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Vincent: It gets me auf.

Oh God, we need a cigarette. That was just too satisfying for words. Captain Haldol's auf'ing (Dare we say it? We dare! We dare!) TOTALLY got us off. We watched the show with two friends last night and all four of us jumped out of our seats and cheered.

What made this doubly satisfying was the fact that Vincent was getting really full of himself for absolutely no reason. We don't think there was ever a designer on the show who demonstrated such powerful self-delusion. He walked around proclaiming his couture skills holding a bottle of glue, for God's sake.

One thing we really don't get is how the judges rarely ever pointed out the elephant in the room: ALL of Vincent's garments were poorly fitted. Every single one. It's like he specialized in puckered seams.

When our girl Nina said it looked like the dress was on her backwards, she hit the nail on the head. The sleeves were ugly and pointless, the bunnytail on her ass looked ridiculous and that fabric he used for the skirt was ugly and way too heavy. She looks like a little girl playing dressup in an upholstery store.

"Mommy, look! I made a skirt!"

"Unh-hunh. That's nice, honey. Now go put that back in the clearance bin while I talk to this nice man about the couch."

Edited to add: You guys have got to read this interview he gave for Entertainment Weekly. We are speechless!

Read it here.

I'm so glad I won't ever have to hear "It gets me off," ever, ever again. Eeeeeewww...

"Captain Haldol" Priceless!

"Vincent: It gets me auf." guys...I'm so glad he's gone. Au revoir, auf-wiedersehen, good-bye, freak!

All I could think this morning after reading "Tim's Take" (the part about French fabric stores mixing uphoulstery fabrics in with clothing fabrics) that it was a subtle Tim-jibe at Get-Off-Man's couch bottom dress.

What a piece of sheet.

That creepy man needed to go a long time ago, he makes Peanut look safe.

Sound the trumpets and get the hook -- the Ding Dong is gone! Watching the Rucker Cam bonus video and seeing that Vincent had to be talked into staying (!) because his shirts had been laundered instead of dry cleaned may be why he was feeling so damn cocky. But guess what, Captain, you're the one who's been hung out to dry!

"Mommy, look! I made a skirt!"

"Unh-hunh. That's nice, honey. Now go put that back in the clearance bin while I talk to this nice man about the couch."

Toooooo funny, and dead-on.
Did you guys listen to Tim Gunn talking about that horrible fabric?

Must be nice to be Vincent. Everything gets him off.

"ALL of Vincent's garments were poorly fitted. Every single one." ~ precisely. And he seems to have special difficulty with necklines. Even his all black traveling outfit had an oddly fitting gappy neck.

And walking around complimenting himself? Making a pattern forever then grabbing the glue? crimifuckinitly, the guy's got a screw loose.

you know, it just occurs to me ~ the whole scenario of cashing in the 401K, running off to New York to reclaim his fashion career. . . it's very much typical of bipolar folks in the manic phase: the grandiosity, self delusion. i'm not judgin', just sayin' ~ i think a course of meds could help a lot.

If they had sent Laura home and not Vincent I seriously would have stopped watching...I needed a drink after that elimination!!

Our poor girl...looks like she gets overly-emotional from being preggers next week!

BigAssBelle - you may be on to something ... have a bi-polar friend who said Vincent struck her as "someone off his meds", and that was several shows ago!

When his American model came out and did her 3/4 pose it was the only moment that dress had a lick of shape! Thank God she had an ass!

Tim on the Paris barge, "Let me stand here next to the rail in case I have to hurl!"


"'s very much typical of bipolar folks in the manic phase: the grandiosity, self delusion."

I think you're right, BigAssBelle.

Some of the prior posts had alluded to the fact that Vincent would make the final three (especially the Jia accident), so when my fave and Cpt. Haldol were the bottom two, I felt my heart racing thinking that Laura was gone (and I did like her dress). When Heidi said "'re in", I actually jumped up and down for joy! So folks...don't believe everything you read and remember that Laura is the most fabulous contestant EVER!

