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Michael: Two thumbs up.

To be honest, we don't have much to say about Michael this week, but since he's the only designer we haven't mentioned, and since he did produce a hot outfit, it's only fair we pay him his due.

The seersucker cargo pants look great. Minor quibbles: not too crazy about the sleeves on the shirt and all the extraneous strappy things on his pants. Overall, it's a great design and perfectly executed.

The great thing about Michael is that he quietly goes about his business producing great-looking garments, keeping the drama to a minimum and just being an all-around gracious contestant.

Whether he's "caucussing" with Tim, or teaching Kayne how to walk "like he means it," or rooting for his co-designers or expressing dismay over another designer's auf'ing, he's the best the show's ever had in terms of his behavior and damn near the best the show's ever had in terms of his design abilities.

And only he could make the thumbs-up with the double-click look cute.


I am afraid the lack of drama will hurt him...

If PR stays true to form, at the end of the last episode, Jeffrey will have been auf'd after fashion week, leaving Laura and Michael or Uli and Michael standing on the runway, and Heidi will say "Michael, [long pause] congratulations! You're the winner of Project Runway." And his mom will come out and hug him.

Aww, that's sweet. I love Michael.

He's the perfect gentleman

The guy's a class act with a great design asthetic. And we're all richer by knowing about Captain Save-A-Ho.

I adore Michael! He's always positive and he makes beautiful clothes. I wouldn't mind if he won--he certainly has the taste level to pull it off.

I agree with the prgay guys though--what was with those fringy things on the pants?

Yuck. This episodes design were flat-out boring, maybe the most boring designs of all three seasons. Incredible, since it was looking in weeks 1 and 2 like this was the most talented cast yet. Laura and Jeffrey are both turning out to be one-note wonders, Laura especially is completely predictable now, as you've pointed out. I'm sorry, I hated him and was glad when he got auf'd, but bring back Keith so that Michael has some competition.

Love your blog, it's the best Runway commentary on the web, consistently insightful and funny.

i think heidi, nina & michael kors all have the HOTS for michael...and frankly i don't blame them, i do too!

Yeahhh! Michael..the hot uber-metro-thug thing he has going on is y'all I didn't undertand the strapy things on the cargo pants but maybe he needs the extra rigging for all of his cargo ;-)

go Michael....!

Love him !!! <3 <3 <3 !!!

Awwww...that is so sweet! I love you guys for writing that love note to Michael. I couldn't agree more...

But I do picture GayBoy#1 in those strappy seersucker pants and #2 in that white crisp shirt. Is that wrong?

Love Michael. I hope it's between him and Laura. Then I won't be able to choose.

We loves Michael. He'll definitely be in the final three at Fashion Week and I'd even go so far as to say he'll win the whole bagel 'n' schmeer. I'm also rooting for Uli and Laura for Fashion Week, with the possibility that one of those spots might go to Kayne. (Can they *have* a final three without a gay boy?)

Looing at the pics, the sleeves bother me to. If he could pull it off, I thought it would have looked better sleeveless.

The strappy things were a bit much, but when you picture the outfit without them, the pants aren't nearly as special-looking.


i think i have a crush on michael... i adore him to bits!

and on tim's podcast, he just cant say enough great things about the boy. michael is gonna go really far.

Let me 'splain it to you. The "strappy things" are what give the pants STYLE. Otherwise, aren't they just plain old seersucker pants? (Like any sucker could buy at Sears c. 1955)
Some of you bitch if the outfit is too plain (Vincent's) and some of you bitch if the outfit is not plain enough (Michael's and Kayne's.)
"Bitch, bitch, bitch--that's all you ever are."--Roseanne

[he said with tongue firmly planted in cheek :-)]

You guys are spot on. Michael is such a gentleman. I hope he makes the final three!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Michael. I had him picked to win since Week 1 with the coffee filter dress! Every week is the standout, and he is a doll, to boot.

Ah, the "G" word - "gracious." It's so rarely seen these days, and so incredibly charming and refreshing when it is.

So let's see - he has taste, style, youth, charm, looks, manners, skills, loves his mom and is completely do-able...

I think he's a droid.

Michael is such a class act - a true gentleman. As much as I will cry when our little Kaynebow is eliminated :-( I hope to see Uli, Michael and Laura in the final three. You KNOW Michael will be in the final three - he is the real deal. Uli, you'd better wake up and show us something else besides long printed hippy dresses!

If it's wrong that I hope that Michael and Laura start a line together, then I don't want to be right.

I love Michael and Laura a ridiculous amount.

Michael is 10 pounds of hot in a 5 pound bag. And generous and talented besides? Criminy. Be still my heart.

