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Oy, What a Day We Had!

We had a fabulous time at EMc2's Fall Off the Runway event hosted by Emmett McCarthy yesterday!

This was what greeted us when we arrived around 1:30. Ew. We're SO not about lines.

Fortunately, an almost literal ray of sunshine appeared when Alison Kelly came out. We all said "There's Alison," followed by "She's really pretty" in almost perfect unison. And she is. Prettier in person, if you can believe it, with a tan to die for.

She's also very sweet and posed for us (and about a thousand other people).

Emmett came out shortly after and when we introduced ourselves, he yanked us outta that line and brought us inside. Fabulosity has its advantages, darlings!

No sooner had we entered, when what to our wondering eyes should appear...


He was being swamped with picture requests, so we barely had a chance to get this snap.



Holy cow, she's tiny. And also really pretty.

The inside of the store consisted mostly of another long line to get out into the courtyard, where Tim Gunn was signing T-shirts, bobbleheads, and anything else not nailed down. While we waited in line, several of the designers posed endlessly for pictures. We were amazed at their patience and enthusiasm. We'd be terrible celebrities.

Nick came parading in a moment later, showering sparkles and starshine on everyone.

Nick is (no surprise) a SWEETHEART. Honestly. Supernice, superfriendly, adorable, and exactly what you'd expect. He also loves the blog and declared that we were "geniuses," after which, little hearts floated and popped around our heads.

Bitch has the smallest waist we've ever seen on a grown man. We tried to hate him for that, but it wouldn't stick.

Not long after that, we ran into none other than LauraK of Blogging Project Runway who, God bless her, yanked us out of line again (connections, darlings, connections!) and brought us out into the courtyard to meet Tim.

Laura is very sweet and her enthusiasm and support for Project Runway is simply unparalleled. She was rapidly unpacking bobbleheads for signing and then repacking the signed ones to take to the front of the store.

Tim was doing his Tim thing and trying his best to sign his name at least 10 or 15 times a second, so we kind of hovered around when Emmett called to us from the crowd and said someone wanted to meet us.


Girl is TALL! And yes, she can really talk. We dished a little about other models and talked a bit about what she wore for the shows. Sweet and funny, she's another one who is exactly what you'd expect. Loveya, girl!

We also got to chat with Mr. Glamour himself,

Malan Breton from Taiwan.

Malan isn't exactly what you'd expect. He's more. Suave to the nth degree. Crazy Suave. James-Bond-would-feel-self-conscious-in-his-presence suave. Malan can spill his drink on you and make it sound like a marriage proposal. "Oh darling, I've spilled my wine down your back. I'm so sorry."

Yes, he really said that and yes, he really talks like that.

He is utterly charming and a little shy, which sort of makes him even more charming.

And then?

And then?


LauraK saw her chance and (God bless her again) leaned in to Tim and said "ThePRGayBoys are here and they want to meet you."

As God is our witness...

We shit you not...

Bitch, do I look like I'm lying...

Tim jumped out of his seat and said "They are? I love those guys! Where are they?"

Now, we were planning to keep it all on the cool side, y'know? Well shit, that plan couldn't have collapsed any quicker as we both blurted out "WE LOVE YOU TOO!"

Hugs! Pictures!

Watch as these pictures literally get progressively gayer before your very eyes.

The gays love fashion!

Tim was unbelievably sweet and generous. Told us he loved the blog and checks it out whenever he needs a laugh. We gurgled something in response but all we really wanted to say was "No, seriously, Tim. What products are you using?" His skin literally glows from 20 feet away.

Tim Darling, you said you wanted to drop us a line but couldn't find our email. Upper right corner, Baby. We'll be sleeping at our desks until we hear from you.

Honestly, EVERYONE was so generous and friendly. This post is sounding uncharacteristically fawning for us, but everyone involved with the event was so nice not just to us, but the throngs of people there. Emmett was so gracious, making sure everyone in the crowd had water if they wanted it, going around and introducing us to people as "ThePRGayBoys" and hustling like crazy to get those signed bobbleheads and t-shirts into his customers' hands. Incidentally, he told us as we were leaving that there are still t-shirts and bobbleheads available for ordering, so hop to it, girls!

The nature of the event meant that we couldn't linger and talk to anyone for as much as we would have liked, but we got a chance to dish a little with the Nikolaki twins, Nick and his very sweet partner David just before we left.

Nick has a smile you can see from space. We could have just pulled up a couple chairs right there on the sidewalk and dished over a chai latte like old friends.