I also worried that Vincent would be kept around because of the "viewer appeal" (although who these viewers are confounds and scares me!). But after thinking about it (yes, I need a life!), Cpt. Haldol probably became more of a liability to the producers, hence, his Auf-ing. Whew!

Phew! What a huge sigh of relief last night. No more Vincent and Laura is still in--yay! Vincent, what an ass...he evaded every question thrown to him and was just a creepy whacked-out freak. Thank god the rumors of him being in the final 4 were not true!

that thing on the back of Vincent's dress was Angela's revenge! SON OF FLEURCHON!

"that thing on the back of Vincent's dress was Angela's revenge! SON OF FLEURCHON!"

And did anyone notice the sign on Laura's work table? Caution - Fleurchamps making in progress (or something like that). Too funny!

So long! Farewell! Auf Weidersehen, goodbye! I, for one, will not miss Vincent.

Mariana (The Original)

I thought I was the only who shreiked with joy when Vincent got the boot!

I almost started smoking again because it really got me off!

Fashion was not kind to Vincent Libretti.

Ha Ha! Thanks for the perfect commentary as always. I was surprised the camera never zoomed in on his crotch every thime he said how "excited" he was about his designs.
Jenn in Vegas

I watched the show with my girlfriend last night and each time he said "It gets me off" we both cringed and pulled the blanket over our faces while shivering. He gave us the full on heeby-jeebies! When Mz. Frenchie Bitchy Pants asked him about his dress and he started creaming all over her.... ewwwww

Double. Stick. Tape. That is the only thing that kept the poor models who had to wear this monstrosity from baring all. Hopefully, Vincent will now be able to get the mental help he so desperately needs. Auf wiedersehen!

True, he deserved to be out, and he deserved to be out with the fashion icon and the recycling challenges. More importantly, I'd have thrown my mother under the Heidi bus to keep Laura in the contest. It looks like they're setting her up to fail next week, though, so there may be no joy in gayville yet.

I was actually yelling at the television last night. My older daughter kept telling me to calm down, and my partner wouldn't even come into the room.

Did anybody count how many times he said "It gets me off" last night cause I know I cringed at least three times during the episode (once was when he was about to feel up Catherine Malandrino).



I think Vincent's attempt to flirt with Catherine M. was even creepier than his dress.

Two great weeks in a row. The right person won (GO PEANUT!) and the right person was auf'd. This ALMOST makes up for the mom episode.

Loved Laura's snarky sign, BTW. But methinks she's headed for a meltdown next week. I wonder if she'll take herself out of the competition. Has that ever happened on this show? I know it did on TC, when Cynthia had to leave because of her father's illness.

EGADS. If she left, would they bring back Vincent??


I think Vincent's attempt to flirt with Catherine M. was even creepier than his dress.

Two great weeks in a row. The right person won (GO PEANUT!) and the right person was auf'd. This ALMOST makes up for the mom episode.

Loved Laura's snarky sign, BTW. But methinks she's headed for a meltdown next week. I wonder if she'll take herself out of the competition. Has that ever happened on this show? I know it did on TC, when Cynthia had to leave because of her father's illness.

EGADS. If she left, would they bring back Vincent??

So screamingly glad his weirdness is gone! WTF took so long! I thought they were a little harsh on Laura's dress and a little effusive for Uli's but the obvious auf had to be Vinny the perv (him talking to Catherine Malandrino was way grosser than the dress! As a 42yr old "mommy", I hope Laura is in for the long haul but having had horrible crying jags in my 2nd tri, I'd hang it up for a long nap!

This whole Vincent thing really has me thinking - you know what I want next season? I just want them to choose ALL good designers. ALL people with actual fashion sense, flair, good taste and who can construct clothes.

Vincent getting on this show boggles me. NOBODY better tried out? Seriously?

