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Laura Honey? Are you in there?

"I never dress down. I think that when you're 42 years old and you have 5 children, it's a slippery slope to sweatpants and a minivan, so I just don't go there."

Oh, Honey. We had a feeling those words were going to come back to bite you in the ass. All you need is a cigarette dangling from your lips and a Pabst Blue Ribbon in one hand and you could tell people you're Laura's trailer park cousin. In fact, that's the explanation we're going with because we refuse to believe that's you.

Its insane to me that when she modeled her dress for the "Jetsetter" challenge last week she had nearly no belly- and here she is looking like she is in her second trimester?? How much of a time span are we talking here?

Snaps to her for not puking right then and there- I've been in the Paris metro- the piss smell can be overwhelming. Getting a whiff of that while pregnant.....oh Laura honey- I feel your pain.

i heard that there was no air conditioning in that little room. so with six designers working practically on top of each other (nowhere near as much room as in new york), plus the cameramen, plus no air, plus laura's pregnancy, i think this look was probably necessary for her survival ;)
i'm sure she'll be all glammed up again next week.

"Laura Honey? Are you in there?"

That is soooo funny.
Oh c'mon, guys, give our girl a break (Just kidding!). LOVE it.

But remember- we saw her getting dressed for the jetsetter runway show and she clearly was wearing a heavy-duty foundation garment of some sort. Belly be gone! (They work wonders, especially the expensive kind I am sure Ms. L can well afford).

Sorry -- men shouldn't be allowed to comment on pregnant ladies. Unless you've experienced the extreme exhaustion during the first trimester, the raging hormones, the major changes your body is experiencing, not to mention the horrid nausea that stays with you for the almost entire 9 months -- which seems more like two years, then you have NO idea what it's like. Also since this is her 6th, those stomach muscles are not what they used to be, even if tummy tucks have been done, and she's going to look PG almost immediately. She didn't slap anybody nor throw up on anyone. She's doing remarkably well! ;>)

I deleted this earlier to make a spelling correction! Where's the edit button?! LOL

Dudes! It was Paris during a heat wave, and she's having to slog all around town with an added twenty pounds.

I've been to enough gay pride parades to know that there isn't a gay man in the world who could walk around in 100-degree weather with a little man inside them (ahem) and look half as good as Laura did.

Laura in the work room. She worries about Kayne. Maybe she was trying to remind him of all the women in his life back in the tariler parks of Oklahomo.

There was something a little Al Bundy about that look. I was waiting for her to start scratching her belly & belch.

But to consider entering a reality TV show with 5 kids at home (with or without help) and then find a 6th on the way? And not have a complete meltdown? Or even drop a bead of sweat? And keep designing? And be the oldest of the group? And be supremely confident and unflappable? And remain as fierce as she is? The woman can do no wrong by me.

word to Peg. Also we are talking about a collared, tailored shirt here, not a t-shirt or wifebeater.

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

It's just a joke. No one can deny that we are Laura's biggest fans. We have the utmost respect that any pregnant woman could do what she did this season, but the irony of that earlier statement coupled with these pictures made for a joke we couldn't resist.

Why couldn't one of the others have offered to carry Laura's bag for her? Looks like Kayne and Michael are both empty-handed. Competition or not, being a gentleman never goes out of style. Tim Gunn is proof positive. And pregnant ladies deserve coddling, after all she could be growing another prgayboy in there.

Aww... give her some love, boys. She didn't expect to be pregant, and she didn't pack accordingly. She has to make do with what Gucci and Valentino she has! And she wears heels when she goes out, just not to the airport or in the air-condition-less workroom (which helps with sound).

Laura love.

Although I can never get pregnant nor will I ever be the cause of a pregnancy, I can sympathize with Laura's discomfort as she schleps her spud around...I imagine it to be like carrying around a huge, heavy overnight bag that you can never put down...
That being said, Poor Laura, the armpit stench from a Paris heatwave must have stank like rotting flesh!

Ease up on my PRG Boys. Remember their vision statement: "They sew, we rip." They are just following policy. Besides, when someone serves up a slow pitch over the plate, you are just obliged to hit it out of the park.

While I totally agree with your point, I feel sad for our little Park Ave flower! When you're on your 6th child you tend to start showing really soon after you've gotten preggers!!

