and powerful... beside the rich and powerful... *under* the rich and powerful!

Mariana (The Original)

Oh, and on a side note, I can't WAIT to see Marilinda in the Elle spread. Not a big Jeffrey fan, but I was rooting for my fellow Boricua with the fierce walk.

something odd just occurred to me. the contrast between how the producers handled keith's felony, and Jeffrey's "peccadillo". To me they were both grounds for removal. Why boot Keith out, but make an exception for Jeffrey who didn't stay within budget (even if the outsourcing couldn't be proved).

I thought it was cool when you guys brought us along for E. McCarthy's "Fall Off the Runway" gig.
I didn't really know it could get any better. It did! Thank you so much for pulling off hanging out with us AND them!

And the inner circle thing? Well, score one for YOUR TEAM!

totally agree, james derek!

I was captainsaveaho and told them to shove their 'Tude up their arses.

I mean WTF? They're a tv community site, not Harvard.

--formerly captainsaveaho on TWOP.

The REAL break-out stars of S3 are you two wonderful, fabulous bitches! You made the show soooo much more fun to follow and I thank you for that :)

WOWOWOWOWWWWEEEEE!! That's awesome. So much fun. Maybe they will let you write on THEIR blog now. Aren't you glad you went the fun and snarky route, instead of the more mainstream no-tacky-comments route of BPR? :D

loveit, loveit ,loveit.
T&L, Tim Gunn, Final 4. Yes...sunshine for the rest of the week.

"For us, it's less about who wins it and more about spending time with fabulous people creating beautiful things. It's about the process and the people in the process".

Yes, we all want more quality time with fabulous people.


Bravo should better hire you for next season. You provide PR with a sorely needed extra-dose of humor. Even after repeated viewings I'm still laughing at some of your stuff.

my own pedestrian attempt:
being invited to yesterday's party: worth $1

undying gratitude from thousands of fags (like me) and h.. women: worth $10

meeting THE LAURA in person: Priceless

(Being in Tim's inner circle: Color me green with envy.)

you deserve it all


Darlings! I am sooooo happy for you. You deserve all your fame and fortune. You've developed a wonderful blog and community. Mwah!

And, I've been reading this blog since Episode 3 or something like that. You guys rock! Here, let me kiss you again -- MMMMMWAHHH!

--Granite Janet

I am so jealous - i cant wait to hear more. I wish i was invited to these sort of parties.

Increase Google Adsense Revenue two ducky lucks!!! I'm so happy for the both of you...Hey! how about this? By way of proxy and extension, your entire following is now part of the "inner circle". Oh yes! Thanks for bringing us all into it! Thanks for being so super fabulous! Thanks for having the humility to never assert yourselves upon PR...PR knew it needed YOU!!!

Love and all the kisses....

I'm so happy for you two darlings, I'm not jealous BUT, lest I misrepresent myself as a well adjusted person-I am pissed as hell that Jeffery won!!!

Thrilling! Just thrilling!

you guys are so lucky

Laura is the greatest and Uli seams really sweet and cute ...

thanks so much for the update on the evening!

more pictures please...?

Since you're in the inner circle and all, can you ask Uli WHY THE CLIP???
Where was her mother? How do you say "blow out" in German??

Oh my word. Like Dennis the Menace all grow'd up. With lipstick.


If Laura has another good old fashion Truman Capote, HollyGOLightly type party with everyone in evening wear and drinking coctails with a tinkling piano in the background, please send us photos.

You say there's more to come... I need it now!




[breaks down sobbing while banging head against the computer screen, then curls up under desk with thumb in mouth, shaking violently and occasionally muttering words like "Tim Gunn" or "Laura's house"]

I want to go to Laura's and drink the kool-aide, too damn it!

It's so good of you guys to write so very well and make us feel as though we were there too through your words.

You deserve inner-circle-dom!

Great photos! Can't wait to hear the rest! xo

Lucky! I'm joining the jealousy bandwagon...unbelieveable!

Can't wait to hear the rest of your adventure...I'm on pins and needles! ;)

diane in seattle

YOU GUYS DESERVE ALL THE GLORY THAT COMES YOUR WAY! You really put your hearts in this, and the feedback you receive should indicate to you that you have gifts to share with the masses! Your wit, caring, responsible yet deliciously juicy blog has MADE THIS SHOW SO MUCH MORE FUN FOR SO MANY! Kudos to you! I have Tim proximity envy, by the way, and many people are living the dream of being backstage vicariously through your adventures! LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!