I want them to stop choosing the high-strung hysterics and the creepy weirdos, and just choose all people like Michael & Laura & Uli, who are low on drama but have the basics and just bring it every single week. Sometimes they make a mistake, but they make a fabulous mistake.

I'm tired of seeing ill-constructed, poorly thought out clothes come down that runway.

Vincent, give Scarlett O'Hara her drapes back. Step away from the upolstry material.

So glad I never have to hear his creepy wanna be Woody Allen voice again. I can't believe that people actually have clothes designed by him...EVS.

You really need to stop with the commentary. Every single time I read this blog, you guys have me laughing until champagne comes out my nose! Dang.

"It gets me auf." Frickin' genius.

Thanks PRGayboys for the link to the EW article. OMG, he is CRAZZZYYYY!
The man is insane!!!

Thank God for those EW interviews. The designers really show their true colors, don't they?

oh my god that EW interview!! he really is his biggest fan. nut job.

Well, after reading that EW article, there's nothing more I can say than read this study's findings

It really annoyed me that Vincent managed to last so long when designers with more talent and better attitudes like Alison and Katherine Gerdes -- love her on her own blog, we sure didn't see the best of her on the show -- got auf'd so early. I would have loved to see what Alison could have done with the couture challenge.

Come on, Vincent was like crack for an TV addict.

Even though he sucked as a designer (no matter what the voices in his head tell him), he made crazy-ass nutjobs a delight to watch.

Just read Vincent's EW interview, and I too am speechless.

I think Laura's comment that Vincent is a legend in his own mind is absolutely on target.

This auf-ing wasn't as satisfying as Angela's.

Double. Stick. Tape.

ROFLOL, my question to that is, you think he let her use that, or did he use GLUE????????? OMG, OMG those poor, poor models!

I have to agree with everyone that he should have been gone LONG ago, and yes, my dream was for him to get "auf'ed" last night....( read yesterday's blog....I must be psychic.....or psychotic? LOL ) I was a very happy camper to see him for the last freaking time in my life I pray!
I still wish my Robert was back...I know a bunch of you want Katherine back, but I KNOW the talent Robert has, he just never got his groove on so to speak, and I ADORED those snarky sessions with my sweetie pie Kayne, whose dress last night I personally thought was FABULOUS!
"Too much"???? Since when does haute couture ever seem "simple" and not "too much"???? Oh well, if wishes were dollars I would be very rich. least the right one was FINALLY ousted!

Poor Laura though, I do remember those second trimester hormone induced crying sessions. Poor thing is in for a tough week.

Still celebrating the loss of VINCENT, finally! YAY!!!!!!!

PS.....Hi Brian, ( anonymous), do you collect a certain 16 inch doll? (inside joke)

Did anyone else notice the barely concealed huge grin on Tim Gunn's face when he told Vincent to pack up his stuff, and hugged him goodbye?

I'm SO glad Vicent is out. Let him get off on his "auf."

BTW, "Vincent: it gets me auf." Brilliant, really.

As Laura said "A legend in his own mind".


the freakiest part of the vincent interview:

The boat was fun. There was a cute girl with red shoes and a tattoo. I have a lovely wife, but I was getting a little bit nosy with her. Catherine was a little bit too old for me. The other one wasn't. We wanted to meet later for a drink — Jeffrey and I and she and her girlfriend. We invited them to our room just to have a nice bottle of champagne, but unfortunately they canceled on us."

gross. Gross. GROSS. Who talks about trying to cheat on your wife but you couldn't because you were rejected? And CM was too OLD for him? Gross.

That EW interview! Holy good GOD! Truly delusional. And ucky. That article was painful to read (but thanks for posting the link to it!)
Can you imagine what Vincent is like when he is "down"? *shudders*

I was jumping up and down right with you! And that interview? Wow - where to begin? The whole "I-don't have-an-ego-but-Catharine-Malandrino-is-too-old-for-me-so-I'm-going-to-try-to-hit-on-this-younger-woman-to-have-a-foursome-with-Jeffrey" shtick. Ewwww, I need a shower to get the slime off me!