Update: gothamist has some great pics from the event, including our moment of TimLove (scroll down to the slideshow).

Oh! Clearly I left too early!! I missed Kayne and Malan and Chloe and Amanda! Damn!!
But your account was great to read!!
And Nick and David truly are the nicest people ever! And I ended up getting one of his dresses and he clearly knows how to make women look their best!
Thank you for all the great pictures!


Thank you for this wonderful account. Loved every second of it!

I'm so glad you had a good time, but am not for one second surprised that everyone--including wonderful Tim Gunn--is a fan of yours. You guys really ARE the best.

Okay, I nearly exploded with excitement jsut reading that. I don't know how you weren't both big goofy messes. I know I would have been. Thanks so much for the pictures!!

Dear Boys,
There was never a concern that you wouldn"t have a fabulous time but,
Talk about glowing...
Those 5 photos were Exactly what I was hoping to see. Olympus Fashion Week, for me, is now complete.
Thank you


You two deserved every moment of fabulosity! And my own taste level has now been confirmed by no less than Tim Gunn! He and I agree. GENIUS!

Much love from the Desert.

PRGayBoys: I LOVE YOU BOTH!!! Love the pics, and I'm so happy that Tim loves ya'll too!

So sorry that I missed you guys!

My buddy John & I got there around 10 before they opened so we had breakfast at the Cuban place on the corner. Walked the neighborhood a bit. Saw Allison go into the store before it opened.

Came back just after 11 and hopped on the still short line (it was still inside the store). Saw Emmett who was busy checking on everything, grabbing a nosh and helping the FedEx man through the crowd.

Met Nick who is, as you said, a living doll. He was talking about having signed a deal to design for a prom gown manufacturer - sounded like a good fit. He was posing for pictures and being incredibly nice to everyone. He signed my "tape measure of fame". I just wanted to scoop him and David up and go out for brunch.

When we left at 11:45, who was coming up the street but the Prince of Princes, Tim Gunn. Whipped out the picture of us from the first time we met him, and he graciously signed it: "To Ed & Bill, Make it work! Carry on, Tim." (sighhhh) He is just so disarmingly polite and charming. Wished him luck as he headed into the store. I ran back to hear the squeal go up from the crowd as they caught sight of Tim.

We roamed the neighborhood a bit more and stopped into a place for a drink (it was after 12!).

When we passed the store again around 2:30, it was a mob scene outside. As much as we would have loved to look for you PRGayBoys, all we had to go on was the caricature in your profile. And with two Margaritas in me, I wasn't sure I'd be able to pick you out.

Thanks for the pictures of your time there. Looks like you had a great time.

We looked for you, Bill! So sorry we missed you. We're all going to have to meet up for drinks and dish in NYC soon.

Thanks for the great pics. For those of us who are very far away from NYC, you brought us a little closer. Thanks too for confirming that all our favorites are worthy of how we feel about them. It was interesting to watch your smiles get bigger and bigger and bigger! And lastly, thanks for this wonderful blog. Genius indeed.

W. O. W. Sounds like you boys really had a day for ya own selfs!!! One magical surprise after another. I'm so glad you got to have so much fun AND meet the Gunster himself!!! Fawning was a necessity. Couldn't be helped Glad you enjoyed!!!

PS - Nick has always been a fave of mine. Too cute. And such great facial expressions.

The most exciting part of reading the account of your fabulously gay day (big smile) is that I finally get to see what you look like. You're both adorable, and I loved reading this entry and looking at the pics. I'm so envious I can't stand it. I agree with Tim wholeheartedly. I loves me some PRGayBoys!!

I have no words except these two: So. Jealous.

Couldn't brave the line but you obviously - dare I say it? - made it work! ;-) Always good to see you, kids!

I like how in the first picture Tim's jacket is buttoned and then he realizes that it'll pull and look bad in the pictures and unbuttons it!

I LOVE YOU BOYS, I'm so glad you got to meet all the people YOU love!

"Fabulosity has its advantages, darlings!" And you two ARE fabulous beyond words. What fun! How divine that you took lots of snaps! In general, I detest this sort of thing, but y'all took me there and it was enormous fun.

And you two are DARLING!! Genius indeed. I love the progressively more gay photos set ~ such a delight.

You two are going to be the ENVY (with a capital GREEN) of every gay man in America....or the world even! I'm happy for you!