Inner Circle, eh??

Does this mean we will see you Fabulous Bitches on an episone4 judging??? That would so be the most faboo thing.

How cute did Michael look in those sun-glasses. He seemed like a sweet little boy trying to look like a celeb-star-desinger. It was endearing. People just adore that Michael. They love his sweetness,he's probably getting calls from all the R&B,Hip Hop ladies, wanting to help him out by having him design a outfit. Michael will do just fine. He's such a sweetie. Good luck Michael.

Awesome for you guys. As fabulous as it would have been to be there, the only twinge of jealousy I feel is that you got an Uli hug. I SO want an Uli hug, not to mention a picture beside her beautiful self. Maybe one day... she is my current girl-hero, and I'm so happy for her. Wildly successful, she'll be. I have no doubt.

Looking forward to hearing more and more about this no doubt enchanted evening. ;)

P.S. and this is a note for the colloquios Tim Gunn..

How about bringing on the RPBs next cycle? Come know it would be a stellar event.

Jeffrey's "pecadillo" was not on par w/ Keith's illegal books, it was more like a lesser-version offense than KaraSaun's (sp?) shoes ...

The shoes (if accounted for correctly) put KS WAY over-budget.

Jeffrey's wigs put him $200-ish over-budget.

Something that would have been figured out by the accountants with or without Laura's query about outsourcing. (THAT however was on par with Kayne's telling the producers about Keith's books - IMO of course.)

The solution for KS's shoes and Jeffrey's wigs was very similar; KS's shoes had to be ignored (can not send models down the runway without SHOES heaven forbid!) and Jeffrey ditched the wigs.

Frankly, any of the four could have won, and for very different reasons. They all won by getting to show at Bryant Park and got the exposure.

Frankly, I think Laura, Uli & Michael may just make out on this better than Jeffery. Jeffrey if he accepts all prizes will be in a mentorship - after having run his own design business. Laura & Uli will probably get offers of finacial backing and I'm betting Michael will have no problems finding a very well-placed job in the design industry.

Kudos to them all!

(but the "inner circle" reference made me think "inner circle of Hell?" eek!)

It doesn't get any better than this blog! And this installment is the best! You two are real sweethearts for sharing it with us, letting us in on the perks of fame. I'm sure you charmed the pants off all of them!

I gotta say, Oh My God, Uli's shoes!! NOT for the beach!


"You two are in the inner circle now!"

Good for you both. Of all the PR sites I've visited, you are certainly the most deserving of this -- and so much more.

You are deservedly in the "inner circle!" You two made this season of PR so much fun.

P.S. Love the "Laura Red" hair. Next time try L'Oreal's Feria!

Laura's portrait is a self-portrait. It's on the bonus clips on the Bravo site and also in her introductory video.

You guys had an early New Year's Eve.

Hate it that you're making me spend time here instead of my work...
On a Tim note, found this earlier:

"And finally, don't expect Spears to be a guest judge on the upcoming season of "Project Runway." Tim Gunn, the show's Yoda-like and even-handed fashion guru, is uncharacteristically ruthless when asked to weigh in on the Britster's sense of style.

'Aside from looking as though she's just been dragged out from under a truck that tried to run her over, she always looks like she's in need of personal hygiene,' Gunn blasts to Us. 'The whole package to me is just repugnant. Ugh!'"
And I'm not trying to steer attention away from you guys and the party; no, no, no. It is just so true.

You guys rock, dreams come true, blah blah blah ... now to the important bit ... who was Michael's date, hmmm? Any truth to the Star's reports? (Or did I miss that debunking?)

(In an altogether non-related aside, the TWOP moderators are such stuck-up pills! Arrivederci TWOP!)

i posted on little thing about posters being emotional. the rest of my post was a rundown of the show, and they deleted my post! argh!

i love this blog, and you guys are awesome. best pr blog, by far.

Jeffrey is still an angry peanut. Just because he was nice in his winning glory doesn't erase his past behaviour. How nice would he have been if he didn't win?

Don't go soft on us guys. Keep your objectivity.

JDD, you got kicked off TWOP?? Wow, gotta be a first.

Delishious (but not surprising.)

"something odd just occurred to me. the contrast between how the producers handled keith's felony, and Jeffrey's "peccadillo". To me they were both grounds for removal. Why boot Keith out, but make an exception for Jeffrey who didn't stay within budget (even if the outsourcing couldn't be proved)."