Bigassbelle---Loved "crimifuckinitely," and intend to steal it often!

I know I know! I kept thinking, it was like he had a third eye, yet no one would look because that would be wrong. Screw his 401K. That's his own personal (bad) choice. But maybe the exposure will land him a job.

What is up with his ego in the interview! Dude, you freaking lost. Get over yourself. Even Angela was gracious to Jeffery. And him dissing Tim? Oh no you didn't, bitch!

I too, screamed "YES YES YES YES YES, FINALLY" after the "in" left Heidi's lips.

"It gets me auf."

Hahahahaha, brilliant!

OMG! I just read the EW interview..
"I love to grab hold onto that and ride with it."


I was SCREAMING at the TV last night when he GLUED his couture together. I wanted Nina to march up on the runway and rip that tacky dress apart.

I'm so glad he's gone.

Read the EW article. I. am. like. so. grossed. out! (in my best valley girl voice. Does anybody else think Vincent should have to register as a potential sex offender? I've known some bipolars and when that boy comes down he is gonna take other people with him!

Anonymous said...
Fashion was not kind to Vincent Libretti.
and Vincent Libretti was not kind to fashion... payback!

You know what? I'm tired of hearing about Vincent's fucking 401(k). In my day job, I'm a CPA, and if he's been working in corporate America for twenty years and has invested at all wisely, there's no way he needed all or even half of his 401(k) to take off a few weeks to be on Project Runway. A lot of people have retirement accounts from many different employers, and he probably cashed out one small 401(k) instead of rolling it over into an IRA. And if not, then cashing out the 401(k) isn't brave, it's just stupid.

omg, seriously, he should have been aufed forever ago!!! Way before allison, we loved her. :(

Ah NO he DIDN'T dis Tim Gunn! Reading that article was like reading a mock article from the project rungay blog. Its kinda cute how good he thinks he is. He's like an art school student who splatters baby food and glitter all over a blank canvas and calls it "art", or in his case, "awt".

I read that article...I can't believe it's possible for him to be a bigger dick in real life than he was on the show, but it is! I can't believe what a jerk this guy is!!

Vincent was irritating from the start, proclaiming that he “trained in couture”, and that the challenge “turns him on”. Hm. He said the same thing about his creepy, stiff paper dress that almost got him auf’ed. Fore-shadowing? Vincent, if you weren’t so crazy and turned on, you might even be able to see your eminent demise. And for someone “trained” in couture, you sure whipped out your glue bottle quick as a cowboy in a death-duel. And that flower- were you channeling Angela? Where in Paris did you find such a horror? Miss J hasn’t seen the like since Claire’s Boutique circa 1986. As soon as Miss J saw that, she new you were next to be auf’ed.

I kind of thought people were being way harsh on him.... Until I read that interview. Oh dear god what a delusional freak.

My favorite Vincent quote is from Kayne (Bravo bonus video)
" His mental stablity is not his strongist point."

I wish he had gone long ago. Like when he flip-floped on his hat. Loving it until the judges hated it.


and the interview sucked too.

"Vincent answers to Vincent..."


What's fab about that interview is that, in claiming PR gave him the crazy edit, he seems crazier than ever. I have now changed my mind and feel that PR's editors were very, very kind to him.

Ahhhhh!! That interview! Is he *serious*? "Oh yes my garment was by far the best the rest of them are all amateurs it is obvious who the designer was" ... Wow. I'm so glad he's gone. I disliked him more than I've ever disliked anyone on a tv show. EVER.

The EW article is too insane to be true....
If Mrs. Vincent didn't dump him for being crazy, how about the fact that he invited two French girls to his hotel room? Good lord.