Darlings! I'm so glad you went! And I just knew that Tim would be thrilled to meet you!!! And ... this is the perfect event to see the TWO OF YOU!!!! I'm talking to you both later on today for all the dish! (And I don't think I could possibly put enough exclamation marks in this comment!!!!) I'm just sorry I had to miss it all. :( But it was sunshine and rainbows and the two of you made it all shine brighter!

I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!, happy for guys though, it looked like a great time, thanks for sharing the pictures.


Your wonderful day rivals Christmas, Halloween, Easter and New Year's all rolled into one! Lucky things! I might have fallen over in a messy heap of mush if I'd met that crew! Good for you!

So HAPPY for you!!!!

I actually got verkemplt reading about your day!!
I am SO GLAD you guys were recognized for your fierceness and funniness.....I KNEW they would all live and die for this blog.

we went there!!
I wish we stayed longer though, because my friend and I didnt get to see Chloe OR Milan. but we saw Kayne and everyone else =)
It was awesome there <3

ps-you guys are the BEST!! <3

This is the BEST!!! In the words of Kaynebow, I love it I love it I love it!

Boys, I feel more fabulous just having READ about your wonderful day. And I'm clear across the country, so that's some good glow!


Could I be any more jealous?


But I'm glad you kids had a good time.

I have literally been crying tears of joy and happiness for you two. And for all of these truly great people. Talent can be genuine and nice and FUN! You make my life better. No kidding.

OMFG you guys are so awesome! I love your blog and I love that you got to meet Tim Gunn...

You all are so CUTE! In a super cool anime sorta way! You need a better caricature -super heroes maybe... You look love drunk you're so happy!

I know how you'll feel if ... no ... WHEN ... Tim drops you that line. It's how I felt when YOU dropped one to me. ;-) What a great day and even all the way here in Florida, I could feel and share your excitement! Your nightly dreams will be on re-run for weeks.

Debbie , maybe you , me and Gigi can host our Rungayguys when they get fed up with yet another Philly snowstorm!!

That is so incredibly fabulous!! Thanks for the inside scoop on your day. And the "progressively gayer" pictures made me giggle. :) How you guys had not melted into a puddle of PR-overload by the end of the day is beyond me.

Oh I am so going to take my laptop to the coffee shop around the corner and L I N G E R over this post over and over again with my (caffeinated) latte. The fabulousness is so oozing from my computer I feel my fingers wanting to start sketching or sewing or giving myself a facial mask or something. WOW!

Oh. And you guys are HOT!!!! Raow!

Honestly, I'm feeling a little faint here! I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw you guys with TIMMMMMM! Thank you for sharing your fabulous adventure with us. Mwa!

Dearest PRGBoys,

Not only have you created fabulousness and merriment to share with all by creating this blogsite, but you have created a time/molecular transport machine to take those of us in the hinterlands (in my case San Francisco, not really hinter, but distant, but I digress...)along with you on your excellent adventure. How can we possibly thank you enough?

OK. Now that you have visually outed yourselves, which of you is PRGBoy#1 and #2 ? What are your signs, what are your favorite colors, favorite know, give us the scoop. We don't need names and addresses, just flesh out the pictures a little. We need to know who it is we love and appreciate, guys...

Yourt post was a party on my screen! You captured the joy and excitement of the event (and your reactions to it) perfectly.

Thank you for thinking of us... some wouldn't bother but you guys know we LOVE you and want to join in your PR fun. Big kisses!!

Fabulous post! You two looked like you'd died and gone to heaven.

You'd better not let your amazing experiences with these adorable people decrease the snark level in your blog! They (and we) love you because you're so damned uninhibited. And you can always disclaim with "we snark because we love."

OMG, what fun you had! Ii's like you got to live the dream we all have!
I love you guys. You have provided the best commentary on this show ever. hanks for sharing your day with us too. It felt just like being there.

So happy for you!! You deserved all of the fabulous attention you got 'cuz well, your... fabulous! Takes one to know one dahhlings. And loved seeing pix of YOU shamelessly fawning with Tim. You go girls!

Meeting you two was the highlight of the entire day. BPR loves Project Rungay!

OMG the gay photo progression is priceless! And don't sell yourselves short, my dearest PRGayBoy. You two can hold a candle in cuteness and fabulosity with the best of them. How great and deserved that Tim Gunn is your fan!

Sorry, PRGayBOYZ, not boy.... You're both fab.