Going over budget is not grounds for removal. It's not cheating either. It's exactly what it is: going over budget. If a designer goes over budget, he is penalized by eliminating something from his line (the wigs).

Jeffrey was only $230 over $8,000. Kara Saun last season was God-Knows-How-Much over with the "free" hand designed shoes.

Remember when Kara Saun outsourced 12 pairs of beautiful one-of-a-kind shoes for her collection and didn't pay one dime for them?

So, there's your answer. Less odd now?

This is Project Runway, not The Price is Right.


i didnt think i could get any more jealous than i was this morning.... damn you bitches!!! you fabulous, adorable, deserving bitches!!!

When you where at Laura's house, did you recieve any turtle poop? You probably can sell it on ebay.

GASP! The inner circle!


Like I asked before "Where is ULI's boyfriend? or Partner?" What's up with there I love her. I'm just a nosey beeeeeyacth yup.

We are going to see JEFFREY at his new hillside house overlooking the Malibu or Hollywood Hills next year with baby and ady love playing in the pool while celebs celebrate his Success. Go Jeff.

Mariana (The Original) said...
Oh, and on a side note, I can't WAIT to see Marilinda in the Elle spread. Not a big Jeffrey fan, but I was rooting for my fellow Boricua with the fierce walk.

4:48 PM
She's boricua alright! Jajaja Had to laugh at her myspace pic where there's some dudes holding an Anibal flag and a plate of arroz y habichuelas. It don't get more boricua than that!

Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow. Just... wow.

Oh, the appetizer was divine! But (sob!) now I'm hungry for the main dish even more.

How Ab So LUTE ly cool are you two!! Inner Circle ... and you can still breathe?? Or were you in the ER all day?? Mega mega congrats. Your fabulousity has been so much fun and Inner Circledom so deserved.


Your humble fans await more details!

I really am SO happy for you guys. You have provided all of us with so much humor and insight. I recommend this blog to everyone I know who watches PR. I'm not sure I've ever laughed so much as I did after reading "The earth is swallowing me". Or maybe after "Here's the church . . ." Or Kayne's look of fake-happiness when he lost the Icon challenge. Or Robert imagining Heidi as Barbie.

You deserve that inner circle!

And thanks for the description of meeting Jeffrey. I'm sorry you didn't have more of a chance to talk to him, 'cause I'd love to hear more.

BTW I'm JEALOUS! Inner=circle? So not fair.

Still love you guys though =)

OMG! The Tim Gunn inner circle! OMG!
I am so jealous of you fabulous bitches...
but your blog is so damn good that you all deserve it!
Cheers, honeys!

I AM SOOOO JEALOUS!!! i love pr, but no offense jeffrey, i wanted uli to win.

While you were in inner circledom, it was a surreal moment for us too. we melted your server. Hint: it was after the west coast aired.

Thank you fabulousness for sharing a piece of inner circle heaven.

More, more, (rubbing hands together)

I find it incredibly amusing the erroneous perception that $100,000 is a lot of scratch (reminds me of Dr Evil-- "$1 million dollars!"). It really isn't, pilgrims! Especially as capital for a start up company. And keep in mind the money isn't for the lavish lifestyle replete with Malibu or Hollywood Hills pied-a-terre (those addresses start in the millions to buy). It's meant to go into the business. Given overhead, advertising, materials, etc.: One collection and SLURP! Gone.

Boys you absolutely earned every bit of it. You two provided as much, if not more, pure pleasure than the show itself. I love you as much as I do Tim!

anonymous 27: SO True; 100k is NOT malibu, but hope Jeffery can make the most of it. Though would have preferred Uli, or Laura/Michael to have had that opportunity.

You two lovely boys so deserve that hallowed spot behind the fab four. I have been reading this blog since July and posting on it since August, and I can't tell you how much you made me laugh every morning. Plus you enhanced my experience of the show. Thank you, thank you for a lovely summer and fall.

to formerly captainsaveaho on TWOP

I know- they act like they are some sort of forum on lifesaving medical research. prissy and self-important. They should be simply fabulous, like our gracious hosts here heheheheh ;-)

p.s. since you are now in the inner circle, season 4....when?

"I find it incredibly amusing the erroneous perception that $100,000 is a lot of scratch (reminds me of Dr Evil-- "$1 million dollars!"). It really isn't, pilgrims!"

It's 100K plus millions of dollars in free publicity.