I wonder if there was any on-camera proof of this alleged girl-on-the-boat....I think he made it up.

This basket case should've been auf'd in the first challenge/episode. There's nothing remotely funny, interesting or creative about this man.

What he was saying in the E interview was the opposite of what he said in the PR exit interview (on Bravo's website). I'm surprised he got even more arrogant as time went by - I guess a lot of people told him his stuff got them off too?

What he said about "nosing" on the ladies in the E interview was just nasty!

I truly enjoy the irony of that interview. I like that guy, but he's batshit crazy.

Oh Gosh.. the EW interview.. Very ew-y!

Excuse me, I need to puke my lunch ..

Perhaps Vincets addiction to glueing hems is not as obvious to all of you as it is to me. He SNIFFS the stuff and then whenever the cameras were on him he quickly applied it to his "creation".
sniff sniff glue glue
"ha ah haha ha ah yes Tim this is glue ha ha hee har hardy har.

I've been offline for much of the last week, and I'm finally getting caught up on all the full-tilt-boogie extravaganza of fabulousness that is Project Rungay.

That said, I am going to miss The Divine Tim Gunn's arch commentary about Vinnie-boy's cluelessness and self-delusion in the coming weeks. I'm also going to regret that I didn't get to use my "Stop the Vinsanity!" icon more.

But omigod, I never have to hear him talk about how anything gets him off or turns him on ever again. I was so glad to see him gone, I didn't care that the Angry Little Peanut won, and that's saying a lot.

And that eeeew EW interview? Any ideas I had that he might be nothing more than a benign nutbar have evaporated.

okay. at long last, i have been essentially struck speechless.

that EW article. i . . . i . . . oh god, it's just unfuckingbelievable!

oh, but i just HAVE to say this: "malandrino is too old for me."

WTF? she looks his age, the slimy bespectacled freakin' worm. but she's too old? so he picks up some parisian child and tries to lure her to his room, but just for champagne?

i have sufficiently regained speech to say that this man is not only off his meds, he is detestable in every way.

OMG, I just read the EW article and couldn't really believe my eyes... did he actually say that Michael Kors and Katherine Malandrino were intimidated by him? I missed the broadcast last night and just watched it in the first of a thousand rebroadcasts. I truly had to cover my ears and do the whole "la, la, la, la, la, la" thing while this nut bag spewed all over Katherine on the boat. It makes it all the more incredible to me to believe that he was chosen the winner of the "Mom Challenge." In many ways, I love watching PR, but it frustrates the shit out of me too.

Four of us were watching it last night and we all got up and cheered too! :)

im not speechless - three little words - WTF???

Whoa, feel the hate.

I liked him. Thought he was funny. Come on. He didn't hurt anyone. He's not Hitler.

"It gets me auf" had me laughing for about 5 minutes straight.

You guys brighten my day and I'm sure many others. Thank you. :)

omg, the interview in ew was the most self-deluded bunch of bullshit i've seen in ages... AND NO ONE DISSES MY TIMMY AND DOESN'T get the fashion gods pissed... not wise to burn ones bridges in the fashion world by being uppity and trashing people who've paid their dues - instant karma's gonna get ya! i was so grateful that i don't have to hear his nasal onanistic spewings or look at any of his uglier than ugly fashions ever again

Oh my. Vincent was OBVIOUSLY sniffing the glue he was applying to his "creations".
"sniff sniff" (uh oh here comes the cameras) "glue glue"
"Why HELL YES I have to use this glue Tim, I can not work without it". sniff sniff

okay, i just can't quite get over him . . .

after he drooled all over the "too old" malandrino, did he also ask her if those were her shoes?? did anyone else hear it? am i imagining it?

what the fuck? oddest interview ever perhaps?

bigassbelle- you didn't imagine it, unless I was imagining things too

Malandrino is too "old" for him? Honey, she wouldn't lay down for you if you were a Panzer Division and she was the last Frenchwoman on earth!