Right on, BOYS. He is a gracious winner or loser, and seems a genuine nice guy. If we don't see him in the final three I think we will have a riot. (Nice guys should NOT finish last here!) And he not only has talent, he has TASTE!!

He's an awesome designer.

michael and jeffrey are the besttt.

Maybe they should make Chloe Dao a permanent judge. She's the only one who liked him at first.

Michael is my secret boyfriend. He makes me dresses and teaches me to dance like the cool kids and then we go out and everyone is intimidated and awed by us and they all want to be us, but of course they never will.

I -heart- Michael.

Absolutely! I f*@king love Michael!! I predict him to win. I kind of liked him but then the Pam Grier dress pushed me into the LOVE LOVE LOVE him category!

Now, if Michael were wearing Jeffrey's outfit, I doubt there'd be need for a sock.


Maybe they should make Chloe Dao a permanent judge. She's the only one who liked him at first.

I'm not so sure I want to see Chloe as a judge . . . but you're 100% correct about her being the only one who liked him. I wonder if he'd have made it on to the show if she hadn't pushed for him.

I too have loved him since episode 1. The coffee-filter dress rocked. I can't even imagine a scenario in which he won't make the final 3. Even if he were headed for disaster, he'd figure out how to fix it. It's amazing how quickly he can change his designs.

I want to see Michael, Jeffrey, and Uli at Bryant Park. With KayneBow as the decoy. I know that'll never happen. I fear our KayneBow's on the way out.

But if I were King of the World, I'd have Vincent go next, followed by Laura, followed by Kayne. Or Uli.

Shoot, I really want Kayne in the finals, but, unless he acquires some taste, and FAST, it's not happening.

I think he is so talented and who he has to thank? None other than Chloe. Isn't she the one that wanted him?

I love the outfit EXCEPT if one has string on the pants, it will hook onto every cabinet door in one's house.

Those thumbs-up pictures are simply adorable. Even his "interesting" grill makes him even cuter. My boy had BETTER be in the top three--I lurve him!

I love Michael. The coffee filter dress got me liking his style. The dog dress won me. :]

Michael for the win!!

Is Michael not the most popular designer this season?? It's not just his style, which he has in abundance, but also his character which is smooth and plays well with the other children. And then there was the phone call to his mom!

We love, love, love Michael!

Right now he's the odds on favorite to win it all, IMO. The other two will be Laura and Jeffrey.

The decoy will be Uli.

Michael + Kara Saun = Best Fashion Babies Ever

Nothing is going to hurt Michael. Ms. Bennet may ooze class, but Michael IS first class.

Michael is everything everyone else has said. Very talented...I could not believe how those hotpants fit. His model has a 14? inch waist maybe? and then a nicely rounded trunk and those shorts fit PERFECTLY. But...I wish that instead of the grill, (I know, I know, street cred...) he had invested in some dental vaneers, because to be very honest, every time he talks, I find myself stareing at his teeth. The vaneers would just put the final polish on that apple.

And the final will be between Michael and Laura.


I questioned the seersucker bondage pants, but he rocked them,

I love how much thought he gives his designs - and how his thoughts actually make sense (unlike some crafty little camp counselors I could mention),

Also, he is totally sweet. And talented. And oh yeah, HOTLIKEFIRE.

LOVE Michael..mother fucking Knight!

When I get signed..he'll be my designer.
Ironic you did this post.
Cuz I had a rather HOT dream of him last night.

I hope he takes it all the way.

Ugh, and I do feel terrible for being the voice of dissention, but I feel that everything Michael does is an individual piece. Nothing links anything together, and I feel that he lacks a certain signature.

However, his construction skills are good, and I would like to see him in a final with the fabulous Ms. Bennett, and either Vincent or Uli. I just wish he would start showing himself in his work.

The lack of drama might only hurt him in regard to getting to the Final Three.

Other than that, he's already established his talent and versatility.

I'm actually hoping he makes it to the final 3 and doesn't win, if only because then Bravo doesn't "own" him like they would the winner (the reason Jay McCarrol, turned the prize down).

He can show a killer collection and then weigh the gazillion (more) offers that will come his way.

I wouldn't worry about the lack of drama because Chloe was most definitely drama-free last season save for the mini breakdown she had toward the end when they told her she was going to have to make one more dress when she got to Bryant Park (and she called in Diana Eng to help her).

Michael HAS to be in the top 3. I used to say Uli but it looks like she is skating on thin ice.
Laura should be in as well- but poor Bad Mommy working on a collection in her ....what would it be- 7th or 8th month? Yikes. I can live with Jeffrey getting in but if Vinny Whackadoo gets in I am DONE. HE should have been gone after the basket-on-the-head episode. The fact that he is still there and Alison isn't is insane to me.