Also...I just can't see the nanny bringing her clothes! I'm sure she's livin it up now that Laura's out of the house!

I'm sure that Bad Mommy wasn't the only pregnant woman in Paris that hot afternoon. Although I am sure that she was the only one who looked like she'd stepped straight out of an episode of COPS.

Keep rippin'boys. Take no prisoners.


Can opened, worms all over the slippery slope.

I HAVE been pregnant in the summer, and I am dern sure I did not have my belly hanging out like that. Some things aren't meant to be shared, and especially on TV!

The thing that just kills me about all of the designers is how crappy they dress. Why is that? Having no fashion sense for yourself just doesn't translate into making me confident that they understand fashion.....period. That picture of them all walking up the stairs? Ewwwww. Ugh.

That being said, at least Laura usually looks put together and yes, fashionable. I'll give her a pass on this misstep.

For being pregnant and having no maternity clothes, I think she looks great. Maybe even fabulous.

I think your rip is misdirected. But Laura herself probably wishes she looked better.

Funny one, Boys! Oh, how many times in our lives we eat our words! (It's like saying "My kid would never do THAT!") I thought the whole group looked pretty grungy that day (ze Ugly American, oui?), and at least Laura's "cousin" wore classic black pants and white shirt.

I hope the next challenge is maternity wear. Didn't they say something about clothing "for two?" And isn't Heidi also in a delicate condition? Maybe my sense of the timing is off.

Jet lag, heat, stinky Paris, and I think Laura looked pretty damn good. Like a pregnant teenager, if you ask me.

Be fair! She doesn't have any maternity clothes with her so she has to make do with her fabulously fabulous wardrobe that no longer fits.

I'm not surprised she's showing: she's had kids before and your body very quickly assumes its former shape if given the chance. I'm sure we'll see her looking herself during Fashion Week.

Fellas? You are stepping over the line. Until you carry around a little alien in your belly that is constantly making you feel like shit you need to just not go there.

Sorry to be verbose, but one more thing...I look like shit after two babies. This is Laura's sixth. Bring on the butts and PBR's...she deserves them!

okay, here's the tackiest thing said so far:

six kids. why. ??

"back in the trailer parks of Oklahoma." and since we're all whiney and gripey this morning, trailer parks, trailer parks, yes we've got them and you probably do too.

for the record, my brick cottage surrounded by huge trees and gardens has hardwood floors, incredible molding, all the original architectural details, stained glass windows, parlors off the bedrooms. we ain't all livin in hillbilly heaven down here. purt near, but not all.

just call me "miss cranky pants" for today ;-)

love you boys. you ARE fabulously glamorous and fabulously fabulous in every way.

I, too, wondered why she was suddenly huge, having had no belly the week before. I guess that's the result of being in your 40's and on your 6th pregnancy. (And I'm with Bigassbelle on this. 6th pregnancy?! Good lord, Laura, put a cork in it.)

It felt like an aggressive, "look at my pregnant belly," when the fact remains, no matter how tailored your pants are, I don't want to see your pregnant belly.

Very funny, guys. I got it. : - )

Now I'm in the South and I'm so scared of being pregnant in that kind of heat (I have three kids). Poor Laura!

Mariana (The Original)

speck said...

I'm sure that Bad Mommy wasn't the only pregnant woman in Paris that hot afternoon. Although I am sure that she was the only one who looked like she'd stepped straight out of an episode of COPS.

Keep rippin'boys. Take no prisoners.


11:27 AM

True, but she might have been the only pregnant woman in Paris asked to make a couture dress in 2 days in a hot, airless room surrounded by cameras.

All things considered, I thought knotting the shirt was a more elegant option than doing what she probably wanted to do for real: make the dress bare-ass naked and stab Peanut for being such an a$$hole.

Of course, not given those circumstances, I would have thought she came straight out of the Upper East Side's finest trailer park.

Geepers! Some make it sound as if Laura had no CHOICE in being pregnant. Surely after five kids she has figured out the cause and she can afford the prevention. Did PR spring being on the show on her? Did she not know enough in advance she was going to be on it to assure someone as fertile as herself did not have to undertake it enceinte?
To her credit, I do not hear HER whining much about pregnancy...
just some posters. :-)


I thought this morning's entry was hysterical! And, yes, I've been pregnant in the summer.