Poor Vincent has to go home to Planet Self Love.... That dress was HIDEOUS.

Just sitting here waiting for the poop from you two dears on Mrs. Bennett's dee-zass-ta. Whoaaaa.

If Vincent had taken the bubble wrap shawl Michael used in the Recycle challenge and covered his garment with it, that dress would have been the exact repilica of my grandparent's living room furniture. This is your brain on glue, or crack.

I guess the next one to come unglued is going to be Laura.

His attack of Tim Gunn was enough to make this level-headed Laura-lite pick up her pinking shears and run screaming down the way, "AUF WITH HIS HEAD!"


Talk about being fucking deluded!!

"They portrayed me as a little bit crazy, and I did not like that."

How is one "portrayed" exactly on a REALITY show??

He also had such gems as "I don't do the ego thing", then what do you call that entire interview?

AND he is going to bless all the designers with the sign of the cross at the reunion show.So now he's like the pope or something?

Wanna bet they bless him by flipping the bird?

And as far as Alexander McQueen goes- don't get all amped Vincent.....Sarah Jessica Parker at the Costume Institute Party of the Year anyone?

I'm sorry, this is the telling quote from the EW article...Alexander McQueen's penpal?

"Alexander McQueen said to me, ''I could see where you're going. I love your style. I did a dress like your Twiggy dress for Bjork.'' We sent each other sketches back and forth. The acknowledgement of a designer of that caliber — what can you say? That really rocked me hard."

Ugh, yeah I'll just bet it "rocked you hard" you disgusting perv. Do you think McQueen's restraining order is in force yet?

Wow, 87 comments and only one (well, two now) that like Vincent. This season is going to be a million times less entertaining without someone to keep it light.

That gown looked like something Pat Nixon would wear.

"...a dress like my Twiggy dress for Bjork"?? The same woman who wore a dead swan around her neck to the Oscars?

It has finally hit me. The Twiggy makeup that he foisted on poor Jia was straight out of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE--- on the men!

And referring to Michael Kors as "what's his name-- Michael Kors"?? Good grief!

I long thought Vincent was nuts. And now I am positive.

Vincent had to go, I agree. The glue use was a disgrace but I did love the dress.

It really featured the shoulders and head of both girls (Jia looked amazing!) It was like they were their own bust (statue) on a pedastal. Very architectural.

He is loony tunes but he put a lot of thought into the design, shape and point of his dress, more so than some of the others who assumed that ruffles, ruching or a cheap trendy edge would equal couture.

OMG! I can't believe it took the judges this long to can Vince! That dress...I'm sorry...(PUKE!!!). And that interview...he's a legend in his own mind and he's out of his mind! Every time he made those freaky facial expressions, it just made me want to the bathroom.

That article is ridiculous! We all knew he was crazy, but now we know he's arrogant as well! What an ass!

I'm not even sure how I got here, but I just read this blog from front to back, and I was laughing so hard I was literally crying. You guys are my new fave.

Phyllis, that comment was a riot!

That EW interview! I did NOT need to get a picture of Loonie Toons and the Peanut "entertaining" Les Girls! ICK!

He probably tears up everytime he hears Don McLean go into "Starry, starry night...."


PS. to prgayboyzluvr: You are correct!

"Vincent: It get me auf."
LOVE that.

I have to agree with everyone else. The man is delusional on so many levels.

And talking about meeting some girl in an interview when he's married... That's just awful.

Vincent you crazy goof! I could have made your dress. That thing was fugly.
I'm so glad you're OUT. I would've been very pissed with the judges and Bravo if they had auf'd Laura instead of you.

The man is INSANE! And I quote the interview "I think what's his name, Michael Kors, didn't have a clue. ... I don't know Tim Gunn's story. Actually, I do. Tim has been bad-mouthing me ever since the show started because I didn't choose to bow down to Tim.... So he in turn is digging a nice hole for himself for putting me down all the time..."