Not only would I love to see twice-turned-down-for-the-show Michael win it all.....but Nazri right there in all her glory on the pages of Elle. That girl knows how to W-O-O-O-O-R-K.

Don't have much to say about Michael? on the week we saw him rehearsing his signature walk?
or was "I don't turn" just too easy?

Love him, yes, but I rely on you guys to enhance my enjoyment of PR moments like this.

michael is excellent in every way: fabulous designer, young, fresh talent, absolutely charming, handsome and he's precious inside too. what an amazing combo. one that will probably get him eaten alive in the fashion world, but wonderful nonetheless. he is a fine young man and a fine designer. i love the look on his face as he's applauding jeffrey. even jeffrey's assininity couldn't deter michael's good-hearted celebration of his win. this is an all around good man.

Michael's talent and character put him in a class all his own, separate from all PR contestants -- past & present. He's a shoo-in for the final three -- unless he does the unthinkable and fails to submit anything for a challenge.

IMO, Jeffrey will be one of Michael's competitors during Fashion Week. Although I'm no fan of his, I must admit that it will be interesting to see if he can design something other than the Euro-trash garments he prefers.

I hope I'm wrong but it seems to me that Vincent has been given a "pass" to the finals. As bad as Angela's travel ensemble was, Vincent's was utterly boring, devoid of any design elements. Compare this to the prior week, when Robert was auf'd and Jeffrey was allowed to continue. For reasons that escape me, the Powers-That-Be have already decided that Vincent is going to stay.

I think that Uli will be the next to go, followed by Kayne. After that, it will be interesting to see how they'll justify Laura's being auf'd, so that Vincent can continue in the competition.

Finally, add my voice to the chorus of people singing your praises for a great blog.

I adore this outfit! He took my absolute favorite fabric - seersucker - and made some awesomely unique pants with them. And I kind of like the fringy things that are hanging off of them. It gives your usual cargo pants a twist.

Finally, someone who understands how "reality" television REALLY works!

I admit it. I just LUFF Michael. He's a true role model for how all men should be.

That there boy was raised right! ;)

micheal is the only reason i watched project runway period.
he is my generation. the youth..the music..being from the south dont hurt either. WE GOT TALENT DAMMIT!
if he doesnt make it to the top will be a damn crime.

Well, oscar, thanks for the kind words but, as we all know now, I was wrong. I must admit, though, I couldn't be happier to be so wrong. Yippee!

Damn! You were wrong! LOL But then Vincent screwed himself with an ill-fitting and bland gown.

I guess the crazy they decided to keep was the one getting the most air time with her ceaseless comments about other people's taste. Tonight it looked like she was channeling a Tudor Morticia Addams.

At least Vincent has enough taste to keep his pooch covered. We see far too much of Laura. Doesn't she know that red-heads need to keep their skin covered? And in Laura's case, her wide red mouth shut? Since she can not dress herself to good advantage, how can she dress other women?

His cargo pants were HIDEOUS. They demonstrated worse taste than Kayne could ever concoct in his most Technicolor Tinkerbell daydreams. Those cargo strings were tacky nods to cheap Camdentown shops for teen boys.

There are serious, serious questions of taste when it comes to Michael.

He got a free pass on those embarrassing cargo pants and poor-fitting top, and I can't explain it other than that he's quiet, and therefore likeable (to people who mistake quiet for nice). He seems to be getting special treatment by the producers (how could Kayne's genius Marilyn dress have lost to Michael's cute but totally simple and unimaginative hotpants???).

This week he once again deserved to go, yet once again was overpraised for a hideous outfit.

Also, Allison was robbed. If she hadn't had an unexpectedly fat model for a borderline dress on the most challenging assignment, she'd be top 3.

i love michael. he has been the best since the beginning. his clothes are exceptional and his taste is superb. i would marry this man

solomon grundy:

those cargo pants weren't hideous.
they may not be of your style & liking.
but they were beautifully constructed.

he is of the hip-hop generation.
so his clothing exemplifies that culture.

"Michael's talent and character put him in a class all his own, separate from all PR contestants -- past & present. "
...said chgo_John, and I couldn't agree more. It's a rare combination of originality, construction skill, and -- gasp! -- an actual mature personality that make him such a standout. I hope he makes it to the final 3 (with Laura & Uli) and wins.
Sparklenuts must be the next to go....

New to PRGayBoys

I don't know if this has been said. But I recall from the audition shows that Tim Gunn seemed a bit with Michael's audition dresses when he said that he made them from Season 2 challenges. But it was Chloe who pushed for Michael to be included into the next round. Our girl Chloe has a good eye for bootilicious fashion. Michael "owes" her (a little bit of props) should he win or becomes famous.

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