--Gotham Tomato

awww how cute.. Wait! You Better have gotten a picture of that halloweeny chandelier of Laura's or I will never speak to you again.. well we have never acually spoken, and its really not THAT big a deal LOL *sigh* just hopin' :)

I am peeing in my pants. I love that Laura invited Tom and Lorenzo to the Tres Semme party!! Your descriptions are wonderful and you looked great in the photos. I look forward to reading your stories about your visit with Laura. Love you guys! Keep up the great commentary. Love, Jennifer Spadavecchia

You know, at first I was all happy for the PRGays, but now that I've logged on a second time and looked at the pics, things have changed.

Now I see the photos of our PRGs with contestants and I'm just thinking "oh yeah, bizness as usual. OF COURSE the PRGs were there, why wouldn't they be?"

Sun come up this morning?
Taxes still around?
PRGays hanging with the inner circle?
--You even have to ask?

When did Michael become MYCHAEL? His new website uses the "y" but the bio text still spells it with the "i".


OMFG. No, wait. This deserves the full treatment: Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Well, you are awesome, you deserve it. This blog has made season 3 PR 345,001,159 times more enjoyable than the first 2 seasons, and this is coming from a huge PR fan.

Can't wait to hear more about this party! And Laura! You. must. tell. ALL!

Also wanted to say: I am so glad to learn that, not only did Jeffrey and Laura get over the "scandal", they apparently can laugh about it now. I hope this tells all the vicious wanksters who couldn't bash either of them enough that it's time to move on. If they can do it, we certainly can! Hooray final four! Hooray PR Inner Circle guys! Thanks for all the laughs.

Now that you are in the inner circle you have to keep up the great work! Keep us abreast of the gossip, the fun, and the nightmares. Love your blog and your reporting. It's the absolute BEST.

great blog! mine is about tv too!

Yeah, she is unpretentious. The pseudo-Sargent, as someone called it, is a self-portrait 'in the style of', and in the bonus video she is laughing and wiping chocolate milk off it with her hand. Laura is not only unpretentious, she is a role model of unpretentiousness. The woman has a plastic skeleton chandelier for goodness sakes!!

PRG Boyz, you *deserve* to go to the party! It's just reward for the fabulous blog fun you provided all season! Thanks!

(Trust Laura to recognize excellence!)

"Jeffrey was only $230 over $8,000. Kara Saun last season was God-Knows-How-Much over with the "free" hand designed shoes.

Remember when Kara Saun outsourced 12 pairs of beautiful one-of-a-kind shoes for her collection and didn't pay one dime for them?

So, there's your answer. Less odd now?"

No, it's not less odd. Jeffrey also was over the budge with his pleated shorts which he would not have admitted to if Laura hadn't called him on it. "Mysteriously" there is no receipt. How many other pieces "mysteriously" have no receipts which would have brought him even further over budget? We'll never know. Boy did he get away with it!!!

I am actually going to kill you both now. Or sobbily, tearily congradulate you. Right now, it's a toss up. (Hint: If you post more about Laura in the next day or so, I'll lean towards the congradulation.)
Love you! Thank you for such a wonderful blog all season!

Yuck. I hated Jeffrey's stuff. What woman would wear it??? I'm still pissed he won. Uli had WEARABLE DROP DEAD GORGEOUS CLOTHES without being skanky. Jeffrey was "making a statement" all right - and it was...


Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

you two darlings are in the inner circle and thus we are, by association, in the inner circle with you! how amazing is that?

just a few short weeks ago i was a middle-aged antiques dealer in tulsa and now i'm a member of the outer inner circle of PR via my darlings, the PRGayboys. my goodness, i need a new frock! and some red for my head!


Thank you for sharing! I am SO happy for you, and, of course, for us, since you are graciously taking us along for the ride!


Thank you so much for all the work you've done this season on the blog. I look forward to every new post, and reading it really adds a whole new dimension to the show. I am so happy that it looks like it's paying off for you guys, please keep it up! Project Runway just isn't the same without Project Rungay.

Use your imagination, of course 100,000$ is nothing, but I'm talking about the MONEY THAT WILL COME TO JEFFREY AS A RESULT OF WINNING AND Gaining a Bigger name....The guy is going to make a lot of money for year's to come.....Look at this space next year when he's Sitting at his pool Hillside house overlooking a beautiful scene of LA Landscape....JEFFREY is going to make BUCK$....He's not disappearing, this is a guy who has wanted this for years, he's going to take the opportunity and run with it and money will come. He's the LA Darling and he won the respect of some "hard judges" of NY Fashion, he will be on the radar of rock stars and fashion people for years, this win was an amazing thing for him. He won't disappear like Chloe and Jay,no way. I could tell just how he came ready for Bryant Park, this guy is NOT Playing at being a desinger, he's serious. All the luck and success to Jeff.