I know you boys love Laura. I like her less and less as the weeks go by, but I still think she's fierce, and I can't imagine her being upset by anything you said. She herself is no stranger to the snark.

"Laura Honey? Are you in there?"

LOVE LOVE that. LOL. It reminds me of Sex and the City

I love how you guys get your inspiration from all these fabulous sources.

This is in reply to Oscar -

yeah, she had a choice to get pregnant or not. But certainly she can afford to comfortably take care of as many children as she can produce. And she is too sharp-witted to have unruly children. So what's wrong with six kids?

I think Laura would probably find this post funny and take it in the spirit in which it was written. :)

I like her adaptation of her regular clothes into maternity clothes. Good thing she packed a lot of stretchy clothes too!

Rich said...

"Laura Honey? Are you in there?"

LOVE LOVE that. LOL. It reminds me of Sex and the City

dingdingdingding! Rich wins the reference prize! kudos! That's a pretty obscure SATC reference.

For the record, we think it's fabulous that Laura is comfortable enough with herself to rock that belly in front of cameras. She didn't pack maternity clothes, so she didn't have much choice.

There are women who find the bulging pregnant belly to be a thing of beauty, buuuut they are not the Laura Bennets of the world. That look is just not her, and you're spot on to mention it. She looks like shit, and if it were anyone else, she'd certainly not be shy about pointing it out.

Yup, it's a joke and I know you love Bad Mommy. I do too.

I've been pregnant in a hot, hot summer, and worked until the day I went into labor. It can be done by an old broad; I was 35. A little younger than Laura, but not by that much. And there's nothing wrong with a woman carrying her own bag unless she's a high risk pregnancy; she's pregnant, not disabled.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

give her a break. it was 2000 degrees in paris when they were there, and she wasn't going to run into anyone she knew.

i'm loving the hair down, no lipstick laura right now. especially when i saw her crying on the previews for next week.


Anne said...
I hope the next challenge is maternity wear. Didn't they say something about clothing "for two?" And isn't Heidi also in a delicate condition? Maybe my sense of the timing is off.

I think that Anne is on to something here folks...if you review the preview again this would certainly make sense of the drawing they showed for the next challenge. I'm putting my money on you Anne.

And I refuse to be drawn into taking potshots at the lady-in-a-delicate-condition. She looks better than I would in her place.

Too funny for words. I love your blog, but I am an English teacher, so please change the "came" to "come" because I reblogged you today. Keep up the wonderful work, though!

Laura could always use that flesh-colored beaded sheath she has sported more than once for a maternity dress. Even if it looks like something that washed ashore courtesy of Ginger Grant.

Julia said...

Too funny for words. I love your blog, but I am an English teacher, so please change the "came" to "come" because I reblogged you today. Keep up the wonderful work, though!

A typo! How unfabulous.

Okay, so Laura is momentarily channeling Britney Spears. Our girl will snap out of it I'm sure. Or at least I hope I'm sure. At any rate? Boys? YOU are my new BFF's. I LOVE you guys. xoxo

How do they tote around 5 (or 6) kids without a minivan? From the clips, my guess is that dont take them in public much

I love Laura's belly AND my fabulous Gayboys and their fabulous typos. Talk about joie de vivre! (sp?)

Hollywood kisses! I finally got to see last week's episode when i got home late last night..the DRAMA..the D R A M A!!!!!!!!

I fell off my chair AND peed my pants...thanks for a great laugh!

Trailer park reference was classic PRgayboys. I howled with laughter. Come on people. Get a sense of humor. It's a blog about a reality TV show. I love you guys!

I'm amazed only one (two?) other commenters have pointed this out.

I had my first three months ago, and have decided my abdohmen (which was once so lovely) is never seeing the sun again.

Laura's had FIVE and she's got the balls to have her belly hanging out! GO LAURA!

Yes, it wasn't her style, but if she STILL has it, FLAUNT it!

D'oh, stupid typo... Sorry about that.

Having had 3 kids in pretty rapid succession (3.5 years between #1 and #3), I'm totally knocked out that her belly seems to be stretch mark-free. Rock on, Laura!

And regarding next week's challenge, I think it's for the Olsen twins. They made the comment about it being "for two", then a few seconds later, someone says, "I can't design for Ashley Olsen." Could be wrong, but I'm just sayin'...