Vincent, you stupid schmuck, you are lucky Tim didn't bitchslap you and have you committed after week two.

""I think what's his name, Michael Kors,... "

I agree. he couldn't remember Michael Kors' name? WTF? He is crazy.

OMG, that EW interview is unbelievable. Those voices in his head are getting louder, and he actually thinks that they're offering him thousands of dollars to start his own clothing line. I'm so so so so so glad he's gone. Of course, now this means I have to feel bad about whoever gets kicked off next ... unless it's Jeffrey. I won't feel too sorry for Jeffrey.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

"If Vincent had taken the bubble wrap shawl Michael used in the Recycle challenge and covered his garment with it, that dress would have been the exact repilica of my grandparent's living room furniture." Goodtouch2, that was hilarious! Yes, I remember the plastic covered furniture too! Good one!

Yeah, he sucked, his dresses were ugly, but I was fine with all that until I read that thing. He is really insane.
There's good and bad publicity and sometimes you're never quite sure which way it goes.

"Vincent? Are you...gluing?"

Vincent, Tim wasn't nearly as tough on you as he could have been.

That interview -- hard to believe that it's real, it reads so much like a parody of Vincent. My favorite bit: "When judges see something new, they get intimidated themselves. With Catherine and Michael Kors, I think there was a little bit of intimidation. I might frighten other designers."

Yes, Vincent, you frighten other designers. But not for the reasons you think.

Actually, I do. Tim has been bad-mouthing me ever since the show started because I didn't choose to bow down to Tim.... So he in turn is digging a nice hole for himself for putting me down all the time..."

You know, all over the country - all over the WORLD there are people who would *kill* for the chance to "bow down to Tim" to have him look at their designs for three *seconds* and give feedback. And this prick has the opportunity, WASTES it, and then has the nerve to not even appreciate what he had!

Off with his head!


That skirt is totally this couch.

La Malandrino put it best in her scorecard:

"No. No. No. No. No. No. No."

Vincent's sickness is so universally understood, it transcends the language barrier.

In the EW interview Vincent said that he had people lined up to finance his new design line and boutique. Hmm. I didn't know there were that many legally blind venture capitalists. Vincent, it would seem, has found them all.


I'll bet those venture capitalists are really just the voices in his head.

What a (slobber slobber) kiss-ass. Vincent has a problem fitting women PERIOD. Look at this dress and its faults, then compare it to the Twiggy dress and its faults. It's an echooooo of fug.

OK - I just read the EW interview of Vincent and all I can say is

You are truly delusional and I hope that you get the help you need before its too late.

He reminds me of the guy at the corner of my block who yells at traffic.

I can't believe Vincent despite being booted off the show still thinks he was the best designer. What an ass. Ripping on everyone else when his dress was one hot mess.

I did a cartwell I was so Happy!! Good bye Vincent- it was way due!!!!

oops Cart wheels!! Yippee...

That EW interview is going to help make the "reunion" show GREAT!!

Well, ya know, he must carry glue on his person....that hairpiece looks different every week....

one psycho down, one to go! The poor man is delusional. His giggle will NOT be missed

Now if only we could prevent him from being in the Reunion show

I was just watching the Jetsetter episode, and I just realized that Vincent describes his win on the mom challenge as a "shot in the arm". I thought that was a bit... odd.

If I was an inventor, I think my first invention would be a device whereby you strap Vincent into a rack on a lathe which spins him around, with little windmill-like paddles that alternately smack him in the face and kick his ass. I'd seriously consider not watching the reunion show b/c of him, and that's saying a lot. The man makes me want to pull out my hair, eyes and plug my ears simultaneously.

In the EW interview he referred to hinself in the third person. Creepy!

Oh, sweet Christ in a creche. Who gave Vincent the benzedrine again? Come on now. Fess up.

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