What I'm still trying to figure out is how you 2 didn't just like die w/ excitement and NOT spill the beans to your legion of fans about your finale plans!

Dammit!!! You guys are so lucky! But so are we, at least we get to hear the real scoop.
LOVE your site. :-)

How awesome for you!!!

I lived for this blog to keep me from killing my television. Y'all are just too fabulous.

And green is so not my color, but time with Laura -- damn.


"You two are in the inner circle now!"

I feel like I'm on the perimeter of the inner circle vicariously circling it like a hawk...or something like that...snort!

I would have fainted right there on the spot hearing Tim Gunn's voice saying something like that to me...well ok saying anything for that matter. :D

Follow the yellow brick road Boys...the Kingdom is all around you! Cheers!

Can I call myself "Proud Mommy"?

PS. Pssst, Lorenzo. I think it was the "he *always* thinks redheads are HAWT" (paraphrasing) comment that inspired the Nutrisse overload. :D

Oh forgot...CONGRATULATIONS... worked the shhheeyat outta those clothes you wore for Jeffrey...HONEY...enjoy your success too. I think Vict.Secret and ALL the designers will be calling you....PDiddy probably already tried to call....You are HOT honey....choose wisely!!

Hey just perused the fantastic pics of the Tresemme party over at blogging project runway and OMG, you Boys WERE sitting in the second row RIGHT BEHIND Jeffrey, Uli and the Producers..closer than Laura! Dayum!

Honestly, guys .. when I first saw the links to your blogs on BPR (waaaay back in July, the one with Laura's shillouette on it, tons of entries per date), I thought it was just another recap blogs.

After I actually read it, I stayed because of your fabulousness and am glad to prove myself wrong.

I am so 92% happy for and 8% jealous of you guys .. :)

When reading the "Inner Circle" line, picture me as Tim Gunn before he said "You're going to Fashion Week." in the last gather 'round. But a washed-down version of Tim Gunn, 'f course.

(on non-related topic, I have nominated you guys for some categories in Gay Bloggies 2006. Hope that's fine.)

Poor Michael he was kind of like VINCENT during the final competition....Michael just never understood how "tacky" his collection was.

how cool! Love the pics and can't wait to read more!!

I think this blog has gone to heck in a Burberry hand-basket.... I liked it much better when you were ripping the episodes.... all this syrupy-sweet oozing (especially over La Puke Jeffrey) and high-brow gushing is nauseating. If I wanted sunshine and dimples I'd read BPR.

I think a lot of us miss commentary like this witty insight about Episode 7 (Everyday Woman):

PRG: “It certainly wasn't the worst thing on the runway last night and it's certainly the best thing he's made all season, but there was a clear winner last night and it wasn't Captain Haldol. Her breasts look like they're about to take off and fly south for the winter."

ULI’S MOM: “America! Is crazy country, ja? Meine titsen flappity-flap!"

Maybe you rubbed up against la Laura a little too much and all that refinement clogged up your gaydar or whatever the hell it is that launched your fabulous writing careers. Perhaps you could migrate over to Kayne’s neck of the woods and… Well, I’ll let your imaginations run with that one… consider it a gift :-)

BTW - don't tell me that Laura's gorgeous lace number is something she whipped up in her spare time from leftover collection cuttings.... Who am I kidding, or course it is.

I Love The Page Guys !!!! You guys have done such a great job!! I hope you had a blast!! All I can think is what if they let you be guest judges on next seasons show- After all, you are in the INNER CIRCLE now!! Cat

so you mean we can't tease you about your that you are "inner circle" it's all we

You two are amazing! I have loved reading your blog all season and can't wait to see more from the finale party!


Last time I used anything from Garnier, my DH looked at me and said "You oughta have that done professionally." I have dark hair, and left it on a total of five minutes. And my hair broke off. Stay away from that garbage.

I am SOOOO excited for you. You guys make me laugh.

Uli looks gorgeous. I love whatever she's wearing.

I am so thrilled for you crazy kids! You are as fabulous as anyone you admire!!!

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