I'm sure that Laura has a closet back at home filled with fab maternity clothes. Too bad she isn't clairvoyant or she'd have packed a few!

With her great sense of humor, I'm sure that she would receive this blog in the light-hearted spirit in which it was intended. (It was meant to be light-hearted, no?)

I'd love to see next week be a maternity challenge... and the Olsen Twins comment in response to a concern by Tim that maybe the dress is too 'old' looking.

Didn't she say she wore 4-inch heels during the flight over? And then, as if that wasn't enough, she wore black stilleto heels the next day when they walked around Paris and then went out to dinner? No wonder she's rockin' the flip-flops and the Park Avenue Hillbillies look. Her feet and back are killing her!

BTW, I think next week's challenge is to design a dress for a pair of shoes, and they have a shoe designer as the guest judge. There are "two", remember, and Kayne has a pair of shoes sitting on his worktable as he sketches.

I actually HAVE been pregnant with my 6th in Europe with no air conditioning. It was in 1983, a record breaking hot summer. I never pulled my clothes up over my belly, TACKY Laura.

Aren't some of those kids, step kids? I am pretty sure I read that.

"Aren't some of those kids, step kids?"

No, all five of them (Cleo, Larson, Pierce, Tate, and the little one who's name I can never remember) are Laura's biological children.

i've had two children, i've been pregnant in the summer, at twenty-six i knew my midriff would never see the light of day again. and, i, too, have looked this awful. yet, i take no offense to this slice of fabulous wamanhood that is LAURA BENNETT.

Yep, Laura's words came back to bite her in the ass. I still love her though and I hope she'll be a bit more sympathetic to mini-van moms when she watches the footage of herself.

I can't believe she was wearing flip flops. I mean it's not a bad thing but she is the last person I was expecting to see wearing flip flops. I was expecting some $500 Miu Miu flats or something along those lines.

I was pregnant in the summer in the 80's too, and no one showed her belly then because that wasn't the style.

Today moms-to-be wear much more revealing clothes. Showing one's belly is not something one might associate with Laura, but if she can't button the shirt over her belly, it was a practical alternative.

Laura can make just about anything look elegant -- I think her belly might classify as 'fashion-forward,' too (g).


Ken -

Laura and family live in Manhattan. It costs more to garage a car, or minivan, than to rent some apts. plus only insane people regularly drive in Manhattan.

She probably lives 5 minutes from where they were filming. Could they not send someone to her house to pick up some appropriate clothing for the poor woman? And then they send her to PARIS looking like that? Ugh.

the commercials for this week's episode calls Laura the "ice princess." ouch, and unfair.

I think she has a lot of heart.

Brian in KY

This is only a guess, but I'm thinking that the challenge this week involves taking the clothes from the previous 2 weeks and making them into something else. (Sort of like in season 2 when the designers had to make something out of what they were wearing.)

Remember Heidi keeps saying that the success of their designs these 2 weeks will help them in a future challenge.

That would explain why Laura is so upset in the previews - because she realizes she has to deal with that f*&#ing black wool and ruffle from hell again.

Its not Laura's sixth pregnancy, some of her kids are step. This is according to some other blogs on

From what I've read, this is her 6th pregnancy. Only 5 are actually from her current marriage, though... the first is from a previous.

Remember that airless room was full of TV lights. Tim in his blog estimated it was 110 degrees in there, maybe more, and they not only had to work, they had to do take after take.

I figure she wasn't planning on being pregnant for the show, and therefore didn't have any high end maternity clothes nearby and was just trying to be somewhat comfortable in clothes she had that were likely becoming rapidly too small.

Anonymous said, "This is only a guess, but I'm thinking that the challenge this week involves taking the clothes from the previous 2 weeks and making them into something else. ...
Remember Heidi keeps saying that the success of their designs these 2 weeks will help them in a future challenge."

I thought that was a really sharp observation and interesting idea, but I checked the 'Buy Runway' page over at Bravo and the looks are being sold.

I'm intrigued.

ROFL - She a miserable preggers biat-ta-cha.

The poor girl has no maternity clothes, and started out skinny with form-fitting clothes - I think she's doing the best she can! (I know you kid, though)

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