I nearly fell out of my chair with excitement when I read your post. I'm thrilled that the designers and Tim love you. How could they not?! You are both sweethearts and so damn funny and attractive(had no idea until you posted the pics). Loved your description of Uncle Nick's waist and smile. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

It was AMAZING. We were in the courtyard when Tim Uttered the "I Love you guys!" was simply amazing. Being there with Tim, Nick, Kayne, supercute supersweet Allison and Emmett was too too much! We missed Malan and Chloe, but by then we were govered with big gay fairydust and probably would have dropped dead. Thanks guys for posting about was AMAZING!!

Cooler than cool! It looks like everyone was just as excited to see you, too! Thanks for letting us in on your fabulous day!

You know, I like your caricatures but ain't nothin' like the real thing, Baby!


I was so excited to read this, I was scrolling really slowly so it would last longer! So glad you had a great time, thanks for the "inside story" for those of us who wish we were there. Gabriella

OMG! Almost as good as being there!!! You guys are the best and deserve every ounce of attention that you garner (and crave!!) Mwah!

---Holly aka RoastDuckMangoSalsa
and personal sewer to PR stars!!

What fun! You made the day come alive for all of us so that we could share a little of the lovefest. You deserve ALL the special treatment for brightening so many lives with the blog. "Love it, love it, love it!"

OMG, it's like Christmas-Easter-Valentine's-Birthday Orgasm all rolled into one!!!!

I'd be green with envy if it weren't for the fact I am so happy you boys got to meet everyone ... Ok, I am a just a bit peuce ... but mostly happy ... PROMISE!

Thanks for sharing your very special day with via photos and commentary!

BTW, you boys are hot!

Brian in KY

Oh, what fun! You two deserve such a wonderful time, I'm so glad you had it!!!!

Nancy the Nebraska Newlywed


you have no idea how hard i am kicking myself for not going yesterday... (friggin' work!)

i cannot believe what an amazing day you boys had!!! i am soooo happy that you finally got to meet tim!!! how awesome!!

it's not the least bit surprising to all of us that mr. TG is as much of fan of yours as we are...

what a fantastic experience! thank you so much for sharing it with us!

ps - give up the dish!! im salivatin' here!

Oh man! I so want to be gay and fabulous and live in NY and attend chic parties and get recognized in line.

I am *green* with middle-age female heterosexual envy!

You both are FAB! Great photos, great write up. Thank you, thank you. You brought cheer to my day.

Malan Jmes Bond-ish? No more James Mason-ish I think. Now that's a suave man!

Ack! How I HATE living in the Midwest! :)

Thank you guys for uplifting me and helping me feel a smidge more fabulous today! I would have loved to go to the event, but your account was the next best thing.

I think I would have eaten Nick and mauled Kayne and Tim (or probably just babbled incoherently and drooled or something...) so it's a good thing I couldn't go. ha ha

Thanks for Making It Work. ~Scott

PS - it's also great to see what you guys look like, besides that drawing... just like I imagined!

Nancy the Nebraska Newlywed

Sparkles and sunshine, rainbows and ponies!! Oh my, it's like a parade on my laptop.

Makes me so homesick for my costume shop days and the fun we had.

You boys deserved every minute of this fantasy-come-true soiree.

I'm so glad you got to caucus with Tim and the other designers and thank you for whisking me away to New York with you. It was...was so...Fabulousy VICARIOUS!!! MWAH!!

oh too much fun! Love you guys and love your account of yesterday. Damn!

I am so jealous but its like I was there with you...sorta. You guys rock!

Fawn all you want, sweethearts! You can still make anything sound freaking hilarious. I don't know what I'm going to miss more: the actual show or your delicious daily treats. You simply gotta expand to include new shows. You cannot go away!

How will we "carry on" without you two when this season is over?

Would you consider starting on Seasons One and Two?

I seriously look forward to this blog AS MUCH AS the actual show!At work we keep refreshing your page to see whats the latest entry.

Please dahlings- consider it, will you?

Oh, how I wish I were there with you! Nick is just about the sexiest little man ever. And what a pleasant surprise to hear that Malan is a sweetheart! I was rooting for him...mostly because he was so gay in a supervillan kind of way. You'd better post more pictures if you have them, damn it! You two cuties (and damn! CUTIES!)are lucky boys.

I wish I could have gone.. kayne is just as adorable as ever ;]

Reading this post just makes me happy. I felt like I was almost...almost....there. I'm so glad that the people who seem likeable on tv are indeed likeable in real life. Malan just seems like a trip.


you boys are sooooooooo HOT!!!! i'd like to get my pic snapped in between the two of you, if ya know what i'm sayin and i think you do!!

Delightful! You two are quite yummy yourselves. What a bunch of knuckleheads to think that Tim wouldn't know you. We ALL know you! Thanks for sharing the pics. Keep it up. Luff - Lima

Of COURSE Tim is a fan. I mean, what's not to love? Wow, the whole event sounds so amazing! Even the pictures got me excited!

I've been smiling (inside) all day re living this experience vicariously. You are both radiant and I must say my Project Rungay Hispanic hottie (not sure if you are 1 or 2) looks positively butch in those first photos on the progression montage. Then, with a flourish...VERY gay! Snort! Is Alison like a little panda cub in person?

diane in seattle

no one deserved a day like that more than the PRgay boys! Your blog has been responsible for how much laughter and smiling in this world? I got such a grin on my face imagining how thrilling it must have been to be there, and (bestill my heart) meeting Tim Gunn and our dear PR fashionista celebs must have been such a charge! Bravo to you two! I live the NYC fashion junkie life vicariously through this site since i'm here in the land of coffee and rain... if you are ever out west, darlings... xoxo

y'all have made me fall in love with Malan! since your post, i've been reading more about the boy and i'm enchanted.

OMG...what a FUN day for you both! I am green as a bullfrog on a billiard table...SOOOO envious. Damn my California residence! Reading this, I was totally giddy for you two! How wonderful!
And not only is your blog fabulous, but you both are gorgeous KNOCKOUTS! Hello?!?!?! Come to San Francisco someday and I'll introduce you to some people ;)
Congrats on the success of this blog! You deserve all the fun you had yesterday!

How did you not melt into a puddle when you heard Tim Gunn's comment??!! I did just reading about it!! I'm really thrilled for you two hotties...It was so great of you to let us share in your afternoon.

Thanks boys!

*echoing Melanie's sentiment of jealousy*

I love love LOVE the pics of you and Tim Gunn!!!!! I love MORE the fact that he's just as fabulous as he is on the show. *sighs*

but how did the people you kept cutting in front of feel?

Oh, WOW! Look at you two! Thanks for posting your exciting adventure and letting us in on the fun. Next time, I'm going with you! hehehe. Love the Tim Gunn photo sequence!!

I must say, I squealed in excitement when I read the bit about Tim jumping up to meet you guys.

you are positively fantastic, and I love you guys.

I shoulda made the shortish drive from Baltimore to NYC (Okay, shorter than my former homestate of OK) on Saturday, but silly me, I did not.

I loved the pics, and I love your blog.
Okay, I'll stop the lovefest now.

What a great time you had! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

You two are tres cute....

I'm gonna Photoshop myself into the photos and lie about being there...

OMG, I'm so torn between hating you bitches and dancing with glee over your fabulousness!!!

Update: no longer torn; will do both :)

And as if I needed to love Tim Gunn more, hearing that he has the superb taste (as if there was any doubt) to love this blog just pushes the adoration over the edge. Thanks soooo much for the report!!

So jealous! Sounds like you guys had so much fun, and it was nice to see pictures of the two of you. How cute are you two!?!

So glad you had an amazing day - for all the joy you have brought to all of us, you truly deserved it! I've loved Tim Gunn from day one, but hearing he loves you & your blog as well confirms everything I have ever thought about him - he is FABULOUS! And I must agree with everyone else - you both are too.

Seriously - what will we all do when this is over? I might be able to "carry on" until the next season of PR, but what will we all do without The PR GayBoys?

Did you pee your Tim Gunn underoos....great fun and great coverage of the event....!

Now, did you have dinner at Red Lobster later......

PS, not that the both of you are quite QT...I would LOVE to see a pic of Mr. Big Daddy Rojo in his Tim Gunn underoos....that is one big hangin' man right there...whew...

Aw, that's so cool!

I'm green with envy and so excited for you both! What a great blog and great photos!

Thanks, also, for the link to Gothamist. The slide show peeks into the EMc2 store window... there is some gorgeous jewelry in there. Do you know if Emmett designed it?

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone!

Just to clear things up: Tom is the big redhead and Lorenzo is the fiery latin.

We promise we'll get back to the bitchery today!

My best friend was there with her two Young Fashionista daughters. What a thrill, she had my Hero of Pageantry, the fabulous Kayne call me. My entire pageant family is so thrilled and I am over the moon..I can't wait to see him on the cover of Pageantry Magazine!! Thanks for the pictures guys, I feel like I was there. You're the BEST!!!

I'm FABULOUSLY jealous!

Seriously, I'm glad you guys had such a great time and you totally deserve all the VIP treatment!

Well, did you evah?
What a swell party this is!

Just want you to know that your 'Oy' post was one of the great reasons that blogs are in our time. The pictures and captions were terrific. Congratulations on meeting your idol. You did a tremendous and memorable job. It compares to the Go Fug Yourself's Britney's Letter of Fug ("I'm a married woman y'all! Kevin doesn't mind how I look as long as I'm writing him checks OF LOVE.")The big difference is that I know you are going to be blogging better and better!

Is it just me, or does anyone else think Malan has a bit of an Austin Powers thing going on? This is especially true when he laughs.

I love hearing that people are actually NICE in person!

Mariana (The Original)

I. Love. It.

The Gayboys are pretty hot stuff too...

I'm so glad you guys had fun! It seemed like a blast. And I was in Seattle. Yawn.

I wanna run away and come live with you guys! Booo-hooo!

I'm so happy for you boys! I've enjoyed your blog so much this season, and to know that the fabulous Tim Gunn is a fan of yours as well... I'm overwhelmed!

Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy! I want the Project Rungay boys to come to Texas! So glad Tim loves you, too!

I did not think that Mr. Gunn could live up to the television persona, but the man simply OOZES fabulosity! And he could not have been nicer. He even graciously called my sister to wish her a happy birthday. (As did Nick. He too could not have been lovlier if he tried) I am still giddy as a school girl over the whole thing.

You know what? I'm so thrilled that you guys got to meet Allison and Kayne and Emmett and Malan and Chloe and especially TIM! that I can't even be jealous. You two are just fabulous and gorgeous and wonderful.

But where's Andrae?

to say I'm jealous, is an understatement. :)

But so friggin happy for you guys!

Ahhhh, I'm weak. I'm teary-eyed. I'm fainting. I'm so jealous!!! But seriously, soooooooo happy you guys met so many PR people at Emmett's! And you both look so amazingly, incredibly cute in every single picture--bliss becomes you! ;-)


Wow, talk about an overdose of fabulousness! If it were me I'd be a babbling, stuttering mess!

Aw, you guys are cute! The one in the red shirt looks kinda like a gay Herman Munster, but in a totally fabulous way of course.

Malan got auf'd way too soon, so maybe he'll pull a Daniel Franco and come back next season...

You guys are adorable. If you guys came w/ wine, cheese, and water crackers, you'd be the perfect gay housewarming gift basket.

I am so so so happy for you guys! Meeting Tim was what? Bigger than getting your first gym membership? I LOVE the fact that he's a fan of yours (but really who isn't?)

MWAH!(Airkiss) you guys are the absolute best!

It's nice to finally put some faces to the PR Boys' names. You boys are adorable!

Great Pics and Captions!!How fun! Im jealous!!! I would pee my BBDs with excitment!! LOL
xoxox Best Regards! Errol

Anonymous said...
But where's Andrae?

^^ LMBO!;D

Okay I must say I'm missing Santino. I loved him on Project Runway and he is talented. I'd love to see him, last time I saw him I think he was judging Miss Universe and Miss USA was wearing Kayne's dress. Wonder if Santino loved it! Santino where are you?


I love you all. It's a leetle slice of PR heaven.

Kisses all around, esp. to St. Tim! May his sweet glowy face forever grace our screens.

Not fair. I wannabe gay. A gay man. Which would require massive surgery. But if you promise me I can meet Tim Gunn, I will check into the hospital today.

So where do I file my discrimination complaint (I don't get to have any fun because I'm straight). That bites.

I'm sooo jealous I can't speak. You're all fabulous.

What an amazing day you had. I am really jealous, and happy that you were able to meet him. I love your blog, I have it bookmarked!!


That's it. If I ever move to NY I'm finding y'all and hanging out. I don't care how I need to make it happen ;)

I think my heart just burst while reading that entry. SO MUCH LOVE!!

I seriously had to contain myself from squealing. That is SO awesome. Every bit of it.

Also, you guys are such a cute f-ing couple yourselves!!! :)

"Malan Breton from Taiwan" lol! That is like his whole name right there. He should really keep that.

i can not believe that i overlooked the opportunity to attend this event. i agree with elizabeththe2nd: i'm sure that everyone involved with the program are not only aware that you exist but also love you like we do! thanks for the excellent job you do EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

U git turned onto your site from someone on GOD! You all are fabulous. Totally jealous you got to meet Malan. Laughed hysterically that Tim Gunn is a fan of you. Keep your entries coming!

Thank you!!!

Alison comes across as a cute animal loving girl, but I am not fooled for a second. People like her need to be watched out for.

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